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Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday issue          August 6-8, 2001          volume 12, no. 140

   "The denial of Truth is just as fatal to the mind as the denial of light is to vision. Truth in its fullness is not easy to attain, even if one does admit its existence. To explore Truth in all its complexity there must come moments when we confess ignorance, when we frankly admit that we were mistaken or bigoted, or prejudiced. These admissions are painful, but they actually enrich character just as much as all approximations to falsehood forfeit it."  Bishop Fulton J. Sheen


Building a tribute to Christ that will uphold the truths of His One True Church

  In our commentary, we detail the new format that debuts on the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. Just as Simon Peter sought to construct tabernacles to Jesus, Moses and Elias, we seek to provide four "tabernacles," if you will, to God in professing the Faith with four sections in each issue that will better enable the reader to "Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith." We explain the rationale behind the new look and format and the regular rotation of more columns so readers can better absorb everything. Few have the time to keep up on a daily basis except for the news headlines which we will continue to provide. But the articles we will be carrying will provide in-depth material that will take a person more than just a day to absorb and read. There is much to ponder and pray about in each article and therefore we will be providing new material each Monday to cover through to Thursday when we'll have a new issue carrying through Sunday each week. We've divided these articles into four categories: the Feature Articles section that includes regular and guest columns, the Credo & Culture section, which keeps the reader keyed to Catholic beliefs and culture; the Devotion & Reflection section which provides inspiration on the saints, Scripture and prayer, etc., and the Daily News and Information to keep you up to date on the latest news headlines and information on researching Church documents. We think it will be easier to navigate with the new colorful buttons we have provided. Have a look around, enjoy and absorb. For more details, see our editorial "Lord, it is good for us to be here" in CATHOLIC PewPOINT

Let's hear the saints' take on things!

  We are proud to introduce a new concept for Catholic readers everywhere. We are inundated by talk shows, panel discussions, etc. etc. talking about anything and everything. But what does it all really matter? What matters is what God says. What matters is what the saints have passed down through the way they lived their lives in striving for what we all must set as our goal: sanctity. The Church has always held these men and women up for us to emulate. Unfortunately, today so many of the saints have been forgotten, or dismissed as "out-of-touch" in the misguided modern thinking. Therefore, we have put together a hypothetical panel discussion in which Saint Joseph will moderate each time with three other saints from various periods in history and what they have to say about the state of things in our Church and world today. It should be fascinating and tweak a few consciences at the same time. For the first panel in the Heavenly Mansion, see SAINTS PRESERVE US!

It will strike in the stealth of the night!

   With this issue we begin the first episode of an on-line novel for these times that has been 15 years in the making. This copyrighted work is called, "White Smoke, Black Fire!" Though it is copyrighted, you may print it and distribute it to others, as well as e-mail providing the sources and disclaimer are included. "White Smoke, Black Fire!" is both a prophecy and global incendiary event waiting to happen. Taut, interwoven action takes the reader across three continents on a physical and psychological eight-day journey into hell as an eclectic group of ordinary people - lay and religious - are suddenly catapulted into the smoldering ashes of the Basilisk's Black Fire. They band together in a desperate attempt to save mankind - body and soul. The fast and furious action takes one from the boardrooms of America to the murky labyrinth of Rome's slums, from the vast ecumenical stage in Iraq to the hidden recesses behind the wailing wall, from the private chambers of the Papal Palace to the mysterious regions of Northern Africa. The Basilisk's tentacles reach out to every level of political, ecclesial, and foreign intrigue all surrounding the election of the next Pontiff to be signaled by White Smoke billowing forth, if it isn't already blotted out completely by the Black Fire of hell. With global hope waning, the small group of crusaders make their last stand on the charred ruins in Chaldea where all hell had broken loose a week before. Now hell is about to engulf the world. Only one weapon is available to them that can destroy the evil in the hearts of men. But at what price? "White Smoke, Black Fire!" holds the answers. For the first episode of the First Chapter of Part One - The Unleashing, see WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE!

GIRM Warfare is being waged!

Many call it a war of words that has taken its toll on semantics and the sacred.

    "As Pope Pius XII noted in Mediator Dei, the faithful do unite themselves with the sacrifice offered by the priest. However, it is the priest alone who is the alter Christus, the one who is empowered by virtue of his ordination to celebrate the Mass and to perpetuate the Sacrifice of Calvary in an unbloody manner."
   In this issue Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D. resumes his fascinating, logical, factual treatise on ferreting out the doublespeak and contradictions contained in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) which has confused so many and, instead of clearing up abuses, only is a license to experiment some more, all contributing to the continuing deconstruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that sustained the Church and her faithful for some 1,500 years. For his column, "Words do matter!", see CHRIST OR CHAOS

The beast in the desert

  We have unencyrpted some e-mails that the one, who calls himself the "SpamMaster," tried to sneak past us since we are friends of his great Foe. They are similar to the letters that came into the ownership of one Clive Staples Lewis some 50 years ago. While these recent ones are comparable in scope, they are much more devastating for they come not from one of the devil's helpers, but transmitted by the devil himself. Today things are much worse for the spamMaster has expanded his reach by addressing numerous anonymous of his legion on earth whom he calls soulScanners by number. These intercepted memos from the spamMaster shed light on what the prince of darkness is up to and will help all to stay a step ahead of him and draw closer to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. We've titled these "Memorendamns." The title speaks for itself. For the first Memorendamn entitled The Promised Land, see MEMORENDAMNS

How many realize our precious Faith has been pillaged and plundered? The question is: What are loyal Catholics going to do about it?

    "This battle cry of the French Revolution was the backbone of Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, and all other 'isms' except Catholicism. The deliberate attempt by the Council Fathers to force a 'new' theology upon the faithful; this theology was hidden behind the mask of bringing the Church up to date in modern times; it hid behind the concept of ecumenism for the sake of bringing the Gospel message to all peoples. How many remember the mantra 'peace and love' that oozed from parishes as they dismantled the altars and ransacked the sacred?"
   In her column for this issue, Cyndi Cain shares the convictions of her Faith that have been confirmed to her after nearly six months of intense prayer and research. It has been a tremendous wake-up call for her and all at The DAILY CATHOLIC for we all have come to the realization that while we were being lulled into a hypnotic state in accepting everything coming out of Rome and whatever the local-speak at the diocesan levels chose to spoon-feed the faithful, the modernists and their agenda began to get bolder in making their goals obvious. They are goals that are not in concert with the One True Church founded by Christ. While many were sleeping our beloved Church was hijacked at Vatican II. She provides sources of proof and ways we can recoup what was lost. For her column Never Forsakened! see SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING

The pro-abort nazis would have all believing Bush is a 'papist puppet' if he condemns embryonic stem cell research

    "When Bush was campaigning, he said he was against Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. He believes, as do all embryologists, that human live begins at conception. If he sticks to his guns, how in the world can that be construed that he is just doing it for the Catholic vote. People such as Margaret Carlson, having been exposed to eight years of Bill Clinton, naturally assume that all presidents are devoid of honor, integrity and character."
  In this issue, Dr. Frank Joseph gets his dandruff righteously up over pseudo Catholic Margaret Carlson's remarks. This Time Magazine correspondent had the gall to say on national TV that if President George W. Bush heeds the Holy Father's strong advice to condemn federal funding of embryonic stem cell research he will be doing so only to pander to the 'Catholic vote.' Dr. Frank points out how this is nothing but another pack of lies from those empowering the leader of the culture of death - the Democratic Party with pro-abort pseudo Catholics in control of key positions. He urges all to let Bush know he must do the right thing before it is too late. For his column, Pro-abort pseudo Catholics planting lies beneath Bush , see PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS

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Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday issue         August 6-8, 2001         volume 12, no. 140

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