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Traditional Catholics Fire Back Against the
scurrilous slurs launched by the Southern Poverty Law Center:


Listed alphabetically


Listed alphabetically


Catholic PewPOINT
Recently a vicious attack was launched against several Traditional Catholic organizations and individuals, which, in effect is an attack on all Traditional Catholics loyal to the Truths and Traditions of holy Mother Church. While it is the Christian custom to turn the other cheek, to do good to our enemies, to allow such slander and calumny against us is akin to surrender and to deny Christ. That we will not do. Thus, Michael Cain, editor of The Daily Catholic alerts all that it is time to defend our ground not by retreating but by launching our own counter-attack in exposing the corrupt charlatan Morris Seligman Dees, Jr. who has authorized the vile hate campaign against true Catholics. Personally familiar with many on the list which hit-woman Heidi Beirich dubbed "The Dirty Dozen", Cain turns the tables to show the Nazi-like tactics of "tolerance" and "diversity" that has brainwashed so many while the enemy infiltrates and destroys. Enough with the verbal engineering, it's time for facts and time to unite and pray for divided we are all prey. In his editorial, he fires back and lays out what we must all do to expose SPLC - The Real Hate Mongers

Christ or Chaos
The first to alert all of the vicious yellow journalism of Heidi Beirich and the Southern Poverty Law Center was Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey who filed an excellent piece in exhibiting exact Catholic teaching on the issues and delineated the doctrinal points and upheld by every true Pope until the collapse of grace at Vatican II. What Tom also did in masterful form was to identify passages of the Talmud to expose it as alien to the Torah and as a book laced with hate as he illustrates only too well. It is all evidence that modern Jewish thought has nothing whatsoever to do with true Judaic heritage but a Zionist agenda that is political and definitely anti-Christ in content and purpose, and why the modern Jew is so apt to spout Vatican II platitudes for they play right into Zionist hands. Tom lays it all out in his lengthy, but pertinent essay Hating Without Distinction
Hot Issues
We're also linking John Vennari's response to the scurrilous attack by the Southern Poverty Law Center in which he lists the seven ways organizations such as SPLC totally misconstrue and twist in order to villainize while maintaining a deliberate dishonest stance that distorts the truth. These muckrakers have no conscience or a clue what anti-Semitism is and purposely poison minds. Vennari, just like Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey did last week, lays the blame where it belongs in the hateful Talmud which, as John points out, the common Jew on the street may not have a clue about, but would be highly scandalized to realize who the smear merchants really are...and they are not those who uphold Catholic truth. The editor of Catholic Family News gets to the crux of the matter in his response The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hate-Mongers
On the BattleLine
In the vein of the above editorial, The Daily Catholic will make these pages available to post all responses by Traditional Catholics, especially those ruthlessly attacked by the nebulous, corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center. One of the first to fire back a volley in defending their position is Tradition in Action with Atila Sinke Guimaraes stating the facts and delineating between a Catholic's right stance against the Jewish religion since the time of Christ and the total rejection of any prejudice as far as the Jewish race goes. True Catholics condemn any kind of racial prejudice as Atila emphasizes in his response to the attack by the SPLC. He points out why it is still licit under American Law to oppose the Jewish religion, but never morally permitted to hate. The SPLC twists the truths as Atila shows in his commentary Arrogant Assessment Against Our Catholic Rights
Miters that Matter
We continue to furnish this forum to publish responses by those "dirty dozen" attacked by the spurrious Southern Poverty Law Center and unjustly accused of the verbal engineered meaning of "anti-Semitism." His Excellency Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI has filed his response in the latest issue of Adsum and we publish it here so all can see the absurdity of such charges and, in reading between the lines, see that this blatant attack is an all-out assault on the patrimonty of holy Mother Church and, in truth, identifies all the more clearly the demarcation line between the true Church founded by Christ and the false church forged by man from the hellish embers of Vatican II. His Excellency points out in his response the inherent persecution that can only intensify as the "hate crime" legislation becomes all the more liberalized by the very ones who harbor hatred for Christ and His few followers today. The CMRI Replies to the SPLC's Slander
Hot Issues
Continuing with our pledge to publish links of those Traditional Catholic groups scurrilously attacked by the unethical Southern Poverty Law Center, we post here Michael Matt's response filed in The Remnant on February 8 in which he points out the real agenda of the SPLC. This hate group is fabricating reasons why Traditional Catholics should be targeted and Matt pinpoints it as "Christophobia" for it is a fear of Christ and His true teachings that these hate groups dread. Matt notes that this is the same group who shut down Judge Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments at his courthouse in Alabama; all signs of the persecution ahead for those who refuse to compromise. While we can't agree with Matt that the answers must come from modern Rome for they are already in the enemies camp, his analogy of prison mates with Jimmy Carter on the left and Hutton Gibson on the right is intriguing. Yet the cobwebs will be ten-feet thick before one could ever trust anything coming out of modernist Rome. Perhaps we'll all have the chance to discuss this face to face if we're ever jailed together for our hate-crimes of standing behind Love Itself - our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The editor of The Remnant files his response to the SPLC slander in The Rise of Miltant Christophobia
Hot Issues
Another of the "dirty dozen" attacked by the SPLC was Christopher Ferrara for his association with The Remnant, Catholic Family News and Fr. Nicholas Gruner's Fatima organization. He posts on The Remnant site his retort as he urges all to unite against the Christophobia that is sweeping souls into the abyss. He writes, "All Catholics, whether or not they call themselves traditionalists, must return to Tradition without reserve if they would arm themselves against a world that is warring on the Church as never before." And he asserts that "the world's hatred is the sign of Catholic fidelity, and the world's approval the sign that a Catholic has lost his way." One wonders what will wake up the luke warm to the devastation of the concilariar church. Ferrara sounds the alarm on the radical inquisition of the liberals intent on destroying true Catholicism in his piece Christophobes at the Gates.

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