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October 2008 (oct2008.htm)

Famed cartoonist Walt Kelly's words, voiced through his quirky character Pogo back in 1971, have truly become prophetic when we look in the mirror. Now what do we do?

Editor Michael Cain provides a sober commentary on how America has reached it's final crossroad. Where this country goes from here is either by falling on our knees in repentance and reparation, donning sackcloth and ashes as God's chosen people did in Old Testament times, or suffer the consequences of this sinful generation that has gone far, far further than even Sodom and Gomorrah had for that was at least confined to city limits, if you will, whereas what has happened in the United States has permeated every home. We have a choice. But what do you do when even those choices hold no answers? You look to the Answer, the only Answer to all our woes and trust in Jesus for everything. If we do not, we will deserve the chastisement that will grow worse, much worse under an Obama dictatorship. The similarities of Obama to godless, ruthless revolutionaries and dictators of the past is all too real to dismiss. Yet so many mesmerized citizens are following this pied-piper right towards the abyss, smiling all the way. Oh, when will they wake up? When it's too late? When will they realize there is only One Who can lead us out of this "Valley of Death"? Cain syllogizes our only sure choice in his editorial A Vote for Christ is the True Catholic Antidote

Miracles and wonders come in many ways. Is it any wonder then that one man, with no outer influence but what he knew in his heart, was open to God's will to help fulfill a request made 91 years ago at Fatima and to save souls in Russia despite Communist suppression and Conciliar oppression?

As a follow-up to the blessed landmark event that took place on the altar of Mt. St. Michael's Monday morning when the first native of Moscow was ordained for the first time in at least 50 years, we share with you the joyous and wondrous part of Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's article from Tuesday on the aberrations, anathema and apostasy going on in Rome at the "Bishops'" Synod at St. Paul's-Outside-the-Walls with his piece More Scourgings for Our Lord From the One World Church. Buried in that excellent article was the beautiful account of Fr. Alexander Kryssov and we wanted to emphasise that part in a special piece excerpted from that article. In addition, we've endeavored to place the excellent photos of Fr. Kryssov's First Mass, courtesy of Tom Gilbrough of Saint Joseph's Graphics & Photography. Therefore you can see those pics at Ordination & First Mass of Fr. Kryssov. We think when you read Tom's words and Fr. Kryssov's own account you will see how God works in mysterious and wondrous ways and how, if Our Lady's request ninety-one years ago at Fatima cannot come from the top since we have not had a true Pope since Pope Pius XII, then let it begin at ground zero in the shadow of the Kremlin and work up from there for the first step has been taken in Planting the Seeds for the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart

This is the sad state we have fallen into today, how Russia's errors have spread to where we not only have adopted the communist manifesto, but lowered our standards even further to make it possible. The result: the coming chaos we have been warned about so often.

  On the occasion of the 91st Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's final Church-approved apparition, editor Michael Cain points out that those who have not been paying attention to the signs, those who do not know the Scriptures, those who have ignored Our Lady's Message at Fatima - an extension of her message at Pillar, Guadalupe, Quito, Rue du Bac and LaSalette, those who have bought into the canard that the counterfeit church of conciliarism is Catholic and believe a "pertinacious heretic" could ever be a valid pope, and those who place their hope in man, specifically that the upcoming election will make any difference as to the fate of the Socialist and Marxist People's Republic of the United States, well,those people might be surprised at the illegal government takeover of banks, the crash on Wall Street, the greed and fraud being exposed, the obscene taxation without representation, and the "sudden" gains the enemy of the soul has made in legislating and exalting the most perverted sins and the killing of over 50 million of God's precious children in the womb. But to those who have had their lamps lit, who have been loyal to Mary's request for the daily Rosary, penance and reparation, who make no concession to the false church and the antichrists who rule in Rome and Washington, D.C. and so many other places, they realize God can stay His hand just so long. There are consequences for our actions and now it is time to pay the piper, so to speak. But before we have our pockets emptied, do not forget that we must first render to God the things that are God's and then, only then, should we look to Caesar's needs. Cain explains why Rewarding Failure Never Works.

On the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, the Most Reverend Mark Pivarunas, CMRI ordained Father Bernard Welp, CMRI and Father Alexander Kryssov to the holy Priesthood. Fr. Bernard, who celebrated his First Mass on the feast of the Divine Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Fr. Kryssov said his First Mass on the feast of St. Edward the Confessor, which also was the 91st anniversary of the final apparition at Fatima. If the conversion of Russia can't come from the top due to not having a true pope, then let it begin at the grass roots level at ground zero of Communism in the shadow of the Kremlin when Fr. Kryssov returns home to begin the process of converting Russia one soul at a time. After all, in the end Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph. For photos provided by Tom Gilbrough, see Ordination and First Mass

Over 50 years ago Pius XII foresaw the terrible times ahead and feared for his flocks. He even remarked that the devil was near for at times he could smell sulphur when walking through the hallowed halls of the Vatican. Many scholars have chronicled and documented how satan got in and why. The question is: Considering all this, why give any credence to the devil and his minions who now occupy Modern Rome?

  This past Thursday marked the 50th anniversary of the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII. Editor Michael Cain notes how things are only getting worse. While you just know the conciliar conmen will try to spin that Pius was the forerunner of Vatican II and that is what he would have wanted, Cain will not hesitate in calling that a lie. He emphasizes that it is well past time for those who are so afraid of the term "Sedevacantism" to admit there is no other alternative. Fifty years of this nonsense that heretics can be Roman Pontiffs has passed all credulity with the manifest, formal and blatant heresies exhibited by the conciliar posers-as-popes that there is no more sublime but rather entirely ridiculous with the current Hegelian haggard hampering souls everywhere. Enough is enough! Cain calls out those who stubbornly persist in recognizing Ratzinger as a valid Pope when long ago he apostasized from the Faith. The evidence of such are in the very documentations presented by literary luminaries such as Atila Guimaraes, Dr. Marian Horvat and John Vennari who still can't seem to see the trees through the forest. Holy Mother Church has already passed judgment on the conciliar antipopes as Cain shows and concludes that to place even one iota of hope in even one man within the conciliar collective is futile and fruitless! There is only one solution to this fifty-year malaise. It is the only hope to prevent having to commemorate the 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and centennial of This Interminable Interregnum.

Who are you to believe? Those who appoint themselves as self-proclaimed "experts" or authentic Church-authorized experts in the person of Fathers, Doctors, Saints and Popes? If you're honest, it's a no brainer. If you're not honest, you go mining for useful-sounding quotes. It is the epitome of the Art of Scholastic Dishonesty.

Griff Ruby continues his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this of one of this heresy's greatest defenders, one Peter Dimond, half of the combination known as the Dimond brothers. We've all seen the hilarious exercise of bobbing for apples, ironically in water. However, what Griff has decided to do is not funny, but very necessary in order to refute the heresy of Feeneyism that Baptism by water is the only way to salvation. Thus he goes bobbing for verified examples of Baptism of Blood by first splashing around the depths of the Treatise to uncover the disguised examples that the Dimonds have omitted or fabricated what might have occurred without their ever being there. Then Griff gets to the core by producing the shining precedent the Church has sunk her teeth into from earliest times in providing example after example of canonized saints who never had the chance to be baptized by water, yet they are official saints in Heaven. If the good fruit of what the Church says doesn't sink the Feeneyite heresy, then we can only hope the latter will dry up, so dehydrated by the arid audacity of stubborness and pride to dare deny Catholic truth. Griff lays out the irrefutable evidence for Baptism of Blood in his ninth installment, Bobbing for BOB

There is a price to pay for America's consumption of things that don't mount to a hill of beans in Heaven, but through such actions have contributed to barring at least 50 million souls from seeing the Beatific Vision.

  Over this past week or so many are in panic mode and it prompts editor Michael Cain to ask why the only time most turn to God is in times of crisis to bail them out. After 9/11 many churches were full but that tailed off as people emerged safe and grew fat and sassy again in the same fallen human nature way the Jews of old veered from the God of Abraham. Maybe it is true that in good times God is placed on the back shelf while His creations fill the other shelves and every corner of their homes with more "things" because they're prompted by the subliminal masters of mind control. We're sure you've heard the commercial by Chase Credit Cards, "I want it all and I want it now!" But such greed and avarice has its price and we're about to pay for it. We can't blame God, we got ourselves into this pickle. How do we extract ourselves from this mess? By turning back to Him and really meaning it this time. In milliseconds our fortunes can change for the better, not temporally but definitely spiritually for God doesn't need to call together a congress, doesn't need to test the pulse of the people. He has no ulterior motives or anything to hide. He is God. Oh, he has a few lobbyists in Heaven vying for His attention, chief among them the Most Blessed Virgin Mary whose requests always take priority because, well, she's the Mother of God. That is why the Rosary is such a powerful weapon, why she asks us to pray it daily, why an entire month is dedicated to her holy psalter. I dare say, had we all been more vigilant to this we wouldn't be in the predicament we're in today. Cain gets to the heart of the matter in his editorial The only bailout that will work.

"Unless you see signs and wonders, you believe not."

We continue this special feature provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. With the type so small in most bibles, we publish it here in larger type in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass, with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock. For the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost the cupboard is pretty bare as far as any commentary accept for affirming that the man's son was healed the instant our Lord said "Thy son liveth." An interesting aside to this week's liturgy is Christ's words that "Unless you see signs and wonders, you believe not." This is the exact scenario we have today where so many do not believe unless they can see for themselves. This skepticism has grown where they have not understood St. Paul's words to the Ephesians to avoid luxuries and things that will cloud your submission to the will of God. Alas, too few have followed this advice and proved true Paul's words "redeeming the time, because the days are evil." John provides the short commentary for Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

The subject has been broached before but many shy away because they feel there wouldn't be a universal representation of true bishops to effect a papal election of a true Pope. Therefore, they say it's implausible and impossible. But they fail to remember what our Lord says,"with God all things are possible." The courageous Saint of Siena wasn't afraid, neither should we be.

Cyndi Cain has spent the summer in prayer and study. What she writes about, with the 50th Anniversary of the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII now less than a month away, is whether true Catholics can afford to wait another 50 years for a true Pope. Just as the laity forced the election of a Pope by literally raising the roof after so much delay by the electorate, and just as Saint Catherine effected events to return the Papacy to Eternal Rome, why should not we, the laity in these days, urge with urgency our trusted and true episcopal shepherds - the Traditional Bishops to unite, putting aside differences that divide and for the sake of souls everywhere, come together in a universal Synod of true Bishops for the purpose of working toward selecting a true Successor of Peter? While many may think this is impossible, a pipe dream if you will, how else will Christ's true Church ever right itself? There is no way one can ever count on anyone of true authority to ever bring this about within the conciliar structure. Therefore, short of divine intervention, it won't happen. Unless we recognize that perhaps that very divine intervention is to be God's instruments to prompt the Bishops to action. That is what the Saint of Siena did. In her lesson on courage, Cyndi asks: Why cannot we in our time? Is that really so impossible? To Dream the Impossible Dream

Excuses are a dime a dozen and illustrate a lack of confidence in one's arguments, but the Feeneyites' excuse that it's all God's fault takes the cake for absurdity.

Griff Ruby continues his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this of one of this heresy's greatest defenders, one Peter Dimond, half of the combination known as the Dimond brothers. There are a plethora of excuses Peter Dimond desperately drums up in his Treatise and elsewhere to deflect the obvious in his stubborn pridefulness to cling to the dangling thread of denying Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood. Does he not realize that once it completely unravels he'll be completely separated from the vine? Completely "outside the Church" via heresy in the same manner the man he defends was excommunicated by a true pope. The only thing allowing Dimond to spew his rubbish today is that there has been an absence of any papal intervention in doctrinal affairs. Regardless, holy Mother Church has wisely prepared for just this and states such in her legitimate Councils, papal decrees and Canon Law: Latae sententiae. In other words by one's persistent deeds or words or actions that contradict Catholic truth, one has separated oneself from the Church. There is no necessity for a pope to decree such, for it still stands in the eyes of God. But to Dimond it's all in the predestined cards and therefore it has to be God's fault that His Church accepts BOB and BOD. Griff points out this gaffe in his eighth installment, When all else fails, blame God!

At the Cross, her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping, close to Jesus to the last.

The VerbumQUO for the Feast of the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary "Stabat Mater" meaning "The Mother stood" or "The Mother was standing" and is the well-known 13th century Gregorian Chant Hymn, taken from today's Sequence Stabat Mater for the second of two feasts in the liturgical year for Our Lady of Sorrows; today being the greater double Feast of the Seven Sorrows, the signature feast for the month of September dedicated to Our Sorrowful Mother. In Passion Week this feast precedes Holy Week and the Triumph of the Cross, but this month it is that triumph, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross which immediately precedes this Double of the Second Class Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let Mary lead us and show us the combination that unlocks the door, possible only by the ultimate Sacrifice of the Cross. Cain explains in A Mother's Love that Knows No Bounds

    We adore Thee, O Christ, and we praise Thee. Because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.
For today and tomorrow's feast we resuscitate this series, intended to identify one key word and sum up that word to help the faithful focus on the message Holy Mother Church conveys in the liturgy of the Proper of the Holy Mass so the faithful can better understand the magnificent correlation of Sacred Scripture. It is also our hope that in choosing the Latin word with its meaning and etimology more will be attuned to hearing Latin read at the altar and better comprehend the beauty of the Mother tongue. Editor Michael Cain has taken the Latin Verbum and Quotidianum, which mean respectively "Word" and "Daily", and coined the word "VerbumQUO" for the title of this series by contracting quotidianum to quo and running it together as Verbumquo; thus the "Daily Word", as in the sum of the message, the 'quotient', if you will. The VerbumQUO for today is "crucis" the possessive noun for "cross", taken from the Proper for the Mass of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in the Collect, Epistle, Gradual, Offertory, Secret, and Communion Prayer. Cain shares the etimology in Lift High the Cross

"And Jesus seeing their hearts"

We continue this special feature provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. With the type so small in most bibles, we publish it here in larger type in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass, with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock. For the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost Father Haydock provides one of the keys to revealing Christ's divinity in knowing hearts and working miracles. Few miracles conveyed as much resentment from the Pharisees as His baiting their blackened souls for He knew their hearts and, in His healing the man because of the faith of those who had brought him forward, Jesus was manifesting that He, as the Son of God, had the power to forgive sins, a power He bestowed on the Apostles of the only Church He established. John provides the commentary for Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

    It can definitely be dangerous to one's spiritual health if one does not follow the Doctors' advice, especially one so esteemed as the Angelic Doctor. But to deliberately forge St. Thomas Aquinas' medicinal manual for the soul - the Summa, well that can be criminal.
Griff Ruby resumes his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this heresy's defender, most notably one Peter Dimond, half of the combination known as the Dimond brothers. This week Griff pits them against seven Doctors of the Church. No contest. And yet one would ask, how dare two self-taught pipsqueaks from podunk think they know more than St. Thomas Aquinas by not only doubting, but misinterpreting his masterful Summa Theologica. Not to mention their audacity of calling other holy Doctors of the Church wrong while asserting they themselves - the almighty Dimond brothers - the only ones who are right. Of course, the latter consider themselves self-appointed gods who relish sitting in judgment of one and all whether that be many revered, and proven holy Doctors of the Church or present Traditional Catholic authorities as well as writers of good will who dare challenge their audacity. It's always been a practice that if you might disagree with your doctor, it wouldn't hurt to go to another for a second opinion, or even, rarely, a third. But by the time seven Doctors have all told you the same thing it's time to listen to your Doctor and humbly swallow that bitter pill of truth and accept that your Doctor knows more than you do. In his seventh installment, Griff provides what the Doctors have prescribed and The Evidence is Overwhelming

While everyone, at least most everyone, celebrates December 25 as the Birthday of our Lord, it seems that only committed Catholics honor His Mother on her birthday. So many miss out on the significance of this birth for she was conceived in her mother Saint Anne's womb as immaculate, without the stain of Original Sin. But then why wouldn't the Father prepare the most pure tabernacle for His Son? Makes perfect sense that she would be the most perfect being possible. And if Christ honored His Mother with recognition of such respect and love, should any of God's children ever do less? We didn't think so. To hammer this point home Denise Michelle has composed a short essay in tribute to The Nativity of the Virgin Mary

The surge to cage the heresy of Feeneyism continues

   In Sunday's Epistle for the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, the holy Apostle of the Gentiles St. Paul urges us to "walk worthy of the vocation in which you are called." That we are endeavoring to do "with all humility and mildness, with patience, supporting one another in charity, careful to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." It isn't always easy, especially when heresy creeps in so stealthily that it divides even Traditional Catholics. But the Church has always been aggressive against heresy for she knows how dangerous this raptor can be. Heresy, like a ferocious predator, lurks in the shadows, not baring its carniverous fangs on unsuspecting souls until it's too late. But there are ways to fight these rapacious dangers by going after the lair of the liars and snaring the prey through prayer and Catholic truth. That is our mission in this hunt to eradicate the vulturous vamps who seem to thrive by hemorrhaging hope, scattering the flesh of faith on the winds of twisted doctrines, seemingly sucking dry all avenues of grace through "the wickedness of men, in craftiness to the machination of error." It is a question of survival, a matter of love, that we intensify our mission to constrain the beast be it Modernism, Ecumenism or Dimonds in the rough. Editor Michael Cain separates the wheat from the chaff in his editorial, Setting the bait to halt the hate.

"On these two commandments dependeth the whole law"

We resume this special feature provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. With the type so small in most bibles, we publish it here in larger type in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass, with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock. For the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost Father brings out the importance of the two greatest commandments on which the sum of the law is based. It dovetails with St. Paul's words in the Epistle to the Ephesians of "One Lord, one faith, one baptism." The Pharisees sought to trip Jesus up in any way they could, thinking they could trap Him into blasphemy, but our Lord nailed them with love - love of God and love of neighbor, the latter something they found difficult to stomach in their pompous ways of practicing the old law of an eye for an eye. John provides the commentary for Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

For a long time many have suspected the author of the Treatise has lost his marbles. It's a fact he's left some out of the bag, which proves he's not playing fair.

Griff Ruby completes the first round with his sixth installment of a mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this heresy's defender, most notably one Peter Dimond whose moral compass has taken him dangerously off course. Some might think he's lost his marbles by playing loose and fast with the doctrinal game. However, Catholic truth is always rock solid as marble and the true Church never lags whether the match involves the aggies and steelies of the great Fathers and Doctors that plunked Arianism and Pelagianism, or the Rosary-beaded puries and onyx orbs that targeted Albigensianism, or knuckling down with the flints and alabaster milkies of Trent to strike out of the circle the ducks of Protestantism, Calvinism and every other ism that was introduced in the teen centuries, or the cats-eyes and micas that shoot at the overwhelming heresies so prevalent today in the counterfeit church of conciliarism, including one not affiliated with such, but nevertheless still an obstacle in the direct line: pitching against the fudging Feeneyites. Griff provides clear evidence that the author of the Treatise has been shooting in the dark, taking great liberties in his personal "interpretations" of papal decrees and statements of Saints, Doctors, and sincere Catholic luminaries of the Church. The end result is deliberate deception and proof he's refused to knuckle down to the truth of BOB/BOD. Griff provides the clear evidence in Part Six, It's All or Nothing!

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        For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE

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