January 22, 2001
volume 12, no. 22
Twins "Sold" on Internet Are Taken From Adoptive Parents

    LONDON, JAN. 19, 2001 ( The 6-month-old English twins, adopted twice on Internet by two different sets of parents, have been taken by authorities from the second couple who adopted them.

    Based on an emergency order for the infants’ protection, under a 1989 law, the babies were taken from the adoptive parents on Thursday night.

    Belinda and Kimberly, as the twins are called, are now in the care of the British Social Services. The scandal of the twins was revealed last Tuesday by the British press, following a complaint presented to the FBI by Californians Richard and Vickie Allen, the U.S. couple who initially paid for the girls’ adoption.

    The Allens requested custody of the twins who had been in the care of their second adoptive parents, Judith and Alan Kilshaw from Wales.

    The Kilshaws "bought" Belina and Kimberly on Internet and then took them from the United States to the United Kingdom after paying $36,000.

    To the saga of the two couples, a third source of discord is now added: Tranda Wecker, the twins’ real mother, has claimed her daughters on U.S. television. ZE01011902

Below is the original story that first broke in San Diego on KFMB, News 8 local news:

    SAN DIEGO, CA (KFMB NEWS 8, 01-17-2001) - Two set of parents desperate for a child are now fighting over a pair of twin infant girls. What was to be a joyful time has now turned into an FBI investigation.

    The international tug-of-war over 6-month- old twins, Belinda and Kimberly started with a computer internet search by Vickie Allen.

    Vicki and her husband, Richard Allen, contacted the adoption facilitor Tina Johnson. She then told the San Bernardino couple the birthmother had chosen them to be the parents of the twins. But they first had to pay an $8500 fee.

    The Allens appeared on CBS' Early Show and said they thought everything was in order when they received a signed document from the birthmother, Tranda Wecker. It supposedly gave them custody of the girls.

    Wecker turned the twins over to the Allens and went back to Missouri. Six weeks later, she returned saying she wanted to have one last goodbye. That's when Wecker and facilitator Tina Johnson reportedly took the babies to a San Diego hotel and gave them to a British couple.

    Alan and Judith Kilshaw who returned to Wales with the twins say they paid $12,500 for the girls.

    Alan Kilshaw says they have tremendous sympathy for the Allens. He claims he and his wife are innocent and didn't know anything about this.

    The FBI and authorities in England are now investigating the adoptions that were handled by the San Diego-based Caring Heart Adoption Agency. It's unclear if any laws have been broken, especially if the Wecker simply changed her mind as to who she wanted to adopt her twin girls. But Johnson, who ran the internet agency, and could answer those questions is nowhere to be found.

    The FBI in Salt Lake City is now leading the investigation into this case and are trying to sort out who has legal custody of the twins. They tell NEWS 8 that they're also looking into similar allegations in Utah of adoption fraud through the internet. But they would not confirm if Johnson is involved in the cases there.

    NEWS 8 has learned that the Caring Heart Adoption Agency run by Johnson, and that the Allens contacted to adopt the twins, is no longer in business. Johnson also recently purchased a $625,000 home in El Cajon.

    The County Human Services Agency is warning potential adoptive parents, if you see anything about "buying" a baby, you should immediately bolt.

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January 22, 2001
volume 12, no. 22
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