August 6-8, 2001
volume 12, no. 140

"Lord, it is good for us to be here."

    It is no coincidence that the day we introduce our new format and colorful layout happens to fall on the glorious Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. As has happened over a decade of this ministry, every time something significant occurred it always took place on a specific feast day. The parent apostolate of The DAILY CATHOLIC is MIR-A-CALL Center. It was officially founded on the Solemnity of the Assumption in 1990. The first printing of A Call To Peace, the print publication for the Center for seven years, was first distributed on the Feast of the Archangels that same year. It was on the Solemnity of All Saints in 1997 that this publication began and since that time we have had over 23 million hits, without ever spending one dime on advertising or publicity. "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19: 26).

    Even while we were on summer hiatus, we garnered nearly one and a half million hits over the last two months. Many of our regular readers are aware of this editor's problems with pinched nerves and severe arthritis. For that reason, the rest has been mandatory. Unfortunately I'll never again be able to do a "daily" in meeting deadlines each day. Age can do that. However, we accept the inevitable for that, too, is God's Holy Will. As always, when He closes one door, He opens another. Therefore, we have decided to publish for now two issues a week. It will still be a 'daily' in the sense that you can catch up on the latest news with our tickers and updated headlines provided by CWN and Agape Press respectively. In addition, we will be providing nearly 500% more material in each issue compared to past dailies. While we have increased quantity, we have greatly improved quality with features you will be able to find nowhere else.

    We will publish every Monday and Thursday. This will give readers the opportunity to digest all that this publication contains. We encourage you to share it with others. As you'll see on the bottom of each section page blanket permission is granted to copy and disseminate anything written in this publication provided it is not done for profit and nothing is taken out of context. Also, we insist the URL, date and source are always credited. As we have said so often, this is not a business. This is a ministry and therefore we have no desire to make money, only to be able to break even in order to keep this apostolate alive. Both my bride Cyndi and I are now in the tenth year of the lay vow of poverty we both willingly took on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1990. We did so after completing our consecration of St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. The pronouncement of the vows was officiated by our dear spiritual director Father Al Svobodny, OMI.

We beg on behalf of the Lord's work

    This ministry is a mendicant one, dependant solely on the generosity of Catholics who believe in what we are doing, who seek to assist in any way they can financially in addition to their prayers - the latter remains the greatest treasure you have to give. Give of it freely morning, noon and night. As to the former, if you could just send in a five to ten dollars a month it would do wonders to help keep this apostolate going for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to Whom this ministry is dedicated. Not one person receives a salary at the ministry. All work and all writings are done on a volunteer basis through a commitment of love and belief in God's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I remind you again you can help us greatly by sending a tax-deductible gift donation to help continue this ministry. Just click, Yes, I want to help keep the Faith alive. Every little bit helps in fulfilling Our Lord's command in Mark 16: 15.

    In that vein we continue the crusade, back with an all-new look and much more substance and direction, as well as a greater resolve to bring you the truth in all things. Over the past 40 years the truth has been so diluted in society and in the Church that most have come to regard truth and morality as a prefabrication and lies and immorality as having credibility. Such is the modus operandi of the evil one who has run roughshod over the world, especially during this last four decades. We see it daily in the news, in the political chambers in Washington D.C., in the ads being prepared on Madison and Michigan Avenues and Wilshire Boulevard, in Hollywood, and, yes, sadly in our own beloved Church.

    Over the past 40 years there has been a drastic reverse transfiguration, if you will, within Holy Mother Church - not a transformation that elevates Christ and His uncompromising teachings - but a transmutation that elevates His adversary, giving satan free reign within the inner chambers of Rome and the overwhelming majority of dioceses around the globe, many of which he has totally usurped.

    That is why, in the symbolism of our new look, we begin today with our mission of being a small - but dedicated and hopefully significant player - in transfiguring the Mystical Body of Christ back to what it once was and what it should and must be in order to be in conformity with the Divine Will.

    We begin today by unveiling the new format that is composed of four sections plus the main overview page. On the front page we provide a brief one-sentence overview of main articles for the issue. The main page contains the preview plugs and our mission statement which incorporates the need for the FirstCRUSADE of the 21st Century in order to restore the Church Militant to its rightful place on the battleline in the great Communion of Saints in order to do our part as members of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Features that should fascinate

    The first section contains FEATURE ARTICLES which include this column, Dr. Tom Droleskey's eye-opening column Christ or chaos - as he continues his treatise on dissecting the ambiguous General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM), picking up where he left off in early May. Also, as time and the Holy Ghost provides, Cyndi will have a SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING column as often as possible. Once a week we will bring you Dr. Frank Joseph's column PRO-LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS, which is one that is especially significant in these times when the pro-abort nazis have teamed with the pro-sodomists to intensify their efforts to promote the horrendous culture of death and deny God altogether through legislation and societal mores. We will also be bringing you an insightful, thought-provoking column by Atila Sinke Guimar„es, the esteemed and well-known Brazilian scholar at the forefront of the Traditional movement within the Church. His column ON THE BATTLELINE will debut a few issues from now.

    In this section we also introduce three new series that will run in every issue. We've been previewing them during our summer hiatus and hope you have looked forward to them as much as we have anticipated bringing them to you. Two of the features balance each other. The feature called MEMORENDAMNS exposes satan's own agenda and how cleverly and insidiously he works as he himself reveals his strategies in e-mails we have intercepted. They are similar to C.S. Lewis' treatment in The Screwtape Letters. That is the only similarity for you'll find no plagiarism here, only facts for the devil has always used truth to twist. The title is a play on the word memorandum with the twist being that the end for lucifer is damnation, ergo: Memorendamn - the unforeseen objective that those, who heed his temptations, will encounter. Pray for those who subscribe to the devil's agenda. The other feature counters satan's ploy. The reader would be wise to heed the saints' advice for their wisdom comes from those who now dwell in the celestial regions away from the ravages of satan. Because they are where they are, these saints care very, very much for our welfare and seek therefore to impart their wisdom on how we can better cope in this world and better prepare for joining them eventually in Heavenly bliss. This can only be done through a commitment to seeking sanctity. They endeavor to help as we provide theoretical panel discussions with three different saints in each issue, always moderated by Saint Joseph in a Catholic "Meeting of the Minds" we call SAINTS PRESERVE US!

    The final series in this first section that we are honored to bring you is a novel that we began writing back in 1985. The seeds for this novel were planted after the Pope's visit to Los Angeles. Little did we realize back then as we wrote that it was the Holy Spirit guiding our words and imagination as we began an eight-day literary journey that incorporates Catholic thought and conclusion in a world where the antichrist walks among us and is soon to make himself known. Over fifteen years we have carefully tweaked, polished and updated various points, always careful to protect the copyright with the Writers' Guild and Library of Congress so that the concept, title and storyline could not be copied and profited on at our expense. The DAILY CATHOLIC owns exclusive rights to the novel and screenplay. We have been waiting for the right time to debut this thriller. We had always thought it would be published and may well be someday, but through prayer God has led us to conclude to begin now to share it with readers. After all, profits are not the motivation.

    Therefore the time has come to debut WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE! We have read many novels over the years, seen many thrillers on the screen, but I daresay few have incorporated the rollercoaster journey the reader will take in following each installment in each and every issue. We hope you will tell others about this on-line novel for these times, be they Catholic or not. We hope you will look with anticipation for the next episode, counting the hours before the next one is released. You will come to know all the characters - major and minor - laugh and weep with them, pull for them, boo the villains and hiss the devil. That analogy has a very pertinent part in this novel for the hiss comes from the serpent himself - the Basilisk, the satan described in the Old Testament. He has returned in all the fiery bestiality of the last days and only a few realize the damning, irreversible devastation he has wrought and intends to finish by wresting control of the Vatican or destroying it totally. Only the True Presence of Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity can deter the evil one and his Legion of the Basilisk from total dominion of the earth.

    Some wonder why I would reveal the ending before you even begin. Well, two reasons. First, we all know from Sacred Scripture and Church Dogma that God wins, satan loses. Secondly, this novel will take years to finish since it is being published on-line by installment. The longer we wait, the more the faithful lose the realization that Jesus is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Remember Our Lord's words from Matthew above, "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible" The watered down teachings since Vatican II have assured the drastic downturn of the faithful knowing true Catholic doctrine.

Believe and build the Culture of Life

    That is another reason we have made such a concerted effort to provide Catholic content in all aspects for the reader so that Catholics will - as is our slogan for this publication - "Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith." This leads to our second section which we have called CREDO & CULTURE. The title stands for Catholic Belief and Catholic Culture which incorporates also the Culture of Life. Leading off this section is an excellent series by Atila Guimar„es and Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D. appropriately called CULTIVATING CATHOLIC CULTURE. Their first several installments covers the Sacred Heart of Jesus and restoring Him to the proper reverence and rank the Son of God deserves in society and in the Church. We also resume our apologetic series APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH with an extensive catechetical cordon on the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar that will lead into an equally comprehensive series on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Also in this section we will continue to promote the Sanctity of Life with Father Frank Pavone's weekly column and a reminder of HEROD'S HEROES and a request that you sign the petition to the Holy Father to strongly censor pro-abort pseudo Catholics who insist on scandalizing all with their embrace of satan's schedule and aberrant rejection of their Catholicity. In addition, we provide in this section documents that compose the SACRED DEPOSIT OF THE FAITH with links to the Douay-Rheims translation of the Vulgate Bible, the full Baltimore Catechism, all the documents of the Council of Trent, the First Vatican Council and Vatican II as well as papal pronouncements from past pontiffs from Pope Saint Pius V to the present Pope John Paul II. Also included are the new Catechism of the Catholic Church, Canon Law and Writings of the Saints, specifically Saint Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica.

A section devoted to devotion, prayer and inspiration

    The third section is called DEVOTION & REFLECTION. The title says it all. Here we incorporate the Daily Word, a Prayer for the Saint of the day, and a vignette on the saint or feast into one grouping under the title LITURGY OF THE SAINTS. We also provide the Latin for prayers well known to Catholics so many will not forget the Mother tongue which has been so unnecessarily dormant over these past 40 years. We in our family have gotten into the habit of reciting our daily family Rosary in Latin and it has done wonders for reverence in our sons, who look forward to the Rosary each day. It is beautiful to say and in this section we will endeavor to bring more Latin to you in reindoctrinating the reader to a language of love, a language that is not dead and we hope and pray - through our bringing these to you - that you, too, will be awakened to the beauty of Latin - its rich rhythms and poetic ambiance.

    We also place our regular feature SIMPLY SHEEN in this section with short paragraphs from His Excellency the late, great Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen who was indeed a prophet and psychologist par excellence who upheld the traditions of the Church and foresaw the self-destruction. In this section you'll also find the Pope's monthly intentions and anything regarded as private revelation from Rue de Bac to the present with links to all the major apparitions over the past 200 years. We are still working on our Lourdes link so please be patient. There is also a link to a daily meditation by Brother John-Paul Ignatius, founder of the Legion of Saint Michael. This is an audio link that will give the listener added motivation each day to live their Faith. We strongly recommend tuning in daily to his pearls of common sense for sanctity.

News & Information Section

    The fourth section is one many will go to daily for it is our DAILY NEWS & INFORMATION page. Here you'll find the latest headlines from Catholic World News (when the ticker is working) and up-dated headlines daily from Agape Press which has their finger and journalistic integrity on the pulse of American culture and the world. Also we include here reputable sources for catching up on Catholic news as well as non-Catholic sites you can count on as reliable and working to expose the immorality that permeates civilization today. Here also we resume our TIME CAPSULES IN CHURCH HISTORY bringing you key events that happened on each day in Church History over 2 millennia. This section also is where you'll find timely information on Church and political issues that tie in with Catholics. This issue we present a well-written response to Rome by Bishop Bernard Fellay on why the Lefebrvists cannot compromise for the sake of reunion with Rome. To accept the errors of Vatican II would only make the Society of St. Pius X an accomplice to the auto-demolition of the Church.

    In the future we will be adding other features in various sections including MITERS THAT MATTER, TRADITIONAL THOUGHTS, and SIGNS that make one WONDER to name just a few. We promise to provide top-quality talent and material that you will clamor for more and share the good news with others. We cannot be all things to everyone, but we will endeavor to give you as much as possible without ever compromising principal or doctrine. That is our promise.

    On the main page you'll find all other sections currently available on this site. It is contained within the unique format of the Rosary beads which compose a full decade. Here you'll be able to navigate to our Ports o' Call decks where you'll find links to other Catholic sites. Unfortunately, because of the massive project entailed in updating this or adding sites, we have been remiss in doing just that. If there is anyone out there who would like the project of adding sites as they are requested and rechecking those sites listed to assure they are still what they say they are and still active, please call 800-I-DO-PRAY (800-436-7729). On the second bead you'll find an archive of all columns and features. On the third bead is a link to our Sacred Deposit of Faith. On the fourth bead is our mission statement based on the vision of Saint John Bosco which is also incorporated in our masthead on the Homeport Entry Page and in our Credo & Culture mast. On the fifth bead is our search engine page which also provides a master page of all links to current features running and overview links to past issues this year. On the sixth bead is our much needed plea for financial assistance to keep this ministry going as explained earlier in this commentary. On the seventh bead you'll find is a link to description of the Books offered by this ministry, inspirational messages and reflections imparted to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart during the first half of the 90's. On the eighth bead is a brief description of who we are with short bios and photos of all eight members of the Board of Directors. On the ninth bead is a direct link to e-mail the editor on any content in The DAILY CATHOLIC. I warn you in advance I'm still backlogged a month and a half, so don't anticipate an early response to your post. Nevertheless we had a few queries that they couldn't find our e-mail so we're making it very available to all readers. On the tenth Ave Maria bead is the link back to the main Homeport Entry Page. The large bead to the far right is the Pater Noster (Our Father) bead where you can go immediately to archives to review any past issue over the last four plus years.

    Over the next several months we hope to add more features and consolidate past features that are not yet available in archives. All this takes time and we ask your patience. I'm still on a regimented medical schedule for my pinched nerve and arthritis and other family duties also preclude me from working around the clock on projects I would like to. In God's time they will be accomplished, not our time schedule.

    We hope and pray you will like the new format and find it easier to navigate on the good ship IHS DAILY CATHOLIC which we will endeavor to bring you free despite the mounting cost of keeping this web site going. While so many websites have gone under, including the highly touted e3mil that spent millions on promotion and product, we have, by the grace of God, continued and grown through the investment of prayer and commitment to living and spreading the Word of God and His truths contained in the Sacred Deposit of the Faith.

    And so we begin on this significant Feast of the Transfiguration to transfigure the Mystical Body of Christ with a transfiguration of our own in content, purpose and appearance. No matter how this publication looks, be assured we will always remain fixed on the Lord. For He alone is the ideal, the goal. We thank God we are still able to publish The DAILY CATHOLIC and still be here when so many others have folded their tents. For that reason we place prominently on the Main Page and on the Credo & Culture page the tabernacle. Peter said it best in Matthew 17: 4, "Lord, It is good for us to be here."

Michael Cain, editor

This is a time of drought, but we know God will provide in the way He sees best. If you are moved by the Holy Spirit to help The DAILY CATHOLIC financially, we are deeply grateful. You can help at Yes, I believe in what you're doing.

August 6-8, 2001
volume 12, no. 140
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