ARCHIVES of Past Installments


HOPE ON THE HORIZON - Catholic Perspective from the Secular Sector

       The following are articles from secular columnists, most of them national, who in their writing have closely approximated Traditional Catholic thinking in their expression. Many of these non-Catholic authors are more Catholic than the 'Catholic' Press today and certainly more Catholic than the double-speak bishops.

  • Not Yours To Give by Edward Sylvester Ellis - on the ethics of Davy Crockett for October 7 issue

  • The dress of liberty is stained with Terri's blood by Barbara Simpson - for April 5 issue

  • Rebels with a cause by Doug Giles - for March 7 issue

  • Runaway prophets by Doug Giles - for February 20 issue

  • Got Salt? by Doug Giles - for February 7 issue

  • Misunderstanding the Hand of God by Doug Giles - for January 24 issue

  • Football and Intolerant Liberals by Terence Jeffrey - for November 4 issue

  • Pastors, Priests, and Politics by Doug Giles - for August Mid-Summer Hiatus issue

  • Has the Counterrevolution begun? by Patrick Buchanan - for July 29 issue

  • Your Eminence, what's there to study? by Patrick Buchanan - for July 8 issue

  • Democrats to bishops: Shut up! by Ben Shapiro - for May 25 issue

  • A 'sorry' spectacle by Cal Thomas - for May 12 issue

  • Why a 40-Day Fasting Period is so vital for saving America's soul by Bill Keller of (May 1 issue)

  • Among the Pagan Ladies by George Neumayr in the American Spectator April 27 (April 27 issue)

  • Donkey trapped in elephant's body by Ann Coulter from her April 22, 2004 Townhall column (April 25 issue)

  • McCarrick to Kerry: Carry On by George Neumayr from April 16, 2004 column in The American Spectator (April 17 issue)

  • Fr. Kerry & Pius XXIII by Patrick Buchanan from April 12, 2004 (April 13 issue)

  • The sad paradox of religion news by Brent Bozell from April 7, 2004 (April 12 issue)

  • Will the bishops confront Kerry? by Terence Jeffrey from March 31, 2004

  • Gibson breaks Hollywood's 10 Commands by Martin Grove from March 17, 2004

  • Letter to the Catholic Bishops on Screening Homosexual Candidates for the Priesthood

  • The one-sided culture war David Limbaugh from his Townhall column of 3-12-04.

  • After 'Passion,' no need for Gibson to work again Martin Grove from his article in The Hollywood Reporter for March 10, 04.

  • Hollywood honors a Nazi Joseph Farah from his WND Between the Lines commentary of March 8, 04.

  • Hollywood Heads in the Sand Laura Ingraham from her article of March 6, 04.

  • The passion of the liberal Ann Coulter from her article of March 4, 04.

  • Flustered Film Critics and 'The Passion' Brent Bozell from his article of March 3, 04.

  • 'The Passion,' Part III David Limbaugh from his article of February 24, 04.

      • HOPE ON THE HORIZON - Catholic Perspective from the Secular Sector