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Artwork 'I Knew You' by Shannon Wirrenga, Bismarck, ND, c 1998. All rights reserved
Artwork "I Knew You" by Shannon Wirrenga, Bismarck, ND. c 1998. All rights reserved
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I dedicated you."
Jeremiah 1: 5

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Saint Sebastian Pope Saint Fabian Weekday
Feast of
Pope Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian
and the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday

volume 12, no. 20
January 20, 2001


Beginning of

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Updated January 20, 2001 11:00 am PST
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President Bush calls on God often, calls for a greater role by the Church, and calls on America to be compassionate Samaritans as he takes the oath of office

    Using faith as a major theme of his inaugural address today, President George Walker Bush became the 43rd President of the United States. On a cold, rainy day from an elevated platform above hundreds of thousands reaching to the Potomac and with three former presidents present, Bush cited the ten "C's" - Compassion, Commitment, Civility, Citizen, Courage, Charity, Conservativism, Course, Conviction and Character as the cornerstone of his presidency. He regularly referred to God in his 15 minute speech, "we are guided by a power larger than ourselves, Who creates us equal in His image." He also emphasized that, "Church and charity, synagogue and mosque, lend our communities their humanity, and they will have an honored place in our plans and laws," possibly an implication that he will strive to uphold the Sanctity of Life and obedience to the Commandments as he finished strongly with reference to the angel who "still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm." For more, see USA News    ALSO:

We have reaped what we have sown!

    After introducing this special series on the weekend of the special Jubilee of Families held October 13-14 in Rome, we continue today with the thirteenth lesson Putting the "Vitae" back in "Humanae Vitae", part one in which we show how society has disintegrated because they did not give credence to Pope Paul VI's excellent encyclical of 1968. He was truly a luminary that the world and many Catholics tried to snuff by ignoring and demeaning. Their efforts have resulted in barren fruit and thorns of misery as satan has gained a solid foothold for the culture of death. Only by heeding the Pope's words can we turn things around and begin to reestablish the Sanctity of Life. This sensitive and enlightening series is co-written by Michael and Cyndi Cain, who share what the Holy Spirit has inspired them to write including intimate, chasteful revelations of their own lives that have helped elevate their Conjugal Love. The entire concept unlocks the keys to reestablishing the Sanctity of Life through the Charism of Conjugal Love and, through one couple at a time, like a ripple that extends ever outward, we can change the world and eradicate the culture of death. This series will run in each Saturday issue. For the thirteenth lesson, see AT ONE WITH GOD series on Conjugal Love


The Planned Assault on Parenthood and the Sanctity of Life

    Today, at the beginning of RESPECT LIFE WEEK 2001 we continue this series of special columns by Dr. Frank Joseph on the significance of why we must hold Life from conception to the grave in such high esteem and value. Each day he will provide a special insight on Respect Life 2001 leading up to the March for Life in Washington D.C. next Monday on the 28th anniversary of the horrendous Roe vs. Wade decision that signaled the execution in the womb of millions upon millions of innocent unborns in the worst holocaust in the history of mankind. For Dr. Frank's column today The Pro-aborts' not-so-hidden agenda , see PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS

Pope urges return to Gregorian Chant Attention all Diocesan Liturgical Directors, listen to the Pope: Keep the music sacred! Gregorian Chant is the most pure!

    In an address to the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, the Holy Father reenforced what inspires prayer and communion with the Trinity in explaining the criteria that should inspire every composition and rendition of songs and sacred music. In particular, Pope John Paul II reminded the musicians that the Second Vatican Council singled out "Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony, and the organ" as privileged environments and instruments for liturgical music compositions. For more, see News from the Holy See          ALSO:

Pro Life triumphs with sentencing of "Mercy Killer" by Canadian Supreme Court

Canada     A precedence for the Sanctity of Life was set Thursday when the Canadian Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Robert Latimer must serve the regular sentence for second-degree murder-- a 25-year sentence with a minimum ten years in prison-- for killing his 12-year-old disabled daughter Tracy in 1993. For more, see Pro Life News ALSO:

Quake strikes El Salvador hard Quake tragedy in El Salvador could reach 4,000 deaths

    The death toll from last weekend’s earthquake in El Salvador could reach 4,000, far above the 800 counted already, the director of Caritas-El Salvador warned. Gilberto Gallegos said Friday that the situation continues to be critical in the Central American country, and that the real magnitude of the tragedy is still unknown. "There are rural communities of which there is no news, whose leaders are arriving in the larger municipalities to ask for help, because they have received none," he told Caritas-Spain’s information service. He estimates that, "conservatively," 4,000 died as a result of the quake, 250,000 people were affected, and another 47,000 were displaced. A more complete assessment of the catastrophe is expected today. For more, see Universal News ALSO:

For More Daily News, we recommend the following available news sources:

  • CBN News
  • AIM - Accuracy in the Media
  • All the above News Agencies are not affiliated with the DAILY CATHOLIC, but the DAILY CATHOLIC provides this service to keep our readers up-to-date with what's truly happening in our world, especially considering all the misinformation the secular media circulates.

    Inaugural Novena Prayer

     Dear Father in Heaven. You are all-around us, keeping us, everyone we know, and the universe itself in its very existence by your Holy Will. Your Son Jesus taught us to keep our prayers simple and humble, and so we ask of You for the United States three things:"

      "First, we ask you to protect the lives and health of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, even if miraculous means are necessary, as they prepare and take office in the coming days and years. Those whom You protect cannot be injured! May Your Holy Angels protect them always."

      "Second, we ask You to infuse these men and the elected and appointed officials with whom they work with a hyper-abundance of supernatural power and grace to make and execute only decisions which are in accord with Your Holy Will, especially regarding the protection and sanctity of human life from conception to a natural death. We beg you to perfect their imperfections in Your perfection."

      "Finally, we ask you to inflame in a mighty way the hearts of the citizens these leaders serve. Never allow us to forget that all authority comes from You and You Alone, and that Your Son is King of Kings, and that You are always ready to answer our prayers for peace, prosperity, and justice--if we but only pray! We commit ourselves to daily prayer for all our elected leaders, regardless of party or principle, from this day forward, from time into eternity, Amen."

      This Novena Prayer is provided by Bud Macfarlane, Jr. of CatholiCity and is followed by the powerful Prayer to St. Michael and the following invocation of saints:
    "Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, pray for us.
    Saint Katharine Drexel and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us.
    Saint Frances Cabrini and Saint John Neumann, pray for us.
    Saint Thomas More, Patron of Politicians, pray for us.
    Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us.
    Immaculate Mary, Patroness of the United States, crush the serpent's head! Amen."

    Feast of the Holy Martyrs Pope Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian

        Today is not only Weekday in the First Week in Ordinary Time, but also the Commemoration of the early martyrs Pope Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian as well as the Observance of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday. For more see, Daily LITURGY
    Green, Red or White vestments
    SATURDAY January 20:
    Weekday/Feast of Pope Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian as well as the Observance of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday

    First Reading: Hebrews 9: 2-3, 11-14
    Psalms: Psalm 47: 2-3, 6-9
    Gospel Reading: Mark 3: 20-21

    Opening Prayer for Today's Mass honoring Pope Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian

      God our Father, glory of Your priests, may the prayers of Your martyr Fabian help us to share his faith and offer You loving service. Lord, fill us with that spirit of courage which gave Your martyr Sebastian strength to offer his life in faithful witness. Help us to learn from him to cherish Your law and to obey You rather than men.

       Hebrews 9: 11-12

    "But when Christ appeared as high priest of the good things to come, He entered once for all through the greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made by hands (that is not of this creation), nor again by virtue of blood of goats and calves, but by virtue of His Own blood, into the Holies, having obtained eternal redemption."

    Pope Sylvester III Caught in the gulf of the Guelphs and the Ghibellines

       Today is the 956th anniversary of the election of Cardinal Giovanni de Sabina as Pope Sylvester III, the 146th successor of Peter. He was caught in the gulf between the the pro-papal Guelphs and the pro-monarchy Ghibellines. Even though Pope Benedict IX would issue an interdict against Sylvester and proclaim the latter an antipope, Benedict did not have the authority at the time and it was never fully recognized by the Church. Therefore, Sylvester III remains a legitimate Pope even though he died 20 days into his papacy on February 10, 1045. For other Time Capsule events that happened Today in Church history, see Daily TIME CAPSULES in Church History

    Goodness never needs to be explained

       They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

      "Goodness needs but little explanation, for good is self-propagating and self-explanatory; it is the evil, darkness, and suffering which need explanation."

    The Gospa's message for December Monthly Medjugorje Message for December 2000

    NOTE: We respectfully recognize and accept the final authority regarding apparitions, locutions and prophecies presently being reported around the world rests with the Holy See of Rome and the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church to whose judjment we humbly and obediently submit. For more Our Lady's Christmas message for December and more on Medjugorje, see MEDJUGORJE AND MORE

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    January 20, 2001     volume 12, no. 20

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