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Listed alphabetically


What if Vatican II did to the Holy Trinity what it did to the Holy Mass?

Griff Ruby offers up a short query that is food for thought for those who don't realize what has happened over the past forty-plus years. What if churchmen decided to labor against a Divinely established Catholic teaching, such as that of the Holy Trinity, not by openly and explicity denying it (which would be outright heresy), but rather by simply laying down "mere" disciplinary decisions against it? Griff lays out the scenario in his brief essay to complete the month of the Most Sacred Heart, What if?

Congratulations to the Professed

Congratulations to the professed traditional religious of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen who took their solemn vows on Wednesday, the feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help during Holy Mass and Ceremonies for the Congregation. Sister Renee Marie, CMRI, who serves as administrative assistant at Mt. St. Michael, made her solemn profession of Final Vows before His Excellency Bishop Mark Pivarunas, CMRI as did Sister Maria Regina, CMRI who made her triennial profession and Sister Giovanna Marie, CMRI, a graduate of St. Michael's who just finished her year of Novitiate. She made first profession of vows for one year. In addition Nicole South became Sister Michael Marie of Our Lady of Refuge of sinners and began her one year novitiate, wearing the white veil of the novice. We ask your prayers for these dedicated Brides of Christ.

Illegal Immigration is another word for Amnesty, another acrimonious agenda of the liberal lie.

Gabriel Garnica returns with a poignant piece on the brouhaha presently consuming Congress which is going against the majority of their constituents. The public be damned. Lobbyists live and prosper in the dens of iniquity behind closed doors. Just as satan never gives up in his relentless pursuit to damn souls, so also Congress continues to hammer away at the very foundations of our country by trying to make Illegal Immigration legal and turning law abiding citizens into righteous alarmists who have consistently shouted "No on Amnesty!" Truly we are living in a time when evil is having a field day and good has taken a holiday because so few are willing to stand for God's Laws and obey their only King. But then, in the legal ramifications that have corrupted our system of government because the U.S., like the conciliar church, have abandoned the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, the sentence will be severe both temporally and spiritually. Despite the will of God and the will of the people, Congress and the conciliarists forge ahead with their acrimonious agenda. When will we truly realize the "liberal lie"? You can't say you weren't warned! Gabriel lays out the true Catholic response in his essay What Would Christ Say About Illegal Immigration?

Why even the Short Form of the Novus Ordo can't be valid

In this time when Ratzinger is trolling for traditionalists with the "promise" of a Motu Proprio to "free the Latin Mass" (which he has not the authority to do for it has been forever free since the infallible bull Quo Primum in 1570) and when the revelation is made that he secretly plotted as far back as 1982 to fuse the "missal of 1967" into the "Indult", it is time to revisit the whole validity/non validity issue and to not draw it out but cut to the chase to prove definitely that the consecration in Novus Ordo services is not only invalid, but what the late Father James F. Wathen called it: The Great Sacrilege. Griff Ruby returns with a short summation that so simply syllogizes why the short form can not be qualitive because of the etc. that follows in the man-made rite of the Novus Ordo, making it null and void! Griff explains in his treatise The Long and Short of It

Some things need to be said

Please remember the editor's wife Cyndi Cain in your prayers who was operated on Wednesday, June 20 for major gastrointestinal surgery at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane. She will be in the hospital for several more days recuperating. Twenty-three pounds of clogged colon were removed to eliminate the "enlarged, redundant" colon that had resulted over the past two decades, making it most uncomfortable for her to perform even normal duties. Now we can only hope that the surgery was successful and her immune system can handle the drastic change in her digestive tract. We thank all for their prayers. Before submitting to surgery however, she felt it necessary - rather she insisted on writing an article to not only assure all that she'll be okay, but to plead with those who have been so deceived by the claptrap that Benedict XVI is going to "turn things around" and is really a "friend of tradition." NOT! In effect her article has to do with surgery in that we can cut out the cancer that afflicts holy Mother Church by abhorring it and exposing it because when we weren't looking, the VulgArians changed the "seven hills of Eternal Rome that symbolize the Seven Sacraments and Gifts of the Holy Ghost" to the "seven hideous mounds of Modern Rome that personify the Seven Capital sins." She explains in her column, Flee from those who deceive

Idolness is the Devil's Delight

On Monday BeneRatz went out of his way to try to explain that the "Spirit of Assisi" was and is "not syncretism" but we think he doth protest too much. Words are cheap and a dime a dozen, though Ratzinger is making sure everyone pays with his unprecedented copyrights of his own words. However, pictures tell the story and Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey provides several from countless photos available that prove the point: Vatican II ecumenism is syncretism and has been condemned by the infallible perennial Magisterium of the Church. The doublespeak diabolic deception that has emanated from Modern Rome for well over 40 years is starting to unravel at the seams with knowledge of Ratzinger's complicity in practically every heresy that has been committed by the counterfeit conciliar church. And working behind the scenes from Vatican II through the "papacy" of Karol Wojtyla, Ratzinger is far and away the most dangerous yet as Tom illustrates through numerous examples in bringing home the point of non-Catholicity in the counterfeit conciliar church. If the axiom is true that idleness is the devil's workshop, then the idolness of false images in the conciliar church has become the devil's delight. Tom explains in his excellent column Idol Time

Rock-solid Column of the Church

Today is the feast of the holy Doctor of the Church Saint Ephrem the Deacon, and in honor of this saintly Syrian, who was the second chronologically to receive such a title following Saint Athanasius, we present a brief profile of this early luminary of the Church. St. Ephrem was beloved by his people and one called the "Prophet of his people" and a deacon who combated heretical sects and Roman emperors, not by raising his voice in anger, but through Syriac poetry in winning the people to the Faith. His works are integral to the Syrian Church. In adherence to yesterday's gospel, Ephrem reached out and cared for the least of his brethren leaving the 99 to go in search of the one who was lost. This dedication to the will of God and uncompromisingly living the Gospel to win souls to the Lord show why he was a clarion of clarity to those suffering from the confusion of the Arian heresy. He is affectionately known as the "Harp of the Holy Ghost"

Orator of Orthodoxy

Thursday's Doctor of the Church is another of the magnificent luminaries God rose up in the 4th century. The holy bishop and Doctor of the Church Saint Basil the Great also faced the intense persecutions and calumnies of the Arian bishops and suffered greatly, never complaining and living a life of austerity while his fellow Arian bishops lived high on the hog. Like his good life-long friend and fellow Doctor of the Church St. Gregory Nazianzen, he,too, came from holy stock and had two brothers who became bishops; a father, mother and sister who became saints. This Bishop of Caesarea is one of the few, along with Popes St. Leo I and St. Gregory I and St. Albert to be given the august title "Magnus" - great. For a profile of this holy "Orator of Orthodoxy", we feature Saint Basil the Great

Hammer of Heretics

Wednesday was the feast of the twenty-first Doctor in chronological order of those given the highest honor of Doctor of the Church. Saint Anthony of Padua was a man who was not blessed with good health, but turned that weakness into one of his greatest strengths. He was a holy priest who truly understood the meaning of Crusade and conquered many to Christ not through the sword, but through his eloquent speech, miracles and humility. He sought the crown of martyrdom, but was rewarded instead with the miraculous phenomenon of having the Child Jesus visit him, resting in his arms to encourage and pray with this beloved Franciscan whose preaching and odor of sanctity converted countless souls to the Faith. He was Saint Anthony of Padua - "Hammer of Heretics".

Confusion and Collusion with conciliarists

In the most recent Catholic PewPOINT, editor Michael Cain exposes the cunning of the conciliarist agenda to divide and destroy any semblance of true Catholicism. Such is the modus operandi - "operation of error" authored by a real infiltrator, the bankrupt "soul predator" and presbyter of Spokane Fr. William Skylstad who just "happens to be" the head of the masonic, apostate non-Catholic USCCB. Yes, satan is pulling out all the stops in attempting to disrupt the ranks of those who have been striving to live God's will. He snakes his way through the "trees" of religious houses just as he did in the Garden of Eden. The branches of the trees he infects must be pruned, cut off and cast out. There is no other way! One can never dialog with the devil and those guilty of doing so should realize the horror of the "operation of error" that so insidiously slithered in to seduce some rebellious religious sisters of the CMRI. Because they did not discern the truth they now, tragically, "believe a lie." Thankfully, Roman Catholics in the Spokane area, who strive to live their faith as it has been taught from St. Peter through Pope Pius XII, have something the diocese of Spokane has not: A true bishop! Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI who, to his everlasting credit, will have nothing to do with the counterfeit church of Vatican II, has put a stop to the collusion fostered by the conciliarists. Cain provides answers to the causes and the effects; consequences the rebellious religious may have never really considered in failing to heed St. Paul's words in 2 Thessalonians 2: 10. Cain explains in his editorial, The Confusion of Collusion
The sources of the diabolical deceits

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey identifies the real culprit of the subterfuge to undermine the CMRI's theological position in an essay that needed to be published and, indeed, it was on Tom's site on Tuesday, June 5 with his column at But we felt it important to also publish his column here and received his permission to format it since we have added it to our permanent archives because it so powerfully says what needs to be said in the most charitable way possible and will hopefully stave off false rumors and rumor mongers who might relish the misfortunes of others. For the time being we are doing what His Excellency Most Reverend Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI has advised, pray and talk less, much less, for, without the facts, one can murder the reputation of those who might be innocent and for that we will all be accountable to Almighty God at our Judgment. Therefore, until we know more facts, we remain obedient to this wise advise from a true successor of the Apostles, Bishop Pivarunas whose motto is "my life for my sheep." That is the kind of commitment from a true Catholic shepherd, a quality non-existent in the counterfeit conciliar church. Tom assesses the situation in his column To Each One According to His Way

Tribute to a personal hero

In Wednesday's issue we offered a heartfelt tribute to Lowell "Mickey" Cain, my earthly father for the past 64 plus years. Dad has completed his 91 1/2 year journey in this vale of tears on May 23. The picture here was taken on his 90th birthday so, as you can see, he aged gracefully and that smile you see was his trademark. There was no pretense about my dad, he accepted whatever God sent his way and was still happy. Very little fazed him. He passed away very peacefully on Wednesday afternoon, May 23, in his Minneapolis home with his second oldest son Patrick, his only daughter Marie and grandaughter Donna present. He had been lingering and slipping for the past six months after being diagnosed with an incurable cancer that consumed his body, but not his soul for we are eternally grateful to Father Brendan Hughes, CMRI for administering the Sacrament of Extreme Unction to him, bringing him Holy Viaticum, and granting him a Plenary Indulgence. He had a special devotion to Saint Joseph and this editor is so grateful that I was able to serve at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass specifically intentioned to the holy Joseph, Patron Saint of a happy death, just two hours before he passed. He had been slipping in recent months and we talked and prayed with him and would bless him each night over this last six weeks by phone and take great consolation that he was wearing the blessed Brown Scapular and Green Scapular of the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as her Miraculous Medal when God called him from this earth. Father Brendan said a Requiem Mass for him on May 25th and there will be another Requiem Mass here at Mt. St. Michael's in Spokane at the 8 a.m. Mass on Tuesday, June 5th. Again, we are most thankful to God and the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. We want to thank all who have sent condolences. Your prayers and encouragement mean so much, and we ask you to remember his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. Receive his soul, offering it in the sight of the Most High. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Suscipiéntes ánimam ejus offeréntes eam in conspéctu altíssimi. Réquiem ætérnam dona ei, Dómine: et lux perpétua lúceat ei. For his heartfelt tribute, see "Come, ye, blessed of My Father".

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