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Note: As these pages load, we invite you to say as many Hail Mary's as necessary. You can click on the Rosary button to the left as well to see the Rosary Prayers in English, Latin and Spanish. We pray you will be imbued by the truths of the authentic Catholic Faith we provide here and yearn to learn more of the infrangible truths of the One and only Church founded by Jesus Christ.

Below you will find the February Daily Propers for each Mass through Saturday after Ash Wednesday along with an updated editorial giving The DailyCatholic one last reprieve for one more month, but that could be it unless more help support this publication. Editor Michael Cain weighs in on how bail outs have turned to sell outs from D.C. to Rome. Also below you will find the first of a three-part section by Griff Ruby in wrapping up his series refuting Peter Dimond's Treatise as Griff calls to the witness stand Church Theologians.

February 2008 (feb2009.htm)

  • Now What? by Michael Cain on an update of the status of The DailyCatholic and events in the world during the first month of this pivotal year of 2009 that only reinforces the time of chastisement and if we're ready.
  • The Theologians Against Feeneyism and the Treatise by Griff Ruby on his first of three parts with installment twelve in his closing arguments against Peter Dimond's Treatise in Griff's mega series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty."
  • It's the Eleventh Hour. Now it all depends upon You! by Michael Cain on the dire crisis of The DailyCatholic in struggling to stay on line.




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The above words by the man, who has usurped the Chair of Peter, is the antithesis of Catholic Truth. Be careful, Bishop Fellay, where you are leading your flock...for the wolf awaits.

Perseverance and Prayer, with a lot of Penance is our only alternative to surviving the onslaught of the devil for the ranks of the Resistance are thinning thanks to the SSPX hoisting the white flag of surrender.

   Though we have not come close to even the minimum funds needed to stay on line, mainly because so few have responded, we have a reprieve to publish at least one more month. Thus, despite the feeble response to this traditional apostolate's plea It is the Eleventh Hour. Now it all depends on You!, The DailyCatholic still has a pulse, but barely. Editor Michael Cain explains the status and then weighs in on how it would seem the devil is winning with so many events portending bad omens for true Catholics from Obamamania that is running amok as the country is being run askew to the deaths of two devoted traditional priests - one Fr. Eldred Leslie, a missionary ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre, was murdered by a slacker in South Africa - to the apparent sellout to the usurper 'pope' by Bishop Bernard Fellay of the Society, which the Archbishop founded, and the thousands of Catholics who had resisted the conciliar concessions. Cain wonders aloud what happens to them and how do we welcome those who will be given the grace to see the error of such folly and will flee the SSPX. What shall we do when Obama's naturalistic nihilistic and socialistic reforms are revealed for what they are: Marxism? What shall we do when persecutions intensify against Christians, and they most certainly will, especially traditional Catholics who will be the first to be labeled 'hate mongers' because they love Our Lord Jesus Christ more than anyone or anything else and will not compromise their Faith for anything? He asks these and more questions in his editorial Now What?

The Dead Theologians Society are very much alive in their doctrinal accordance and they weigh in with living proof that overwhelmingly favors Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire as being in total union with the First Dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.

   Griff Ruby's mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" has been dedicated to exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of those who have deceived. He has done so for the sake of those who have been deceived. After eleven installments, Griff begins his final three-part installment in refuting Peter Dimond's Treatise which steadfastly defends and promotes Feeneyism. In the first part of his twelfth installment he calls credible Church Theologians to the bench to testify to the overwhelming support for Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire. The virtually unanimous consensus of at least twenty-five respected Church theologians sampled over the ages has been consistently in agreement for BOB and BOD and scarcely an opinion breathed, let alone even one identified convincing argument, or any consensus, against Baptism of Blood and/or Baptism of Desire. Thus Griff presents the first of a three part closing argument against the Treatise with Theologians Against Feeneyism and the Treatise

February 2009 (feb2009.htm)
February 2009 (feb2009.htm)

In order to provide a full spiritual complement to each day we have included in each daily liturgy for the Season of Septuagesima and Ash Wednesday Reflections from The Liturgical Year by the venerable Abbe Dom Prosper Gueranger. In addition, we've endeavored to enhance each day with a link to live streaming Masses available from Bishop Daniel Dolan with Holy Mass from St. Gertrude the Great for 11:25 a.m. Daily Mass in the Eastern Time Zone and Sunday Mass at 9 a.m. EST. For the Pacific Time Zone there's Holy Mass from Our Lady of Guadalupe for 8 a.m. Daily Masses, 6 p.m. on Fridays with Rosary every Wednesday evening at 7 offered by Fr. Kevin Vaillancourt. While it's true one must be physically present in church to receive the full graces, there are Spiritual Benefits derived from web-cam live streaming Masses. We provide these links in our effort to provide daily substance in all spiritual phases of Traditional Catholic living so readers can KNOW the Faith in order to KEEP the Faith.


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