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Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday issue           August 20-22, 2001           volume 12, no. 144

   "The denial of Truth is just as fatal to the mind as the denial of light is to vision. Truth in its fullness is not easy to attain, even if one does admit its existence. To explore Truth in all its complexity there must come moments when we confess ignorance, when we frankly admit that we were mistaken or bigoted, or prejudiced. These admissions are painful, but they actually enrich character just as much as all approximations to falsehood forfeit it."  Bishop Fulton J. Sheen


Noise for the sake of noise!

The cacaphony of confusion has been allowed to strike discord in every parish as the liberals keep trying to justify the ridiculous
    "How interesting it is that the very people who keep mistaking noise and motion for the true sense of active participation of the soul in the Mass are unwilling to admit that all of the activity of the past thirty-five to forty years has destroyed reverence and solemnity in the Mass. It has helped to foster the very destruction of the faithful's belief in the Mass as the unbloody re-presentation of Calvary. And the introduction of the 'general intercession' (which is frequently left open to various petitions offered by the faithful in the pews, a process which can go on interminably) provides an opportunity for ideologues to shape the impressions of the faithful, most especially by what is omitted from such petitions."
   In this issue Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D. continues his fascinating, logical, factual treatise Germs of GIRM on ferreting out the doublespeak and contradictions contained in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) which has confused so many and, instead of clearing up abuses, only is a license to experiment some more, all contributing to the continuing deconstruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that sustained the Church and her faithful for some 1,500 years. For part twenty-two - The void created by vocal role-playing , see CHRIST OR CHAOS

Saint Francis is called in with two others by Saint Joseph to discuss how to rebuild Our Lord's Church

  We continue with this new concept for Catholic readers everywhere. We are inundated by talk shows, panel discussions, etc. etc. talking about anything and everything. But what does it all really matter? What matters is what God says. What matters is what the saints have passed down through the way they lived their lives in striving for what we all must set as our goal: sanctity. The Church has always held these men and women up for us to emulate. Unfortunately, today so many of the saints have been forgotten, or dismissed as "out-of-touch" in the misguided modern thinking. Therefore, we have put together a hypothetical panel discussion in which Saint Joseph will moderate each time with three other saints from various periods in history and what they have to say about the state of things in our Church and world today. In this issue the universal patron of the Church invites the Archangel Saint Gabriel, the esteemed and holy founder of the Friars Minor Saint Francis of Assisi and the venerated Doctor of the Church and patron saint of journalists Saint Francis de Sales for a round table discussion on how to rebuild the Church in the same vein as the humble founder of the Franciscan was asked to do in the 15th century. Guided by Joseph, they weigh in with wisdom on how to Rebuild My Church Part One. It should be fascinating and tweak a few consciences at the same time. For the fifth panel in the Heavenly Mansion, see SAINTS PRESERVE US!

Whatever happened to the Legion of Decency?

Legions of faithful Catholics want to return to the decency of yesteryear for the sake of the theirs and their childrens' future.

    In our commentary for this issue, we turn to film and video as a sore point and how the Church, by letting down her guard and dissolving the absolute American authority and clout the Legion of Decency had, has enabled the forces of evil to make greater inroads. How bad is it today? Bad! Really bad as obscenity and immorality now rule the day and the message only gets worse as we point out in the movie Chocolat. So what can be done? How did America sink to such lows? Those questions are answered in our editorial Is insisting on decency asking too much? See CATHOLIC PewPOINT

The spamMaster's plot to poison our youngsters souls has the Imprimatur of the amChurch!

  We have unencyrpted some e-mails that the one, who calls himself the "SpamMaster," tried to sneak past us since we are friends of his great Foe. They are similar to the letters that came into the ownership of one Clive Staples Lewis some 50 years ago. While these recent ones are comparable in scope, they are much more devastating for they come not from one of the devil's helpers, but transmitted by the devil himself. Today things are much worse for the spamMaster has expanded his reach by addressing numerous anonymous of his legion on earth whom he calls soulScanners by number. These intercepted memos from the spamMaster shed light on what the prince of darkness is up to and will help all to stay a step ahead of him and draw closer to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. We've titled these "Memorendamns." The title speaks for itself. For the fifth intercepted Memorendamn where the spamMaster boasts of the success of Growing in Love in Push GIL not Guilt, see MEMORENDAMNS

How Ms. Magazine misses the mark in its attempt to promote the lies of Planned Parenthood
    "These liberal institutions, which go by the names of psychiatry and psychology, would sooner drag their names through the mud, than do anything that would harm the billion dollar abortion industry. They may not use the name -- “post abortion stress.” They can call it whatever they want to, but they ARE treating patients, who have had their child killed and CANNOT now, cope with life. The Psychiatric profession has been a part of the destructiveness in our society. They have become political, and have social and ideological agendas, rather than dealing with mental health issues."
  In this issue, Dr. Frank Joseph exposes another lie spread by the venom of Planned Parenthood. He dissects the terrible logic of Cynthia Cooper in her dreadful article in Ms. Magazine which proves she hasn't a clue what she is saying in trying to attack the pro-life movement by claiming the latter has made up the affliction 'post abortion stress' or PAS. It doesn't exist, much like atheists say God doesn't exist. Someday, possibly too late for them, they'll realize they are wrong. The important thing is to make them realize it before it's too late for millions of innocent unborns and those women who suffer so from PAS which, like God, definitely does exist. For his column, The Psyche Ward that is Planned Parenthood , see PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS

The Bewitching Hour!
       In the last issue we introduced the fourth episode of an on-line novel for these times that has been 15 years in the making. This copyrighted work is called, "White Smoke, Black Fire!" Though it is copyrighted, you may print it and distribute it to others, as well as e-mail providing the sources and disclaimer are included. "White Smoke, Black Fire!" is both a prophecy and global incendiary event waiting to happen. Taut, interwoven action takes the reader across four continents on a physical and psychological eight-day journey into hell as an eclectic group of ordinary people - lay and religious - are suddenly catapulted into the smoldering ashes of the Basilisk's Black Fire. They band together in a desperate attempt to save mankind - body and soul. The fast and furious action takes one from the boardrooms of America to the murky labyrinth of Rome's slums, from the vast ecumenical stage in Iraq to the hidden recesses behind the wailing wall, from the private chambers of the Papal Palace to the mysterious regions of Northern Africa. The Basilisk's tentacles reach out to every level of political, ecclesial, and foreign intrigue all surrounding the election of the next Pontiff to be signaled by White Smoke billowing forth, if it isn't already blotted out completely by the Black Fire of hell.
    Previously a mysterious dark figure invaded the climes of the world religious leaders with devastating and clandestine results. The explosives have been put in place in a setting in Iraq where it is believed once stood the Garden of Eden. In the last few issues the reader has been introduced to three of the major characters who are gathered in an out-of-the-way downtown honkytonk in Dallas, Texas on a blistery Halloween night. The goblins are afoot. In this issue the bewitching hour has arrived as the clock ticks down. For the fifth episode of the First Chapter of Part One - The Unleashing, see WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE!

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Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday issue          August 20-22, 2001          volume 12, no. 144

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