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John Gregory returns with an assessment of just how lost the progressive academia is today. In a time when most think they're going to Heaven no matter how they live, John takes to task one Andrew Stark, a university elite contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal. John illustrates how Stark isn't so sure he wants any part of Heaven while writing about another academic peer Carlos Eire, who seemingly has no clue about Heaven either even though he wrote a book about it. It is only too evident that these mindless mentors are actually clueless because they refuse to acknowledge the source of Heaven's existence as revealed by Christ to His Church and expressed as perfectly as man can in the Angelic Doctor of the Church's magnificent Summa Theologica. But logic is something sorely missing where progressive protestant professors like Stark and Eire are concerned. John provides the evidence of why these teachers - and the vast majority of elite progressive professors at every university - don't get it because they have no clue what they're talking about but keep right on babbling as seen in A Stark Realization of Academia's Sterilization of Salvation.

The agony that enshrouded souls half a millenium ago has intensified as the Mystical Body of Christ nears its own crucifixion. The steps of this journey to Golgotha are similar to our Lord's in so many ways, including the fact that few stood with Him to the end. Editor Michael Cain revises a series that first ran eight years ago. With this edition he begins a five-part essay on equating the Sorrowful Mysteries of Christ's Passion and Death to the journey of the Mystical Body of Christ from the Protestant Reformation to the present. Throughout the centuries the Barque of Peter has served its true purpose as the Ark of Salvation sailing the dark seas of a world in sin, grievous sin. Nearly 1500 years after Christ established His Church upon the Rock of Peter, many feared the great Barque would be capsized with the broadside attack by the H.M.S. Protestant Reformation. Yet, though her sails were torn asunder, her deck lashed by lies, her hull hammered by heretics, the Papacy's rudder stayed true, keeping the Ark afloat. For all of this our Lord wept bitterly in the Garden of Eden in realizing His Own Mystical Body would experience this same lamentation sparked by the revolt of Martin Luther because His Own chosen ones could not watch one hour with Him. With this landmark era of the sixteenth century, the Mystical Body of Christ was entering her own Passion when churches would be ransacked and stripped barren in iconoclastic furor, when clerics and religious would be hunted and harrassed, even persecuted for standing with Christ, praying with and to Him in one of holy Mother Church's darkest hours. Cain explains in the analogy of the Agony in the Garden: The Deafening Silence of the Lambs Continues

In these times of confusion when there is so much misinformation regarding the United States' government and its system where progressives battle with conservatives, both have forgotten what the Answer truly is and that is attributing leadership not to man via the flawed hierarchy of the three branches in an imperfect republic, but in recognizing Truth can only come from Jesus Christ as our Sovereign King to Whom all others must submit. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has written much over the years as we have linked practically everyone of his columns and we strongly recommend the two below for he is not only one of the most prolific Catholic writers today, but also an expert in political science and knows whereof he speaks as he takes us through a chronicle of all the presidents of the United States from Washington to Obama in proving they are doomed to failure for their rejection of Christ and His infrangible Natural and Supernatural Laws. Going back to the Constitution, per se, with the expected conservative "Mount Vernon Manifesto", fashioned by Protestant interests, is not the answer either because our own Constitution was built, most sadly, on the false premise - albeit heresy - of Religious liberty; something so few realize today as Tom explains in his columns Not A Mention of Christ The King and A Manifesto for Christ The King

Griff continues his series on refuting the SSPX book with his sixth installment in which he pulls back the curtain to expose the "theater of the absurd" in describing what the Society writer/s have come up with in misinterpreting a man made a cardinal of the Church by His Holiness St. Pius X, and who participated in the conclaves of Benedict XV and Pope Pius XI. They base their entire argument on what they assume Louis Cardinal Billot intended, misquoting him in respect to the legitimacy of a heretic being a pope if, in fact, the whole world accepted him as such. In actuality, Billot was the one Pius X asked to draft his landmark encyclical against Modernism Pascendi Domenici Gregis. This makes the drama even more bizarre, leaving everyone in a lethargic limbo, waiting for Billot, if you will. Griff shows how the anti-sedevacantists twist themselves into a prevaricating pretzel when trying to reach a point that simply does not connect. Once again, he exposes the glaring weaknesses in their tangled arguments that tie them up in knots, by producing the syllogisms that have withstood the test of time by His Holiness Pope Paul IV and St. Robert Bellarmine. The only problem left is encouraging sedevacantists to work together for saving souls, since few others seem dedicated to that goal, obstructed by in-fighting, petty bickering and differences that divide, rather than unite. Griff covers the points in Misinterpreting Billot.

February 11 is the 152nd anniversary of the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France. The Commemoration of Our Lady's first of 18 apparitions at Lourdes, France on February 11, 1858 is pivotal in advancing the Blessed Mother's plans toward the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart which will usher in the glorious Reign of her Divine Son Jesus' Sacred Heart. This feast is one of the favorite feasts of Our Blessed Mother for it was in her appearances to visionary Saint Bernadette Soubirous at the grotto of Massabielle along the River Gave that signaled the resurgence of Marian devotion to her Immaculate Heart for she confirmed to Bernadette that she was truly the Immaculate Conception. Since that time there have been countless miracles at the healing waters of Lourdes. Probably the most miraculous is the fact that those who bathe there are, in a sense, returning to the font of their baptism to wash away their old sins and put on the pure robe of grace and a new life in God. Lourdes was approved by Pope Leo XIII in 1890 and Pope Saint Pius X made it an official feast in 1908. This holy pontiff stated, "The unique glory of the sanctuary of Lourdes resides in this fact, that people are attracted there from everywhere by Mary for the adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, so that this sanctuary at once the center of Marian devotion and the throne of the Eucharistic Mystery surpasses in glory, it seems, all others in the Catholic world." For the story, see The Healing Waters of Lourdes

Saint Cyril of Alexandria was one of the many bishops in the early centuries, who was used and duped by the Arian prelates, but the Holy Ghost won out and rather than caving to the heretics, this Doctor became one of holy Mother Church's staunchest defenders and presided over the Third Ecumenical Council at Ephesus. He stood tall when all about him were caving to heresy, mainly because of his sincere unyielding devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, honoring her as Christ asks us to honor His Mother. Like the Prodigal Son, he repented of having taken part in the persecution of St. John Chrysostom and made amends, joining in condemning Arianism and Nestorianism. In fact, as the Patriarch of Alexandria he effectively squashed the Nestorian heresies. This holy Doctor of the Church is remembered for all time as the Defender of Theotokos

The first Doctor of the Church to be made a cardinal, St. Peter Damian had much to do in ecclesiastical reform, including weeding out the antipopes during the Dark Ages. Where, oh where, are the St. Peter Damians in our dark ages today? In honor of the Double Feast of the holy Bishop Saint Peter Damian, we feature a brief profile on this holy Doctor of the Church who lived during the reign of sixteen pontiffs - some antipopes, no less. He was the first Doctor in over three centuries - a time when the Church sank into laxity and corruption, especially when violation of the disciplines and simony were rampant. It was truly the "Dark Ages" and into this darkness God sent a guiding light to reform His holy Church early in the second millennium. This holy monk counseled seven popes. St. Peter Damian was truly The Guiding Light of the Dark Ages

Despite how the concept of freedom has been twisted into a license to wound and even kill others, true freedom begins and ends with the Cross of Christ! This first ran in February 2000 and, though we parted ways with Sister Mary Lucy when we returned to the Traditional Latin Mass while she remained in the Novus Ordo, attached to the charismatic movement and Medjugorje, what she wrote then applies today for Catholic truth and common sense remain timeless. "Getting to the Heart of the Matter" is what Sister Mary Lucy Astuto pinpointed in her common sense approach to living our faith with her practical columns. In this specific column she differentiated between "freedom" and "license." One is God-given, the other is something forged by selfish souls to mandate their own will on others and the fact is it has been running rampant in these modern Modernist times, even usurping legislation where those mistaking freedom for license state they can do whatever they want, forgetting God's inate laws. She pointed out how "freedom of speech" has been so twisted as to implicate that anyone can say whatever they want, no matter how much they hurt others. Oh how wrong they are, for true freedom means following God's Will as she illustrated in her column Can't We Say Whatever?.

"All you need is love!" was a popular viral musical mantra by the rock group "The Beatles" which took the '60's by storm in leading the revolution. As we can see today, that same thinking is fueling the current revolution. The fab four might have talked the talk, but the four evangelists walked the walk! Thus for February of 2001 we present a column by Pat Ludwa who responded to those who think they know what love is, and if it is not exhibited the way they want, then they translate that into hate while totally abandoning what Jesus said we must do. At one time the rock group "The Beatles" commented that they "were bigger than Jesus" in being known and popular. Their off-handed comment spoke volumes about how civilization has so missed the point Christ emphasized. Just as the people of His time rejected His doctrine as something they couldn't handle, so, too, today many misinterpret what love truly is. Yes, the Beatles were on the right track when they said, "All you need is love." The only problem is, they were on the wrong train. Unless we follow the true Conductor of Creation, we'll not only be derailed, but never make it to the Heavenly terminal as Pat explained in his column, The Love Connection

Eight years ago we carried an interview from 30 Days Journal, conducted by journalist Stefano Maria Paci in which he held a no-holds-barred question and answer session with the chief exorcist - and possibly last true exorcist left in the Vatican - Father Gabriele Amorth. The old priest did not mince words in describing the situation today in the Church, especially within the Vatican itself for he acknowledged that satan had indeed penetrated the hallowed halls and infected countless souls by his insidious campaign to corrupt holy Mother Church. Though Fr. Amorth pointed out in this candid conversation that Jesus Christ has assured us that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", the devil is trying and for Fr. Amorth and others conferred with the very grave responsibility of performing exorcism sometimes their own hands were terribly tied and that could only bode well for the evil one, especially with the cooperation of the apostate Modernists who presently rule Rome. We present Stefano Paci's interview The Smoke of Satan in the House of the Lord

Seven years ago Catharine Lamb brought home the point quite well that there is no place like home and home is where the heart is. You know you are home when Home Sweet Home can only be in the Ancient Mass of All Ages. All other services are stale, rotting eggs of innovation compared to the rich caviar of the indefectible Traditional Latin Mass, also known as the Tridentine. Either way, it is the true Mass as opposed to the man-made rite foisted on the millions upon millions by Modernist apostate Rome. That's getting to the heart of the matter and the heart of being home is to be one with Christ in offering with the priest the propitiatory sacrifice of Calvary to the heavenly Father in an unbloody manner in the indefectible Mass decreed by the Council of Trent and codified by Pope St. Pius V. No matter how they wrap the New Mass, it cannot hold a candle to the True Mass. Catherine invites all to come home. When You Know You're Really Home

In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for Quinquagesima Sunday six years ago, he equated how the events being expedited today - from the blatant anarchy against supernatural and natural law, against Divine and human laws, are making a mockery of all order - such as in San Francisco with the flaunting of the sin of sodomy in blasphemy to Holy Matrimony to the attacks against the Word of God carried out against 'The Passion of The Christ' to the veering from the tenets of the Faith by the hierarchy today to the terrible scandals within the Church - making it only too evident that the Church is undergoing her own Passion right now. As the persecution and slanderous scourging and spitting intensify, the ones suffering the most are those who understand those things hidden from others. Those are the Traditional Catholics who unceasingly cling to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Yet in this suffering, in this testing of our Faith like "silver and gold are tried in the fire," so also are tried "acceptable men in the furnace of humiliation." One must be willing to be sacrificed and offered up humiliatingly in that crucible, which Father cites from Ecclesiasticus, so that we have the mettle to go the distance with Christ and His Church and reap the rewards that await the other side of the Crucifixion. It is our passion as well as The Passion of the Church Father explained in The Passion of the Church

Five years ago we carried a lengthy, but fascinating secular account from a very reliable senior editor Joseph Roddy of the now defunct LOOK Magazine. It was first published in Look on January 25, 1966. Roddy's account is not far from the truth of how the Jews dared to invade the doctrines and dogmas of holy Mother Church. What makes this so interesting is both when it was written, shortly after the close of the Second Vatican Council in volume 30, no. 2 and the influence back then of the American press, most notably the obvious Zionist bias of The New York Times so evident today. It also shows the intent of the progressivists to undermine the Faith for political purposes. Long before Nostra Aetate, long before the shameful apologies and wimpering at the wailing wall, the agenda had already been set to form a new church that would be politically correct in the advancement of the State of Israel and power to Zionist interests in forming a New World Order. No man can serve two masters and the Vatican II church opted for mammon over the Church founded by Christ as one can easily see by reading How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking

This editorial ran on February 28, 2006 just before Lent back then. As you can see, nothing has really changed. In fact, things have become even more queerer, as editor Michael Cain wrote four years ago. With the Winter Olympics this month, it's deja vu all over again! With the death of the 'gorilla' it seems everyone is now aping the devil as the sinuous shadows of sin slither across the face of this earth and sideslap souls into silliness and sinfulness. The syllogism: the queer ones are taking over in both secular and ecclesial zoos. Forget those Mardi Gras beads, grab the real beads: Our Lady's Rosary, and batten down the hatches because the jungle is only going to get queerer. Lent is here and you're going to need it! So put on the armor of God, take up the shield of Faith and stand your ground for the sake of Christ and His holy Church; for the sake of sanity, for the sake of souls! Cain lays it out in Life and Death in the Concilar Zoo

Even though Father James Francis Wathen has left us back on November 7, 2006, we were able to bring some of what he left us; not only his words of wisdom in Making Sense of sensus Catholicus and his magnificent and irrefutable opus The Great Sacrilege, but also what he provided in his several radio reflections. We were grateful to be able to bring our readers these pearls of wisdom back in 2007 and we're happy to do so today of how Fr. Wathen nailed it in pointing out that in today's muddled, murky world of values and mores, the mindrakers will twist, fabricate, exaggerate, and deny the truth in order to carry out their agenda which is in direct opposition to both the natural order and to God's holy Will. Father Wathen laid out the five principles for assuring truth has a solid foundation in our lives so that the wind may blow and the rains come, but the fortress which is our soul will not be moved by folly or popular opinion but by the infrangible truths that never change as he points out in Truth Conquers All!

Just as Pope Julius II hounded Michelangelo in his craft, so also it was agonizing when a great Catholic like G.K. Chesterton diminished the greatness of the 16th century master who many feel should be a Doctor of the Church for what he left to all in the ecstasy of Art and Sacrament. Thus, on the 444th anniversary of the master artist's death two years ago, Scott Montgomery weighed in with a fascinating gem that delved beneath the surface in sculpting an argument for the Italian virtuoso for most of his art greatly honors God and has remained as timeless edifications throughout the Vatican including the massive St. Peter's Cupola and the Sistine Chapel, not to mention other priceless works. Scott refuted another great Catholic who thought less of Michelangelo in selling the 16th century maestro of maestros short. Scott sought to set the record straight. He provided his arguments in delineating Michelangelo vs. Chesterton as well as pointing out the message imparted by Michelangelo's dedication, which should be emulated by priests today. Scott speaks specifically of the Jesuits who were once such an edifying group of consecrated sacerdotes. He explained in his essay, The Agony and Ecstasy of being judged by Modern Standards

One year ago Gary Morella weighed in with what Catholics need to believe and act on considering how fast America is losing her soul. Things have been happening so fast and furious that legislation, such that will bankrupt future generations, has been passed by those who should be representing the people but definitely do not for they did not even read and examine the dangerous and immoral 790 billion dollar porculus spendulus bill that in actuality only served to stimulate satan and his legions. Yet the Demoncrats and three RINOs brazenly put their approval on what for many could very well be their death warrant. God will not forget nor shall we for unjust laws are no laws as His Eminence St. Robert Bellarmine asserted during the time of Trent. So also in our times. If one is Catholic, then one must act as a Catholic in every way. Not to do so is to be in satan's camp. Gary explains in his no-nonsense piece de resistance Resist Now or Rue it!

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