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So many have misinterpreted the Twelve Days of Christmas with a secular meaning, but they fail to realize that, in fact, they were a "secret catechism code" sung by persecuted Roman Catholics from the Protestant Reformation through the French Revolution. It was their way of communicating their faith much in the same manner the early Christians did with symbols such as the fish. The first day is a given since Christmas Day is the first day of Christmas and the "Partridge in a pear tree" represents Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the King Whose Social Kingship for all nations every faithful Catholic must strive for. For the Three Holy Sacrifices of the Mass on this most solemn of solemnities, see Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord

The two turtledoves represent the Old and New Testaments - the Word of God which over the years has been so watered down by "interpretations and political correctness" that often it loses its true meaning and must be properly discerned through the Church's reliance on the Holy Ghost. Contrary to so much syncretistic novelties and concessions to the Jews, while the Old Covenant is treasured by Holy Mother Church for its roots, the New Covenant established by Christ takes priority and reinforces the meaning and fulfillment of the Old Testament and there have been countless saints who were martyred for standing by the New Testament in fulfillment of God's holy Will with St. Stephen being the first. For today's Holy Mass honoring the First Martyr of the Church, see Feast of St. Stephen the ProtoMartyr

The three French hens represent the Three theological Virtues of FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY which enabled Catholics to stay in the state of grace by practicing and promulgating these vital virtues when the sacraments were not readily available. So also today when, because of the plethora of aberrations in the Novus Ordo rite and the novelties and modernist novelties that exist everywhere, the sacraments are not readily available either and so Traditional Catholics must reinforce in their thoughts, words and deeds these theological virtues. In the face of the warped logic of conciliar catholics and their empty resolutions all void of defense by the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church, it takes great fortitude, patience and, yes, charity. Faith and Hope spur Traditional Catholics on just as Traditional Catholics were encouraged in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. For this Sunday Feast of the holy Evangelist and Apostle St. John, see Double of the Second Class Feast of St. John the Evangelist

The four calling birds represent the four Gospels where truly the Word of God through Jesus and His life for all of us to emulate was recorded. Since Catholics were not allowed to keep bibles or preach during those times, they reinforced others through the song to read the Gospels in private and live it, and not to subscribe to the altered version known as the King James Bible, but to remain true to the Latin Vulgate translated by the great Doctor of the Church Saint Jerome. Those who were caught were often persecuted and executed, much like those Holy Innocents slaughtered by Herod, those little ones who we honor today at Holy Mass. Thus, for the final time in the calendar year, we break out the purple vestments for the Feast of the Holy Innocents

The five golden rings represent both the first Five Books of the Old Testament or the Pentatuch which reminded fellow Catholics of the roots and, after the devotion became more widespread and known, the Five Decades of the Rosary and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Rosary was given to St. Dominic to fight heresy and few were as brave as St. Thomas a Becket in standing up to his King because he believed in a greater King to whom Thomas' earthly king had to be subjective to and rule in accordance with God's holy Will or face the consequences. The temporal consequences for Thomas were tragic, but his eternal consequences have been heavenly. We should study his life for we too may confront just such choices eventually in our own lives and the question is: Will we choose the same path Thomas did? For the Holy Mass honoring this holy Bishop and Martyr today, see Feast of St. Thomas a Becket

The six geese a-laying represent the six days God took to create the earth, the universe, and all creatures. It was a way for all Catholics to remind fellow faithful and be reminded that, despite persecution, they were not second-class citizens but rather first-class children of God and rightful heirs to His mansions in the Heavenly regions if they persevered in the One, True Faith. It encouraged all Catholics, in the face of great apostasy, to believe and adhere the first dogma of the Church, "Extra Ecclesia Salus Nullum" - "Outside the Church, there is no salvation." Thus the sixth day represents the sixth day octave of Christmas and Creation. For this feast, see Within the Octave of the Nativity

The seven swans a-swimming represent the Seven Sacraments established by Jesus Christ as well as the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost. With the Sacraments and Gifts Catholics could sustain themselves through the dark times and encourage others at this holy time of the year with this Christmas song, reminding each other of the wondrous glory of God and His munificence on the seventh day of the octave of Christmas. Just as this falls on the last day of the year, so also with the Seven Sacraments the old covenant was ended and replaced by the New Covenant which Our Lord left to His Church and for all generations with the promise of the protection of the Sanctifier, the Holy Ghost, especially through the true Successors of St. Peter such as today's saint. For today's Holy Mass where we honor a holy Roman Pontiff, see Feast of Pope St. Sylvester I

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In fully observing the holy Season of Advent, we begin during Ember Week the "O Antiphons", a tradition long observed by holy Mother Church since the eighth century. Said in the Office for the day, they are derived from various titles of Christ and scripturally based short prayers said from the 17th through the 23rd of December by which the Church expresses her deep longing for the coming of the Messiah. In addition, we present the expanded special additional prayers each day, counting down to the Nativity of our Savior of the Christmas Novena Prayer to be said in conjunction with the Christmas Novena Prayer "Hail and blessed be the hour... to obtain favors if one's requests are in accordance with God's will. It is believed that whoever recites the prayer below with a pious heart 15 times a day from November 30th to December 25th, will obtain whatever is asked. For these prayers in preparation for the Nativity of Our Lord, see O Antiphons

The appearance of the Blessed Mother of God to a peasant in 1531 just outside of Mexico City stands as a landmark in Church history for while millions were defecting from the true Church in Europe due to the Protestant Revolution fostered by Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry Tudor of England, Our Lady balanced the scales by prompting the conversions of millions in the New World and ending human sacrifice. Fast forward nearly 500 years and we have the same atrocity of human sacrifice afflicting the world once again. This time it is in the womb. In the tilma of Guadalupe, scientists have discovered many amazing miracles within the fibers of the cloth that continues to live. Most amazing is the fact that in a sonagram of Our Lady's womb is the Christ Child. For the story of Guadalupe, see Our Lady of Guadalupe - the Living Miracle that lives on

It is a sad fact that the most apostate council in the history of the Church closed on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Perhaps it is also a signal that Our Lady had had enough of the heresy promulgated in the various documents and the revolution that the council promulgated. While we commisserate the 44 years since its conclusion, we should remember that December 8 is a very special day in the United States - a Holy Day of Obligation - in which Americans honor the Patroness of our country - the Mother of God, immaculately conceived in St. Anne's womb. A reminder: Catholics everywhere are to do all in their power to avoid servile work (save for necessary duties such as a job, etc.) and to not shop on this day. For those who cannot attend a Traditional Mass, we encourage you to pray the Proper of the Holy Mass for this First Class Feast Gaudens gaudebo in concert with the Ordinary of the Mass at home with your family as well as the Holy Rosary. If you think fulfilling your obligation will be fulfilled by attending a novus ordo service, you are gravely mistaken and might as well attend the protestant service down the street, which, as most know, will thankfully be closed anyway. So honor Our Lady and her Divine Son by worthily praying at home unless you can attend the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Pray that the counterfeit church of conciliarism will soon collapse since it is not of God and cannot last as Jesus defines in St. Matthew 7: 13-20.

Besides being the Vigil of the Immaculate Conception, December 7 is the Double Feast of the Holy Doctor of the Church Saint Ambrose. Ambrose was the first to migrate from the north, the Rhineland area of Trier and settled in Milan, Italy where he cast away a lucrative career as a lawyer and politician to accept the people's acclaim as their Bishop. He ruled in holiness and justice and was responsible for converting and nurturing Saint Augustine among thousands of converts. Together they fought vigorously against the Arian heresy towards the end of the 4th century. Unlike the pansy conciliar 'bishops' of today, and, sadly, the slow-to-respond true bishops within the Traditional movement of holy Mother Church, Ambrose stood strong against the heretics and even the emperor for he was not ashamed of proclaiming Christ's truths nor was he afraid of offending anyone if they offended God. What we need today are men with the backbone of St. Ambrose to stand against the usurpers, to cry out "You are false shepherds, begone! Bring back the true Faith to the starving, depleted, scattered flocks." He was a unifier. Is there anyone who will step forward and truly unite Catholics once more against the heresies so rampant today? This pagan-born saint is known as Saint Ambrose "Converter of Saints"

For so long the affliction of epilepsy was considered a stigma equating to insanity or even possession. Thanks to the advances of the neurological sciences and medicines, more has come to light in the last decade than the past two millennia and yet it was a saint early in that first millennia whom we turn to for intercession for quite possibly he understood by the grace of God that the involuntary convulsions suffered by many could be healed. This man, St. Vitus, guided by his mentor St. Modestus and his nursemaid St. Crescentia, gave their very lives for God. Today they are among the fourteen martyrs we call upon to give assistance in times of trouble. It has been a troubling two decades for our son and we entreat St. Vitus to intercede on Kevin's behalf as Cyndi enlightens all on the discoveries made from the grueling tests he underwent recently as she explains in her lesson Helpless but not Hopeless

Editor Michael Cain has written a necessary editorial on how a molehill has erupted into a malevolent mountain, a monstrous one at that. He reminds all that building such out of molehills is how wars have started, why the Protestant Revolution garnered such ferocity and why over the past 50 years so many have been duped as well by Vatican II. The key to saving souls is to keep those molehills low so they don't build, for the higher they rise in perception, the more of a stumbling block they become and satan loves hardening traps. That is why it is vital to curb the current battle going on in the Queen City for many of Christ's little ones are in danger of being scandalized by what these molehills have become. What so many fail to realize is that moles are blind! No wonder they work in the dark, much like lucifer who is afraid of the Light. That is why we have to be so careful of anonymous gossip mongers whether on blogs or those who rush together a site in spite to attack good men. A bishop must take responsibility for allowing it to fester as it has and Cain offers an intervention, an olive branch, so to speak, in an attempt to end the bitter infighting that does nothing but harm souls. He asks all to pray that all parties forgive and love one another as Christ commands, and for all parties to Cease Fire!

Griff Ruby provides his third part on the Bible of the First Century Church. It is interesting that many assimilate Carthage with Hannibal and his siege on Rome, but Carthage should go down in history as the turning point in establishing the course of today's Bible for it was at the Council of Carthage in 397 that the Church Fathers determined what should stay in and what should be expunged from all the writings accumulated over the first few centuries, most from the First Century Church. Thus St. Jerome was assigned to finish the task with the Latin Vulgate with the full approval and Authority of the Successor of St. Peter in harmony with the perennial, infallible Magisterium of the Church. It would remain solid until the Protestant Revolution when the apostates sought to revert back to early times and thus, rather than seeing that the early Church had it right, countered with the Jewish tiers which even then still included prayers for the dead which those who, in the early 16th Century thought they had a better idea than God, could not abide by. Machabees had to go as well as other books that proved the fact that they had left the Church established by Christ. Christians? Hardly. It would take the Council of Trent to clarify that and to re-establish once and for all the contents of Divine Revelation. It took Hannibal two decades to invade Rome in the Punic Wars two centuries before Christ. It would take only 50 years in our times for the conciliar usurpers to undermine all holy Mother Church had built up over two millennia in trying to overthrow Eternal Rome. We can take consolation that in the end, Hannibal was not successful and the conciliar usurpers will fail as well as Griff points out in Rock Solidly Set in Stone .

Stephen Grieve completes the second part of the essence of the Gospel of St. Matthew 23: 1-3 which basically served as the launching point for Our Lord to castigate the seemingly ruling authority of His days, but which Steve proves Christ was declaring them usurpers and not valid holders of the 'seat of Moses.' Likewise, Steve illustrates how the same arguments holds true for the conciliar usurpers who have seized the throne through material means, but are totally invalid and should definitely stir the sensibilities of those who continue to elude the inevitability that a true pope would never and could never do what the conciliar leaders in Rome have done for the past 50 years as he provides proof in part eight of his series Toward a Scriptural Brief proving Sede Vacante with Usurpers of the Old and New Covenants

This special feature is provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. With the type so small in most bibles, we publish it here in larger type in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock on the Douay-Rheims version of the New Testament. The commentary for the Fourth Sunday of Advent lays out the expectations of the great Light in the darkness Who will redeem man as has been foretold with the immediate precursor of the Messias being St. John the Baptist proclaiming the Lord by being the Voice of one crying in the wilderness in fulfilling the prophecy of Isaias that "all flesh shall see salvation" by alerting the world to pray and repent, to "make straight His paths." A manifestation that God depends on man for cooperation in abiding by His holy will as can be seen in this Sunday's Commentary "Make Straight His Paths" "Make Straight His Paths"

In the midst of Advent we take time to rejoice as we say several times during the holy Sacrifice of the Mass Gaudete; something that gives us hope just as it inflamed the hearts of those hearing St. John the Baptist to repent for the Lord was nigh. The Haydock Commentary for the Third Sunday of Advent, provided by John Gregory, expresses joy for all in both the Epistle where St. Paul speaks of the attributes of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with Repentant Prayer, Adoration, Petition and Thanksgiving in preparation for the Lord and in the gospel of St. John, his namesake the Baptist, when grilled by the Jews, confounds them by not identifying Who the Lord is by name, but by the Old Testament prophecies and when interrogated as to who the Baptist is he answers with what Isaias foretold as "the voice of one crying in the wilderness" in The Voice of the Precursor

The Haydock Commentary for the Solemnity of the Double of the First Class Feast of the Immaculate Conception, provided to us by John Gregory, show how from all eternity God had chosen the most pure Star of the sea, the light of the heavens reflected in the purest human tabernacle ever created - the Blessed Virgin Mary. Though not specifically identified in Proverbs, we see in the Gospel of St. Luke that she is indeed named, not only specifically as Mary, but "full of grace" and "blessed"..."among all women." This confirmation comes directly from God via His Archangel Gabriel and is all the more stunning since Mary is truly a virgin, at the time of her conception through her Assumption she remains forever ever virgin, ever pure, ever Immaculate as we see in the commentary for this Holyday, From All Eternity

John Gregory has provided Father Leo George Haydock's cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary on the Douay-Rheims version of the New Testament. The commentary for the Second Sunday of Advent expresses hope for all in both the Epistle where St. Paul speaks of patience in persevering for Christ and in the Gospel our Lord manifests to the Baptist's disciples that Jesus is indeed the Messias Whom John the Baptist has strived to make way the path for. Christ proves this through the prophecies of the Old Testament, specifically the prophet Isaias who foretold the "Root of Jesse" and affirming St. John the Baptist as a prophet as the immediate Precursor of the Messias. In fact, Our Lord reveals that His cousin in prison is "More Than A Prophet"

John Gregory has provided Father Leo George Haydock's cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary on the Douay-Rheims version of the New Testament. The First Sunday of Advent, the very first day of the new Liturgical Year begins the one-year cycle anew picking up with the apocalyptic warning Christ echoed in the Last Sunday of Pentecost's Gospel and Epistle. With the world, especially America ignoring the Scriptures of "not rioting and drunknenness," "not in chambering and impurities, not in contention and envy" should we follow the PC police and policies or Christ? That is a no-brainer to those who take their Faith seriously. Have we not seen the signs? There have been signs and we fail to see what they mean as the rest of the world goes merrily on its way toward perdition. Today's Gospel and Epistle forewarns us and yet so many opt to be politicaly correct rather than Christ-correct! Unless we "put on Christ" in all we do, we had better be prepared to put on an asbestos suit for we're going to need it when "the powers of Heaven shall be moved" and many will realize it's too late. For those who have clothed themselves in the armor of Faith and grace, there will be nothing to fear for "the kingdom of God is at hand" as indicated in the Haydock Commentary, Don't say we weren't warned

Stephen Grieve continues his multi-part series that should definitely stir the sensibilities of those who continue to elude the inevitability that a true pope would never and could never do what the conciliar leaders in Rome have done for the past 50 years. Having completed a six-part treatise on 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7, Steve tackles the Gospel of St. Matthew, specifically chapter 23, verses one to three in proving the basis for a sede vacante stance based on holy Scripture itself. Steve refutes two who attack the sedevacantist stance, clearly delineating where their false arguments fall apart. Steve illustrates Christ's true intent when speaking of the Scribes and Pharisees in part seven of his series Toward a Scriptural Brief proving Sede Vacante with The Vacant Chairs of Moses and Peter

Today we celebrate the Feast of the holy Doctor of the Church Saint John of the Cross. Born in Spain, this wise and holy man had obstacle after obstacle placed in his path throughout his life. Despite the roadblocks, from the earliest possible drowning accident he was protected - under the mantle of the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph. He longed for perfection, desiring to please only our Lord, so much so that he accepted pain and suffering willfully, even to being demeaned and ridiculed, called an apostate and worse. Through all of this he still kept the Faith when all about him wanted to take it away. He was encouraged by a saintly pupil whom he aided greatly in reform of the Carmelites - St. Teresa of Avila. God confirmed to all his persecutors that this holy priest was right and deserved the aura of sanctity at his death, which this saint had foretold the exact year, month, day and hour. He wrote a book that boosts the confidence of so many who have those times of doubt about their Faith. He showed where faith is not about feelings, but about perseverance during those dark nights of the soul. Saint John of the Cross was the dauntless Apostle of Perseverance.

Griff Ruby continues with his second part on the Bible of the First Century Church in explaining that the more the teachings of Christ were promulgated, the more opposition began to build for many were protecting their territory, fearing a depletion in their own ranks and regarding these Christians as "opponents" to the old ways. Interesting in contrasting these early reformers with the reformers of later centuries. The difference is that those in the early Church were guided by men inspired by God, in total harmony with tradition whereas those in the later times - such as the Arian heresy, then the Protestant Reformation, and subsequent new sects such as Mormonism, etc. - were inspired by their own pride to think they had a better idea than God. As the days, months and years waned in that first Century, Christians began to realize the old tier system of the Torah must be abandoned in favor of the New Covenant that promised eternal life if they followed the teachings of the Savior. By doing so they were in total harmony with Tradition as Griff explains in his second installment From Tier to Eternity .

Griff Ruby begins a new series on the Bible of the First Century Church. Many fail to realize the situation in the Early Church for they did not have the "New Testament" as we know it today at their beck and call. Rather, they were living it and immediately after Christ ascended into Heaven not a word had been 'published.' What was playing out in those days was awareness of the fulfillment of the "Law and the Prophets" of the Old Testament. The transition would come gradually and there was much parsing out to do in discerning what was truly inspired by the Holy Ghost and what was interesting and applicable, but not divine revelation, and what was quite possibly rubbish from which much of it was damaging, even heretical. Carefully, those ordained by Heaven to participate in establishing what the Spirit directed, would separate the wheat from the chaff and in due time, taking the scrolls written down in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, it would all be amassed into one language: the mother tongue of the Church by one equally inspired: St. Jerome. That would not happen until early in the fifth century when the first bible was compiled: The Latin Vulgate. Griff explains in his first installment Transition from the Old to Ascertaining the New .

Though superseded this year by the 24th Sunday after Pentecost, Sunday was the feast of a man the Church rightfully labels Magnus: Saint Albert the Great. He was a man who the devil definitely did not want to become a priest, let alone a Dominican. He was the only saint of the Church called "Great" who was not a Sovereign Pontiff. He was part and parcel of the fruits of the century of saints in the thirteenth century and played an integral role in the 14th Ecumenical Council. Albert staunchly defended his pupil once called "the dumb ox" against all kinds of calumny and subterfuge, and always in charity. Little did he or anyone else at the time realize how smart St. Thomas Aquinas truly was. Through the guidiance of the Holy Ghost and spurred by a deep love for Christ and His Church, St. Albert continued right up to his death with teaching the Faith even though he suffered in his later years from Alzheimer's well before it was even called that. This great saint was truly Albertus Magnus: Tutor to the Angelic Doctor.

Stephen Grieve continues his multi-part series that should stir the sensibilities of those who continue to elude the inevitability that a true pope would never and could never do what the conciliar leaders in Rome have done for the past 50 years. For his sixth installment, Steve provides more scriptural evidence that Peter was the one Paul was protecting for while Paul was preaching to the Greeks, Peter was in Rome laying the foundations for the Church entrusted to him by Christ in St. Matthew 16: 18-19. It was a commonly held secret that Peter was the chief man above all in the position he had been appointed to by Our Lord. Steve shows how this was known as was the fact that sometime in the future another man (katechon) [ό κατέχων] 'acting as a pope' would rise to the position Peter held and would lead the Church away from Christ into apostasy. Paul was speaking in code for it did not pertain to the generation he was preaching to, but to a later generation - ours. Hopefully all will take note of this sixth part of "Towards a Scriptural Brief proving Sede Vacante" with The 'Secret' and The Roman Connection - Further Backgrounder on 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7

Editor Michael Cain presents an instant lesson on herpetology, reminding all that a reptile can shed its skin, but it cannot shed its predatory nature, especially if it is venomous. Peel away the surface and you'll see what lurks beneath. Much like the rotting sepulchres and vipers Our Lord castigated, today the climate is even worse. Sin is rampant everywhere and those of virtue are being isolated. But there are a few brave ones who have joined the Resistance against the 'Visitors' from the netherworld. Such is also the scenario of a fictitious account out of Hollywood with a series called "V" that contains more truth than many realize. There is an eerie parallel to the very fact that, just over a year ago, America elected a man who totally mesmerized the masses. Without doing the proper security search, they bought the exotic basket and now they seem paralyzed in a trance, unable to do anything until it's too late. Others are beginning to truly see the wicked in the wicket and are now snapping out of their stupor and stepping back, trying to warn others that the fancy basket contains a deadly cobra, a Communist one at that. This should shock everyone into realizing the parallel of perils we find ourselves in as Cain reveals in his editorial Beware of the Serpent Behind the V

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