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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 89
Memorendamn One
Subject: The Promised Land

    You tell me that the battle is nearly won. Have I not known this from the moment of the great battle in that disgusting place of joy which humans call Heaven?

    Now, on to the practical matter at hand. It is to our advantage that our Opposition has been wandering in the desert for nearly forty hears. The irony is unmistakable, isn't it? Forty years the Jews wandered in the desert, hoping for a glimpse of the Promised Land. How foolish they were. Have I not turned that unique event to my own advantage?

    But, as I have learned so well, be not overconfident. Never let down your guard. That you are able to scan souls is my gift to you, and I demand that you use this gift always for my satisfaction, my absolute joy when I snatch a soul from that abomination who presides in the Heaven of Heavens in the absolute of Love. You know how I hate that word!?

    The desert of those who profess faith in Him, my immortal Foe, is comprised of the sands of ambiguity. How well I spread that sand throughout that disgusting institution called "Holy Mother Church"- the Oppressor of all my legions. And, oh yes, so many have been mesmerized by the mirages I put before them. This has proved quite successful.

    You know well the means by which the sands of ambiguity were spread, but I will recall it to your memory that you may never lose sight of your job as the scanner of souls in your sector.

    The wars of the early and mid twentieth century were of my doing, naturally. From the devastation that I provoked upon mankind in general, and upon European nations in particular, I was able to weaken the stand of my Rival. How? The Foe could not muster a proper army, so to speak, to fight against the real enemies of the human being. How well my servants, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and many like them, who are now in my permanent employ, served to help spread the foundation for the future work I would unveil within the mighty Foe herself.

    With devastation surrounding the peoples, my Antagonist offered what it had always offered - absolute "truth" about Him Whom I detest with all my spiritual being. I used this devastation of the human nature, and the weakening of the Faith in the Opposition to build my foundation for my broad plan of deconstruction of the heretofore-impregnable fortress called Holy Mother Church - a most disgusting phrase that has bitten into my spirit for an interminable measure of time as that weak creature man knows it.

    You see, soulScanner 89 that the weakness of the human being is such that, when properly directed toward me, I am able to offer diverse agendas that thwart the Adversary from fulfilling the role that He established it for. Thus, one must always prey upon the weaknesses of the human being - playing upon the importance of the mere mortal life, and laying aside any idea of an immortal soul that He claims as His own. Just as He claimed me as His own, I was able to reject Him by the power of my own intellect and the free will that was mine for only a blink of time.

    Thus, always preparing my battles at the precise time when they will be most effective, I suggested, oh, so cleverly, that human mercy and goodness must replace the absolutes of His Mercy and His Goodness. Never let the power you have as a soulScanner direct the subject to the notion of his immortal soul, but rather play upon his humanness, and make him believe, through powerful suggestions that I present, that his own notion of mercy and justice and goodness are far, far better than any an absent, unseen "God" can provide. That is our strongest point of attack.

    Now, as that despised man called Pius XII lay dying, I brought to the forefront in the hearts, minds, and souls of the princes of the Foe - that is, the Church - the forceful notion that a total change must be made in the direction my Competitor was to take in the last part of the twentieth century.

    With the weakened nature already in my hands, I developed in the intellect of many 'thinkers' the notion that Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, and the like, were not at all bad, but rather lifted man out of his weakened condition, making him believe that through a 'brotherhood' common to all men, his human condition would be elevated … just as I suggested it to those two in the place He called the Garden of Eden.

    At the very time that my Assailant should have held to the absolutes it had held sacred for centuries, I awakened the notion of natural human goodness devoid of Him Whom they call God. It was actually quite easy, for with only a little battle over a few diehards, I brought to the forefront those who held themselves above others as the great "thinkers" of the age-modern theologians and philosophers who believed the lie that I fed them in ever greater degrees as my moment approached.

    I will delve more into that in my future discussions with your work. For now, soulScanner 89, let me remind you that the one whom others would raise to the position of Vicar of Christ - oh, how that name offends me, burns me - held within himself a totally alien spirit from that which his predecessor held: it was the ideal of Marxism, and it was for this which he had been censored and exiled. Oh, my spirit was there, not the ONE, which proceeds from Father and Son.

    With a heart already turned kindly toward Marxism, and a spirit of rebellion against the absolutes of Truth as He preached, lived, and taught already living in the hearts of many, he played right into my hands. His heart was so soft that many of my disciples were taken into his trust and convinced him to free those apostate theologians whom Pius had exiled and condemned. Had John XXIII not caved, I fear it would have been much more difficult. All that I had prepared in Europe - France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany - ah, yes, the Fatherland that fostered so many ambiguities and heresies - could quite possibly have gone for naught. But through the perseverance of soulScanners who preceded you, we were successful.

    I was present at the Conclave. Yes the One they call the Advocate and Sanctifier was there, but I was still able to deceive and divide. Political expediency is such a useful tool. Never forget it. I made men once faithful to absolutes turn their intellect in my direction. Thus, it became very easy for me to persuade these 'prelates' to elect a man they believed would do no damage to my Foe.

    Ah, how wrong they were!!! I wish you were there. Ah, the great laughter that reigned in my kingdom when the man elected was already well within my grasp through his embrace of Marxism. He knowingly embraced the many spirits rather than the ONE. Ah, there is a key phrase. The One True Spirit versus my many confusing spirits that so easily prey upon man's pride. Oh, yes, remember well that wherever He is, I am not far behind to try to destroy his work. That must change. I am tired of being behind. I must be ahead. So must you, 89.

    Let me bring back to you those words of the man the world knew as Pope John XXIII. I do so that you, as my soulScanner, may always use these words to my end, and not His. Oh yes, the Council. I was there, perched atop the Bernini column with a bird's eye view of all and a window to so many souls. This Pope said, in the opening speech of the Vatican Council II that I so cleverly confused and prompted him to announce what I intended. Heed well the emphasis I place on certain words and phrases, so you will also cleverly use these same words to further the work I began at this Council. Most since then have adopted this same terminology. I love it.

    On that memorable October 11th in St. Peter's John XXIII said: "As the Ecumenical Vatican Council II begins, it becomes more evident than ever that the truth of the Lord remains eternally. Indeed, as one epoch succeeds another, we see that men's opinions also succeed each other, excluding one another. The Church has always opposed these errors; many times She has even condemned them with the greatest severity. In our days, however, the Spouse of Christ prefers to use the remedy of mercy more than that of severity; She deems to better satisfy today's needs by showing the validity of her doctrine than by condemning errors…The Catholic Church, raising by means of this Ecumenical Council the torch of religious truth, wishes to show herself as the loving mother of all, benign, patient, full of mercy and kindness…The Church…through her children, also extends everywhere the amplitude of Christian charity, which is the best aid to eliminate the seeds of discord; and nothing is more effacious to foment concord, a just peace, and the fraternal union of all"

    I have kept these words close to my spirit, for in them you can see how easily this man became my servant by embracing those of human notions of truth, charity, mercy, goodness, fraternity - the very battle cry of that beloved French Revolution of which I take such pride. Yes, that was a turning point. And in 1962 also, another triumph of even greater significance. As much as I hated to hear the word "Lord" and "Christ" you understand I had to permit him to use them at certain points so my undermining of this Council would come to full flower. Yet, here, in one speech, the false notion of man's natural goodness, devoid of the presence of Him Whom I hate, were delivered to an overwhelming majority of willing ears and hearts which clamored for plurality. Such is, after all, the progressivist mindset and heart.

    I was in before the Council was called, and I stayed there in the very sanctuary of the church from before the convening onward. Most of these prelates and theologians had long since believed the Catholic supernatural absolutes were dead. All that remained was to form a unity of fraternity, by which means man's notions of charity, mercy, and fraternity, would be the foundation of a 'new' Antagonist, a 'new' Church, devoid of true absolutes as well as false absolutes, overflowing with the sands of ambiguity, as I began to lead its followers into a desert so insidious that even to this day the vast majority do not yet realize, nor do they wish to realize, the very truths of this Council, which possessed my many spirits, and not the One True Spirit - the giver of Truth which is He Who has no beginning or end. I shudder to think… of such things, but the many battles we have won overrides this utter disgust and must spur you onward as it does me.

    Remember these words as you continue to scan souls for me, the bringer of false peace, false justice, false charity, and false mercy. Ah, in these matters I am the expert, and you must follow my words, look back upon my actions to thwart the Agent of that other world, for the battle is nearly won, soulScanner 89.

    I will write to you again, but I must also speak to my multitude of soulScanners in turn, that united in our pride and hatred of the Opponent, we may snatch souls from Him, so that we mock His true Goodness and Mercy. We must dull their consciences and the knowledge that He is equally Just. We have nearly succeeded in playing on the Mercy. Sin is lessened. They don't have to know He will bring about His Justice on a fallen, weakened human race. They must not know if we are to be successful.

    Keep a stiff upper lip, 89. The victory is near. Soon many will fall into our arms…for all eternity. Continue to convince them the Promised Land is a myth. Do this as you are instructed: Get inside, deceive and divide. Never, ever speak in the Catholic absolutes. Consistently convey that truth is irrelevant. That is paramount.

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