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Motion Pictures

The danger of turning to false idols

Bishop Donald Sanborn
courtesy of
Traditional Catholic Sermons

  With the release of the Oscar nominations on Tuesday followed soon after by the death of a young movie actor who made his fame in a most disgusting film that mocks the natural and supernatural laws, we thought it would be an ideal time to bring you a sermon by Bishop Donald Sanborn in which he warns us to have custody of our senses and guard what we watch either in theaters or on the television or on the internet. Is it an occasion for sin? If so, walk out, turn it off, or quickly move on to another site (preferably a traditional Catholic site like this one). We can not only harm our own souls if we are so brazen to dare the devil that we cannot be influenced by the scandalous and gratuitous sex and violence, but we can compound it by causing scandal to others, specifically our children. While the Bishop admits adults can see some things that are not suitable for children because they might not comprehend or get the wrong message because of their own (hopefully) innocence, adults, too, need to be aware of the slippery slope that is greased when we let down our guard, when we waste our time - precious time we can use for prayer and giving example to others for conversion. As St. Paul reminds in Sunday's Epistle, we need to keep our senses and concupiscence in check, less we, too, would fall.

   As these pages load, we invite you to say as many Hail Mary's as necessary. You can click on the Rosary button to the left as well. We pray you will be imbued by the truths of the authentic Catholic Faith we provide here and yearn to learn more of the infrangible truths of the only Church founded by Jesus Christ.

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The announcement that shook the world is still feeling heavy aftershocks 49 years later!

   While there have been many papal pronouncements issued on this date over the millenniums, it was the "off-the-cuff" announcement on this date 49 years ago while at St. Paul's Outside-the-Walls to celebrate the Apostle's Feast,that then Pope John XXIII shocked the world by announcing he would hold an Ecumenical Council. It caught most by surprise except those who had already been plotting for just such a golden chance to seize control of the Church by instilling their progressivist, humanistic and heretical agendas on the Council and drastically throw Holy Mother Church into a terrible crisis that would see conversions and vocations become almost nil and the Church veer from the path she had followed for 1950 years prior to John's so-called extemporaneous announcement. Three months after Pope Pius XII had died the die had been cast and John gave carte-blanche to all those dangerous theologians and philosophers whom Pius had so carefully kept in check because of their modernist and heretical ideas. Roncalli let the wolves loose and the sheep fleeced, thus abdicating the Throne of Peter because he called it down upon himself when he took the Papal Oath, "Accordingly, without exclusion, We subject to severest excommunication anyone -- be it Ourselves or be it another -- who would dare to undertake anything new in contradiction to this constituted evangelic Tradition and the purity of the orthodox Faith and the Christian religion, or would seek to change anything by his opposing efforts, or would agree with those who undertake such a blasphemous venture." Draw your own conclusions. The Church has already spoken for one excommunicated is outside the Church and therefore can have no authority, nor can any orders, decrees, appointments, or elevations have any validity. Again, draw your own conclusions on the validity of all that has occurred since. Can you say "Null and Void."

by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey
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      Today is the last day of the Church Unity Octave and, unfortunately this wonderful Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul in which we rejoice that Saul got knocked off his high horse on the way to Damascus, has been overshadowed by a conversion in reverse: one away from Catholicism. While Paul was moving from bad to good, the Successor to His Holiness Pope Pius XII was moving from good to bad by doing all he could to undo what Pius had so stringently tried to contain. The Modernist Monsters in the Closet were let loose and the rest is history. Since that time the Church Unity Octave has been used not for the purpose of converting all souls to the only Faith that can assure salvation, but rather to accommodate false and pagan religions under the ridiculous and heretical umbrella of ecumenism. Watch what the current wolf in papal clothing says and you'll note it's something that you never heard Christ, His Apostles or any of the saints echo. It's false and dangerous and even moreso in the aftermath of the crafty carrot of the Motu Mess that have so many traditionalists dancing on sand. They'd best find firm footing before they get sifted into the One World Church that will resemble Catholicism as much as a mosque represents Jewish worship. Beware! St. Paul has told us clearly in Galatians 1: 6-10 and 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-11. Oh, how the devil is so clever, so diabolical. When in doubt, look to the holy Paul's words: "stand firm : and hold the traditions which you have learned".

Oh, if only we could go back and correct it all! But that's wishful thinking as we ponder what John XXIII was thinking by turning the patrimony of the Church topsy-turvy.

Time flies when you're having fun, but when it is at the expense of our Lord and His holy Mystical Bride, then it drags while hell's tempo accelerates. The clock started 49 years ago today and since then it seems like most have been going in slow motion toward Christ and His truths while in actuality racing pell mell away from Him at breakneck speed toward that ever-greased slippery slope to perdition. In this 17th issue of the 17th edition, The Daily Catholic Editor Michael Cain takes the reader down memory lane to conditions the way they were in 1959 and how far we have fallen since. Will we ever learn? From Benedict's latest Hegelian Zeitgeist it is obvious most have not and continue to blindly follow the pied-pipers of pan-religion right to the abyss. While the fallacious flute had been prepped well before 1959, it was first trilled on that Septuagesima Sunday when the newly elected Roncalli ignored our Lord's parable of the day. Ironic that back then "many were called, but few chosen" because those chosen ignored the call. Cain cites the plane crash of a trio of rock n' roll legends around the same time as the catalyst for expressing the aurora of an era that was just beginning - "the day the music died" -for ushering in the daybreak of revolution that would reach its apex in the savage 60's and lay waste to millions of souls and psyches long into the 70's, 80's, 90's and now well past the halfway point in the new millennium. If we were to mark that time it could best be described as Day of Madness: The Day Tradition Died

"Oh, he'll turn things around." Where have we heard that tired tune before?

For this final day of the Church Unity Octave Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey tackles a tough task: calling to task those who once so vigilantly exposed the grave errors of the long-time Modernist Joseph Ratzinger and who now have turned to "cheerleaders" for Benedict XV. Tom attempts to convince them to take their heads out of the sand and realize that calling outright heresy and apostasy mere "diabolic disorientation" only empowers and encourages the devil's disciples and confuses Catholics. Tom, once a nolens volens cheerleader himself of John Paul II, hammers home the point: "As has been demonstrated endlessly on this site, which exists more to reach those in the future rather than the infinitesimally small number of people who read it or who agree with its contents at the present time, at the core of Joseph Ratzinger's Modernist worldview is his Hegelian view of the nature of truth. This alone causes him to fall from the Catholic Faith. He believes in propositions about dogmatic truth that have been anathematized by the [First] Vatican Council and condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi Dominci Gregis, September 8, 1907, and in the very Oath Against Modernism that he, Joseph Ratzinger, had to take prior to his ordination to the priesthood on June 29, 1951. Only those who are intellectually dishonest can refuse to acknowledge that Joseph Ratzinger's Modernist view of dogmatic truth, reiterated forcefully by him in his 'capacity' as Benedict XVI on December 22, 2005, places him outside of the pale of the Catholic Faith." Those may sound like strong words and they are, backed up by divine Law and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church. He illustrates how we've been down this same road before and documents the very similarities of Wojtyla's early pontificate with those of Benedicts. Realize this now or rue the day you were duped. Know that if one deviates even one iota, they are outside the Church. Those who stubbornly stick their heads in the proverbial sands of denial and "we can't judge" (even though holy Mother Church already has passed judgment) will have to raise their heads eventually and when they do, well, they can deal with the truth now, or try to rationalize why they were so stubborn later. The problem is by then it just might be too late. That is why Tom takes it so seriously now. Time is short and we're dealing with eternal life or eternal death. Not a pretty picture seein gall those feathered derrieres on the horizon. But what's worse is all those "cautious necks" ripe for the chopping block. Tom tries to warn them in his excellent literary cantata Singing the Old Songs

When in need, no one better to rely on than mom, and God has sent us the very best: His Own Blessed Mother. Call on her.

On this last weekday of Septuagesima Week, we the closing reflection by the master taken from his masterpiece The Liturgical Year. It is an excellent source for Catholics to rediscover their heritage and appreciate the traditions passed down and apply the principles of what the wise and holy abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger imparts in his masterful volumes. On this day the Abbot urges us to turn to the Second Eve - the Most Immaculate Virgin Mary, our Mother to guide us in the vale of tears for by ourselves we are helpless and stumbling over our own fallen human nature. We need a mother to guide and scold us when we need it, encourage us when we're down. God knew just the person to send us, His Immaculate daughter, His only-begotten's son Own Mother, and His Spirit's pure spouse. Gueranger explains in his short treatise for this day with Reflections for Friday in Septuagesima

How do you tell the weak links? Look for the bracing of the Four Marks. If any of those are missing it will collapse because it can't possibly be Catholic even if those posing as such claim to be. The Four Marks are the key.

In commemoration of the observance of Church Unity Octave, we bring you John Gregory's excellent essay on Church Unity first presented on these pages last year. It is a feature that should still tweak the consciences and comfort zones of every Catholic, especially in lieu of the Motu Mess, and in recognizing that platitudes are all fine and nice, but they don't address what Traditional Catholics must do in order to truly work toward true Church Unity and that is exactly what St. Paul directed in 2 Thessalonians 2: 15, "stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned whether by word, or by our epistle." These traditions have been sacked and obliterated by the false prophets of the conciliar church and proven heresy resonating from these VulgArians. John addresses twelve weak points launched by those not willing to admit that a heretic cannot possibly be a Pope, let alone a Catholic. He points out that these flimsy refutations to the accepted Church doctrine of sedevacantism are smokescreens to cover up the sedeplenists' own inaccuracies and unwillingness to truthfully face the facts. It takes a humble heart to recognize when one is wrong and be willing to pray and realize one cannot have it both ways. Note our Time Capsules for today. If Benedict XVI is pope, then all who preceded him up through Pope Pius XII were not and they were wrong, or else Benedict and before him John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II were not only wrong but have apostasized from the True Faith and therefore cannot possibly be Catholic Popes. St. Paul made that abundantly clear in Galatians 1: 8-10. John Gregory explained in his column, The Key to Church Unity

   The daily prayer for true Church Unity is also for the restoration of Traditional Catholicism throughout the world. Let us also pray that God will hear our prayer, allow the conciliar VulgArians to implode and purge Rome of the interlopers and robber barons and, through His ordaining will, give us a truly Catholic Pope once again along with true shepherds to replace all the false ones who are nothing but Masonic potentates leading the sheep astray. Whatever happened to Christ's words to Peter in St. John 21: 15-17? Alas, the only true shepherds feeding the sheep are the traditional ones who give not one concession to the counterfeit church of conciliarism. We pray God will end The Great Apostasy and wake hearts and souls to the destruction and heresies that have not only been permeated over nearly half a century, but also have produced no fruits whatsoever, confirming our Lord's words in St. Matthew 7: 15-20 that the conciliar church is a bad tree that must be cast into the fire. The sooner the better!

(Official Octave Prayer)

ANTIPHON: "That they all may be one, as Thou, Father, in Me and I in Thee; that they also may be one in Us; that the world may believe that Thou has sent Me." (John 17: 21)

    V. I say unto thee that thou art Peter
    R. And upon this Rock I will build My Church.

Let us pray. O Lord Jesus Christ, Who saidst unto Thine Apostles: Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you; regard not our sins, but the faith of Thy Church, and vouchsafe to grant unto Her that peace and unity which are agreeable to Thy Will. Who livest and reignest God forever and ever. Amen.

    An indulgence of 300 days during the octave of prayers for the unity of the Church, from the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter in Rome to the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. A Plenary Indulgence on the usual conditions at the end of the devout exercise.


Almighty and everlasting God, Whose will it is that all men should be saved and that none should perish, look upon the souls that are deceived by the guile of satan, in order that the hearts of them that have gone astray may put aside all the perverseness of heresy, and, being truly repentant, may return to the unity of Thy truth. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    From the ROMAN MISSAL. An indulgence of 3 years.


Lord Jesus, merciful Savior of the world, we humbly beseech Thee by Thy Most Sacred Heart, that all the straying sheep may turn unto Thee, the Shepherd and Bishop of their souls: Who livest and reignest world without end. Amen

    An indulgence of 500 days. Rescript in His Holiness own hand October 26, 1905, S.P. Ap., June 5, 1933

Day One of a Novena of Intercession to Restore Christ's Church to it's rightful hierarchical heritage

   Today readers can begin this special Novena which honors an early 1600 visionary Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, a Spanish Conceptionist nun whose mission was Quito, Ecuador where she received prophecies for these time in which Our Lady warned of the dire crisis the Church is undergoing today. Prayer and penance are the only answer, and this year it practically dovetails into the season of penance and mortification - Lent. Enough talk, enough supposition, it's time to place it in Heaven's hands. On your knees, folks, we've got some praying to do. For more information on the origins and necessity of this Novena, we urge you to see Our Lady of Good Success.

The sensory perceptions of Evil have been greatly dulled and dumbed down thanks to the culture of death medium gods who dictate mores according to their norms.

Gabriel Garnica, though a few days late, files an essay that says volumes of the temperature of the times. The 35th Anniversary of the horrific. despicable Roe vs. Wade decision has come and gone. The hype of yesterday's news has faded to old news and the abortion agenda continues unabated. While platitudes were preached and endorsed by a lame duck president who, like clockwork, encourages the multitudes every January 22 but does little otherwise, the omissions of decency and right steamroll over consciences, dulling the fact that commissions of sin grow worse; especially now that those taunting the culture of death are growing desperate in realizing, with alarm, what could happen if people really were heard when they spoke out, really saw the evil. The pro-aborts can't have that, so more verbal engineering and smear campaigns are rushed out, as well as diversions, to make sure decency and virtue never see the light of day in the darkness that is evil. Gabriel explains in his feature, Talk No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil...and yet, More Evil than Ever!

While God cannot absolve Adam of his sin, He can extend Mercy and the Promise that man can still make good if he tows the line - the straight and narrow one.

Now in the Time of Septuagesima, we present each day a reflection by the master taken from his masterpiece The Liturgical Year. It is an excellent source for Catholics to rediscover their heritage and appreciate the traditions passed down and apply the principles of what the wise and holy abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger imparts in his masterful volumes. On this day the Abbot shows how the curse God placed on man with Original Sin would be temporary for though man would always have to toil in his travails, he would have hope and be nourished through the Manna from Heaven in the Old and the Manna of Christ's Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the New. Truly encouraging signs that overcome man's struggle if man but trusts in God and dismisses the whispers of the devil. Gueranger explains in his short treatise for this day with Reflections for Thursday in Septuagesima

Harboring Hope in the Darkness: The downfall of the demon will be the fairest of fair, the most pure of the pure.

Now in the Time of Septuagesima, we present each day a reflection by the master taken from his masterpiece The Liturgical Year. It is an excellent source for Catholics to rediscover their heritage and appreciate the traditions passed down and apply the principles of what the wise and holy abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger imparts in his masterful volumes. On this day the Abbot shows how pride goes before the fall for though the serpent will win many battles, his Achilles heel (if a snake had such) will be his hatred of women and how God would raise up holy virgins to thwart the demon, including an Immaculate one who would be the living Ark of the Covenant and, in God's time, crush the serpent's head. Once again, out of bad allowed by God, He creates good and goodness as you'll see in his Reflections for Wednesday in Septuagesima

Never will God provide Amnesty for Abortion. He will give no quarter to a country who has rejected His natural and supernatural Laws. If you think so, you're fooling yourself and others. It shouldn't take an eagle eye to perceive that, if America does not convert to the True and only salvific Faith, she will perish. Yes, God will allow it to happen if we do not repent and make reparation beginning today!

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey takes us back on this day to tweak our consciences to see if we truly comprehend the contradictions that, on one hand, call America a blessed country when, on the other, she carries on the most inhumane genocide in the history of mankind. We have become so indifferent to the causes and effects of abortion, so blinded by the social and verbal engineering of the enemies of Jesus Christ that we have, in essence, become animals. God is not pleased and we owe Him big time. We can begin, as impossible as it may seem to those who insist on voting for the lesser of two evils, by praying and working for reinstating the Social Reign of Christ the King. How? On our knees in prayer is a good start. Working to patch the problem with the bandaid of politicians is not the answer for then we put our trust in men. And well, you be the judge of that progress! No, we must work for the full conversion of Americans through the only means of making America as free as an eagle: living and proclaiming the truths of the only Faith God accepts. Hint, it's not any Protestant sect, nor the Jews, nor the counterfeit church of conciliarism. It is, rather, the only Church founded by Christ and we must lift His banner high and realize, really realize His Holiness Pope St. Pius X's infallible words, "for there is no true civilization without a moral civilization, and no true moral civilization without the true religion: it is a proven truth, a historical fact." No constitution can stand against that fact, no eagle can ever soar freely without God's breath. Tom takes the reader back to the roots of Roe v. Wade and how so many have been numbed and dumbed over the years as he explains in his special piece for this occasion, Thirty-five Years of Indifference

Sinking to the depths of pleasing man, the shepherds have enabled pro-aborts to peddle their trade by giving mothers the impression that their children will go to Heaven if they're aborted. How convenient!!!

Unjust laws have made it possible to kill over 50 million in the womb. How low can they go? Pretty low, all the way to hell for those who concur with abortion. John Gregory files an article about Limbo, a place not as low as hell where unborn unbaptized go. However, the conciliar church has gone pretty low in intimating that unborn unbaptized children go to Heaven. This has not only been a welcome mat for Planned Parenthood and their ilk to continue their deadly agenda, but also encourage mothers to give up their babies to the butchers, for what mother does not want their child to have everlasting life? But they are deceived into thinking such, and, in the process, they doom their unborn offspring and, at the same time, doom themselves if they have not fully repented both of their sins of commission or omission in the hospital of divine Mercy, which is the Sacrament of Penance with a sincere repentance in the confessional. Without Sanctifying Grace, one cannot get to Heaven. Only Catholics adhering to all the truths of the Church founded by Christ, without compromise, can receive these graces and work to keep them. No other faith can provide salvation. Only the Ark of Salvation: the true Roman Catholic Church. No other, and that includes all Pagan and Protestant churches, and yes, the counterfeit church of conciliarism as well. John points out what the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church has to say on the subject in his article How Low Can They Go?.

After Thirty Five Years, Very Little Has Changed

To commiserate the 35th Anniversary of the abominable Roe vs. Wade decision, we present sixteen gems from the past by Gabriel Garnica on the horrendous Holocaust in the Womb that continues unabated. While the politicians and potentates all pause to give lip service, in truth no one is doing anything. All words and no action and the murders continue. The best way to show that the names may change regarding politicians and potentates, it still the same ol' same ol' stall and shuffle. It's all about the money and it's all about being totally shackled to satan. Those assisting are the devil's delight. Gabriel explains in his columns below:

A Blown Opportunity: From having everything to having nothing!

Now in the Time of Septuagesima, we present each day a reflection by the master taken from his masterpiece The Liturgical Year. It is an excellent source for Catholics to rediscover their heritage and appreciate the traditions passed down and apply the principles of what the wise and holy abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger imparts in his masterful volumes. On this day when he shows how our first parents, who had everything, gave it all up because of self-love, is that not the problem today with those who abort their children because it would be an inconvenience to their lifestyle? Is it not the problem today with those who have abandoned the absolutes Christ established with His Church and forged their own beliefs? The good Abbot cuts to the chase in his Reflections for Tuesday in Septuagesima

What if Eve had ignored the serpent? Only Heaven knows, but we do know we've got a lot of work to do to get there.

Now in the Time of Septuagesima, we present each day a reflection by the master taken from his masterpiece The Liturgical Year. It is an excellent source for Catholics to rediscover their heritage and appreciate the traditions passed down and apply the principles of what the wise and holy abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger imparts in his masterful volumes. Thus we once again are providing excerpts each day on the Season of Septuagesima, and next week on Sexagesima, then Quinquagesima and Lent. In reading, you will hopefully gain a greater appreciation of the inspired words of this unofficial Doctor of the Church in the 19th Century. Moreover, you'll realize how much we have truly lost in relaxing the disciplines of the Church Militant. As they say, a lazy, slothful army is soon conquered, and we can easily see how the Church was prey to the Modernist enemies because so many eased up and took too lightly God's, Our Lady's, and numerous saints and Pontiffs' warnings and admonitions. This will hopefully wake many to realizing the treasure of sacrifice, self-mortification and penance in building the spiritual muscle to bulk up the numbers in restoring holy Mother Church to her former glory as we present Abbe Gueranger's Reflections for Monday in Septuagesima

Rabbi Ratzinger Against Christ and His Church!

While Traditional Catholics are praying during this Week of Unity Octave for the conversion of non-Catholics to the True Faith, conciliar catholics and Traditional rationalizers have to be madly scurrying about trying to do damage control to somehow, in some way justify the latest aberration from Father Joseph Ratzinger in his attempts to please man, rather than God, (cf. first chapter of Galatians). Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey reveals the heresy being spewed from "Rabbi Ratzinger" who long ago abandoned Christ's teachings and all His one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church stand for. The only difference between the anathema then (when he signed off on the Pontifical Biblical Commission that the Jews' wait for the Messiah was not in vain)(cf. The Biblical Commission on the Jews: Changes in Doctrine and New Anathemas by Atila Guimaraes and Dr. Marian Horvat) and now is that this time it will be oh so public. The Jews will make sure of that if Ratzinger goes through with softening the Good Friday Prayer in catering to the Talmudic Jews. Tom nails the total anathema of this act which is more proof, as he writes "One can see a logical progression away from Catholicism in the direction of conciliarism's to its Judeo-Masonic masters who have been 'calling the shots,' so to speak, in the conciliar Vatican for over forty years now. The very people whose spiritual ancestors persecuted the Church from the beginning and whose wretched 'Talmud' blasphemes Our Lord and Our Lady and contains invitations to cheat and to kill Christians must be catered to at every turn. No true pope of the Catholic Church answers to anyone on the face of the earth, including the Talmudic Jews, the ancient and eternal enemies of Christ the King. No true pope would have given even the hint of an impression that those outside of the true Church, including Jews, do not have to convert to her maternal bosom to save their souls. No true pope would turn a blind eye to the harm being done by Talmudic Jews in the world, especially by means of their control of much of what passes for 'popular' culture." It is so ridiculous that it is beyond comprehension how any Catholic could still think "Rabbi Ratzinger" is Catholic, let alone has any authority at all. He does not. To quote St. Paul, "anathema sit!" Tom lays out the proof in his no-nonsense article Answering to the Enemies of Christ the King

The Septuagesima Alarm: Rise up, roust thyselves from the lethargy of the laziness of thy soul

With Septuagesima Sunday we begin the Time of Septuagesima, and what better way than to bring back what was so popular last year in helping readers enhance their spiritual lives. It will help immensely in separating the wheat from the chaff emanating from the Motu Mess manipulation so that Catholics everywhere can appreciate the traditions passed down and apply the principles of what the wise and holy abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger imparts in his masterful volumes known as The Liturgical Year. Thus we once again are providing excerpts on the Season of Septuagesima, and next week on Sexagesima, then Quinquagesima and Lent. In reading, you will hopefully gain a greater appreciation of the inspired words of this unofficial Doctor of the Church in the 19th Century. Moreover, you'll realize how much we have truly lost in relaxing the disciplines of the Church Militant. As they say, a lazy, slothful army is soon conquered, and we can easily see how the Church was prey to the Modernist enemies because so many eased up and took too lightly God's, Our Lady's, and numerous saints and Pontiffs' warnings and admonitions. This will hopefully wake many to realizing the treasure of sacrifice, self-mortification and penance in building the spiritual muscle to bulk up the numbers in restoring holy Mother Church to her former glory as we present Abbe Gueranger's comments in The Story of Septuagesima
To stand by silently when the Truth is muted or toyed with and not to oppose error vigorously is to give in and, as St. Paul warns in 2 Thessalonians 2: 10-11, "to believe a lie that all may be judged, who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity." This includes those Traditionalists who have taken a "hands off" on Ratzinger once he became "Benedict XVI". He's still the same heretic he was before, if not moreso, and, thanks to his Motu Mess, deceiving even more souls while former stalwart Traditional voices remain mum

In tune with the Week of Unity Octave in focusing our prayers, penances and mortifications for the conversion of non-Catholics to the True Faith, the target, as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey identifies all so clearly, is made larger by the vast number of conciliarists who, known or unknown to them, have deviated from the True Faith. He writes, "Truth be told, you see, Modernity, represented so well by Americanism in the United States of America, and Modernism, exemplified so well by the counterfeit church of conciliarism, each is an attack upon the whole notion of truth. One seeks to convince man that he can chart his own course in the civil realm without the direction of the true Church and without her sanctifying offices, that there is no ultimate repository and arbiter of truth. The other seeks to render truth into such an absurdity that it can contradict itself or appear to take a different meaning in one time than other, a thoroughly anathematized proposition. The result in both instances is disorder in souls and in the world." While the counterfeit church of conciliarism postures during this week in transposing conversion into ecumenism with still another slap in Christ's face, we must have an intense love for our neighbor, so much so that we will have an even more intense hatred for the heresy he holds in order to fight to save his soul. After all, that's our job on earth, no matter our role in life, salvation of souls is paramount and there is only one vehicle provided by God for this: The one and only Church Christ founded upon the Rock of Peter. Tom reiterates this truth in Truth be Told, It's All About Truth


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Our Lady of Good Success
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    • All Victims of Abortion
      This includes not only the unbaptized unborn, but for the sincere repentance and reparation of those who were mislead and deceived.
    • All Perpetrators of Abortion
      This includes any who, complicitly by their consent or silence, in any way enabled these senseless murders that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Pray for their conversion and commitment to make amends whether they be mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, judges, lawyers, politicians and ecclesiasts.
    • Salvatore Guadagna
      a staunch Traditional Catholic who suffered a massive stroke in Manhasset, New York on Thursday.

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