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Pat Ludwa's takes a gander at a gaggle of heretics! VIEW FROM THE PEW

We are in a time of Rogation. CATHOLIC PewPOINT

Part One of an Urgent Plea to Save the Papacy. TIME CAPSULES

Rep. Peter DeFazio why do persecute God's innocents so? HEROD'S HEROES

140th anniversary of the death of the OMI founder. TIME CAPSULES

Losing God - even temporarily - can hurt like hell! SIMPLY SHEEN

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May 21, 2001

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MONDAY     May 21, 2001     volume 12, no. 127
Easter Weekday
Feast of Saint Eugene DeMazenod, Bishop and Religious Founder

ROGATION DAYS in Traditional Liturgy

 Updated May 21, 2001 9:00 am PDT

    All photos from Rome provided by the excellent monthly publication INSIDE THE VATICAN with permissionRome Photos taken by Grzegorz Galazka with permission from the editor of INSIDE THE VATICAN. No photos or images may be reproduced from these pages without permission.

    For those who were not aware, we resumed publishing on this past Friday. That issue is available and can be viewed at Weekend Issue.

Contemporary painting by Matthew Brooks of John Bosco's dream, and is reprinted here with his permission of great sea battle between the Church and her enemies in a state of virtual reality The Battle Rages On!

The vision Saint John Bosco foresaw in no way resembles the vision FutureChurch has fabricated to further their cause. It removes both the Holy Eucharist and proper veneration of the Immaculate Heart

    "...we see the saints made over in their [FutureChurch] image, each supposedly fighting a 'patriarchal Church.' If that was the case, aren't we silly for making them saints? Are they implying that Mary would lead the charge to demolish the Church her Son founded and said would not be overcome? Well, according to FutureChurch, it was. And if it was, why bother, since Mary's Son must then have only been a nice guy and great philosopher and orator. Or the reason Prisca help found house churches is because with the persecutions, one couldn't build a church as we have today. When England forbade the saying or hearing of the Catholic Mass, Catholics were forced to have them said in their homes. It was never the 'prefered' method as they would have us believe, but an expedient measure to escape persecution. But if you challenge them be prepared to be called judgemental and not open to discussion."

   In his column today, Pat Ludwa points out how the Church has been rocked by her enemies both on the Ship of Peter and outside her hull as heresies are launched from all sides and her ramparts weakened with great deviation from the true teachings. One such example are the heresies proffered by such radical progressivists as FutureChurch who put their spin on revisionist history to justify their feminist aims. Pat warns that those who follow such rubbish should take a true gander at the gaggle of lies they're being fed, for in buying into them they are setting their souls up for the frying pan. For Pat's column, Cooking our spiritual goose! see VIEW FROM THE PEW

Interrogation of Rogation Days: Heaven help us!

Will the Extraordinary Consistory of Cardinals call on Heaven for help this week or go it alone with their own agenda to democratize the Church?

   In our commentary today, we bring you the third installment of How close are we? in which we bring to light what these three days leading up to the Solemnity of the Ascension used to be: special. They were special because they were days called "Rogation Days" - three days dedicated to asking God for mercy in protecting the faithful from natural disasters and to appease His anger for the sins of mankind which are due just punishment by the Almighty Judge. We no longer have these specified days, but we do have a critical time this week when we could sure use them because of the Extroardinary Consistory of the Princes of the Church taking place today through Thursday morning in Rome. There are many who are fearful many among the red-robes are not seeking Heaven's supplication, but their own humanistic agenda in pushing for democracy in the Church through a clever manipulation called 'collegiality.' It's the buzzword of the modernists. We analyze briefly what they need to do as they discuss the issues of importance for the Church this week. One of those is to leave the Primacy of Peter alone, well enough alone! For part three "...the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!" see CATHOLIC PewPOINT


An Urgent Plea to Pope John Paul II, 264th Successor of Peter: Please do not change the Papacy as the modernists would want, but leave it intact as Christ instructed in Matthew 16: 17-19.

   In concert with the opening of the Extraordinary Consistory of Cardinals convened by Pope John Paul II, we present today the first part of an Urgent Plea to His Holiness not to change the Papacy no matter how much pressure is put on him. We urge you to read it with a discerning heart and, during these Rogation Days, pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in reading this respectful, but honest plea, and guide the Princes of the Church gathering in Rome, and guide the Keeper of the Keys to keep intact the Primacy of Peter. This is published with permission. It was compiled by Atila Sinke Guimar„es, Michael J. Matt, Dr. Marian Horvat and John Vennari. Guimar„es, a Brazilian scholar, has been researching this subject matter for twenty years and knows whereof he speaks. The authors back everything up with undeniable truths in their documentation. For part one of this Open Letter to His Holiness, see PLEASE PRESERVE THE PRIMACY OF PETER

Archbishop John Vlazny: We implore you to call Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio to task for his unyielding pro-abort stance.

   Today's Herod's Hero is the Democratic Representative in the United States House from Oregon's 4th District, the Honorable Peter A. DeFazio. There's nothing honorable about how he, as a 'Catholic,' has promoted the culture of death. We call on him to repent and for his Archbishop in Portland Archbishop John G. Vlazny along with DeFazio's shepherd in Washington D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, to issue the ultimatum of the "Bell, Book, and Candle" if he will not hear even the Church. We beg of the Bishops, to stand up for the Roman Catholic Church, to exact the discipline all Catholics are expected to follow. By DeFazio's horrendous 100% pro-abortion record during 8 terms in the House, he has shown a an alarming consistency to turn away from God by showing total disdain for Catholic doctrine and being a willing accomplice to satan. We implore Mr. DeFazio to amend his ways, to turn away from embracing the pro-abort stance with no mercy for the lives of millions of unborn. For another betrayer who seeks to perpetuate the culture of death and slay the innocents, see HEROD'S HEROES

Prayer of St. Bernardine of Siena

Yesterday was the Feast of Saint Bernardine of Siena, Confessor who left all and entered the Franciscan Order and became one of its chief glories. He preached everwhere devotion to the name of Jesus before he died in 1444. The following prayer is from My Daily Prayer.

    O Lord Jesus Christ, Who diedst vouchsafe an especial love of Thy Holy Name to Blessed Bernardine, Thy Confessor; mercifully pour into our hearts, by virtue of his merits and intercession, the spirit of Thy love. Who livest and reignest with the God the Father in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.
"These things I have spoken to you that you may not be scandalized. They will expel you from the synagogues. Yes, the hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering worship to God. And these things they will do because they have not known the Father nor Me. But these things I have spoken to you, that when the time for them has come you may remember that I told you. These things, however, I did not tell you from the beginning, because I was with you." John 16: 1-4

  Below we provide the latest news from Catholic World News with the up-to-date ticker. In addition, we proudly refer you to the excellent and reliable DAILYSOURCES available to you by clicking here. They will give you the most up-to-date news you can count on to give you a fair and balanced perspective in respect to the universal Church in helping you separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate died 140 years ago today

   On this date 140 years ago in 1861 Saint Eugene de Mazenod passed on to his Heavenly reward. Canonized by Pope John Paul II on December 3, 1995 St. Eugene was the Bishop of Marseilles and founder of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, the same order of this ministry's Spiritual Director Father Al Svobodny, OMI. Eugene DeMazenod was born into aristocracy in 1782 in Aix-en-Provence and as a youth wandered around Europe. At age 20 he returned to France to try to recoup his family fortune without success. In 1807 he experienced a second conversion and began acing as a dedicated lay person, helping the poor. This ministry drew him closer to the priesthood and he was ordained a priest, returning to Aix with a deep desire to minister to the downtrodden and God's neediest children. The work was overwhelming and near death, he turned to a group of priests to help in a community. Regaining his strength he led this community of like-minded priests through the countryside, drawing up the Rule of Life for the eventual order he would found. Though he wanted to be a missionary first, he realized that by accepting the appointment of bishop he could save his fledgling order of Missionary Oblates. True to God's promise, Eugene became Bishop of Marseilles and Superior General of the Oblates and within a few years the new congregation grew at a rapid rate with missionaries sent from France to Canada, the U.S., other parts of Europe, Africa, Australia and the Philippines. In 1861 Eugene died at the age of 79 with his heart afire with love of the Crucified Christ armed with the weapons of the mission cross and rosary in his hands he left this temporal life with the name of Mary on his lips. For other Time Capsule events that happened this weekend in Church history, see TIME CAPSULES

We don't know how good we have it until we lose it!

    "Picture two men married to two old shrews. One man was married before to a beautiful, wise, devoted wife who died. The other was never married before. Which of the two suffers more? Obviously, the man who once knew love and happiness. So it is with doing evil. He who has known the inner peace of soul that comes from union with God undergoes greater agony and torture in his sin than the one who never was ushered into such treasures. The rich who become poor suffer more than the poor who never were rich. The soul which offends God Whom he loves suffers more than the soul who willed not to have God in his life."

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May 21, 2001    volume 12, no. 127