To be able to make heads and tails of all the documents we've linked, we strongly recommend the books below from Tradition In Action that separate fact from fiction. Everything is backed up to show how everything changed and how, and why it was allowed. You owe it to yourself to read, judge, discuss and share so that the True Faith will be preserved always.

"In the Murky Waters of Vatican II" - the first of the incomparable collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? $15. (+ $4. shipping)

"Animus Delendi - I" - The second of the Eli, Eli... series, translated "Desire to Destroy" tells how the Church was sabotaged through Vatican II and by whom. $20. (plus $4. shipping)

"Quo Vadis, Petre?" - Special Edition of the Eli, Eli, Lamma... Collection on the Jubilee's pan-religious nature that has weakened Holy Mother Church. $8. (plus $3. shipping)

"An Urgent Plea: Do Not Change The Papacy" - plea to the Holy Father to not listen to the progressivists who would diminish the role of the Successor of Peter. $7. (plus $3. shipping)

"We Resist You To The Face" - Do not be fooled by the title. This is one of the most respectful and obedient pieces justified by Sacred Scripture and Catholic Doctrine in saying 'enough is enough, no more destruction of our beloved Church!' $10. (plus $3. shipping)

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Columns by Atila Sinke Guimar„es

  • Arrogant Assessment Against Our Catholic Rights
  • Evidence that Judaism's intent is to Destroy Christendom
  • The "Anathemas" of John Grasmeier
  • Is Benedict weakening the Papacy?
  • A Sister Lucy Favorable to Judaism - June 12 issue
  • War and Peace in Perspective - January 28 issue
  • Disastrous Cost of the Vatican Ostpolik with China - October 25 issue
  • Benedict's Upcoming Visit to the Synagogue of Cologne - July 28 issue
  • The Canonization of Wojtyla - the moral-free pope - June 11 issue
  • What is the Mission of the Next Pope? - April 18 issue
  • Scientific Data on Coming Earthquakes and Tsunamis. Is this the Chastisement? - April 6 issue
  • John Paul II "Blessed" by the Rabbis - February 8 issue
  • Beware of the Red Dragon in the Southern Hemisphere - January 10 issue

  • Lessons From The Elections - November 7 issue

  • Destroy, Dilute and Delete - November 3 issue

  • The Swan's Song of Galileo's Myth - October 10 issue

  • Revolution and Counter-Revolution - An Overview - September 26 issue

  • Cover-up in the Austrian Scandal July 22 issue.

  • Satan and the "Incompetent Roman Curia" July 8 issue.

  • Corraling the demonic wizards raging out of control June 18 issue.

  • Proof Positive of Fatima Syncretism, Vatican denial and the anathema of revising the Old Jerusalem June 10 issue.

  • Kasper's Curious "Code of Behavior"

  • From a Shout to a Whisper - Changing the Face of the Church

  • The Cuban Fiasco

  • The Progressivist Challenge to Fatima

  • September 14-20, 2003 - Cardinal Ratzinger: A Toothless Lion

  • March - Papal Poetry

  • March - Bird's Eye View: Mixed Signals and Splits

  • February - Bird's Eye View: The Papal Letter

  • Christmas Message: Christmas-New Year's Issue, Sunday-Saturday, December 22-January 4, 2003
    In a Sea of Peace

  • Second Week of Advent Issue, Sunday-Saturday, December 8-14
    Progressive Polemics

  • Thanksgiving Week Issue, Tuesday-Saturday, November 26-30
    Swamped in the Quagmire of Decaying Doctrine

  • Monday, November 18
    The Blame Game

  • Monday, November 11
    Secularization and Ecumenism - the Two Principal Maneuvers of Vatican II

  • Monday, October 28
    The Common Good and the Criminal

  • Monday, October 21
    Catholic Doctrine: Upholding the Catholic State, opposing the Modern State.

  • Monday, October 14
    At the Edge of the Abyss!

  • Monday, October 7
    The Polemics of Politics and Pantheism!

  • Late Summer Hiatus Issue, J September 2-30
    Dangerous Liaisons!

  • Mid-Summer Hiatus Issue, July 15 - September 1
    The Revolution Rumbles On!

  • Monday-Sunday, June 3-9
    From Europe and the Americas

  • Monday, May 27
    The Modernist Spin on Sodomy

  • Monday, May 20
    No longer just 'in' the world, but now 'of' it!

  • Monday, March 25
    A slap in the two-faces of Modern Rome

  • Monday, March 18
    Lessons of Past Pontiffs in Error

  • Monday, March 11
    Historical Precedents for Resisting Popes in Error

  • Monday, March 4
    Catholics have a Duty to Resist the Pope When he is In Error

  • Monday, February 25
    Abuse on the loose!

  • Monday, February 18
    A New Council, an Old Yearning

  • Monday, February 11
    Weeds in the garden

  • Monday, February 4
    The Ideal of the Universal Republic Blessed by the Conciliar Pontiffs
    part four John Paul II's part in this Agenda

  • Monday, January 28
    The Ideal of the Universal Republic Blessed by the Conciliar Pontiffs
    part three How Paul VI distanced himself from holy and wise Pontiffs of the past by embracing the ideals of the French Revolution

  • Monday, January 21
    The Ideal of the Universal Republic Blessed by the Conciliar Pontiffs
    part two In League with the League of Nations and the UN

  • Monday, January 14
    The Ideal of the Universal Republic Blessed by the Conciliar Pontiffs
    part one The Universal Republic, an Old Revolutionary Dream

  • Monday, January 7
    Some interesting facts that might prompt you to start asking questions

  • Monday, December 31
    A new kind of Liberation Theology is alive and thriving in the newChurch

  • Monday, December 24
    Christmas Message

  • Monday, December 17
    The Counter-Crusade

  • Monday, December 10
    Those in glass Confessionals should not throw stones

  • Monday, December 3
    Strange bedfellows?!

  • Monday, November 26
    The Symbol of the Chalice in the Garden of the Olive Trees

  • Monday, November 19
    The Symbol of the Sword in Today's Defense of Church

  • Monday, November 12
    How the Crescent Moon intends to eclipse the Cross part two

  • Monday, November 5
    How the Crescent Moon intends to eclipse the Cross part one

  • Monday, October 29
    The Symbol of the Crown in the Reign of Mary

  • Monday, October 22
    Is Heaven now a mere matter of Interpretation?

  • Monday, October 15
    Is the Vatican still in denial of a Muslim Jihad?

  • Monday, October 8
    The Kiss and the Blood

  • Saturday, September 29
    The Pact of Metz

  • A Must Read!!!
    "Animus Delendi - II" - The Desire to Destroy - II. Atila continues his Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani series with Volume V which focuses on Secularization and Ecumenism, the two main initiatives of Vatican II. He shows how these measures are destroying the unity of Holy Mother Church and the foundations of the Faith. He exposes the half-truths and lays bare for all to see the barren tree of Vatican II; irrefutable documentation that innocent souls are being led to the slaughter. $20. (+ $3. shipping)

    "Previews of the New Papacy" - The Imprisonment of Peter? 500 pictures illustrate what is going on in the Church - even for those who don't want to see. A real eye opener. $15. (+ $3. shipping)

    "Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times" - A 350-year-old approved devotion from Quito, Ecuador that is very pertinent today. $7. (plus $3. shipping)

    "Stories and Miracles of Our Lady of Good Success" - Dr. Marian Therese Horvat expounds further on related stories of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres and the miraculous statue of Our Lady in Quito, Ecuador$8. (plus $3. shipping)

    "Close-ups of the Charismatic Movement" - A first hand report of the Charismatic movement as it is presenting itself inside the Catholic Church. John Vennari gives Catholics a valuable tool to refute proponents of this movement by providing a Catholic perspective on the topic. Well researched. A lively read. $12. (plus $3. shipping)

    To order these books and see others available, go to or call 1-323-725-0219.

    PO Box 23135
    Los Angeles, CA 90023