August 6-8, 2001
volume 12, no. 140

Never Forsakened!

Are we going to stand still and allow the thief in the night to continue to pillage our Faith?

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I have missed writing to you. Yet, the Holy Spirit has been guiding me since Ash Wednesday to do much reading, research, and study, always with prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit Himself.

    In the course of this time much has been made clear to me that was not clear before.

    I wrote to you earlier about the experiences my family and I shared when in Lourdes in May 2000. I wrote to tell you that I had been given a much clearer, deeper understanding of the Mystical Body of Christ. I wrote to tell you that upon our return home, I continued to understand with clarity what comprises the Mystical Body of Christ, and how central to this Mystical Body is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Yet, in good conscience, I could not tell you that I was able through the grace of God to realize this in-depth knowledge at our local parish. As each week passed, with each Sunday Eucharistic Celebration, the flame of faith dwindled in my soul until I was nearly spent, having no spiritual food to nourish my soul.

    It was at this eleventh hour that the Holy Spirit came and snatched me, as well as my family, from the jaws of the abyss and planted us, as delicate violets, into the waiting arms of the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Latin Rite. Since that First Sunday of Lent, I have experienced such a love for the Mass, such a deep and abiding reverence for the Mass, and the most august Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, that I hardly know where to begin in telling you all that I've come to know through the Holy Spirit.

    As you've come to our website, you have undoubtedly noticed not only our "new" look, but also our very traditional content. Now, after all these years, you must be asking "Why?" or "Why now?"

    The answer to the why is simple: I had to wait for the grace of the Holy Spirit to open my eyes and my heart to the reality of what has become of Holy Mother Church since Vatican Council II. I had to discover, one piece at a time, how the True Faith has become a mere shadow of what it was, and what it should always be. I needed the strict guidance of the Holy Spirit to discover what has taken only forty years to deconstruct. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Holy Mother Church has discarded much of her Sacred Deposit of Faith, has deliberately watered down the very Dogmas and Doctrines of this priceless True Faith. Today, we are left with a mere shadow of what the One True Faith must always be. We have traded Truth for a false ecumenism. In short, Holy Mother Church approaches apostasy and schism from the commands of Our Lord Himself as bestowed upon Peter, the first Pope, Christ's Rock.

    If you've noticed, my dear brothers and sisters, there is no sense of the SACRIFICE OF THE MASS, but rather a celebration of a Eucharistic Meal that centers not on the divine, but on the finite brotherhood of mankind. My dear brothers and sisters, this is the great Spiritual Darkness the Blessed Mother warned of in the messages I received from her for all the world. Moreover, not only I, but many other officially recognized visions and messages given to seers from Rue de Bac to the present day have affirmed this.

    Now, before you faint from what you consider to be statements made by someone who has fallen off the deep end of the conservative viewpoint, let us go back together to the message given by Our Blessed Mother at LaSalette. Our Lady said: "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ."

    How could this possibly happen, we ask ourselves. Surely not with our present Holy Father, who is a world-wide personality, an authority that all give credence to. Look at the progress he's made in bringing non-Catholic faiths and those who profess their faith in schism from the Roman Catholic Church, together towards a reuniting for the sake of one flock, one shepherd, for one world as he put it to a group just recently "pro mundo uno."

    Well, perhaps we all need to step back from the ever-widening appeal of the present Pontiff, and take a serious look at both his words, and his deeds. We need to do this with the Holy Spirit as guide and counselor, and we need to do it in light of what the Sacred Deposit always taught and held sacred through the perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church.

    First, let us remember that nothing since Vatican Council II, including Vatican Council II, was defined through the Chair of Peter as infallible. Of course the past pontiffs and our present Pope could not invoke the norm of declaring a doctrine or dogma as infallible, because what has been declared Dogmatic, or Doctrinal since Vatican Council II is really a 'new' doctrine, a 'new' dogmatic understanding of everything that went before Vatican Council II.

    To bring you to that deep understanding that I have received from the Holy Spirit, you need to take a refresher course in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith. Once you've done this, then you need to start at the Council of Trent and move forward straight through Vatican Council II to the present day. You need to do some serious reading and study, my dear brothers and sisters. How many of you have actually read the original documents of Vatican Council II? How many have read the Post-Conciliar Documents? How many have read the Encyclicals, Bulls, and Apostolic Letters and so forth of the present Holy Father?

    This is what you must do in order to realize, as I have, what lies have been perpetrated upon the faithful through the erroneous teachings of Vatican Council II. Remember the part in Sacred Scripture wherein Saint Paul writes that if anyone teaches another Gospel than the one that he preached, one should know instantly that this 'new' Gospel was false, and one must flee from it accordingly.

    Vatican Council II proclaimed a new doctrine. You must study and come to the realization that this 'new' doctrine was deliberately intended by all the consiliar popes - John XXIII, Paul VI, and, yes, our present Holy Father. You must realize that not everything the Magisterium of the Church does is right and infallible. You must remember that only when speaking from the Chair of Peter - ex cathedra upon matters of faith and morals, is the Holy Father alone infallible. The successors of the Apostles, the Bishops and Cardinals, do not enjoy this privilege of infallibility. Nor do they hold the same power as the Holy Father, for to the latter alone is given the Keys to the Kingdom of God.

    You must read: The Rhine flows into the Tiber, by Fr. Ralph M. Wiltgen, S.V.D., published and copyrighted in 1967 and again in 1978 through the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Tan Books and Publishers have reprinted the book, but I do not think it does so any longer. In fact, I ordered my copy through, who have a link to out-of-print, hard-to-find, scarce books. It took a few weeks, but the book was found and shipped to me. It was well worth the wait, well worth the cost.

    You need also to read the tremendous work compiled by Atila Sinke Guimarăes. We can attest to his sincerity and total trustworthiness as well as the loving, Catholic character of his colleague and master writer and translator Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D. Two more humble persons you will not find, nor more charitable ones. Guimarăes' work, entitled Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? is an eleven part massive series that delves into the workings of Vatican Council II and the fruits. It has been expertly translated into English by Horvat. Mr. Guimarăes was privileged to interview the vast majority of those theologians and prelates still alive, who testified in their own words to the deliberate ambiguity of the Council's documents, allowing in their aftermath, the implementation of revolt and rebellion against the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. The intent of the Council Fathers was to reshape Catholicism so that it would be palatable to the Protestant sects, and even to the Orthodox churches in schism. It was deliberately intended to reduce Catholicism to "just another faith among many", allowing for the ideal of the French Revolution (liberty, equality, fraternity) to be fulfilled around the world. All in lockstep with the masonic and marxist manifesto.

    This battle cry of the French Revolution was the backbone of Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, and all other "isms" except Catholicism. The deliberate attempt by the Council Fathers to force a 'new' theology upon the faithful; this theology was hidden behind the mask of bringing the Church up to date in modern times; it hid behind the concept of ecumenism for the sake of bringing the Gospel message to all peoples. How many remember the mantra "peace and love" that oozed from parishes as they dismantled the altars and ransacked the sacred?

    The Council delivered the Gospel to all the world, but it was a 'new' Gospel, one devoid of the sacredness of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but relying largely upon the concept of a "eucharistic meal" the "table of the Lord" rather than the altar of sacrifice. This Council deliberately used the Last Supper as its means of ridding the Catholic Church of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Council dwelt upon the Last Supper, and skipped right over Good Friday and Holy Saturday, straight to the resurrection. It has taken forty years, but the goal has been nearly accomplished. Why else my dear brothers and sisters, would you find the Holy Father writing his encyclical Ut Unum Sint and the much-touted but ambiguous document Dominus Jesus.

    Would you be shocked to find that one of the leading periti (experts) who aligned and coordinated the deliberate efforts of the European Alliance of Cardinals and Bishops from Germany and its bordering neighbors, with the Scandinavian Cardinals and Bishops, to the Netherlands, Belgium, and down to the very end of France, was none other that Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger? Would you be shocked to know how much input came from a young man named Karol Woytila? Would you be shocked to know that Pope Pius XII had deliberately exiled and censored the man who would later be Pope John XXIII for his liberal, Marxist leanings and teachings? Did you also know that the prelate from Milan was also censored and exiled by Pope Pius XII, only to follow Pope John XXIII as Pope Paul VI? Have you noticed just how much our present Holy Father is working toward globalization, the one-world order, one-world economy, and the one-world religion that Our Lady has warned us of for decades?

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we have not been vigilant regarding the One True Faith. We fell asleep (in trust) that the Magisterium of the Church would never deceive us. We have been DECEIVED. The Novus Ordo consiliar Church has become only the outer shell of the once defined and safeguarded Faith. Look closely and you'll see this conciliar Church has become a FAITH that borders on apostasy, schism, and on some points, even heresy.

    Please, do God a favor and read what I have repeatedly asked you to read - Trent, all the writings of the Holy Fathers straight through from Saint Pius V to Pius XII, and then place all of these documents next to the original Council documents, and every document released since then. Read Ut Unum Sint and Dominus Jesus, and you'll see the startling difference. The very things that were condemned prior to Vatican Council II have been adopted and unabashedly promoted by our present Holy Father who is building a "global society" for the sake of the "One World" slogan he's started using in recent remarks - "pro mundo uno."

    Above all, may our Dear Lord sustain us through this deadly crisis of faith, and help us to persevere and preserve the AUTHENTIC ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH that was stolen from us by a Magisterium that thought it had a better idea. It is because of this erroneous position that the Council was announced, and marched to its conclusion under the name of MODERNISM. As far as I am concerned, modernism, ecumenism (as it is being touted today) are the synthesis of every heresy that has ever been upon the face of the earth.

    Join with us in the First Crusade of the 21'st Century. Help through prayer and petition to take back our Faith, and to speak up boldly to our Bishops and our parish priests. Remember one thing…the buck stops at the top. And in the United States, even our own conference of bishops deal with Rome as if it were but an annoying gnat.

    Our Lord is not taking the destruction of the Faith over the last forty years lightly. Neither should we. It can be saved. It's not too late. We need to unite under the banner of the ONE TRUE FAITH, rally around the standard of the ABSOLUTES OF THE FAITH that existed prior to the Vatican Council II.

    I am going to try to offer you at least one article per week. My fibromyalgia and other infirmities may not always permit this, but I will do the best I can. I am not a crusader, but a contemplative at heart. Nevertheless, whatever is God's Holy Will I will allow the Sanctifier to guide me in whatever topic He wills me to speak to you. I remind you that even though my name is on this column, it is not I who am writing these. I give my fiat to the Triune Divinity and let God do with me what He wilt. Presently one way is for the Holy Spirit to use my arthritic fingers to type the words that He wants you to hear. Words that are backed by the true teachings of Holy Mother Church. But words can be empty if not acted upon, if not read, reflected on with sincere prayer. My prayer is and will remain that we may all work together for the reinstatement of Christ the King in the social order of society so that all will realize God rules our lives, not man.

    For those who have been following world and national events over the past several years, you know only too well those times foretold in Sacred Scripture and by Our Lady in so many messages throughout the past two centuries are truly happening right now. Just look at your newspaper, the news shows, the political unrest in the world, the nation, in our school system, in homes where child is pitted against parent; where sin is exalted and virtue considered a weakness to be eradicated. Yes, we are truly in those times and it only promises to get worse before Mary's Immaculate Heart can triumph.

    We have suggested a crusade to win back the One, True Faith. None of us are a Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, but if each of us does our small part and allow God to guide us in this mighty battle, we might all be pleasantly surprised at the advances we can make. It has come down to that point in history where there is no turning back. We must make the choice between good and evil. The latter will be fraught with obstacles and persecutions, the former - well, you know what Jesus has said. Let us therefore heed Our Lord's words and work to restore purity to the Faith. This is the first and most vital step in the battle to defeat evil. With prayer, perseverance, and everlasting hope in Christ's promises, the more who sign on for the side of good, the faster you'll be surprised how quickly this evil world will shape up!

Pray on it and realize you have with you the most powerful Ally anyone could ever have. Until next time, dear friends, may you be filled with His powerful Peace, Goodness and Truth. Your very little sister in Christ,


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August 6-8, 2001
volume 12, no. 140
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