May 3

Feast of Saint Philip and Saint James, Apostles. DAILY LITURGY

Special prayers for today's feasts of the Apostles and Finding of the Cross. PRAYER & DEVOTION

Thomas A. Drolesky, Ph.D. on the Germs of GIRM - part 17. CHRIST or Chaos

Joe Dalton blows the horn for Gabriel's Project. FAITH IN THE FAMILY

Fifth Command of the Church. GIFT OF FAITH

Rep. William Clay, why do you persecute God's innocents so? HEROD'S HEROES

Greeks don't want Pope to dig up dirt in their country! No earthday in Greece

What the monsters of masonic modernism have wrought! Frankensteins of fate

489th Anniversary of a Council called too late. TIME CAPSULES

Everybody makes mistakes. It's the intent that makes the difference. SIMPLY SHEEN

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May 3, 2001

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THURSDAY     May 3, 2001     volume 12, no. 123
Feast of Saint Philip and Saint James, Apostles
Feast of the Finding of the True Cross in the Traditional Liturgy

 Updated May 3, 2001 8:10 am PDT

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Feast of Saint Philip and Saint James, Apostles

    Today is the Feast of Saint Philip and Saint James, Apostles. Philip, like Saint Peter and Saint Andrew, came from Bethsaida. He was crucified in 87 A.D. in Phrygia (today: Turkey) where he was sent to preach the Gospel. James, a kinsman of Christ, came from Cana. Author of one of the Epistles,and the first Bishop of Jerusalem, he was stoned and cast to his death by angry Jews off a high temple wall in 93 A.D. in Jerusalem. Tomorrow we return to Easter Weekday in the Novus Ordo and the Feast of Saint Monica in the Traditional Liturgy. For today and tomorrow's liturgies, see DAILY LITURGY

"Amen, amen, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he also shall do, and greater than these he shall do, because I am going to the Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do in order that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it." John 14: 12-14

Prayers for today's feasts

    O God, Who dost make us glad by the yearly festival of Thine Apostles Philip and James, grant, we beseech Thee, that as we rejoice in their merits, so we may be taught by their example. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.

    O God, Who by the glorious discovery of the Cross of Salvation, didst renew the wonders of Thy Passion, grant, we beseech Thee, that through the ransom brought us by this Tree of Life, we may receive election unto everlasting life. Who livest and reignest forever. Amen.

The Faith has unraveled as a result of a fascination with novelty and a narcissistic worship of man's ability to make of the Mass whatever he wants.

        "One of the great benefits which will accrue to the Church if the Holy See does come to a formal agreement with the Society of Pope Saint Pius X is that more and more of the faithful will be spared efforts to impress upon the Sacred Mysteries the stamp of liturgists and national episcopal conferences. Remember, the American bishops tried for years to rid the 'liturgy' of 'gender exclusive' language. Thus, Paragraph 25 really means, 'Heaven knows, anything goes.'"

    In today's issue Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D. brings us the seventeenth part of his fascinating, logical, factual and frank treatise on ferreting out the doublespeak and contradictions contained in the General Instruction to the Roman Missal (GIRM) which has confused so many and, instead of clearing up abuses, only is a license to experiment some more, all contributing to the continuing deconstruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that sustained the Church and her faithful for some 1,500 years. For his column, Novus Narcissism see CHRIST or chaos

"Rejoice! Be not afraid!"
"The Gabriel Project works to deliver this same message of hope to pregnant women today. Their mission is to respect all life -- at any age, in any circumstance. This means that they are profoundly committed not only to the unborn, but also to their mothers. The Gabriel Project is a network of church volunteers who offer practical, emotional, and spiritual support to women and their children experiencing the difficulty of crisis pregnancy. The Gabriel Project picks up where the aid of crisis pregnancy centers leave off."    In this issue Joe Dalton introduces the reader to another family - an organization which goes out of its way to direct pregnant women, who might have considered an abortion, to carry their child through their pregnancies and help after as well. They offer all aspects of help and care for the body, mind and soul. It's called the Gabriel Project, an organization with heart that also provides homes in the Washington D.C. area...right under the noses of those pro-aborts who continue to legislate against the life of the preborn. This Sunday there is a special concert program open to the public called "A Baby's Prayer: In Concert!" Joe shares the needs of this organization and directions for those living in the area for Sunday's event. For Joe's column, A Baby's Prayer , see FAITH IN THE FAMILY

5th Precept of the Church
To contribute to the support of the Church for the good of the Faith.
    Support means giving of ourselves in time, talent and treasure. In the degree God has given to us, so also we need to give back to Him.
   Today in our 228th installment of our catechetical series on My Catholic Faith we cover the Fifth Commandment of the Church, "To contribute to the support of the Church" So many are made to feel guilty about this when, in truth, it should be something we give totally from our hearts in time, talent and treasure to parishes, dioceses and organizations that uphold ALL the teachings of Holy Mother Church contained in the great Deposit of the Faith. We do so in thanksgiving to God for all that He has given us from our lives, to our earthly possessions to the most precious gift we have been given - our Roman Catholic Faith. Today in so many parishes and dioceses this Faith has been weakened by psuedo-doctrine that justifies sin and refuses to acknowledge the absolutes of our Faith that is unchanging. What do we do as far as contributing when these obstacles come into play? We answer that in today's installment on the Fifth Commandment of the Church. See APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH.

Archbishop Justin Rigali: We implore you to call Missouri Congressman William Clay to task for his unyielding pro-abort stance.

   Today's "Herod's Hero" is the Democratic Representative in the United States House from Missouri's 1st District, the Honorable William L. Clay Jr.. There's nothing honorable about how he, as a 'Catholic,' has promoted the culture of death. We call on him to repent and for his Archbishop in St. Louis Archbishop Justin F. Rigali along with Clay's shepherd in Washington D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, to issue the ultimatum of the "Bell, Book, and Candle" if he will not hear even the Church. We beg of the Bishops, to stand up for the Roman Catholic Church, to exact the discipline all Catholics are expected to follow. By Clay's merciless 100% pro-abortion record during his term in the House and his father before that, they have turned away from God by showing a disdain for Catholic doctrine and being willing accomplices to satan. We implore Mr. Clay to amend his ways, to turn away from embracing the pro-abort stance with no mercy for the lives of millions of unborn. For another betrayer who seeks to perpetuate the culture of death and slay the innocents, see HEROD'S HEROES

Greeks don't want Pope to get down to earth!

   The latest flak coming from the Greek curmudgeons is that they want the Pope to pass on a tradition he has done for 22 years: kissing the soil of the country. Maybe the Holy Father should do as Jesus says in Matthew 10: 14, "And whoever does not receive you, or listen to your words - go forth outside that house or town, and shake off the dust from your feet." For more, see Greek grudge

The Sanctity of Life is threatened whether in the womb or the tomb and all points in between!

Who are the real monsters? The creatures created in cloning or the creatures doing the cloning? The answer is simple!

   Two stories today prove that Frankenstein is not fiction. Both are alarming and give cause to realize we are in those times of terrible perversion and devastation, of the abomination of desolation of the temple. One story comes out of China that reminds one of the 50's horror story "The Atom Brain" and the other is equally disburbing in that dangerous experimentation is being conducted at the world famous Salk Institute in our own backyard. Dr. Jonas Salk would never have permitted it. But then, he came from an age where scientists sought to help mankind not muscle in on the Triune Divinity with powers they do not have. For more, see Satan lives!

Anniversary of a council that tried to close the barn door after all the animals were out!

   On this day 489 years ago in 1512 Pope Julius II convened the 18th Ecumenical Council in Rome. Called the Fifth Lateran Council, its purpose was to bring discipline to the Church and curb the abuses that so confused the populace of that generation, very similar to the confusion today. The difference is that in the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth many of the abuses that created rebellion had began with clergy and such worldly Popes as Alexander VI, whose morals caused many to be scandalized and prompted many of the flock to relax their own values. The Lateran Council enacted reforms, but by the time they were determined the cancer of protest had already spread. It was like trying to close the barn door after all the animals have escaped. The result: the Protestant Reformation. It wouldn't be until the Catholic counter-reformation and the Council of Trent that the Church would regain her senses. For other Time Capsule events that happened Today in Church history, see TIME CAPSULES

We can't be perfect all the time!

    "The good sometimes do wrong. Let us face it. And when they do wrong it is not the same as the evil who do wrong. Evil is an exception in the life of the good; it cust across the long road of their life as a tangent. But with the evil, good is an exception. A master pianist may hit a wrong note, but everyone still knows him to be a good pianist. A beginner may hit a right note, but everyone knows that he is not a good player."

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May 3, 2001    volume 12, no. 123