May 22

155 Cardinals in attendance for Extraordinary Consistory in Rome this week. CONSISTORY NOTES

Paris Archbishop affirms the only answer to everything is Christ. Cardinal Lustiger

God does indeed love a cheerful giver. SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING

Part Two of an Urgent Plea to not change the Papacy. URGENT PLEA

Rep. Ed Pastor why do persecute God's innocents so? HEROD'S HEROES

Pope Paul III calls for dialog at Trent. TIME CAPSULES

Why psychology is such a booming business. SIMPLY SHEEN

Our Lady's most recent Medjugorje Monthly Message

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May 22, 2001

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TUESDAY     May 22, 2001     volume 12, no. 128
Easter Weekday
ROGATION DAYS in Traditional Liturgy

 Updated May 21, 2001 9:00 pm PDT

    All photos from Rome provided by the excellent monthly publication INSIDE THE VATICAN with permissionRome Photos taken by Grzegorz Galazka with permission from the editor of INSIDE THE VATICAN. No photos or images may be reproduced from these pages without permission.

Consistory Opens on a Positive Note

Church Unity and personal holiness stressed

   So far, so good as far as collegiality and changes in the Papacy not being brought up in the Extraordinary Consistory of Cardinals meeting this week in Rome. It opened yesterday morning with His Holiness John Paul II calling for an emphasis on personal sanctity. This, as we have said so often, is vital and it begins with the 155 gathered in Rome this week for they are the Princes of the Church who can make a difference in reinforcing the disciplines and absolutes Holy Mother Church's doctrines call for. We must continue to pray that globalization, ecumenism and collegiality will be kept in the background and the Consistory will indeed take a cue from the Sovereign Pontiff's opening cue. For more, see Opening Day of the Consistory

Cardinal Lustiger calls his fellow cardinals to be above the fray and consider the Bride of Christ

  Taking a pastoral approach in his opening address on "Pastoral Perspectives of the Church in the New Millennium," Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, 74-year old Archbishop of Paris called on his fellow cardinals to not consider the Church "from human points of view, as one of the institutions of the social body of humanity, but with the eyes of faith, as the Bride of Christ." The cardinal's words are welcome to loyal Catholics who have so feared this Consistory could develop further the concept of collegiality. His words regarding finding solutions, not in a magic formula, for he reaffirmed to them "it will not be a formula that saves us, but a Person." That Person is of course Jesus Christ Head of the Mystical Body of Christ. With that kind of perspective it helps reinforce the visible Head of that in this life is the Vicar of Christ. Perhaps they are listening and praying. We know loyal Catholics everywhere are. For more, see Bride of Christ

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    May is a beautiful time of year. Our Lady's month in which we celebrate her Divine Son's Triumphant and Glorious Ascension
   In her column today, Cyndi Cain expresses hers and Michael's gratitude for the prayers and financial alms for this ministry. She shares how no matter the obstacles, those resigned to God's holy Will will press onward for the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and strive to shout the truths as passed down through twenty centuries. Ascension Thursday waits for us, that time when Our Lord returned to His Heavenly Father, but did not abandon us. Rather He strengthened His children by giving us His Sanctified Spirit to guide His Holy Church and the Church Militant in the Communion of Saints. Through the ages it has been the generosity and selflessness of so many that have both enabled the proselytizing of the True Faith and the numbers within the Mystical Body of Christ to multiply beyond imagination all for His greater honor and glory. For her column "God loves a cheerful giver." see SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING


An Urgent Plea to Pope John Paul II, 264th Successor of Peter: Please do not change the Papacy as the modernists would want, but leave it intact as Christ instructed in Matthew 16: 17-19.

   In concert with the on-going Extraordinary Consistory of Cardinals convened by Pope John Paul II, we present second part of an Urgent Plea to His Holiness not to change the Papacy no matter how much pressure is put on him. We urge you to read it with a discerning heart and, during these Rogation Days, pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in reading this respectful, but honest plea, and guide the Princes of the Church gathering in Rome, and guide the Keeper of the Keys to keep intact the Primacy of Peter. This is published with permission. It was compiled by Atila Sinke Guimar„es, Michael J. Matt, Dr. Marian Horvat and John Vennari. Guimar„es, a Brazilian scholar, has been researching this subject matter for twenty years and knows whereof he speaks. The authors back everything up with undeniable truths in their documentation. For part two of this Open Letter to His Holiness, see PLEASE PRESERVE THE PRIMACY OF PETER

Bishop Thomas O'Brien: We implore you to call Arizona Congressman Ed Pastor to task for his unyielding and scandalizing pro-abort stance.

   Today's Herod's Hero is the Democratic Representative in the United States House from Arizona's 2nd District, the Honorable Edward Pastor. There's nothing honorable about how he, as a 'Catholic,' has promoted the culture of death. We call on him to repent and for his Bishop in Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. O'Brien along with Pastor's shepherd in Washington D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, to issue the ultimatum of the "Bell, Book, and Candle" if he will not hear even the Church. We beg of the Bishops, to stand up for the Roman Catholic Church, to exact the discipline all Catholics are expected to follow. By Pastor's horrendous and scandalous 100% pro-abortion record during 6 terms in the House, he has shown a an alarming consistency to turn away from God by showing total disdain for Catholic doctrine and being a willing accomplice to satan. We implore Mr. Pastor to amend his ways, to turn away from embracing the pro-abort stance with no mercy for the lives of millions of unborn. For another betrayer who seeks to perpetuate the culture of death and slay the innocents, see HEROD'S HEROES

Prayer of Rogation - Second Day

    O God, Whose property is always to have pity and to spare, receive our humble petition: that we, and all Thy servants who are bound by the chains of sin, may by the compassion of Thy goodness mercifully be absolved. Graciously hear, we beseech The, O Lord, the prayers of Thy suppliants, and pardon the sins of them that confess to Thee: that, in Thy bounty, Thou mayest grant us both pardon and peace. In Thy clemency, O Lord, show unto us Thine unspeakable mercy: that Thou mayest both loose us from all our sins, and deliver us from the punishments which we deserve for them. O God, Who by sin art offended and by penance pacified, mercifully regard the prayers of Thy people making supplication to Thee, and turn away from the scourges of Thine anger, which we deserve for our sins. Almighty, everlasting God, have mercy upon Thy servant John Paul II, our Sovereign Pontiff, and direct him according to Thy clemency into the way of everlasting salvation, that by Thy grace he may both desire those things that are pleasing to Thee, and perform them with all his strength. O God, from Whom are holy desires, right counsels, and just works, give to Thy servants that peace which the world cannot give: that our hearts being devoted to the keeping of Thy commandments, and the fear of enemies being removed, the times, by Thy protection, may be peaceful. Inflame, O Lord, our reins and hearts with the fire of the Holy Ghost: that we may serve Thee with a chaste body and please Thee with a clean heart. Treasury of Novenas
"But I speak the truth to you; it is expedient for you that I depart. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you. And when He has come He will convict the world of sin, and of justice, and of judgment: of sin, because they do not believe in Me; of justice, because I go to the Father, and you will see Me no more; and of judgment, because the prince of this world has already been judged." John 16: 7-11

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The Tridentine Invite goes out for an Ecumenical Council at Trent

    On this date 456 years ago in 1545, Pope Paul III sought to reconcile the damage done by the Protestant Reformation by inviting both Catholic Bishops and Protestant leaders to sit down face to face and work out their differences. When the Protestants steadfastly declined, the great Council of Trent went on as scheduled in the mountainous city of Trent in northern Italy. The reforms and resolve determined at this landmark Ecumenical Council still hold today though the liturgy has undergone quite a transformation. Much of this is due to the watering down of the original schemas of Vatican II and, because of it, abuses have greatly minimized the sacrificial nature of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. There is a great misconception that the Mass could be said totally in the vernacular and eliminate Latin. In truth Latin was to be preserved in the key elements of the Mass as the Mother tongue of the Church, but was not. This has led to a protestantizing of Catholicism in many areas. As the cardinals meet in this Extraordinary Consistory this week we pray that if the call goes out for another council as many think could happen, they would do well to consider returning to Trent and reinstitute all that Trent decreed. Trent was indeed a council which strengthened and reinforced the absolutes rather than weakening them...perhaps because the Protestants were not there. For other Time Capsule events that happened today in Church history, see TIME CAPSULES

No wonder psychology is such a booming business!

    "In the good soul, the effect of doing evil can lead to moral understanding and being repentant. In the evil soul, the effect is physical and psychological. It shows less in the soul and more in the mind and the body. The moral effect is sorrow, contrition, repentance, which leads to a restoration of fellowship with God and therefore peace. The physical and psychological effect is anxiety, fear, worry, psychoses and neuroses. The good take to their knees when they do wrong; the evil, if they have money enough, betake themselves to a couch. The good want their sins forgiven; the evil want them explained away."
Monthly Medjugorje Message for April 2001

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May 22, 2001    volume 12, no. 128