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Editor Michael Cain files an editorial on the phenomenon in Iceland that is causing worldwide havoc. He asks if you've noticed how it seems all hell's breaking loose lately? Other than those living in a cave, everyone has to see that satan is getting really desperate, so much so, that he's blowing his stack; allowing his caliginous temper to pour forth in a caliginous cloud of red-hot black ash visible from the active volcano in Iceland with the unpronounceable name. While few knew of the devastation such a glacial crag could cause globally in bursting forth with such voluminous vexation from the depths of the the precipice of perdition, even fewer recognize it is casting a sinister shadow over the crepusculum of the conciliar church, which mirrors the tumultuous tenebrous times in which we find ourselves. The billowing behemoth cloud of auguring ash is intended to obfuscate the Way, the Truth and the Life. An omen of dark days ahead. When will we see the light and take control, convert? First ourselves, then others. The clock's ticking. Nature roils, satan boils and we cannot recoil. Hot or cold, we cannot be lukewarm or we will find ourselves part of the regurgitation. Rather, we must make our stand, girded in the armor of Faith as loyal members of the few faithful left in the Church Militant. Cain explains in his commentary The Devil's Kicking Ash!

In Griff Ruby's eighth installment in refuting the anti-sedevacantist SSPX book, he endeavors to undo the negative. Why? Because the checks and balances of our Faith are like a battery which works in tandem with the ions of a negative charge to act as an electron donor to freely distribute its charges to the receptive positive ions to create a perfect balance in order to function fully. Nothing can run effectively on two negative charges though the SSPX authors seem to think it can be done by their own engine of "resisting and recognize", but, as is proven below, that is impossible and will always sputter and die, just as will the contraption known as the counterfeit church of conciliarism. The only way of undoing the double-negative is to replace the batteries, if you will, by discarding all elements of the newfangled Rube Goldberg invention created via Vatican II, which has complicated and confused with its miasma of modernist mazes that all wind up in dead-ends, and, in its place, reassert the simple original model which was never broke because it was perfect from the outset as promised by the One Who installed Her upon the Rock and guaranteed that His Church will go on, and on, and on "until the consummation of the world." Isn't it time to replace the batteries? That's Griff's recommendation in his eighth installment Undoing the Double-Negative .

While the Modernist Vatican circles the wagons in trying to fend off the increasing secular press prodding that has them running scared and well they should. However, to really understand why this rotting tree of conciliararboris needs to be totally rooted out and cast into the fire as Our Lord foretells in St. Matthew 7: 15-20, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has just filed an insightful article that proves the rot stinks from the head whether it was Angelo Roncalli who opened the portals to allow the sodomite culture in or Giovanni Montini who celebrated it or Karol Wojtyla (see the latest on this evidence at Traditio) who encouraged it or Joseph Ratzinger who condoned it by his doing absolutely nothing at the diocesan, curia or conciliar papal levels over the past 45 years. Tom nails the problems and points to the Rainbow Connection of the perverted Montini and the man he appointed as Apostolic Delegate to the US, 'Archbishop' Jean Jadot who made as his first episcopal recommendation one Bernard Law in 1973 and his last terrible choice in 1980: Kenneth Untener, the notorious ultra Modernist who introduced many perverse curriculums into seminaries. Jadot also received the Hans Kung Award. Enough said. Tom provides the rest of the details on what the secular media is just beginning to discover. Let us hope they connect all the dots on the dominos and realize the church of Vatican II is not the Catholic Church and the media is free to give the counterfeit church of conciliarism a push so all the dominos will finally fall. More Than A Matter of Legality

While Ratzinger et alii tread the turbulent waves, splashing about with every excuse in the book to duck their deserved millstones Griff Ruby encourages all to bury the hatchets, put down the gloves, pick up the Rosaries, and pray that the true Successors of the Apostles will have the heroic virtue and courage of those who preceeded them down through the centuries in perpetuating the Faith and multiplying holy Mother Church's ranks through the consecration of more traditional bishops and a meeting of the minds in arriving at the conclusion they are our only hope in the face of the hopeless apostasy that has poisoned the Vatican nation and left us with no other alternative but the clear cut choice to move forward for the Divine Nation in returning a true Vicar of Christ to Rome. What is the difference between the role of Cardinals as the Church intended and our traditional Bishops? The Answer: Nothing! And there should be nothing to stop them from coming together to act as an august body of true Authority in restoring the Catholic Church. Quite possibly that's the miracle we've been awaiting: For all the traditional Bishops to come together for the sake of souls. Griff maps out the course in part two, A Theological Map: Applying the Cardinal Compass for a Clearer and Sure Path .

Though superseded by the Solemnity of the Resurrection this year, St. Isidore is often regarded as the "Patron Saint of the Internet." And though, needless to say, he knew nothing of the fiber-optic world or the world wide web, the truths he spread will continue long after high technology has become obsolete for his domain was Christ's and Isidore was so instrumental in planting the seeds of the uncompromising True Faith in his beloved Spain where he stifled heresy and converted the Arians, as well as staving off the curse of the crescent moon which had invaded Iberia. Thanks to the dedication and doctrines preached by this holy Doctor, he paved the way for the glorious fruits of conversion that transformed the entire world, especially in the Western Hemisphere. He was truly the Guardian and Gardner of the Faith

This year Low Sunday supersedes the Feast of the holy Doctor of the Church and Roman Pontiff Saint Leo the Great. Nevertheless, the day cannot pass without honoring this phenomenal saint who was so vigilant and masterful in all he did from staving off the devastating Arian heresy, to reinstating solid doctrine when the Robbers Council sought to undermine the Faith, to miraculously stopping the "Scourge of God" Attila the Hun in his tracks at the gates of Rome. Through the grace of God and Leo's heroic virtue, the ruthless barbarian left without sacking the city. Leo was the only Vicar of Christ to convene two major ecumenical councils. He is best remembered as the "Defender of Rome" Such was the fifth century spiritual giant St. Leo the Great Defender of Rome and Codifier of Orthodoxy

April 21st is the traditional feast of the holy Doctor of the Church and Bishop Saint Anselm who was a crusader against lay investiture, fiercely loyal to Rome and to his vocation as a priest who loved his flocks. They rewarded him by fiercely standing behind him against mighty temporal kings. He was a Frenchman who conquered the Brits with love. He was the father of Scholastic Theology. He was the holy doctor from Piedmont whose writings and teachings became an important barometer for another Doctor of the Church - the angelic doctor St. Thomas Aquinas a little over a century later. St. Anselm was the uncompromising Archbishop of Canterbury in the middle ages who lived 76 years and is known best as the Father of Scholasticism. Father of Scholasticism

This Dutch-born Jesuit priest played a key role in the landmark dogmatic and canonical Council of Trent and in debating the Protestant heresies while whirling through his native Netherlands and Germany, Austria, Bohemia and Poland. He was a great eloquent preacher sought by prince and pauper alike. He served as mediator between Holy Roman Emperors and Popes. He also founded the University of Fribourg in 1580. One of his most famous works was "Manuel of Catholics" and he is referred to as the "Second Apostle of Germany," giving way only to the great Saint Boniface as the "First Apostle of Germany." Because of his efforts, the counter-reformation was a resounding success in Bavaria. Saint Peter of Canisius was truly the Windmill of Wisdom.

What would the holy theologian and preacher St. Vincent Ferrer do or say about the lies and heretical panzy pabulum being spewed today? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey tells us why the conciliar triumverate of Levada, Cantalamessa and Sodano is circling the wagons in trying to defend the indefensible while they themselves continue the cover-up that has been going since the tragic rules of apostate pozers Giovanni Montini and then Karol Wojtyla, who appointed the latter two and made the scurrilous Levada a 'bishop'. Meanwhile the most liberal of rags, The New York Times with their cabal of leftist columnists and reporters, aim their pitchforks at Ratzinger, accusing him of complicity in the cover-up of the sex scandal. While they are right about the 'smoking gun', they are the mercenaries of the devil dueling another devil. In other words, neither camp has any credibility and the more they launch the volley of vitriolic verbosity at each other, the more they both expose themselves as enemies of Christ and enemies of His holy Church, which is not and cannot be the one posing as such in Modernist Rome. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has filed two excellent articles that get to the heart of the matter in taking Levada to task for his hypocrisy in Surely He Jests and the infamous words of official 'preacher' of the VaticantwoArians the Capuchin Raniero Cantalamessa that have sparked yet another war with the naturalists as Tom compares such with the zeal of St. Vincent Ferrer in Conciliar Confusion, Catholic Zeal for Souls

Griff Ruby provides food for thought in his two part treatise on how we need to map out the necessary direction for faithful Catholics. With all the factions facing off with no fruits of victory, there is a simple reason why? Most are lost. Scattered all over the disoriented diagram. Either they have lost their way in the Faith or they have lost their bearings as to their own grandiose egos that they alone personally are the Church or they have lost sight of which way the fence tips. What all parties need is a steady Catholic Compass in order to chart a GPS system that will guide each and every Catholic on the right path and, with God's grace, lead us finally, in His time, to a union of the traditional Bishops to take the action Christ and His faithful ones expect and take charge of their rightful duty to regain control of themselves as the Church for the sake of souls. It's all laid out on a simple Theological Map, that, if followed, will lead to clearing up the confusion and end the apostasy once and for all. Amen. Griff lays out the itinerary in part one, A Theological Map: Trouble Navigating When the Road is Not Clearly Delineated .

With Holy Week upon us, editor Michael Cain completes his series on the analogy of the Sorrowful Mysteries and the Mystical Body of Christ with the Carrying of the Cross. Cain provides answers as to how can we sort out all that has happened over the past 50 years? How can we not equate the Crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ to the Apostasy and Schism of Modernist Rome? We have the evidence from Divine Revelation as well as reaffirmation from Heaven to reliable saints, popes and the Mother of God herself, who invites us to stand with her divine Son and His Church during these dark hours before the resplendent radiance of the resurrection. The journey has taken us to the final hours when almost all have abandoned Christ and His faithful ones. Calvary is a journey all faithful Catholics take every Lent leading up through Passiontide to Holy Week and Good Friday. There can be no victory without the cross and that is what we must all embrace, even moreso in our day than ever before. Are we really ready to not only embrace the tree of the cross, but also be nailed to Christ on it? If not, we are barking up the wrong tree - a bad tree, one that will be chopped down and cast into the eternal fire. It's truth time for all faithful Catholics to uphold what Cain terms, The Code of Faithful Souljourners

        It has definitely been a decade of transition, as this editor dubs it - Transition to Tradition, our last opportunity before God really lowers the boom. Looking back, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the deterioration in society as the ranks of the good, decent ones striving for holiness grow smaller and the enemy flanks are massing larger and larger, more threatening than ever. With every day we inch closer to the apocalypse foretold in the book of the same name, contrary to Protestant and conciliar concerns that it was always called "Revelation." Would St. John the Evangelist be surprised, and for that matter the holy Doctor of the Church who translated it and several of the holy hierarchs who ratified the Scriptures at various major councils of the Church, most recently at the dogmatic Council of Trent. Many closet conciliarists reading this may not be familiar with that council since the robber barons have sought to eliminate any mention of Trent in the same manner as the U.S. Government is doing everything it can to wipe out any mention of God. For both these offenses there are consequences, grave ones and we are beginning to see now that both anti-Catholic campaigns by the counterfeit church of conciliarism and the United States Congress and its cohorts in the Obama administration both in Washington and Chicago are getting more desperate as each day passes. Those not grounded in grace had best get right with God before it is too late. Call it "gloom and doom" if you want, but that doom can be eternal and that would cause anyone gloom. Can you say fire and brimstone? To remind you, we will be bringing you throughout this year "Diadems of the Decade" featuring an article from each month of each of the past ten years. We're not saying these are the "Best" of the decade for how do you choose which ones are the best? Yet, they are gems that we want to share for we're sure you will treasure them and realize, like fine jewels, they are still as valuable today especially when investing in souls. For this edition, we present a diadem for each April from 2000 through April 2009.

This article ran on April 3 ten years ago following the Academy Awards that year in a short series we featured back then by Catholic critic Michael Boyer, titled "How Holy would help Hollywood." This well-respected Catholic insider expert reporting on what was happening in the entertainment industry, wrote about how the Oscar-winning movie "American Beauty" and the rest of the lot of expensive celluloid not only left much to be desired, but showed a disturbing trend in insidiously trying to make the abnormal normal, the sin sinless. We could't agree and neither could Michael as he broke through the glitter to reveal a tarnished Oscar which is definitely not golden but spun with the fibers of the deceit of satan. Beware! Since then we can see the steady decline where the sewer isn't even good enough for most Hollywood fare; a far cry from when the Legion of Decency curbed the scurilous. Of course, that was before the conciliar church eclipsed the true Guardian of the Faith and from that point on it was Katy bar the door. Satan was unleashed. For Michael's column see, Why Oscar is No Longer Golden.

This article ran on Easter Monday, April 16 in 2001 by Patrick Ludwa. Though Pat and The DailyCatholic parted ways when we turned our backs on the conciliar Novus Ordo, what he wrote nine years ago is advice we all can all take to the bank for we must always keep our eye on the prize which is the Crucifix for therein lies the antidote against the venom of lies satan spreads. Pat talks about how the devil delivers the seed of dissent and our own pride takes it from there, all the way to sin by giving into the the evil one slithering about, but he can never worm his way around the wood of the Crucifix! On the Cross with Christ is the only way to avoid satan's lies! When we divert away from the Truths God set down through the New Covenant carried out in the absolutes of the Doctrines and Dogmas of Holy Mother Church, then we become prey for the deadly serpent whose bite is mortal, as in mortal sin. Pat provides the very advice every soul should follow: Look To The Crucifix

This article ran on Low Sunday Weekend back in April 5-7, 2002 by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey. That was eight years ago and what he wrote then has proven so true. Some say the fight against terrorism is a shell game and shells will be shattered as well as souls if our politicos and military geniuses continue the futile path they are on. No amount of weaponry, influence or brainwashing will be able to put the proverbial "Humpty Dumpty" together again until the Social Kingship of Christ and the Queenship of His Blessed Mother are accomplished. Since Tom wrote that Americans not only have had egg on their faces, but have been getting fried in the sour yolk of Mohammedanism because of their fear to speak the truth and to shun the political correctness of tolerance and diversity. All The King's Horses

This article ran on Thursday, April 17 in 2003 and what Dr. Frank Joseph wrote then has proven true over and over in every country we engage in. Under cover of humanitarian need, they force their way in and turn countries that previously did not have the contraceptive mentality into the slippery slope syndrome. Frank, a Catholic physician and long one of the leading crusaders for the Sanctity of Life, warns the clarion that Iraq has seen nothing yet for the real destruction is soon to descend on Iraqi civilization - not in the loss of artifacts, but the true loss of civilization for abortion and contraception leads to death and non-procreation. That spells disaster and it's spelled Planned Parenthood. Dr. Frank explained the nefarious agenda of the devil's disciples, as approved by the UN, in his column The Real Invasion of Iraq Begins

This article ran on Easter Wednesday back on April 11, 2004 by Gabriel Garnica to coincide with the beginning of America's favorite pasttime - at least it was in the past - baseball. He waxed nostalgic for the days of innocence both on the fields and in our churches. He literally took the verse from Take me out to the ballgame to show us that if one could go back they wouldn't care if they ever came back to the present for they had it all in those days and didn't realize it! If only we had known then what we know now we wouldn't have sacrificed our values on the ashen altars of materialism and convenience, but we would have hit away at the evil that slithered in through the knothole of ignorance and laziness. As a result of our inaction and blind obedience to 'progress,' respect for the rules has been replaced by a new team invading the Field of Faith and of the grand old game. Blame it on expansion, innovation and novelty. The players are Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth with Mortal and Venial as the battery and Lukewarm cooling off in the bullpen! Ah for the good old days of Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance or In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Say hey? Say halo! No more! The pine of the Louisville Slugger and the wood of the cross have given way to the non-serviam pitchfork of cacophony and rebellion; modernism has replaced the resin bag of reason, respect and right. Gabriel asks, Remember when they played by the Book?

Five years ago, editor Michael Cain withheld comments about Fr. Joseph Ratzinger being elected the new conciliar head, taking the name Benedict XVI, until the inevitable was only too obvious. Then, on the vigil of one of the greatest saints known for making sure popes adhered to the Faith, Cain spoke out; not ranting on about what Ratzinger/Benedict has said, but in just what he did over the first ten days. Sadly, that said volumes of what his papacy portended. As Cain pointed out, that was not good and in emulating the holy Catherine of Siena, he reasserted that we must be vigilant of the Deposit of the Faith and demand the hierarchs do the same and more. Cain showed the slide toward perdition so visually depicted in the papal coats of arms of the men who have sat on the throne of Peter over the past half century. He laid out seven diadems that signaled the Ratz-glitz we could sadly expect more of in the shell game Benedict XVI planned on playing out in the same manner he did when a cardinal and before as a periti at Vatican II. Just with what has happened recently, we can see he was dead on in nailing Ratzinger for what he is: An apostate from the word go. That is why, for the sake of Ratzinger's eternal soul, it's so necessary to Pray for the Conversion of Benedict XVI

This article ran on the feast of the holy Doctor of the Church Pope St. Leo the Great, April 11 four years ago by Timothy Duff. At that time the buzz was going on about canonizing Karol Wojtyla in a railroad fashion where the necessary devil's advocate need not apply. Tim showed that any consideration was as much an aberration than giving credence that Judas was only being obedient to what Christ wanted him to do as the gnostics wrote in the infamous Gospel of Judas. Either way both Judas and John Paul II were guilty of betrayal. It was an insult then and it still is today to every person who professes to be Catholic to even think of the possibility of Karol Wojtyla even being considered for one second as holy and worthy of even the slightest consideration of canonization. Only to those who embrace the Church of Darkness does such insanity make sense, for it is satan's will to destroy what God established once and for all. That is why Tim asked facetiously, Was John Paul II a "Saint"?

Three years ago, Father Paul Trinchard, S.T.L., esteemed author of the books, "New Mass" Is Conclusively Invalid, Latin Mass Prayers Explained, and Apocalypse of the Mass, to mention just a few, continued to provide unmitigated proof that the Novus Ordo church - Newchurch - the conciliar church of Vatican II is a New Religion and therefore cannot possibly be Catholic. His best advice was to run as fast as you can away from this "abomination of desolation" and take harbor aboard the Ark of Salvation, the Roman Catholic Church founded by Christ and kept intact in all her dogmas and doctrines until the wreckovation took full force with Vatican II and its aftermath which rendered the faithful practically impotent to do anything. Now we must, for no amount of changes can alter the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church no matter how the masters of deceit pontificate. Yet, so many have been duped into believing the "party lie" that Newchurch is still Catholic! Oh, satan is clever, very clever and because the vast majority of Catholics did not truly know their Faith, they became "useful idiots" to further the insidious and diabolical agenda. Father told it like it is for it is all CHANGE FOR THE WORST

Two years ago, just before Benedict XVI's visit to New York, Griff Ruby filed an essay on Ratzinger's magical misdirection skills of simulation and dissimulation all part of the performance to misdirect souls, and the counterfeit church of conciliarism has done a magnificent job of diverting eyes and hearts to itself and away from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen, and see for yourselves the one and only, the incredible, truth-denying soul-defying amazing Vanishing Catholic Church! See for yourself the Rock of Peter melting into soft sludge! Who would have thought it possible? But we know that these things cannot happen to the real Catholic Church, and they never really have, any more than the Statue of Liberty ever really disappeared when Magician David Copperfield performed his most famous trick! The events of the past 50 years constitute the true Illusion of the Century - an illusion far greater than making the Statue of Liberty disappear. It's all, as Griff revealed, Sleight of Hand

Last year, John Sharpe Sr. filed an essay on the hubbub over Bishop Williamson's comments on history. John is the husband of Judith Sharpe. Together they are directors of In the Spirit Of Chartres ministry at Both are parents of Naval Officer Lt. Commander John Sharpe, Jr., director of IHS John is at the eye of the storm that has been blown into a full force tsunami, first stirred up by the hate-mongering Southern Poverty Law Center. He has been slandered and libeled for anti-Semitism and is fighting back with everything he's got for the sake of his stellar character, reputation and career as an honored Naval Officer. Just as he is resisting the vitrolic anti-Catholic rhetoric and social engineering, so should we. When will the real haters of Christ realize no true Catholic can ever be anti-Semitic for our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary were Jews? What the real hate-mongers, who claim to be Jewish, are, in truth, are the very demons Christ warned of, the very ones who would invade and mandate "the synagogue of satan." How? By stirring unrest and curbing freedom of speech by labeling any differing opinion as "hate speech" and bad-mouthing Catholic truth. We saw it in Germany in the 30's and 40's, we're seeing it again in the world in so many places for the devil is firmly ensconced thanks to Vatican II. That is why John wrote Bishop Williamson's Last Stand

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        For those who truly want to delve deeper into what the Faith teaches and what past Sovereign Pontiffs have decreed, we recommend for your vital reading to better KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH, pertinent Papal decrees which put to the lie what is being promulgated today by the Vatican II church. We strongly encourage you to read these to understand how today the modern church is in Apostasy when compared to what had always been taught by Holy Mother Church and enforced and warned as most grievous by previous Pontiffs as you'll see in CREDO & CULTURE

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