October 21, 2002
Volume 13, no. 120

Traditional Simple Feast of Saint Ursula and Companion Virgin Martyrs and historical feast of Saint Hilarion, Abbot

October is Respect Life Month and the Month of Mary
and the Month of her Unchangeable Holy Rosary bestowed from Heaven
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Saint Ursula

O God, Who hast granted to the virgins worthily consecrated to Thee, the courage to face, with Ursula as their leader, a wonderful fight whereby through the palm of martyrdom they reached the glory of Heavenly contemplation, we beseech Thee grant that we may be aided by the prayer of those who in this day after passing through the gates of death, Thou has made to triumph in Heaven. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Who liveth and reigneth with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

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Catholic PewPOINT
In today's commentary, editor Michael Cain addresses an open, frank letter to Pope John Paul II. The madness that is the novelty, innovation and relativism of Catholicism as it is practiced in Vatican II-ese in no way resembles the tried and true Faith of pre-conciliar times. Why? That is one of the questions Cain asks as well as seeking answers to the Holy Father's latest Apostolic Letter released this past Thursday on the Rosary - Rosarium Virginis Mariae - in which Cain points out some of the ridiculousness of the pope's latest salvo to placate those who might be 'bored' with repetition. He asks the Sovereign Pontiff why is he trying to juryrig one of the most beautiful, scriptural and sacred of Catholic Traditions, all to accommodate the lax ways, wants and feelings of man? Cain also asks a pertinent question which might offend neo-Catholics but must be asked: Why didn't the Holy Father take the PAPAL CORONATION OATH? A review of this short, sacred and uncompromising promise vowed by popes for 1300 years up until Karol Wojtyla will show that it is the holy antithesis to all that is being promoted today. He points this out and asks other vital questions in his open letter: When, Holy Father, when will this madness end?.
The Oath we are speaking of above, which at least 185 popes had taken up until John Paul II declined, is available to read at PAPAL CORONATION OATH
Read and compare. We provide the short, concise and clear encyclical on the most Holy Rosary by Pope Leo XIII issued in 1883 - Supremi Apostolatus Officio
The encyclical Atila references in his column below is Pope Leo XIII's excellent encyclical Immortale Dei

On the BattleLine
Atila Sinke Guimar„es, a foremost authority on the causes and effects of Vatican II, shares with us excerpts from his new book, the fifth in a his excellent, thorough series Eli, Eli, Lamma sabacthani. Today he presents the succinct reasons, laid out by Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical Immortale Dei, on why Catholic Doctrine has in the past and continues in the present and future to uncompromisingly oppose the Modern State. There must be a Catholic State. For anyone to accept otherwise would be anathema as Atila points out in his excerpts from his book Animus Delendi - II in his column this week, Catholic Doctrine: Upholding the Catholic State, opposing the Modern State.
"Qui legit, intelligat"
Today we are bringing you Father's sermon he delivered yesterday for the 22nd Sunday After Pentecost. He points out how many have misinterpreted the Scriptures because they did not trust in the infallible discernment of the Church. He particularly points to the total misunderstanding about the "abomination of desolation." For those who are not rooted in Catholic truth, they will think it means the Jews must rebuild the temple. Nothing could be further from the truth for Christ, through the confection of bread and wine at the Consecration in the Canon of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, becomes present Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Transubstantiation in the Temple, offered up on the altar to the Father by the high priest for us as the perfect sacrificial victim. It is the deconstruction of this holy sacrifice, the eternal sacrifice which is truly the "abomination of desolation" because man did not render to God what is due Him. This Father points out in his homily "To God the things that are God's"
Doctors of the Church
The fourteenth Doctor in this chronological series on the Doctors of the Church is considered the last of the four great Latin Doctors of the Church. To him belongs the honor of collecting those harmonious melodies that have always been called "Gregorian Chant." He began as a simple monk, then became an abbot, cardinal and finally Supreme Pontiff, one of the greatest of medieval times. For more see this "Upholder of Harmony and Holiness" Pope Saint Gregory the Great.
Liturgy of the Saints
Today is the Simple Feast of Saint Ursula and Companion Virgin Martyrs who resisted with every fiber of their beings first in Great Britain the lusting Romans and subsequently in what is today Germany, the Huns who tried to ravage them. But they would not submit and died at Cologne after a barrage of arrows pierced them through. For more, see Saint Ursula and Companion Virgin Martyrs.
The Rosary of Mary: our most powerful weapon. October is Our Lady's month, the month of the Holy Rosary. It is also the month we remember her victory for all of Christendom at Lepanto and the 85th Anniversary of the final apparition at Fatima, the day the sun danced. Truly October is Our Lady's time, the month of the Holy Rosary. Pray for the unborn and that abortion will not be compromised by the political expediency of the times where misguided prelates mistakenly join the Death Penalty with the Abortion issue. The Catholic Church condemns abortion, not capital punishment. Pray that the flocks will not be further deceived. Click on the Rosary button to recite the full Rosary in either English or Latin.

For the 15 Promises to those who recite Mary's Holy Rosary, see PROMISES OF THE ROSARY
15 Days until you'll have the opportunity to uphold the Sanctity of Life. See our special Pro-Life Articles below:

Election Reflections
With the issue of abortion as the primary, major and only issue as far as Catholics are concerned, Mario Derksen lays out exactly what every Catholic - regardless of their affiliation to a political party - MUST do! When it comes to any candidate, there is only one issue!!! You MUST vote for the one who is the most pro-life. If neither are, DON'T VOTE for either one! To vote for a known pro-abort candidate, whether you think so or not, is truly being an accomplice to murder. That is a mortal sin. If you don't believe so, read his article and see the obvious, graphic "Holocaust of the Womb" and ask yourself if you won't be held accountable to God for enabling such horror by your vote?!! Mario explains quite clearly and graphically honest in his feature "Election Reflections" which we invite you to read at his Catholic Insights site in his column Election Reflections

Pro Life Prescriptions
Wednesday, Dr. Frank Joseph addressed an open letter to the bishops of the United States. Whether they read it or not, the truths and consequences inherent in his column illustrate only too well how far our shepherds have fallen and why Roe v. Wade still rules the roost in America. In the spirit of St. Teresa of Avila, Dr. Frank gets down to basics and respectfully warns the bishops that if they don't alert their flocks to the imminent dangers of condoning terrorism in the womb by voting for pro-abort candidates, the everlasting terror of hell may await not only those who refuse to obey God's laws, but those who administer them as well. What good are the Canons and tenets of the Faith if those entrusted to uphold the unchangeable teachings of the Church are more fearful of offending the enemies of God rather than upholding God's holy laws? He lovingly, but firmly emphasizes to them that if they do not do something, "let the blood of the innocents be on your hands and heads." Strong words that are needed to roust these lackards off their duffs as he entreats the bishops to truly be the successors of the apostles in his column A Final Warning Plea to the Bishops
To see WHICH PRO-LIFE CANDIDATES TO VOTE FOR, we strongly urge you to go to WE VOTE PRO LIFE!!!

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