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Archbishop of San Antonio survives ordeal as San Antonio faithful breathe sigh of relief in prayerful thanks
Archbishop Patrick Flores    The Catholic community of San Antonio, Texas, lived through long hours of anguish over the fate of their Archbishop, Patrick Flores, who was taken hostage in his office in the Episcopal Residence by a man with passport problems. The assailant entered the office saying he had a bomb in his hand. At 9 p.m. yesterday, the Archbishop was released and his assailant arrested. continued inside.

Pope calls Orthodox brethren to join him in full unity in the Church during feast day ceremonies bestowing pallium on 24 new archbishops
   While millions were glued to their TV sets watching Italy in the European semi-final soccer match, 50,000 eschewed the tube to be present in St. Peter's Square for ceremonies in which the Holy Father bestowed the pallium on 24 new archbishops from four continents. Also in attendance on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the feast day for the Primacy of Peter, were various Orthodox delegates. The Pope took the occasion to welcome them and call for unity among the Churches, saying " "In my interior I hear the echo of this instruction of Christ. It is an instruction that is more urgent than ever at the beginning of the new millennium. Therefore, we pray and work and never tire of hoping...Full unity in the Church!" continued inside.

Bush vows to fight for the partial-birth abortion as pro-lifers rally from Supreme Court decision to regroup and dig in for political battle in the fall to oust Gore and the culture of death
George W. Bush    It will take a lot of prayer and hard work to oust pro-abort candidates and elect a pro-life candidates who will assure that new Justices on the Supreme Court will respect the Sanctity of Life. The Republican candidate George W. Bush has vowed to appoint pro-life judges who will eventually overturn Roe vs. Wade and end the senseless slaughter of millions of innocents all for the selfish convenience of those who have little respect for life or values. If we sit by and let someone else do it, it won't get done. We have to all work for the cause of pro-life and band together into one continued inside.

Mexican Bishops urge faithful to pray, prepare to vote in the national elections Sunday by going before Blessed Sacrament
       On the eve of presidential and legislative elections in Mexico to be held July 2, the Mexican bishops' conference has approved and supported a prayer campaign to invoke the Holy Trinity and Our Lady of Guadalupe for Mexicans to adopt a responsible attitude towards God and their neighbors, remaining united whatever the results and shunning violence. continued inside.

Pontifical Academy for Life Director of Bioethics urges caution in Genome Research
   In a Vatican Radio interview Bishop Elio Sgreccia, Vice President of the Pontifical Academy for Life and Director of the Bioethics Institute of the University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, urged extreme caution in where scientists take Genome Research from here. While lauding the advances made, he expressed concern that there could easily be abuse and segregation and a loss of respect for all things created by God. continued inside.

Religious leaders desperate for help in Indonesian Molukas as they send out S.O.S. to UN
   A possible tragedy similar to East Timor is brewing in the Moluka Islands in Indonesia as Muslim militants continue to wreak havoc. To head off disaster before it's too late Christian religious leaders have drafted a letter to the United Nations pleading for military assistance to protect them from the ruthlessness of those extremists who have declared their own jihad against Christians in the Molukas. continued inside.

U.S. Jewish victims of the Nazis turn their vendetta on the Vatican as the scapegoat for their troubles sixty years ago
Yugoslavia    In typical liberal fashion, liberals are teaming up to attack and loot the one source they think they can milk - the Holy See. Who knows if Planned Parenthood isn't behind the latest attempt to encourage Jewish survivors of the holocaust living in the United States in their effort to discredit the Vatican by accusing Rome of stashing away gold bars from the Nazis. They claim the Holy See was a partner with the Third Reich through the Croatians and the Franciscans in Serbia and are suing the Vatican. They just won't give up; first they attack Pope Pius XII while proof is overwhelming that he helped Jews in every way he could; then they attack the Church because they have to blame someone. continued inside.

Book by Sister Lucia soon to be released as Vatican announces there are no secrets to uncover in her inspirational writings
   Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said on Wednesday that Sister Lucia has written a book entitled "Calls of the Fatima Message." On June 26, the Archbishop and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger announced to the press the third "secret" the Virgin confided to the little Portuguese shepherds. "There is nothing about visions and secrets" in the book, the Archbishop said. "It is a kind of response to the faithful who have written her over all these decades. She has written some 300 pages. It will be published in Portugal, as soon as the commentary is ready, which has been entrusted to a Carmelite theologian." continued inside.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Conv. Archbishop Chaput orders Denver Archdiocese to withdraw from Interfaith Council over inclusion of blatantly gay church
   The Archdiocese of Denver, under Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Conv., withdrew last month from the Denver Interfaith Council when the council voted to include an openly gay church. In a statement that the Church cannot condone homosexuality, the Archdiocese withdrew, weakening the council considerably. Leaders of the council downplayed the Church's exit, saying they'll still be an observer. But only the Catholic Church took action against this obvious affront to God's Laws. continued inside.

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