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Church greatly encouraged by election of pro-life, Church-friendly Vicente Fox as Mexico's new president
    newly-elected Church-friendly Vicente Fox    With the election of Vicente Fox and other PAN candidates and the removal of PRI from power, many observers expect the restrictions on the Church to loosen further, especially since PAN had been connected to Catholic lay groups from its beginnings. Earlier this year, the Mexican bishops' conference issued a pastoral letter on the presidential elections, calling on Catholics to support life, which was also interpreted as indicating a preference for Fox, who is pro-life. continued inside.

In the spirit of Lepanto, Catholics in Rome dig in to offset the blatant gay demonstrations in the face of the Vatican and the Jubilee Year
The sin of sodomy strikes at the heart of the Church with World Pride DaysThe Vatican is the main target of the gays    The last time Rome was threatened by barbarians, the people took up the Rosary and prayed and at the Battle of Lepanto the Turks were turned away. Now, 429 years later the barbarians are at the gate once more, this time they are not the Saracens but the gays who are blatantly trying to force down everyone's throats a sinful lifestyle by attacking the one bastion of decency and right that still exists - the Holy See. Catholics are not taking it sitting down but are massing in prayerful demonstrations, standing behind Church teaching and the support of bishops and major leaders throughout Italy who have condemned the gay's World Pride ceremonies in Rome as a direct affront on the Jubilee and the Church. continued inside.

Committee for Jubilee of Prisons appeals to all Christians and those involved with the penal system to celebrate and consider steps taken by the Holy See
   The organizers of the Jubilee of the Prison World, which will be held on July 9, have appealed to all parishes to join this celebration during Mass, as it not only for prisoners but the concern of all Christians. Bishop Giorgio Caniato, coordinator of the Committee for the Jubilee of Prisons, has distributed a statement explaining that John Paul II wants this Jubilee to be lived by all, not just prisoners, especially those Christians who live and work in prisons and the penal realm: officers, judges, lawyers, volunteers, chaplains, and administrative personnel. continued inside.

Anti-Catholic factions stirring up trouble in Northern Ireland as result of canceled parade this Sunday
Orange artillery rattles Catholic neighborhoods   Violence that broke out Tuesday and Wednesday in Northern Ireland was perpetuated by radical loyalist Protestants who were riled up by admitted killer "Mad Dog" Adair over the cancellation of the Orange Parade through Catholic neighborhoods this Sunday. Adair was just recently released from prison, and his rhetoric is fomenting more hatred and violence ahead for the Catholic neighborhoods of Belfast. continued inside.

Bishop James Tamayo Down in Laredo a new diocese is formed with Houston Auxiliary Bishop James Tamayo tabbed as charter shepherd
New Diocese formed in Laredo, Texas    The Heart of Texas just got a new artery - the Diocese of Laredo on the border. The Holy Father made the announcement on Monday and appointed long-time auxiliary bishop of the Houston-Galveston See - 51-year old Bishop James Tamayo, who was ordained in the Corpus Christi Diocese in 1976. The new see will incorporate part of the sprawling archdiocese of San Antonio and Corpus Christi. continued inside.

Catholics of the Syro Malabar rite in India are in a quandry: Will the priests say Mass with their backs to the people or facing them? Church founded by St. Thomas the Apostle wrestling with liturgical issues
St. ThomasIndia    The difference of opinion on liturgical unity in the 3.3 million member Syro Malabar Church (SMC) based in southern Kerala state came to the fore on Monday, the feast day of St. Thomas the Apostle who founded the Church in India. While the Synod of the autonomous church had resolved last November to go back to the earlier practice of saying the Holy Mass facing the altar -- instead of the people -- on St. Thomas Day -- a day of obligation in the oriental church, several dioceses of the SMC decided not to switch over to the "old practice" at the last minute. continued inside.

Pope, in good spirits, meets with new Croatian president at Vatican
   On Tuesday Pope John Paul II, looking energetic and upbeat, received Croatian President Stipe Mesic who was elected to succeed the late Franjo Tudman. The Holy Father greeted the President in Croatian. Their private meeting lasted some 15 minutes, at the end of which, the President introduced his entourage; photographs were taken and gifts exchanged. Mesic gave the Pope an enamel sculpture of Jesus and a book on Croatia's first king. John Paul II gave the President his pontificate's medals. continued inside.

The Doctors are in as in "in Rome" for Special Jubilee festivities
   The celebrations for the Jubilee of Doctors began Tuesday in Rome with the International Congress on "Medicine and Human Rights." More than 5,000 people from 42 countries are participating in this special Jubilee. In addition to the Congress' sessions, the program includes a spiritual journey that includes the Roman Basilicas, as well as several cultural and leisure events. They will culminate this Jubilee with the Pope on July 7 and present a "Charter of Human Rights for Medicine," written by a group of scientists, theologians, and moralists. continued inside.

Cardinal Tettamanzi asserts that individualism is not a human right, but part of the face of "psuedo-rights" permeating society today
Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi    Speaking in Rome to over 5,000 physicians from 40 countries, Genoa's Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi warned doctors that individualism and materialism are "pseudo-rights," which do not have the same authentic standing as the innate dignity of the human person. In his July 4 address, Cardinal Tettamanzi said that the Gospel sets forth an accurate understanding of human rights, guided by the overall principle that every human being-- including the sick, the elderly, the handicapped, and sinners of all description-- is a child of God. That perspective, he pointed out, is completely incompatible with the ideologies of "individualism, utilitarianism, and hedonism" which are so powerful today. not to accept individualism, continued inside.

East Timor's Bishop Belo cautions doctors not to accept rampant rhetoric of human rights by those who are not completely committed to the cause
Bishop Belo    Speaking from experience and with total conviction, East Timor's Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo passionately implored the physicians in attendance at Wednesday's sessions to take great care in accepting the rhetoric of human rights by those who consider it politically correct or the fashionable thing to do today while in their heart they have no desire or conviction to right the wrongs of human dignity. He knows for he saw it up close during the terrible persecutions in his native East Timor which was ravaged by militant Muslims. continued inside.

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