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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 319
Memorendamn Five
Subject: Push GIL not Guilt

    For the love of hades, soulScanner 319, will you cease your insistent jealousy and envy. What business is it of yours that I wrote first to soulScanner 213? Ah, I see the malevolence nurturing in you, and I can hardly blame you for biting your tail and gnashing your horns. After all, it was this very quality in you that permitted me to capture you for myself.

    Envy, my dear soulScanner 319, is not 'green' as the humans like to phrase it. It's true color is black, and it most closely resembles that space phenomenon 'a black hole', for living envy sucks the soul into a whirlwind of jealousy, rage, hatred…all the elements that I look for in my legion. So, enough tail biting and spewing forth envious victives. Now, I write to you to congratulate you in much the same manner as I did with soulScanner 213.

    Your letter to me was very jumbled because of your excitement, the latter that I applaud but you must, in all future correspondence, seek to keep your scrawled emotions up to my standards, or I'll return you here to my side to teach you better etiquette.

    You were an excellent servant when you ordered the minds and hearts of those who penned my excellent textbook on the new sexuality teaching of my Antagonist's church. Please note the small "c" that I place in the word church, for it is reduced, and fast fading from the earth as every day passes.

    This exceptional text, penned mostly by me, and through you, soulScanner 319, has lifted my spirit to the heights of my flames of rejoicing. Ah, how these flames soothe me. How I have worked for this text, and its publication, and its endorsement by the Bishop of Dubuque.

    Oh, how I love the irony that is always present in my work. Do you see it, soulScanner 319? Here, in the very heartland of the country called the United States…here in this state where faith has always held strongly to the absolutes which I have diluted…here in the very heart of what used to be known as the 'bread-basket' of the country, is now the mother of a textbook that will alter, to my end, the entire teaching of the formerly strong Roman Catholic Church, making it a model for all other faiths to emulate. A text, dear soulScanner 319, that will revolutionize the sacredness of human sexuality, always upheld and ordered by the absolutes of the formerly strong perennial Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. It is turned 180 degrees. It is the whip of my tail that has made this happen, and it has been done in such a way that the public, yes, even those faithful ones in the pews, have no concept of the dangerous traps I have laid down in this textbook called "The Gift of Love."

    Lovely title, don't you think, soulScanner 319? Harmless. Actually inspiring. But what the unsuspecting readers and teachers of this text do not yet comprehend, and which you must never allow them to comprehend, is the fact that here I use the term "gift" to mean not His perfect and pure role of Love in a society already turned upside down, but my meaning of human love, which is perverse, one fully for pleasure at any cost, and one which then rationalizes aberrations of love and justifies them in the name of "Gift of Love."

    For the moment, soulScanner 319, I will dwell upon the irony of this text, and then, at a later time when your envy over soulScanner 213's success has diminished a bit, we will then look at the strategic passages in the text which flowed from a human hand's pen, but were in all reality, my words flowing from the ink of my darkened pen, my darkened and perverse rationalization that the Antagonist has repressed and held back the human pleasure that derives from pure sex where God is absent, and I am present. Ah, lust!

    This "Gift of Love" will come to be known by its initials GIL, and this is also an irony that I rejoice in. SoulScanner 319, come and join me in raucous laughter over the meaning I have used, which human minds do not grasp. First, the initials GIL derive from the French meaning, which is that of a wench. Secondly, GIL derives the meaning from that dead language Latin that of overlaying something with gold-- it means to cover up the undersurface of something.

    Thus it is clear now that GIL (Gift of Love) covers up my more startling concepts of human sexuality, and I am truly (hold your laughter for later, please) gilding the flower of innocence, for through this textbook I begin to teach the human person at a very young age, indoctrinating the innocent child with knowledge that begins harmlessly enough, but soon rationalizes any deviant sexuality as being proper to the human person, and therefore to be looked upon with mercy and TOLERANCE. Have I not told my soulScanners in past Memorendamns that TOLERANCE is the "I" in the ego, the pride of all men, and that it stands alone, the horizontal beam of His Cross without any vertical support that reaches to God.

    Now, soulScanner 319, your work cannot cease in this sector. You must work even harder now, for once this text is fully in place in all schools, beginning with the very youngest, you will have to put down the uprising that will surely come from the few who still retain a proper understanding of human sexuality as taught for centuries by the once strong, unfaltering Roman Catholic Church.

    Above all, soulScanner 319, work with the mind of these rebellious people within the Church. Whisper to them that they are disobedient if they do not fully accept this insidious work. Tell them that in today's global society, as the "brotherhood" of man, and the burgeoning "global" village of society becomes reality, such a new understanding of sexuality is necessary, and that such a new view of this subject is the gift of the divine Spirit of Truth. We know it is far, far from that awful Spirit of Truth, but through rationalization your case will be won. Do not let these humans even consider for one moment the notion of love and sex that has been carved into their hearts by my Adversary's stronghold throughout the ages that has called for that despised word 'chastity' in all walks of life.

    Teach these peoples how suffocation has been the former Roman Catholic Church's teachings on this subject, and that through the welcome revolution of Vatican Council II, new thinking and reworking of the absolutes once taught was not only necessary but a gift from the most High God (Oh, I despise speaking of Him Whom I hated in my spirit because of my superiority in intellect).

    Immorality for immortality is the undersurface that I have gilded with such heart tingling phrases such as its title "Gift of Love." The book seems on the surface innocent enough, a breakthrough in understanding the manifold reasons and uses for sex. Above all, it begins at the early age by introducing the innocent child to the concept of tolerance for everyone in every circumstance of sex…not blessed sexuality that God intends, of course, but rather the gilding of innocence under my concept of deviant and perverse acts of sexuality.

    If you wish, soulScanner 319 you might also whisper into the ears of the theologians and bishops who helped to write and promote this entire textbook series, that they have done a marvelous job, and are to be commended personally for their brilliance in the concept of H.B.O. (Hell Bending Over) for the sake of homosexuality. Continue to push the political correctness of "homophobia." I want those who know the truth to be regarded by the rest of society as intolerant, prejudiced and harmful to society. The power of the press and others' judgments will take care of the rest. Soon they won't dare speak out against my greatest perversion: sodomy.

    Do not allow any teacher or student, much less a parent or sincere priest, to diminish the role of tolerance, nor the necessity to accept homosexuality as being part of God's allowance for mankind. Do not allow them to return to the black and white text of that hated Baltimore Catechism. That will be the unraveling in the minds of those who return to the FULL TRUTH of my work, and I will not tolerate that. Oh, I hated that catechism so. Those little youngsters, ripe for the taking, but they'd memorize those truths and, not only that, but their consciences were so acute that even if they thought about lust, they'd go running to the confessionals. Sure glad Vatican II came along. Finally got rid of those nuns, too. It helped to demean them as mean 'penquins' who were ruthless and were there because no man would love them. Ah, the obedience factor worked so well in getting them to take off the habits and put on the world.

    Long have I worked to prepare this glorious "Gift of Love," and how easily I was able to persuade a bishop to endorse it, and for that textbook publishing giant to publish it without a qualm. After all, business is business, and money makes people do things that would otherwise never be done, lest one offend the once beloved eternal God of Heaven.

    My kingdom is ripe and ready to accept with outstretched arms those who believe the lies perpetrated in these texts, and many will become so indifferent to sexuality that all will appear to them as normal, and any reference to past teachings of the now disintegrating Church will be viewed as erroneous, for have I not used the past through which the once sacred and holy institution of Holy Mother Church, holy because of its Head, my Foe Jesus Christ, is the vine and His children the branches - to conceive the notion that the institution erred, and not its members?

    I have conquered the branches. Their very plurality has played into my broad plan of deconstruction, of implosion from within the very heart of His Church.

    There is another point which I must bring to your mind, which is still too elated over this victory, and still reeling with envy because you wished to be first to be recognized for your accomplishment over soulScanner 213. You must put aside your rejoicing, and stuff your envy back down your throat, all the way to your tail which is swishing so violently that it may very well be visibly seen by those who are still under the guidance of that ONE SPIRIT.

    Whisper into the ears of those who have penned this text that they have done a great service to all of mankind. Tell them often that they have helped the cause of mankind to realize its inherent freedom of body, mind, and of soul; that the oppression of the past has now been lifted and they are liberated, and in their freedom and liberty, they are now fraternally linked to all other peoples, or every race and religion, all of whom are now free to express themselves in their primal, base sexuality. Ah, yes, intimidate them to embrace diversity.

    I will share another thing with you, soulScanner 319. It is this and heed my words well, as I will demand that you see to it that my purpose is accomplished. Through this text, at its various levels, I have made certain that those children who are to be taught by teachers who themselves have been taught by my disciples, will lose their innocence long before they leave behind the things of a child. In fact, I have opened the door for these innocents to experiment in all ways of sexuality, to realize the ecstatic joy it brings, and how the God of the past was such a taskmaster, a drill sergeant preventing the fullness of this ecstatic joy to be discovered, that once again the Church must apologize for her errors.

    You see, soulScanner 319, that here I tear down innocence. I trample it underfoot; I shred it into many fragments, which I scatter to the winds of sin, to the tornadic winds of sexual perversity. Gone will be innocence. And when innocence is destroyed, then I am able to move in for the kill quickly lest the Oppressor reach down and rescue the former innocent one and bring him to repentance and to mercy.

    As my servant Herod killed the innocents at Bethlehem so many centuries ago, which are for me wounds that I received only seconds ago, I have brought about a new age of slaughter. Already I slaughter babies in the womb (that is a subject I will address with all my Legion in a forthcoming Memorendamn), but for those who are born, I will slaughter their innocence and make of them my tools, my servants who will continue this crusade to destroy all innocence.

    Where innocence is dead, I live. Where restraint of the sexual drive of the person is controlled out of Love for God, I bring them the "Gift of Love" which soon soothes their conscience, and they become ever more sullied by the blatant disobedience to all the High One has taught His children from the beginning of time, the creation of man…that being that is capable, if you do not do your job, of being chaste and pure, and yet experiencing the pleasures of the married state as He, my great Adversary, desires.

    To hell with Innocence. It feeds the fires here very well. There is a special place here that I have prepared for those who lose the innocence that He granted them, and who remained faithful to the perverse. I also have arranged here a special place for those who have led the innocents astray. The millstone around their necks, of which He speaks in Scripture, has become the lifesaver that I place about them for the sake of my own kingdom. How quickly my house will fill now that GIL is released onto an unsuspecting faithful who no longer know right from wrong, but whose consciences are kept in a state of coma by the injection of TOLERANCE for the sake of "brotherhood" and the "unity of all men under one church."

    Take care, soulScanner 319 to praise the Bishop, his staff, the teachers, and the future disciples of this great work, which has been under my tutelage for decades. Now it is ready.

    I will destroy innocence, for innocence mocks me. Instead, I will mock innocence, throw it back into my Oppressor's face, and cloud minds and hearts with the smoke of my tolerance policy, so that soon the human race will reject even one ounce of sound counseling, and will embrace me as their king. It is coming. I can feel it. You know I am destined to be king of the earth. How quickly the time comes now. You have served well, soulScanner 319.

    Now, cease your envy and go about your work. I will soothe your envy, for I am its creator. Work, soulScanner 319, for soon Innocence will crash all about you, and you will see that the hated Cross of the Savior is canceled out, and only the "I" of tolerance remains. Ergo the ego takes over and you know what I can do with ego!

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August 16, 2001
volume 12, no. 141
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