GABRIEL'S CLARION (jan14gab.htm)
January 14, 2007
vol 18, no. 14
The Mob Still Chooses Barrabas

      The world, so preoccupied with the flesh and the devil, regards with a recycled morality the preborn as disposable lives, not worth a plug nickel and thus causing the greatest Attack on Innocence ever!
    Just as the Jews of their day considered Christ's life disposable, and ruthlessly recycled their own morality to justify their evil deed of assaulting Innocence by sealing His fate with the release of the criminal Barrabas, so also today history repeats itself as the devil fiendishly infects minds and hearts to continue the slaughter of the innocents to the tune of over 50 million preborn souls. And we wonder why this world is in the shape it is today? We have blood on our hands if we do not stand up as true, committed Roman Catholics and work to stop this most vilest of murders in the history of mankind. The salvation of our very souls might very well depend on our response.
      "Criminals are cancers infecting social order justifying removal from that order, yet unborn children are the ones this society treats as cancers to be removed and discarded like so much trash. Just as Christ told the women on the way to Calvary to pity their young, we also must pity our young who will be forced to live in a society so morally corrupt and lost as to dare to excuse or explain this most barbaric of evils."

    As we once again approach the vile anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the moral and physical devastation it has brought upon this nation, we must likewise see three core themes of the legalized murder industry that is abortion: Disposable Lives, Recycled Morality and an Attack on Innocence. It reminds one of the scene of the frenzied mob calling for the release of Barrabas, considering Christ's life disposable. By so doing they attacked the most Holy Innocent Himself and justified it by recycling their own twisted morality in sync with the corrupt hierarchy of the Pharisees and Sanhedrin.

    Imagine the horror of that scene. Our most innocent Lord and Savior on one side and the criminal Barrabas on the other. Between them a legal system in the form of Pilate draped in superficial respect for procedural rules and customs concealing cowardice, arrogance, subjective agendas and political convenience. The mob around us laced with those experienced in controlling the news, the messages and the communication of the day. We imagine these manipulators of the message moving the crowd in their desired direction, channeling a recycled morality that closed its eyes and heart to the vile act they were effecting.

    Perhaps we do not have to imagine that scene any longer, for today we are faced with a similar choice. On one hand we have the innocent unborn whose only mistake is being born to the wrong person at the wrong time, as if the blessing of birth given by God Almighty could ever be wrong. On the other side we have the murderers, tyrants, despots and psychopaths who have inflicted death and suffering with glee and reckless abandon. Innocence means nothing to them.

    We add a legal, political, social, and cultural system that increasingly surrenders its duty to reason, justice and social order out of moral and political cowardice, pretending to wash its hands of the impending crime against innocence. Finally, we have a liberal media increasingly serving all that is evil and morally corrupt even as it pretends to simply be a messenger. But it is a foul messenger who recycles morality to portray evil as good and good as weak and bad.

    Just as on Good Friday, the ingredients of vile injustice, despicable evil, reprehensible hypocrisy, corrupt arrogance, subjective whim and disrespect for innocent life are all in place. Just as on Good Friday, the masses are moved to crucify the most innocent and pity the most evil.

Predictable Pattern With Historic Roots

    Left to the open, mindless chaos of a passionate crowd stirred in political, social, religious and cultural propaganda, natural law and reason take a back seat to the whims and arrogance of rationalized justice and moral corruption. We saw this during The French Revolution when the enemies of the Church manipulated the masses to murder a King and Queen which have been shown by historians like Dr. Marian Horvath to have been pious Catholics.

    Now we see how liberals cry out against capital punishment as a social evil, a virus of hate and revenge and a corrupt surrender to human convenience and whim. We see how they protest the execution of every murderer, rapist or other vermin that may infect our society, led by the modernists in the Vatican II conciliar church. We note how they gallop to the rescue of these people like noble knights seeking to protect life. Today's moral inversion that favors evil over innocence even as it dares to pretend nobility and morality is nothing new. It has always existed, especially in societies that have shed their God like some annoying chain anchoring them to reason and truth.

It's a Disposable Life

    As I wrote a few years back in my article It's A Disposable Life, the abortion industry is a despicable distortion of the great Frank Capra classic starring James Stewart. If you recall, that film reminded us that each life has the potential to touch many other lives in many different ways and that, if we walk close to God Almighty, each of our lives has a value and price far beyond all human understanding and measure.

    By contrast, the abortion industry is literally built on the notion that innocent lives are like grains of sand, all the same and none particularly special with more on the way. We would think someone was insane if we caught them crying over losing a grain of sand and, likewise, the secularist, atheist, radical feminist, liberal and/or modernist who favors abortion thinks anyone who loses sleep over a dismembered "blob" is insane as well. Obviously, what these fools do not see is that "blob" is an innocent human being with as much right to live as any of them.

    I have written many times that abortion is this nation's and this world's most detestable and despicable holocaust and the vilest genocide this world has ever known. The Nazi death camps have equal partners in present-day abortion mills where innocence is sold out and disposed of for a myriad of rationalizations and excuses none of which amount to a mound of beans. Each such factory of death is a cesspool of murderers, accomplices and victims of all shapes and sizes.

    When the final obituary of this lost society is written, abortion will be its darkest footnote and most despicable chapter. Nothing created by God Almighty is ever disposable or trivial, and anything or anyone that claims otherwise is an invitation to a permanently warm eternity with the prince of sin, defiance and arrogance himself.

Flimsy Justification and Pathetic Hypocrisy in Recycling Morality

    The recent execution of "The Butcher of Baghdad" Saddam Hussein has prompted authors Cal Thomas and Dennis Prager to write insightful pieces on the distinction between abortion and capital punishment. In "Saddam's Just Deserts" Thomas proposes that any society that is more passionate in protecting the life of a murderer than that of an innocent is saying that a killer's life is more valuable than that innocent life. Viewed in that context, Thomas tells us, nations such as Britain and Russia which have abolished capital punishment while reporting rampant abortion rates are morally inverted, less humane societies.

    In "Capital Punishment, another argument for it" Prager points out that the usual argument that capital punishment is morally wrong because it may take an innocent life here and there is weak given the fact that our legal system routinely risks innocent life to respect evidentiary and procedural rules. He cites the case where a known, proven murderer is freed to kill again because the evidence obtained against him was improperly obtained or handled. In such a case, argues Prager, society is choosing notions of procedural decorum and convenience over innocent life. I would further argue that any society that routinely murders the innocent unborn cannot ever cite protecting innocent life anywhere else as a justification for anything it does.

    Liberal secularists and atheists wail about the inhumanity and injustice of capital punishment while dismembering and torturing unborn infants out of greed, corruption, arrogance, selfishness and sheer defiance of humanity itself. If serial murderers or rapists were ever obliterated the way innocent babies are on a daily basis, these imbeciles would cry from the highest mountain in their defense. Photos of dismembered killers would circulate across the media demanding an end to inhuman disregard for life. However, tear an unborn child limb from limb and these same despicable hypocrites do not even want to ease the victim's pain, much less publish the graphic photos of the crime they seek to condone, promote or justify.

    Criminals are cancers infecting social order justifying removal from that order, yet unborn children are the ones this society treats as cancers to be removed and discarded like so much trash. Just as Christ told the women on the way to Calvary to pity their young, we also must pity our young who will be forced to live in a society so morally corrupt and lost as to dare to excuse or explain this most barbaric of evils.

    We live in an age where recycling is a valued and beneficial thing given environmental concerns. However, what is good for cans and plastics is not necessarily good for morality and values. The only sure path to salvation is the clear one given to us by Our Creator. Morality and values are not things subject to personal whim or subjective interpretation, despite the lies and ramblings of those who view morality as if it were some subjective tattoo of the day.

    In a world and society that is constantly pretending to know and lead us toward truth and moral fulfillment, the only sure path to that truth and that fulfillment is found with Almighty God. In a world of multi-tasking where phones perform the tasks of computers, cameras, mp3 players, personal organizers and maps, no such versatility is necessary to find God and earn salvation. The only requirement is a pure, sincere and passionate desire to obey and follow God's Word and Will more each day and help others do so as well.

Innocence Under Assault

    The more we listen to the news and see what is around us, the more obvious it becomes that we are witnessing an all-out frontal attack on innocence, be it through perversion, corruption, hypocrisy, selfishness or outright heresy. This society views innocence as more an obstacle to ultimate happiness than a helpful ingredient. Innocence has stopped meaning purity and is now synonymous with ignorance, gullibility and a stunted world view.

    Given common sense, abortion is clearly the most despicable attack on innocence in all its forms. Just as Christ told us that we must become as innocent children to enter Heaven, then it stands to reason that the devil wants to do all he can to stamp out all innocence from this world. Simply stated, anyone looking for hell can find it wherever innocence is being assaulted, corrupted or perverted.

Misplaced Value

    Under the premise that a society will protect that which it holds most dear, we may assume that this society has very little use for innocence, especially when political, social and economic convenience are involved. Liberal and secularists dare to accuse others of ignoring children even as they value one vote more than one unborn child. Simply stated, innocence does not win elections. It does not fill wallets or satisfy the thirst for power and influence. It does not even enhance popularity among those whose favor matters most in this world.

    Liberals and secularists find no value in innocence. It is an annoying obstacle to the kind of world and society they seek. Their every waking moment is spent trying to destroy innocence through perversion, corruption, media manipulation or social pressure. Since these people hate innocence, they are forced to prop up their pretense to morality and values by serving, consoling, justifying and rationalizing evil.

    The value of innocence to a society is priceless and cannot be fully grasped unless one is with God. Innocence breathes hope and humility into a society. It softens the harsh realities of this world even as it offers a glimpse of the paradise that awaits all who embrace and respect it while here on earth. At the end of the day, the ability to properly respect and assess the true worth of innocence is a trait reserved only to those whose eyes are fixed on their God and the great potential that God offers them. Conversely, the inability to value and respect innocence is a true sign of those who have rejected God in favor of their own subjective paradise which will one day become an objective hell.


    I am certain that there is a special place in hell for all of those who profit from and promote abortion for their selfish, arrogant and defiant purposes. Sadly, these ghouls will take many other souls who fall for their arguments, cons and delusions as well. They are akin to sellers of eternal damnation constantly seeking the next soul to snatch with their lies and manipulations.

    This world and society's increasing pattern of protecting criminals more than it protects innocents is a clear symptom of its growing blindness to the value and significance of innocence. As innocence is increasingly mocked, disrespected and minimized by this society, its ability to see its God and find the path to its greatest potential is lost.

    It is most ironic that a world so steeped in technology and advancement on so many levels is increasingly most primitive in its ability to see what is truly most important and valuable to its moral survival. Every time evil is given more compassion and respect than innocence, Barrabas is again chosen over Christ, and each time that choice is repeated this society and this world takes a step back toward oblivion.

    If we call ourselves true Catholics, then we must bravely, firmly and proudly speak out against this most vile evil for in doing so we are defending those most worthy and needy of such defense. When our final judgment arrives, let us each be able to tell our God that we spoke out against the devil's favorite hobby here on earth, which clearly is the murder of the innocents. The forces of hell have turned this world into a larger and even more despicable version of Bethlehem during the murder of its innocents at the hands of Herod. If Christ could sacrifice His pure innocence to open the possibilities of salvation to our unworthy sinfulness, then perhaps we can try to repay part of that debt by letting God Almighty use even our imperfection to save countless innocent lives today.

Gabriel Garnica

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    January 14, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 14