To also help you be prepared and to tune up your disciple talents, we heartily encourage Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's thorough YouTube video lecture series Living in the Shadow of the Cross that we list here for it is important to watch them in the proper order as Tom so entertainingly lays out a practical blueprint for Traditional Catholics to follow, which will also, we hope and pray, help others to receive the grace to flee false churches and return to the True Faith before it's too late. If you truly want to know the Faith as God wants you to, you will take the time to watch and share these lectures rather than wasting time with other things such as television. Below are all of his lectures for this series.

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Part Four
  • Part Five
  • Part Six
  • Part Seven
  • Part Eight
  • Part Nine
  • Part Ten
  • Part Eleven
  • Part Twelve
  • Part Thirteen
  • Part Fourteen
  • Part Fifteen
  • Part Sixteen
  • Part Seventeen
  • Part Eighteen
  • Part Nineteen
  • Part Twenty
  • Part Twenty-One
  • Part Twenty-Two
  • Part Twenty-Three
  • Part Twenty-Four
  • Part Twenty-Five
  • Part Twenty-Six
  • Part Twenty-Seven
  • Part Twenty-Eight
  • Part Twenty-Nine
  • Part Thirty
  • Part Thirty-a
  • Part Thirty-One
  • Part Thirty-Two
  • Part Thirty-Three
  • Part Thirty-Four
  • Part Thirty-Five
  • Part Thirty-Five-a
  • Part Thirty-Six
  • Part Thirty-Seven
  • Part Thirty-Eight
  • Part Thirty-Eight-a
  • Part Thirty-Nine
  • Part Forty
  • Part Forty-One
  • Part Forty-Two
  • Part Forty-Three
  • Part Forty-Four
  • Part Forty-Five
  • Part Forty-Five-a
  • Part Forty-Six
  • Part Forty-Seven
  • Part Forty-Eight
  • Part Forty-Nine
  • Part Fifty
  • Part Fifty-One
  • Part Fifty-Two
  • Part Fifty-Three
  • Part Fifty-Four
  • Part Fifty-Five
  • Part Fifty-Six-a
  • Part Fifty-Six-b
  • Part Fifty-Seven
  • Part Fifty-Eight
  • Part Fifty-Nine
  • Part Sixty
  • Part Sixty-One
  • Part Sixty-Two
  • Part Sixty-Three
  • Part Sixty-Four
  • Part Sixty-Five-a
  • Part Sixty-Five-b

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