January 22, 2001
volume 12, no. 22
Respect Life 2001
part six
We will rest when Roe vs. Wade is no more!

    As I have said so many times, to think that there are Catholics who still vote for pro-abort Democrats makes my blood boil. To think that Catholics cannot see that satan has infiltrated the Democratic party leaves me with the following conclusion: Either they don't know these facts or satan has gotten to them, too. It IS one of the two. Surely they do not want their children, or grandchildren to grow up in a world governed by Democrats. Not the party that calls themselves Democrats anyway. I say they're imposters. The real Democratic Party died some time after Roe vs. Wade was passed. They've been buried along with the millions of unborn fetuses. Because of that, the world is not better off. Right now the Republicans are Pro Life, but we cannot place all our eggs in one basket unless it is God's basket.

    There is nothing political about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I resent when people say you can't mention Democrat or Republican. They forget that no matter what your political or religious persuasion, regardless of your culture, you do answer to a Higher Authority. That is what should guide us all in our quest for liberty and justice for all.

    But this idea of "liberty and justice for all" and "equal rights" does NOT apply to a sinful lifestyle. God does NOT condone sin and neither should we. However, we do if we vote Democratic! Not only are the Democrats pro-abortion but they are also pro-gay. Not only are unborn babies unsafe in their world, but homosexuality is embraced by the new party of satan -- a sick and deadly lifestyle that is condemned in the Bible, and is beginning to be taught in our public schools that this kind of a relationship is perfectly normal. Now the gays are trying to introduce that sodomy with young boys is perfectly normal and believe it or not, they're are many who are beginning to accept this.

    You might say, oh, you're overreacting. If you're a died-in-the-wool Democrat no doubt I'm now being called a "homophobe." Call me what you want. I just want to make sure I'm called by name when God opens Heaven's portals after I have finished His mission for me on this planet.

    This planet is on life-support right now. That's right, only through the Mercy of God and the small remnant of those fighting for the Sanctity of Life has this world been able to continue without terrible catastrophes. We may think we're safe, but look back thirty years ago. Would you have imagined the morality of today? Would you not have been totally outraged? Would you have done anything about it then if you knew then what you know now?

    It's a question that goes straight to the heart of the problem today. Apathy and acceptance of sin. The more we become immune to the moral malaise, the more satan can make permanent inroads. If this continues, then I predict that, within five years, this sick, perverted and deadly act (man-boy relationship, the gays call it) will also be accepted in our schools.

    Just 10 years ago, if someone had made that statement, they would be horse whipped. Yet, the devastating reality of openly accepted sodomy will happen unless the people start thinking of God, when they use their vote, when they promote a Democratic principle. That may sound like a paradox when you apply it to today's Democratic Party.

    This same Democratic party that embraces these evils has bashed the Catholic Church, by siding with Planned Parenthood, when they tried to get the Vatican kicked out of the United Nations. They even call you the Religious Right and if you are devout -- the Religious Fanatic.

    And yet the pro-choice Catholics still voted the Democratic ticket. For some reason they cannot see that our country is going to hell because of the Democratic Party. Instead of going in a hand basket they're riding a mule making jackasses of themselves in every way. To all pro aborts I say with the utmost love and compassionate plea: PLEASE WAKE UP -- THINK, THINK, THINK.

    Think of the kind of a world that you want your children and grandchildren to live in -- The "CULTURE OF LIFE" or the "CULTURE OF DEATH."

    There is NO issue as important as the abortion issue. Here, we are dealing with life and death. You can take all the other issues -- tax reform, social security, balancing the budget, education, welfare reform, and prescription drugs and lump them all together and still they would come in, a distant second.

    Today tens of thousands are marching in Washington D.C. to support the Sanctity of Life on this 28th anniversary of the disastrous Roe vs. Wade Decision. I can only hope and pray that President Bush will appoint and have approved ethical judges who will overturn this abominable and unconstitutional law that flies in God's face. To my dying breath I will continue to fight for Life! It's the least I can do for His little ones. Remember, I will be held accountable for my actions here on earth. And the facts are that so will you. What will you do about it?

Dr. Frank Joseph

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January 22, 2001
volume 12, no. 22

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