September 2002
vol 13, no. 105

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Yes! I want to help!

The DAILY CATHOLIC is on Emergency Lifeline!

Traditional Priest Needed as well!

   The DAILY CATHOLIC is suffering the same plight so many other ministries are and we must turn to our readers for help. What has necessitated this plea? Hopefully the following will better enlighten you to our plight.

   We're tightening the belt and that is one reason why there have been far fewer issues. Another reason we have been on hiatus is that the editor and his family had no choice but to make our exodus from the West Coast because the cost of living had reached such obscene proportions. With our 5-year lease up on our home in Vista, California we were facing a thousand dollar increase a month in rent because of the going rate that is spiraling out of control. Yet landlords are getting that much and so they can justify such an escalation. No way could we afford that kind of increase! No way could we afford to own a home in Southern California in this new millennium. We realized convenience must give way to common sense.

   Our predicament is not unique for thousands are evacuating the sunny climes of the Pacific region because, well California is not what it once was. Besides costs, liberal legislation spear-headed by the pseudo Catholic governor Gray Davis has turned the state into a war zone against God and His Commandments. Sodomy is accepted as the norm and to oppose it could land you in jail; the homosexual culture is widespread not only in schools and the marketplace, but throughout the dioceses on the "Left Coast." Illicit sex is promoted 7-24 on television, radio and in back seats. Latch-key kids are the norm because parents who are still together are working two jobs to pay the mortgage on homes they can only enjoy on weekends. On our block we were only one of three families where there was a two-parent home, the rest divorcees raising kids who see constant contradiction. Family values are a lost art. Providing on-demand abortions and abortive pills are as readily available and "convenient" as the cookie-cutter 7-11 stores or Starbucks every few blocks and the number of abortions performed rival the number of Moca Lattes or Big Gulps sold. Drugs of every type are as plentiful as a Slurpee or Frappicino and often peddled right on the corner or in these convenient outlets. How convenient. Home-schooling parents are being challenged by the leftist NEA that they cannot teach their own children in their own homes unless they have a degree and are certified according to norms established by bureaucrats.

   Therefore, after much prayer, contemplation and research we realized God, in His infinite wisdom, was closing doors in order to call us back to an area where this editor learned the "ropes" of his Faith while studying for the priesthood with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate at Our Lady of the Ozarks Seminary in Carthage, Missouri in the years leading up to (but not including) Vatican II. The Blessed Mother has often referred to a triangle of refuge connected to that orthodox institution of learning where I was imbued with the solid foundations of the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Now the same triune mystical mapping from the northern point (Carthage) that guided us to the southwestern point (Bella Vista in 1991) has brought us back to the final point of that triangle (southeast point) high above Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City, Missouri.

   Here, by utilizing a modest VA Loan, we have been able to find a very comfortable, secluded and affordable home with a breath-taking view of Table Rock Lake that looks east over the Port of Kimberling City and Branson beyond. For a loan that couldn't buy a studio condo in congested Southern California, we have been able to find what to us is a castle on a lush, verdant peninsula in the midst of the Mark Twain National Forest. The schools are excellent and the people genuine, dedicated to traditional family values. Everywhere you go, there are smiles and "God bless you's."    Signs everywhere proclaim Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For instance, in the local state licence bureau, patriotically festooned, it is balanced with pictures of Our Lord and a ceramic wreath of the Nativity surrounded by angels. There are crosses, even a crucifix in the bureau! That would be unheard of in California, but then it's against the law to even post the Ten Commandments there, regardless of the fact it is embedded on the wall of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

   We have been guided back to the heart of the Bible Belt where Christianity is a way of life. Yes, the vast majority is Protestant, but it's also a fact that many Protestants take their beliefs more seriously than many neo-Catholics today. They are ripe for conversion to the True Faith but it takes time and resources to bring them into the fold. It cannot be done by compromise as the Vatican II establishment has postured without success. It can only be done through a solid, uncompromising stance for the true Faith as practiced for 1500 years in the Tried and True! Tridentine True! Latin Mass. Many may scoff at that "notion" but it is not a notion, but fact, fact that is supported by every Sovereign Pontiff prior to Pope Paul VI .

   The convenience stores are few and far between here compared to Southern California, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is even further away. The closest Sunday morning Tridentine Mass is several hours away. Even in my beloved old seminary - now run by a Vietnamese Order - they have embraced the novelty of the Novus Ordo. This area is ripe for a Traditional Latin Mass and we pray we can eventually build a chapel to make it available to those who long for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as it was always meant to be and declared to be said "in perpetuity" by Pope Saint Pius V in his Apostolic Constitution Quo Primum

Traditional Priest Needed!

   For that reason we are sending out notice that The DAILY CATHOLIC is looking for a Traditional priest who would be willing to relocate to the Branson Lakes area so more Catholics can rediscover their roots and share it with others, including their Protestant brethren. If there is a priest who is interested in being in on the ground floor of a Traditional renewal in the heart of America - a magnificent area with mild 4 seasons and the purity of God's natural wonders teeming with magnificent vistas, clean lakes, fresh air, mountain breezes, friendly neighbors and a place where family traditional values are valued - then please contact us at Editor or give us a call at 800-I-DO-PRAY.

   With this move, The DAILY CATHOLIC is going through a transition phase. Whether it survives is really dependent on you, our cherished readers. We know you have heard ad nauseum from other non-profits as well that since 9-11 and because of the Red Cross scandals, and especially the mistrust factor resulting from the exposed scandals of the bishops' cover-up of grievous sins, donations are way down, practically non-existent. Many apostolates are being forced to close their doors because few are giving as they once did. Well, folks, The DAILY CATHOLIC is in the same boat. In fact, as you could see on the main page, The DAILY CATHOLIC is on life support. It is an emergency situation where we simply cannot afford to remain on-line if donations do not increase.

   We have had a few who have come forward to help, including experts that can help technologically and we are forever grateful for their generosity, but it is the monthly pledges that sustain this publication and that is where our dear friends fighting for the Truths and Traditions come in. Little donations add up and we're asking, pleading, begging in true mendicant fashion to help us keep The DAILY CATHOLIC on-line with a monthly pledge of whatever you can afford. We've asked before and some have responded, but it does not sustain unless it is a monthly pledge that we can count on to meet the payments necessary to run this ministry.

   These are confusing times when costs for everyone are escalating, belts are being tightened and sacrifices made in order to meet expenses everywhere. Nowhere is there more confusion than within today's post-conciliar Church where truths are being twisted to conform with world agendas. That is why it is vital to keep The DAILY CATHOLIC on-line for we can offer an oasis of truth free from the sharks of division, heresy, new-age thinking, relativism and compromise. To many we are old-fashioned, a dinosaur whose time has passed. How wrong they are, for we do not gage our calendar on temporal times, but on God's time. Yet the great majority of creditors do and therein is the problem. If we can't pay Caesar, Caesar closes us down. This is another reason we have chosen the "catacombs" of Southwest Missouri to continue this ministry and raise our family. Less centurions and more time to pray and proselytize, if you will.

   Saint Paul confirms in 1 Corinthians 9: 7-8, "What soldier ever serves at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard and does not eat of its fruit? Who feeds the flock, and does not eat of the milk of the flock?" He also says in 1 Timothy 5: 18, "The laborer is worthy of his wages." Ours is a labor of love for indeed no one connected with The DAILY CATHOLIC receives a salary or stipend. Everything is poured back into the apostolate which, over the years has accrued the debt because donations didn't cover all costs. Now the piper has to be paid and we cannot sustain it with our own family funds as we had done many times over the past decade. While we have covered costs when there was a monthly deficit in the past, we can no longer afford to do so and thus desperately turn to you at the grassroots level for support. Won't you please find it in your heart to pledge a monthly donation?

    Just go to the HELP SAVE THE DAILY CATHOLIC donation form on our secure server, or call our toll-free number at 800-I-DO-PRAY (800-436-7729) and leave your name and number that you want to help and we'll call you back so that you can transact your donation over the phone. Fortunately we are able to accept all major credit cards. To those who want to help with a check or cash, send donations to

   Recently Frank Keating, former governor of Oklahoma and the man appointed by the bishops to oversee the lay committee formed as a result of the Dallas summit in mid-June, has come under fire from Novus Ordo voices - most notably the liberal self-established American magisterium puppet publication The Boston Pilot which continues covering up Cardinal Bernard Law's cover-ups. They rail at Keating's statement that if Catholics are not getting the truth and orthodox teaching, they should boycott those churches and dioceses. The Pilot went so far as to say Keating was calling Catholics to commit a mortal sin. Since when is it a sin to stand up for the truth? For years we have been expounding "No Dogma, no dollars!" for that is the only way to get the attention of today's hierarchy. Why do you think the bishops all of a sudden postured concern and changed their whole spin once the media latched onto what was really going on? Because the bishops cared about the welfare of souls or because it would hurt their credibility and their funds would be effected? If you answered the latter, go to the front of the class and send us a monthly pledge if you can; if you answered the former, get your head out of that ostrich hole and realize the only way to wake the hierarchy is to hit them where it hurts: in the pocketbook.

   This doesn't mean we shouldn't give to the Church for the Fifth Precept of the Church directs us "To contribute to the support of the Church." But what or who is the Church today? Is it those bishops and pastors who promote social programs that are politically correct but foreign to everything taught prior to Vatican II? Is the Church those chanceries and diocesan programs serving as "fronts" to siphon off earnest donations earmarked for the Church but, in reality, are used to pay off hush money for sins that cry out for vengeance. Is the Church those parishes ashamed to continue cherished Catholic customs or display all those sacramentals that shout 'Roman Catholic' for fear of offending someone? Is the Church those in the hierarchy who claim that it is no longer necessary to convert to the one true faith in order to obtain salvation; who contradict Christ's command in Mark 16: 15-16? Or is the Church today those faithful who endeavor to live their Faith as it was always taught prior to the revolution of Vatican II? Catholics who faithfully adhere to the Truths and Traditions that produced plentiful fruits of vocations and conversions over the centuries?

   Pope Saint Adrian II said in 870, that "The first requirement of salvation is to keep the standard of the True Faith." Have the current crop of bishops for the most part carried this out? Blessed Catharine Emmerich is quoted as affirming, "Even if there were only one person left who held the right Catholic Faith, there would be the Catholic Church." And in these turbulent, troubling times it is left to a remnant of faithful who remember the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church to pass them on to the present and future generations so they are not forgotten. The reforms of Vatican II are chiefly responsible for the snuffing out of these tried and true traditions for indeed, all references begin and end with Vatican II documents, forgetting all that preceded it. Why? Because the Faith was complete and uncompromised prior to the Second Vatican Council and those within the revolution could not succeed if those undeniable truths were allowed to continue to be spread. It is a fact that the main obstacle at the beginning of the 20th Century for Communist, Mason and Modernist was the Roman Catholic Church. At the beginning of the 21st Century, that sadly is no longer the problem for the enemies of Holy Mother Church have infiltrated and compromised so much that the post-conciliar Church posturing as the Roman Catholic Church today is, in fact, a new religion that masquerades as the True Church. The True Church is the liturgy and creed that flourished up until 1969 when Paul VI, acting on the ill-advised influence of a 33rd Degree Masonic bishop, a Marxist priest and six Protestant ministers, propagated a new form of the mass to appease all; one that not only changed nomenclature and purpose, but removed the Sacrificial nature of the Mass and deliberately defied St. Pius V and the Council of Trent's decree.

   We firmly believe this is a crucial battle and we want to remain on the front lines, fighting in unison with The Remnant, Catholic Family News, Tradition in Action, Catholic Insight, the Seattle Catholic, Roman Catholic Faithful,, The Angelus, and other Traditional ministries for there is strength in numbers. As always, united we stand, divided we fall. For the sake of the Faith we cannot afford to fall for Our Lord and Our Lady need as many as possible of Their faithful remnant to fight the good fight. Souls, countless souls past, present and future are at stake!

   Therefore, we again plead with you our readers to respond generously so not only can we stay on line, but improve the product and return to what The DAILY CATHOLIC is meant to be - a daily publication for all. It all depends on you! Paul reminds all in 1 Corinthians 9: 14, that "The Lord directed that those who preach the gospel should have their living from the gospel." Pray on it and respond in kind for our only purpose for being on-line is to carry out Christ's charge in Mark 16: 15, "Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature." God bless and thank you for caring.

Michael Cain, editor

    Again, we respectfully ask you to just go to HELP SAVE THE DAILY CATHOLIC donation form on our secure server, or call our toll-free number at 800-I-DO-PRAY (800-436-7729) and leave your name and number that you want to help and we'll call you back so that you can transact your donation over the phone. We are set up to accept all major credit cards. To those who want to help with a check, cash or money order, send donations to