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Artwork 'I Knew You' by Shannon Wirrenga, Bismarck, ND, c 1998. All rights reserved
Artwork "I Knew You" by Shannon Wirrenga, Bismarck, ND. c 1998. All rights reserved
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Jeremiah 1: 5

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Weekday in Ordinary Time
Saint Vincent, Deacon & Martyr

volume 12, no. 22
January 22, 2001


28th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and the Holocaust of the Womb
Requiescat in Pace:   40,000,000 innocent martyrs in the womb

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Updated January 22, 2001 1:00 pm PST
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Archbishop Edward M. EganArchbishop Theodore McCarrickFather Avery Dulles

Pope increases Conclave considerably

Three Americans named in list of 37 that includes 11 curial members to bring College of Cardinals to all time high of 128!

cardinal's red-hat - photo from Inside The Vatican  During his regular Sunday Angelus in Rome His Holiness John Paul II announced the long-anticipated Consistory for February 21 this year, the Feast of the Chair of Peter. It will be his 8th, during which he has chosen 194 total cardinals, 154 of which are still living. His selection of 37, with 22 under the age of 80, will bring the Sacred Conclave to 128 eligible to vote, an all-time record that the Pope has the discretion to increase. Among those selected and expected were Archbishop Edward M. Egan of New York and Archbishop Theodore McCarrick of Washington D.C., both appointed to their respective sees recently. The other American was a surprise when the Pope selected Father Avery Dulles, son of former U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. For this noted Jesuit theologian from Fordham it was quite a jump from priest to red-hat. The list reflects a global representation and coincides greatly with Robert Moynihan's projections in these pages last week at Consistory Conjectures. While we and he missed it by a week, we were surprised by the absence of Archbishop Justin Rigali on the list as well as the shutout of expected African candidates. Moynihan, editor of the excellent and reliable publication "Inside the Vatican," turned out to be an excellent prognosticator. He predicted 29 out of the 37, including all eight of his forecasts for Latin America. Quite impressive to say the least! For the full list and his analysis, see News from the Holy See



The March is on! Wherever you are: Rally with God Today for His Little Ones. Pray and Defend Life!

    Today, as we honor RESPECT LIFE WEEK 2001 as we continue this series of special columns by Dr. Frank Joseph on the significance of why we must hold Life from conception to the grave in such high esteem and value. Each day he has provided a special insight on Respect Life 2001 leading up to today's momentous March for Life in Washington D.C. on the 28th anniversary of the horrendous Roe vs. Wade decision that signaled the execution in the womb of millions upon millions of innocent unborns in the worst holocaust in the history of mankind. For Dr. Frank's column today We will rest when Roe vs. Wade is no more! , see PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS

When things seem hopeless, Hope can be found in a simple prayer

  In his column today, Pat Ludwa gages the tensions that exist in the world today and traces it to the fact that anything temporal will end in despair; everything eternal leads to hope. One saint proved this, walking into history and Heaven with simple, childlike Faith, the will to Hope and Love. In so doing, Saint Francis of Assisi gathered an army of loyal followers who subscribed to the same ideology of love and sacrifice, emulating the virtues of a Man Who did the same 2000 years ago, Who was willing to die on the Cross so that we would believe and be saved. He came to bring Hope, which we can only achieve through Faith, which in turn can only be attained through Love of Him and our neighbor. It's the equation for happiness here and in Heaven. It's our passport to eternal life. For Pat's column, Hope Springs Eternal, see VIEW FROM THE PEW

Bernadette Whittaker, daughter of Lepanto 2000 Rosary Crusade organizer Teri Whittaker, holds the image of Our Lady aloft in prayer in front of U.S. Supreme Court building on December 12th - photo by Hyungwon Kang, Reuters Never underestimate the Mighty, Mystical and Miraculous Power of Prayer!

  In our commentary today, we attribute the success of the Pro Life crusade and the strong Pro Life platform of President George W. Bush to Prayer - as in over Three Million Rosaries pledged through the grass roots, committed efforts of a dedicated loyal Catholic family: the Whittaker Family working on the web out of their home outside Front Royal, Virginia. We also attribute the success to the cardinals of America and some bishops who did speak out. Many didn't and that is the saddest chapter in Catholic Social Action. But we try to focus on the positives, especially in attributing the influence of the late Cardinal John J. O'Connor for his favorable response to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to allow a young Father Frank Pavone to organize Priests for Life. Because of their influence and efforts, we are closer today in beginning to overturn Roe vs. Wade than anytime in the past decade. For our editorial Never Again!, see CATHOLIC PewPOINT

Mother Teresa President Bush recalls the counsel of Mother Teresa in his Inaugural Address Saturday

   The influence of the "saint of the gutters" Mother Teresa of Calcutta has finally reached the White House as President George Walker Bush cited her wise counsel in his inaugural address Saturday after he had been sworn in as the 43rd President of the United States. On a cold, rainy day from an elevated platform above hundreds of thousands reaching to the Potomac and with three former presidents present, Bush emphasized that, "Sometimes in life we are called to do great things. But as a saint of our times has said, every day we are called to do small things with great love." As we know, Mother Teresa learned that from another holy nun, Saint Therese of Lisieux. In a faith-filled address, he cited the ten "C's" - Compassion, Commitment, Civility, Citizen, Courage, Charity, Conservativism, Course, Conviction and Character as the cornerstone of his presidency. He regularly referred to God in his 15 minute speech and the theme indicated he will strive to uphold the Sanctity of Life and obedience to the Commandments. He has a willing intercessor in the Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity in Heaven pulling for him. For his inaugural address, see USA News


Archbishop Justin F. RigaliSt. Louis Abortuary of Planned Parenthood - photo from Joe Dalton The Abortuary: "It is the dark stable, the only thing left when there is no room left at the inn. It is also like Calvary, a place where the innocent are brutally executed. " Archbishop Justin Rigali

   The Shepherd of St. Louis Archbishop Justin Rigali referred to Bethlehem and Calvary when describing the Planned Parenthood abortuary during a special Pro Life Mass on Inauguration Day. He then lead a large contingent of Pro Lifers to the PP abortion mill where they prayed the Rosary peacefully and prayerfully, ignoring the media which was trying to stir some kind of volatile response from the prayers. One of the Pro Life contingent put it all in perspective to an inquisitive member of the media, "you can't talk to people while they pray" as he returned to his Rosary. They then returned to the Cathedral where the Archbishop gave a stirring homily describing abortuaries as a place akin to "the dark stable, the only thing left where there is no room at the inn." He also made the analogy to Calvary as "a place where the innocent are brutally executed." Many in the group were heading to Washington D. C. for today's march after the prayer service. For more, see


Tommy Thompson Bush's Pro Life nominee for Health Secretary indicates possible recall of abortion pill

   The good news: the pro-aborts are furious because there is a strong possibility that, down the road, there will be a recall of mifepristone, the RU-486 abortion pill. The signs indicate this with the firing late last week of FDA Commissioner Jane Henney who had approved the pill despite warnings from many medical experts. It is these warnings that new Health Secretary Tommy Thompson, pending his confirmation, will review and, if he has a strong case, has affirmed he would seek to rescind Henney's approval, thus outlawing the controversial morning-after pill and handing the culture of death another blow. Thompson, presently Wisconsin's governor, is a staunch Pro Life advocate who could be a key component in President George W. Bush's plan to reinstate the culture of life in America. For more, see Universal News


For More Daily News, we recommend the following available news sources:

  • CBN News
  • AIM - Accuracy in the Media
  • All the above News Agencies are not affiliated with the DAILY CATHOLIC, but the DAILY CATHOLIC provides this service to keep our readers up-to-date with what's truly happening in our world, especially considering all the misinformation the secular media circulates.

    Weekday and Feast of St. Vincent

      Today and tomorrow we observe Ordinary Time. Today is also the Feast of the martyred deacon Saint Vincent. For more on these liturgies, see Daily LITURGY
      Green or Red vestments
      MONDAY January 22:
      Weekday in Ordinary Time and
      Feast of Saint Vincent, Deacon and Martyr

    First Reading: Hebrews 9: 15, 24-28
    Psalms: Psalm 98: 1-6
    Gospel Reading: Mark 3: 22-30

       Mark 3: 23-26

    "How can satan cast out satan? And if a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And if satan has risen up against himself, he is divided, and cannot stand, but is at an end."

    Pope Sixtus V The Birth of the Roman Curia

      Today, in 1588, Pope Sixtus V greatly reorganized and named the Roman Curia and it remained, for the most part, in its same context until Pope Paul VI revamped the Curia beginning with a four-year study in 1963 to reorganize and it was subsequently streamlined by Pope John Paul II in 1989. The Roman Curia is the Church's network of central administrative agencies serving the Vatican and local churches under the authority granted by the Vicar of Christ. The Curia's original office was the Apostolic Chancery which was established in the 4th century to transmit documents. It remained largely that way until Sixtus' decree on this day 413 years ago. For other Time Capsule events that happened Today in Church history, see Daily TIME CAPSULES in Church History

    Positive spin can turn evil dizzy

      They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

      "How our outlook on the world would change if the makers of public opinion, instead of seeing the dark side of the evil alone, would see the bright side of the good; if they would single out politicians, business men, labor leaders, parents and others who mirror forth great virtues and moral integrity, then the evil of the world would be more quickly overcome."
    The Gospa's message for December

    For the Monthly Medjugorje Message, see MEDJUGORJE AND MORE

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