Below are all the installments of The VerbumQUO by Editor Michael Cain

    In this series the editor endeavors to highlight one word from the Proper of the day's Mass. Taking the Latin Verbum and Quotidianum, which mean respectively "Word" and "Daily", we have coined the word "VerbumQUO" by contracting quotidianum to quo and running it together as VerbumQUO for this feature series, thus the "Daily Word", as in the sum of the message, the 'quotient', if you will. It is also our hope that in choosing the Latin word with its meaning and etimology more will be attuned to hearing the word read at the altar and better comprehend the beauty of the Mother tongue. Hopefully this will help the faithful achieve a higher appreciation and contemplation on how the Daily Proper of the Holy Mass applies in our lives in alignment with the will of Christ and His Blessed Immaculate Mother and His Mystical Bride, His Holy Roman Catholic Church.

May 5: The True Reason for celebrating Cinco de Mayo

May 4: The Fruits of Perseverance

May 3: By this Sign we will Conquer

May 2: Godfather of Dry Martyrs

May 1: Go to Joseph!

April 12: Every Knee Must Bend!

April 11: Without the sacrifice of the spotless Victim, there is no Mass! Period!

April 10: Weapons of Love

April 9: Hosannas hooked on the horns of dilemma

April 8: To spend each day at least one hour with Thee

April 7: A Mother's Love that Knows No Bounds

April 6: The Sole Formula of Soul Success

April 5: Don't Wait to Watch!

April 4: Words without Conviction and Truth are Hollow!

April 3: The Flowing Rivers of Living Water

April 2: Time of Hide and Seek

April 1: Font of Truth and Tradition

March 31: Tears of Redemption

March 30: Take up the Cross!

March 29: Let that laver of grace flow freely in our lives.

March 28: Hear Him Here and Now!

March 27: Give Him a Hand!

March 26: The Cause of our Joy

March 25: "Blessed is the fruit of thy womb"

March 24: Mission Accomplished!

March 23: More need to dwell on Where He dwells

March 22: Outstanding in the field!

March 21: The Rule Rules!

March 20: Just Trust Joseph the Just

March 19: The Devil is in the Details!

March 18: The Truth can only reveal truth!

March 16: Traditional Catholic "beggars" can't afford to be choosy!

March 15: Where there's a Will, there's a Way: Via Crucis!

March 14: To master humility one must serve God first and foremost

March 13: Mortal Sin is the Consummate Dead-End!

March 12: We need to listen!

March 11: A Spotless Victim

March 10: Why we should never forget the "ick" of "iniquity."

March 9: The Eyes of the Beholder

March 8: Help Wanted! Inquire Within.

March 7: Call upon the "dumb ox" to defeat the devil and dumb luck!

March 6: The measure of your treasure

March 5: Give the devil a devil of a time!

March 4: Stand firm for Tradition!

March 3: Fast on the straight and narrow

March 2: Veil of tears

March 1: Fire up the fervor

February 28: Practice makes perfect

February 27: Windows of the soul

February 26: "Ohhh say can you see?"

February 25: Hail, Holy Queen

February 24: The Sweet Yoke of Strength

February 23: Return to the bosom of your true Mother

February 22: Rock of All Ages

February 21: Your cross! Don't leave home without it!

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