GABRIEL'S CLARION (jan22gab.htm)
January 22, 2007
vol 18, no. 22
Mothers Beware!

      Evil's Motherhood Chooses an Appropriate Month to Make It's Claim. Never forget it's not Motherhood they promote, but Otherhood! The prince of Otherhood? You guessed it: Satan!.
    Washington D.C.'s chief potentate of that archdiocese believes not only in the separation of Church and State, but believes in separating truth from dogmatic teaching. It's also called heresy of the highest degree. But it wouldn't be politically expedient to this pompous protector of politicians. This apostate rummy has no clue what a true Catholic shepherd is, nor does Nancy Pelosi have a clue what a Catholic is or what a mother is. She represents neither in her hypocritical well-planned lying crusade to dupe the elect. No matter that only a fraction elected her, she now intends to establish satan as the prince of this land. She and her counterpart with aims on the White House Hillary may have fooled the imposters posing as Catholic Bishops (can you say all members of the USCCB?), but they dare not dupe the Catholic faithful. Yet, unless they turn to the true ideal of motherhood and life, the Blessed Mother of God, they'll be deceived just as they have been with Vatican II and all the Modernistic heresies so rampant today.
      "Clearly, and sadly, Nancy Pelosi makes the present state of the American Catholic Church all too clear. Her open, blatant and arrogant defiance of Catholic teaching would not last one minute unless allowed to survive and thrive, to fester and grow, under the watchful eye of the "faculty" and "pastoral ministry" of leaders such as Wuerl. If Pelosi is an example of the evil that has invaded this Church, then Wuerl is a prime example of the attendants at the gate that have allowed this evil to trample our Faith."

    January once represented the start of a new year, the time to take a deep breath and thank God Almighty for a new canvass of time on which to etch new prayers of praise to Our Lord not only in word, but in action and thought.

    Sadly, it now reminds us of a dark anniversary of death. As if that despicable anniversary were not enough, the forces of evil have now added a new twist, for on this month of all months where some hail the murder of innocence as some divine glory, we now have women who dare to claim motherhood as their mantle despite their hands soaked in the blood of innocents.

The False Mothers of Evil

    Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer have recently used motherhood as both a marketing prop and a weapon against their foes. Pelosi has repeatedly proclaimed the new Democratic Congress as the Congress of the children. She has slapped the image and impression of herself as mother and grandmother all over the media, like some self-perceived badge of honor and standing to speak of the best interests of children.

    No stranger to hypocrisy and irony, Hillary Clinton is not far behind Pelosi is her insolence, arrogance and hypocrisy. She has proclaimed her candidacy for The White House as the first time a mother aims for that high office. Those familiar with her antics have made it clear that she does not sneeze without a poll, a survey and an in-depth analysis of how that sneeze will be interpreted by voters. Various observers have noted that the whole motherhood theme is clearly a strategy by Hillary to grab voters.

    In a recent interrogation of Condoleezza Rice, Barbara Boxer threw the fact that Rice was childless in her face as thereby rendering her unqualified to speak about the horrors of war. Again, motherhood was used as a political prop or weapon by a hypocrite whose actions define anything but true motherhood.

The True Mother of Love

    Anyone wishing to see what true motherhood is really about need only look at our Blessed Mother, the most perfect Model of Motherhood we have. Through Her words and actions, our Blessed Mother demonstrated that true motherhood is all about love, protection, unselfishness, sacrifice and dedication. To the present She uses Her role as the Mother of Jesus and our Mother to help us earn and gain eternal salvation. True motherhood recognizes the sacred value of life and the blessed role that God has given mothers. It holds motherhood in such a special, unique place that it would never stain it by using it for any corrupt, selfish, insincere purpose.

    Our Lady under the Title of Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of the Pro-Life movement. This is obviously due to the fact that everything She has represented over the centuries is consistent with the sacredness of life and its preservation.

The Last Ones Qualified To Claim Motherhood

    Considering their despicable defense and support of abortion, Pelosi, Clinton and Boxer are the last ones who should attempt to represent, define or utilize motherhood in any way. How can anyone who accepts the murder of unborn innocents ever pretend to be sensitive to what being a mother is all about? How can anyone who places personal whim and choice over the right to life of an innocent child ever dare to speak of motherhood in any way?

    The answer is simple. The devil is the master of irony, of hypocrisy and of despicable insolence. He who dared to defy The Almighty would have little problem with defying simple human decency and humanity. Those who serve him best, then, can do no less, can sink no further, than the despicable depths of which he is capable. After all, do they not merely follow his tactics?

    The greatest tragedy during this month where a lost society remembers and, incredibly, honors the murder of innocents is not that this despicable genocide is accepted in a society that claims to be civilized and even remotely moral. It is not that a society that cries out against terrorism because it kills innocents even dares to kill innocents itself. No, the greatest tragedy during this blood-soaked month is that those whose hands drip most with innocent blood pretend to tell us what motherhood is about.

    These women represent exactly the opposite of true motherhood. Their arrogant and insolent hypocrisy in using motherhood as a political tool or weapon represents exactly what true evil is all about. Considering what these women are really about, they have chosen the best month to show their true colors.

Symbol For A Distorted Church

    Of the three women described above, we would be remiss to not highlight or, should I say, lowlight, Nancy Pelosi. This woman who dares to call herself a Catholic, who parades her children and grandchildren as if parading alone could compensate for sending more innocents to their grave than Herod himself, is nothing short of the symbol for a distorted Catholic Church where Donald Wuerl , Archbishop [sic] of Washington refuses to rebuke or discipline Pelosi for her pro-abortion stance, or refuse her the Eucharist, on the grounds that he "will not be using the faculty in the manner …described." All this time since he has replaced the heretic Theodore McCarrick as head of the D.C. see, and not one reporter dared to approach him until dauntless and alert Allyson Smith, an active concerned free-lance conservative Catholic from San Diego nabbed Wuerl while he was there to promote a conference of Communion and Liberation, a communist front group if ever there was one. Allyson didn't flinch in asking him what so-called expert journalists in New York, Pittsburgh and our nation's capitol were afraid to ask. And he exposed himself as the imposter he is for he replied to her question of censoring Peolosi with the ridiculous retort, "You are talking about a whole different style of pastoral ministry." What, pray tell, Archbishop Wuerl, is the kind of faculty and pastoral ministry that you practice? Is it condoning the murder of innocents by providing lip service to its practice? Is it blessing those who promote murder while making vague claims about life and justice?

    Clearly, and sadly, Nancy Pelosi makes the present state of the American Catholic Church all too clear. Her open, blatant and arrogant defiance of Catholic teaching would not last one minute unless allowed to survive and thrive, to fester and grow, under the watchful eye of the "faculty" and "pastoral ministry" of leaders such as Wuerl. If Pelosi is an example of the evil that has invaded this Church, then Wuerl is a prime example of the attendants at the gate that have allowed this evil to trample our Faith.


    While the mainstream media tries its best to ignore, belittle and mock The March for Life this month, let us keep in mind the very ironic and sharp contrast that has reared its ugly head during a month where the murder of innocents has become a celebrated event. That contrast is between the true Motherhood of Our Blessed Mother and the false motherhood of those who claim motherhood as their own even as they stand for everything that this sacred institution is not.

    Keep in mind that those who cry motherhood the loudest are precisely those who practice it the least. Keep in mind that evil uses the sacred as a tool for its evil purposes. Measure the fallen state of a society not by the evil it practices as a right, but by the utter depravity and blatant insolence of those who pretend to preach about what is good even as their hands drip with evil intentions and motives.

    Simply put, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi are about as qualified to represent true motherhood as Donald Wuerl is to represent true moral leadership. Pelosi, a true symbol of what American Catholicism has degenerated into, tells us that her Congress will be about the children. If that is so, perhaps she can help us believe that by first deciding to stop condoning and defending their murder. Sadly, she would have to make their moral choice on her own for, as we have seen; her shepherd is too sheepish to help her see the light.

Gabriel Garnica

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

    Gabriel's Clarion
    January 22, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 22