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  • Of Utterly No Relevance to the Catholic Faith
    by Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Is Fellay's Fence Leaning to the Left? While the other three SSPX Bishops staunchly reject any of the conciliar overtures, Bishop Bernard Fellay continues to waffle as SSPX parishioners are are leaving Society chapels.

  • Apparent "News" That Is Not "New" at All
    by Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Moving closer to a One World Church of Tolerance and Diversity The Anglican agony was bound to happen for it is a false religion founded by a man, not the Son of God. The conciliar concessions only illustrates all the more clearly to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear that it too is a false religion founded in the early sixties, usurping the name Catholic but in no way synonymous with the Church from Peter through Pope Pius XII.

  • When There is Question of Divine Honor
    by Thomas A. Droleskey

  • D.O.A. No matter how long the conciliar potentates stall on translating their "missal", it will still be dead on arrival just as Pope Leo said: "absolutely null and utterly void."

  • False Premises, False Hopes A response to anyone claiming Ratzinger is an "enigma"; rather he is an "enemy" in full Hegelian and Modernist concert with the devil's dealings. By his words and actions he proves neither he nor his conciliar cohorts could possibly be Catholic.
    by Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Matatics' Talks Down Under Spur SSPX Witch Hunt Rather than engaging in open discussion, as invited to do so by Traditional speaker Gerry Matatics during his speaking tour in Oceana this month, SSPX superiors reacted with venom by taking names and excommunicating anyone who dare think BeneRatz is a heretic and therefore couldn't possibly be a true pope (horrors! really?! Ya think?!!) Who said totalitarianism is dead? Can you say unrest with Fellay's followers?

  • Even Luther Had Regrets at the End
    by Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Learning from the Devil Himself What else does the apostate Benedict Ratzinger need to do to convince you he long ago left the Catholic Church? Long, long ago during the pontificate of Pope Pius XII!
    by Thomas A. Droleskey
  • Gotta Hand it to 'Em! Not!! Despite all the Motuarians' predictions, BeneRatz still shoves cookies into grimy hands at Worldly Youth Days - even "first communicants" - but then why spoil the tongue with a wafer where Christ is not present because the Blessed Sacrament cannot be confected in the Novus Ordo and you can take that to the bank!

A Catechism of the
Social Reign of Christ

Because this fifth installment that covers the Council of Trent is so important in exploding the Feeneyites' arguments, we have suspended all other articles to emphasize Griff's piece below.

Taking quotes out of context is a favorite tactic of those who master in misdirection and misrepresent themselves to others as to their knowledge of theology and Catholic doctrine. If it's a case of "invincible ignorance" than they're dumber than we've given them credit for. Of course, considering the plethora of doctrinal documentation available, we know such is impossible today. Therefore, it has to be deliberate deception for they do know better and that makes it all the more tragic for theirs and their followers' salvation.

Griff Ruby continues his comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" with his fifth installment that is most necessary for Catholics to understand one's responsibility to educate, inform and rebuke as St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the Word and what holy Mother Church teaches and to be on guard for what the Apostle warns in Galatians 1: 8-11. The tomes of quotes by Peter Dimond in his supposedly "air-tight" arguments in his Treatise The erosion of truth from the tomes of quotes by Peter Dimond in his weighty wordage (as in poundage, not clarity and truth) leads one to assume the agenda Dimond and Feeneyites are trying to ramrod down people's throats could be correct except for one very important canard that Griff exposes: that those being quoted, for the most part, never had the same intention Dimond's using is his miasma of misdirection. But, as Griff points out, Dimond's rationale whenever his "smoking gun" backfires is to blame God! Griff provides the empty casing shells left by the Treatise to prove not only how far off target the Feeneyites are, but that Dimond's been shooting blanks. Griff provides the proof in Part Five What About the What-Abouts?

With the Protestant Revolution threatening to eliminate Rome, God rose up a humble priest to lead a Company to proselytize the true Faith. Guided by Saint Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises the Jesuits would grow into a formidable force in converting countless souls, while over the last century caving to the heretics. Sadly, the holy man of Loyola would not recognize the Society of Jesus today.

Today is the Double Feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, the chief architect of the Society of Jesus which he co-founded in order to stabilize the Church in the aftermath of the Protestant Revolution of the sixteenth century. Realizing in the face of opposition he must marshal forces to defend the Holy Father against all attacks and thus Ignatius and his companions, by means of the Spiritual Exercises endeavored to raise the clergy to a higher realization of their own dignity and mission. Their zeal for the Liturgy led them to restore the churches to their former cleanliness, dignity, and magnificence. Drawn by these exterior attractions, the faithful were the more easily induced to frequent the Sacraments and the Offices of the Church. From the very beginning they undertook works of education and missionary labors that would earmark the intelligence of the Order that would go through plenty of battles of its own following Ignatius' death with the Order's banishment and then reinstitution to the practical total sellout today in embracing, yea, promoting the very heresies so warned against. For more, see Saint Ignatius Loyola

Long have Feeneyites strained themselves by trying to lean on papal decrees as pitiful "proof" that they have not been in heresy all this time. But when push comes to shove all should realize their "doctrine of deception" has been so taken out of context that it has left the faithful with a mephetic stench for the past 60 years that needs to be cleaned up and sanitized for the sake of souls.

Thanks to Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, who was given permission from Father Martin Stepanich, OFM S.T.D. to republish his excellent series of articles from the The Remnant back in the seventies, we've been able to bring you Father's no-nonsense authentic Catholic teaching on the doctrine of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, which totally debunked Feeneyism then and does so again. This is only too evident as we link his final installment of this series in which Fr. Martin nails the heretic to the door, even though said heretic or heretics are so ashamed of their untenable position that they tried to remain anonymous. However Fr. Martin could easily see through the facade that the one trying to rebut Father's airtight arguments was the very one who had tried to elude Pope Pius XII in the fifties: none other than Fr. Leonard Feeney himself. As an added bonus to this final installment Tom adds an epilogue reinforcing the importance of the dangers of playing God in sitting in judgment of souls. Despite the fact that Fr. Martin and Tom are both both person non grata with The Remnant crowd, we pray that, through publication of all we have published on these pages of The Daily Catholic, both those stubbornly and pridefully clinging to the heresy of Feeneyism and those who still blindly acknowledge that a blatant manifest and material heretic could possibly be a true pope, will come to their sensus Catholicus and make no concessions whatsoever to the Robber Barons, the VulgArians of the counterfeit church of conciliarism beginning with Roncalli through Ratzinger and all their appointments per Pope Paul IV's truly ex cathedra (ergo: infallible when dealing with Faith and Morals) Papal Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio. Thus we proudly present the final part of Fr. Martin Stepanich's Outside The Church There Is No Salvation, Part seven

The trap is so easy to fall into by allowing nuances of error until pretty soon it has become all-out heresy. Such is the case with Feeneyites in their stubbornness to acknowledge what Catholic doctrine teaches. Unfortunately too many have been duped into believing the spin the "doctors" of deception have foisted on the faithful.

We continue to bring you this series Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has been given permission from Father Martin Stepanich, OFM S.T.D. to republish. It is part of an excellent series of articles that The Remnant so enthusiastically ran back in the seventies on the authentic Catholic teaching on the doctrine of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. Those possessed of the false interpretation of the doctrine that outside the Church there is no Salvation made the same arguments then, with the same demonic fury and pride, that are being made today by their successors. So, as you can see, little has changed with the persistent stubborn pride of Feeneyites who continue to deceive. What is sad however is that Fr. Martin, a pioneer and giant of the Traditional Catholic movement, is today persona non grata to those who are presently floundering on the fence, flailing away in trying to justify a false pope and his Motu hoax. It is time they quit schmoozing heretics and join us in denouncing heresies for they are not just nuances of error, but, as this outstanding Franciscan priest states in all charity, outright heresy. He explains in exposing their misdirection with Outside The Church There Is No Salvation, Part five and six

  Each time we worthily assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in person, we gain graces that are placed in a "golden chalice", so to speak, and is offered to God to be weighed in substance when we stand before Him at our Particular Judgment. The more we have filled this chalice, the better will it go for our spiritual welfare in eternity.
  In this time of Epikeia when the true Church is in eclipse and so few true Masses available, when we pray the Mass prayers and make a spiritual act of Communion at home, graces are also received and placed in a "silver chalice", as it were, which, of course, is not as valuable as the gold one, yet is efficacious when the time comes to make an accounting for our lives.

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On the Vice of Speaking Immodestly
Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Sermon written for the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost by the holy Saint as recorded by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey (17 minutes in length) for this Feria Day.
courtesy of Traditional Catholic

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    This includes any who, complicitly by their consent or silence, in any way enabled these senseless murders that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Pray for their conversion and commitment to make amends whether they be mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, judges, lawyers, politicians and ecclesiasts.
While they clean up Sydney in the aftermath of the mess left by the Worldy Youth last week, isn't it time to call supposed non-profits to task for being profiteers of the debacle down under?

We haven't published much from the recent Wordly Youth Days that took place late last week because, frankly, it has nothing to do with true Catholicism or any kind of Catholicism for that matter. But Remnant wag Christopher Ferrara was sent down under to cover the anticipated abberations while still trying to justify the new Remnant policy that Benedict "is really trying to be a 'traditional pope'" whereas his actions have clearly illustrated what most of our readers already knew: He couldn't possibly be Catholic, let alone a Vicar of Christ. The base photo above left is from the Remnant article. We provide Gary Morella's preface to it and the link provided to Ferrara's piece "Sydney or Sodom?" in which Ferrera also takes Karl Keating of 'Catholic' Answers to task for missing the real target. But then Keating is not about getting to the real truth, but about padding his own pocket taking down a salary of over $200,000. a year while desperately sending out slick mailers pleading disaster to souls if his "non-profit" entity doesn't get these tracts in the hands of the youth. It's all about the money, folks, not souls. I doubt you'd find any Traditional Catholic ministry where the Executive Director takes a salary above the national poverty level. We here at the Daily Catholic take no salaries for our non-profit organization, nor do any of those Traditional non-profits we promote. Not so with the Motuarians and Vulgarians who accept Vatican II. Know this, those Novus Ordo mercenary "missionaries" are not prophets, but profiteers. Do you really think Keating paid his way to Australia with the money he gets in salary, or did he dip into "travel funds" (read 'donations') to cover costs? Not much different than a congressional junket where the people get ripped off with write-offs, but at 'Catholic' Answers they call it "faith trippin'." We provide Gary's pertinent preface to Ferrara's piece here and why there is so much Mass Confusion, mainly because "Benedict XVI is an enigma!"

In discrediting Feeneyism who better to have as a prime witness against this heresy than the Prince of Theologians, the Angelic Doctor himself?

We continue to bring you this series Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has been given permission from Father Martin Stepanich, OFM S.T.D. to republish. It is part of an excellent series of articles that The Remnant so enthusiastically ran back in the seventies. As noted, nothing has changed since then except for the fact that Fr. Martin is persona non grata to those who are presently floundering on the fence, flailing away in trying to justify a false pope and his Motu hoax. Nothing has also changed with those Feeneyites who tried to shout Fr. Martin down thirty years ago. They're still trying to villify this now 90 plus-year old giant of Tradition who was not "senile" or "out of touch" then nor is he now in continuing to exhibit the wisdom of saints, something so lacking in this era when Modernism stifles the quest for holiness. If Father Martin was wrong, then so also were numerous true Popes, saints and Doctors of the Church, most notably St. Thomas Aquinas. Of course, that is preposterous as Father proves in his brief, but comprehensive essays, continuting with part three and four of seven parts from this outstanding Franciscan priest with Outside The Church There Is No Salvation, Part three and four

The depositions of quotes in Dimond's Treatise reek of being taken out of context, thus twisting the meaning for the Prosecution against Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire, but Griff stands in for the Defense, keeping everything in context in proving that the Means will justify his arguments.

Griff Ruby continues his comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" with his fourth installment that is most necessary for Catholics to understand one's responsibility to educate, inform and rebuke as St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the Word and what holy Mother Church teaches and to be on guard for what the Apostle warns in Galatians 1: 8-11. The tomes of quotes by Peter Dimond in his supposedly "air-tight" arguments in his Treatise have more holes than Swiss cheese. Once readers discover his dishonesty of omitting key components that actually quite often refute his forced and faulty conclusions, they should smell what's really intended. And once readers clearly understand his deliberate deception of placing misdirected emphasis on the words of Fathers, Doctors, Saints and Popes of the Church in his Treatise to forge a different conclusion, then readers should begin to understand only too well where that putrid stench originated. Griff fumigates more of the mephetic MHFM's misrepresentations in Part Four The Treatise is in Contempt of Context

Everyone seems to think "comfort" is about "feelings." The point is it has nothing to do with how good we feel, but how good we make God feel by worshipping Him as He ordained and treating others as He has taught us.

Gabriel Garnica returns with a sobering question: Are you comfortable in your comfort zone? For the sake of your soul, let us hope you aren't. Too many have discarded the necessary hairshirts that made saints out of sinners; men and women who deliberately avoided temporal comfort to make them more comfortable in knowing their quest to attain everlasting comfort was the only way to Heaven. Lost are those self-immolating practices that reminded us we are nothing without God and that from dust we came, to dust we will return. How dare we waste the bodies God gave us by lounging around and looking for the easy way out. That has never been the Catholic way and if you do not agree with that, if you think you can embrace the world, the flesh and the devil and emerge unscathed, then you're not Catholic. That's another uncomfortable fact that countless souls will have to come to grips with sooner or later. The sooner the better, if you get the drift. Too often the ultimate epicurean comfort today, and in all too many homes, is the easy chair. That is not a malaprop. They don't call these plush stuffed single sofas "lazy boys" for nothing! It all starts so innocently: this comfort, that convenience, this delight, that pleasure and, pretty soon, if we do not discipline our senses, our senses will rule and that leads to each and every one of the Seven Deadly Sins. We all know where that leads. Enough said. If that makes you uncomfortable, it should as Gabriel tweaks consciences in his article If You Are Comfortable, You Are Not With God

The truth never changes. What a giant of Tradition penned over thirty years ago is even more pertinent today.

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has been given permission from Father Martin Stepanich, OFM S.T.D. to republish the excellent series of articles that The Remnant so enthusiastically ran back in the seventies. Nothing has changed since then except for the fact that Fr. Martin is persona non grata to those who are presently floundering on the fence, flailing away in trying to justify a false pope and his Motu hoax. Nothing has also changed with those Feeneyites who tried to shout Fr. Martin down thirty years ago. They're still trying to villify a good man, this now 90 plus-year old giant of Tradition who was not "senile" or "out of touch" then nor is he now in continuing to exhibit the wisdom of saints, something so lacking in this era when Modernism stifles the quest for holiness. Most importantly, nothing has changed and never will on the solid Catholic truth he professes in this series to remind all that the First Dogma of the Church will always stand: Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, but his opponents need to fully understand that the Church is composed of the Church Militant, Church Suffering, and Church Triumphant. Tom provides Father's brief, but comprehensive essays on his site with part one and two of seven parts from this outstanding Franciscan priest with Outside The Church There Is No Salvation, Part one and two

Three years ago, amidst all the emotional angst of the Terri Shiavo tragedy, some took offense to the strict moral theological stance of a few well-respected Traditional clerics. Tom asks Fr. Martin Stepanich to weigh in on whether the reaction of some in boycotting their Masses was wise.

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has always been one to get to the truth and one he relies on greatly is a priest who has been around longer than anyone: Father Martin Stepanich, OFM S.T.D. Tom asked Fr. Martin Stepanich to weigh in concerning the death of Terri Schiavo three years ago. Because Bishop Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada considered the case from an objective practical, moral theological viewpoint rather than subjective, emotional view, some protested by no longer going to "their Masses." Fr. Martin illustrates quite clearly the folly of such action of reacting emotionally without understanding these good clerics are not being schismatic or unCatholic in anyway and for those who won't attend "their Masses" they should realize they have walked away from the truest gift they could have: the holy Sacraments merely because these good traditional sacerdotes differ on an opinion, not dogma or doctrine, but an opinion. Fr. Martin puts it so clearly and charitably in his letter to Tom Fr. Martin on Terri Schiavo

The Principal Points of the Principles holy Mother Church requires All to follow, and which must be applied to the Issue of Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire, Prove the Fallacies of Feeneyism

Continuing our surge of wiping out the insurgent heresy of Feeneyism, we launch today an old reliable that always hits its target with devastating and definite detonation. That would be the irrefutable artilllery, so fully packed and loaded with infrangible Catholic truth as compiled by one of the masters of Church Militant warfare, Father Anthony Cekada. Indeed, he was one of the first to counter the nasty guerilla tactics of those floundering in Feeneyism in the cult camp Feeney had festered while alive. In publishing on these pages last week the official excommunication decree of Feeney from the Holy Office under Pope Pius XII, we included the link where Fr. Cekada proves without a shadow of a doubt that the bell, book and candle was authentic. Since His Holiness never rescinded it, a good man-gone wrong died canonically (1917 Pio-Benedictine Codex Iuris) outside the Church he had so stubbornly and narrowly, and defiantly defended as needing Baptism of water to be saved with no exception. Let us pray that God made an exception and that Feeney's pride and stubbornness did not exclude him from passage to either the Church Suffering or the Church Triumphant. Today we provide an article Fr. Cekada wrote eight years ago this week detailing the Principles the Church requires us to follow in resolving the issue of Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire. He lays it out succinctly in Baptism of Desire and Theological Principles

Does anyone know the day, hour or minute of their visitation when they'll have no choice but to face the Supreme Judge and account for their stewardship on earth? Whenever that time arrives, and it definitely will, it will be too late to correct things if they did not choose wisely when they should have. Knowing how the Brown Scapular will protect souls entails knowing why. Ah, there's the wooly rub.

We've all heard the axiom, "there but for the grace of God go I", but how many of us really understand this? Today's guest contributor, Ava Bell, now a committed Traditional Catholic, relates how this hit home for her in her earlier days before her awakening, if you will, in the same manner that Saint Augustine wrote about when confiding his past sins in his landmark book "Confessions." Her experience is pertinent for our times, especially in this day and age when so many worship at the altar of the world, the flesh and the devil, not really thinking about each's own visitation when each one of us will stand before God at his or her Particular Judgment. Ava ties in the theme of this past Sunday's Gospel, the visitation of the Mother of God to the children of Fatima, and the significance of our Lady's promise for those who wear her Brown Scapular. Yes, it is most pertinent for this era, for this very week and day. While hordes of clueless Catholics with hormones at a peak gather for the conciliar version of Woodstock: Worldy Youth Days in Sydney this week, she presents a sobering story that should shake the timbers of our souls and wake the echoes of those who assume security when, in truth, there is only one way to secure eternal salvation and no amount of superstitions will stay the inevitable truth that for any sacramental to be effective, the one receiving it must be of good will and open to the grace of God, specifically Sanctifying Grace. Without this protection, all else is futile, fateful. She candidly explains in her article The Brown Scapular is Not a Good Luck Charm

When vicious vipers dishonestly attack a good, authentic priest of the Church, there is a line that's been crossed that cries for a defense of all we hold holy and true.

Because of the importance of Griff's third installment and today's article by Thomas A. Droleskey in defense of both the Faith and a dedicated, humble and holy giant of the Church in these times, we continue to feature these articles against the heresy of Feeneyism so that readers can focus on how the vipers desperately defending such heresy, when cornered in their den, coil and, baring their fangs, strike with such venom against good priests. One such holy sacerdote is Fr. Martin Stepanich, OFM S.T.D. who has viciously been attacked by the cobras of collusion and confusion: The Dimond Brothers. Why? Because he dared declare Catholic truth in his article first debuting on July 1. With fierce and desperate measures the pit vipers vented more venom. Intending to do what St. Patrick did in Ireland many centuries ago - drive the snakes out - Tom has taken these seamy serpents to task for their senseless attempt to poison souls through their total lack of charity and venomous vitriol. Just as Griff has so clearly exposed Peter Dimond's arguments for exactly what they are: Scholastic Dishonesty, so also does Dr. Droleskey expose them for not only their dishonesty, but their total lack of charity. And it must be done for the good of souls because the Dimonds' dishonesty has deceived souls and, what is even worse in trying to distract readers from this deception, they've deliberately bullied and intimidated by lashing out and "condemning" anyone and everyone who do not agree with these self-appointed "experts" who think they know more than the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church. Just as Caesar was warned on the Ides of March, we join Tom and Griff and Fr. Martin in issuing the warning on the Ides of July. Beware of false prophets in sheeps' clothing who call themselves professed religious, but show no proof of legitimate profession nor can they provide proof of spiritual direction by either a valid priest or bishop. Christ said it best, "By their fruits you shall know them." Tom repels the reptiles, while praying for their conversion in his poignant thrust against the Dimonds' hateful and heretical rhetoric, Just Defending the Faith

When speaking in terms of "One", we have to keep in mind those Catholic truths that certain Entities are "Three in One" such as the Holy Trinity, the Communion of Saints and Baptism.

Griff Ruby continues his comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" for he realizes the responsibility to educate, inform and rebuke as St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the Word and what holy Mother Church teaches and to be on guard for what the Apostle warns in Galatians 1: 8-10. There is but One God, One Church, One Baptism but within One God is Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost; and within One Church the church Militant, Church Suffering and Church Triumphant; and, keeping in mind God's Communion of Saints there is within One Baptism the Baptism of Water alone for the Church Militant on earth, but there is also the Baptism of Blood and/or the Baptism of Desire for those who would, through their death, become members of the Church Suffering or Church Triumphant, Purgatory and Heaven respectively. The "Three in One" application preserves and strengthens the First Dogma of the Church that there is no salvation outside the Church (Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus) because those receiving BOB or BOD would be in the Church, not outside. This is something that such luminaries as Peter Abélard, Fr. Leonard Feeney, S.J. and radical Peter Dimond did not or do not honestly admit. Maybe that's why the idiom applies so aptly to such 'intellectuals' as these: A small amount of knowledge can cause people to think they are more expert than they really are. In other words, as has been proven by their condemnation by holy Mother the Church: a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing! Griff explains in Part Three Three who dare challenge Church Teaching

Though the SSPX and other Recognize-Yet-Resist groups differ on various theological opinions with those who do not recognize Ratzinger as Catholic and will make no concessions whatsoever to the counterfeit church of conciliarism, they are of one mind when it comes to opposing the heresy of Feeneyism

Some think that there are only a few Traditional Catholics such as Griff Ruby and Fr. Martin Stepanich who have decided to go after Feeneyism, and that it is only "those crazy sedevacantists." Au contraire, mes amis. It is a fact that every major visible Traditional Bishop stands staunchly against the errors of Feeneyism. This would include the four Society of St. Piux X Bishops as well as Bishops Dolan, Giles, McKenna, Pivarunas, Sanborn and Vezelis in the U.S. not to even mention those overseas and in Mexico or deceased esteemed diseased prelates such as Archbishop Lefebvre and Archbishop Thuc, Bishops des Lauriers, Carmona, Zamora, Martinez, and Musey. To bring this point home we point you to three articles today; two from ten years ago that appeared in the SSPX official publication The Angeles which states the Society's position with Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer's initial volley in 1998 titled, Three Baptisms and Fr. Francois Laisney's follow-up piece, The Three Errors of the Feeneyites . Three years later Fr. Peter Scott, then District Superior of the SSPX in the United States followed up with Follow-up on Feeneyism

Since we do not know the hour of our visitation, should we not be on guard at all times?

    To enhance each Sunday's Epistle and Gospel we present this special feature provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. We publish it here in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass, with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock because the type size is normally so hard to read and not everyone has access to the Commentary, let alone the authentic Catholic edition of Holy Writ. For the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost the theme is that one does not know the hour of one's visitation, in other words, when he has to make an account before God of all he has done on earth. That is why St. Paul warned not to tempt Christ and why our Lord wept and then, in righteous anger, chased those out of the house of God who put more weight in worldly things. How we see this today in the once Catholic churches that call themselves 'Catholic' but are anything but. The time will come when they will be chased out by means known only to God and they will be restored to true houses of God where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Mass of All Ages will once again summon the angels and His abundant graces for those willing to abandon a civilization currently in slavery to the world, the flesh and the devil. You can better understand this in the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost Haydock Commentary

Had Feeney only relented and repented, he might very well have been remembered for the great things he did rather than the cultish company he kept in Bean town

We all know that were Pope Pius XII physically on the throne in 1965 or today, he would have excommunicated practically the entire hierarchy who advanced the heresies of Vatican II, so much so that the least offender against the Church who was excommunicated by His Holiness would be the Jesuit Fr. Leonard Feeney. Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is well illustrated by Pope Leo XIII in the oft-quoted article 9 from his encyclical Satis Cognitum, "There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition." So also with Fr. Feeney. He did many, many good things, upheld 98% of Catholic truth and spoke out courageously and with flair when others shied away. He wrote many excellent books, such as "Fish on Friday". For those attributes of course he is to be commended. Sadly, however, by his stubborn refusal to obey a true Pope in spreading the heresy that there could be no Baptism of Blood or Desire, he injected that "drop of poison" and infected the rest of what he stood for. Who was Fr. Feeney? In the interest of balance and to provide one of the more comprehensive accounts of the man and his cult, we point you to the three part biography by Third Order M.I.C.M. John Neumann. Keep in mind that his title is an oxymoron for St. Athanasius never stood against Church teaching. Fr. Feeney, by evidence of his excommunication by a true Pope, did. You can read about Feeney and his cult at Father Leonard Feeney

Catholics need to understand the serious consequences of the heresy of Feeneyism for it was no mere slap on the wrist His Holiness Pope Pius XII administered on February 13, 1953, but the dreaded decree of excommunication when it still carried weight.

In our Contra haereses Feeneyism, we want to provide more background on the Jesuit priest Father Leonard Feeney and the cult of Saint Benedict Center in the Boston Archdiocese. Therefore to assuage the controversy over the whole Feeneyism issue, we turn to what holy Mother Church decreed when the Holy See was still Catholic and under the protection of God's graces by republishing the severe warnings and final decree of excommunication. Keep in mind Fr. Feeney had four years to respond and did not provide sufficient proof to stave off certain excommunication. Thus, we republish the Official Decrees confirming that Rome has spoken, the subject is finished. Herein is proof of the licit and valid Excommunication of Fr. Leonard Feeney, S.J. for his stubborn persistence to the heresy of Baptism by water only which you will find in our Reality Check feature,Roma locuta est, Causa finita est

In defending the treasure of the Sacred Deposit of the Faith, one must glean the gems that are presented to verify the authenticity and veracity of what they reflect in the prisms of polemics.

Griff Ruby continues his comprehensive series in which he must do what St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the word and what holy Mother Church teaches in accordance with the Apostle's words in Galatians 1: 8-10. In an effort not to mix metaphors, but to mine for the gems the Church has always held sacrosanct as divine truth, we hold a Ruby up to a Dimond to show the obvious imperfections in the latter's seemingly brilliant refractions of promoting Feeneyism. However, when looking closer one can see the gaps in the quartz that make its claim to being reliable totally bogus and extremely harmful to the investment of souls. The Extra Ecclesiae Nulla Salus dogmatic argument stands true as always, but the denial of Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire holds no light in the spectrum of the Communion of Saints and, does, in fact, dull the senses and leads to grave error and a serious detriment to unity within the Traditional Catholic movement. To understand how an omission can easily be a commission of error, see Part Two Ellipses can Eclipse Ecclesial Intent

The Fallibility of Father Feeney and his 'Feeneyites' is in full view how they failed to hold fast to tradition and Catholic truth in interpreting for themselves what they think and not what holy Mother Church has consistently upheld on Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire.

   On this first day of July we bring you a letter written by Father Martin Stepanich, O.F.M., S.T.D., the esteemed elder statesman and theologian of the true Church and dauntless pioneer for Catholic truth. First run in the Four Marks it is now available at for all to read. In it Fr. Martin takes no prisoners and well he shouldn't for there is no one living today who defended the Church teaching against Feeney and his cockeyed and dangerous conclusions than this noble traditional Franciscan. In order to educate all, including the misguided band of stubborn followers, he has released this powerful letter, concluding that "The Church’s teaching on Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood, as already repeatedly made clear in this letter, is the teaching of the Ordinary Magisterium of the Church, of which it is true to say according to Pope Pius XII, 'He who hears you, hears me.' If that is not good enough for the difficult Feeneyites, and if some of them insist that there must be a special solemn declaration on Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood by the Supreme Authority of the Church, that could very easily come when we once again have a true Catholic pope on the Chair of Peter. And you can be sure that the Feeneyites will not be comfortable in hearing an anathema pronounced against them." For the full letter, see The "UnBaptized Saints" Deception

Sancta Maria, Regina Pacis, ora pro nobis.

Traditionally ever since July 9, 1906 when Pope Saint Pius X gave his papal approval for the Litany to the Blessed Mother as Our Lady Queen of Peace in the Chapel of the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart this devotion has spread and now in 2008 it is as urgent as ever to pray for peace - the peace only her divine Son Jesus can provide, not man or temporal organizations such as the U.N. or any secular government. That is the reason there can be no peace today because the world has forgotten Christ and forsaken His role as our Sovereign King - our only Sovereign King! We can see the effects of this turmoil because of that as satan assaults every soul from Europe to Iraq to Afghanistan to Hollywood to modern Rome and everywhere in between, and with our soldiers enmeshed in a war with infidels in the Middle East and sodomy being elevated to a virtue where anyone speaking against it must be subjected to 'sensitivity training' because the sinner is offended and courts mandating sin now, we had better pray that God will stay His hand for the time of mercy has long passed and we are living on borrowed time - time one would think has only been provided by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary because of the Rosaries said in reparation. Let us continue those marching orders and pray from the foxholes her holy Litany and the most powerful weapon we have in our possession: her Holy Rosary.

When words are omitted or added they can alter the entire message. This has been a favorite trick of satan for eons, especially with the diverse and intentional interpretations forged by multi-thousands of Protestant sects.

Griff Ruby begins a comprehensive series in which he must do what St. Paul entreats in 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 and to be faithful to the word and what holy Mother Church teaches in accordance with the Apostle's words in Galatians 1: 8-10. They say sticks and stones can break bones, but names will never hurt, however words can hurt souls when they are deceived and it has been done for ages by those who are hellbent on cramming square pegs into round holes. It is how the Arian heresy gained such prominence; how Luther altered Christian belief to apostasize from the true Church and take billions since with him; how one side has forced their ideology on others by twisting words and meaning to indicate something totally different than the authority conveying said words intended. This intentional twisting is done all the time and it is wrong. With that in mind, this first installment in this series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" revs up with some obvious dishonesty in Sacred Scripture that has resulted in a chaotic array of over 34,000 sects that have apostasized from Christ's True Church. Griff deciphers the differences and how one can tell so clearly what is true and what is slanted to deceive as he points out in installment one, Word Twisting to Change the Meaning

Revisiting the Visitation in discovering what we can do to help others for God

For this Greater Double Feast of the Visitation, we bring you the comprehensive meditation on the Second Joyful Mystery by John Gregory. The Visitation illustrates how Our Lady dismissed all concerns for herself to minister to others, most notably her cousin St. Elizabeth who was further along in her pregnancy than Mary. Through Mary, Elizabeth recognized God's design for her younger cousin as did the babe in her womb - Saint John the Baptist who, though not conceived free of Original Sin was sanctified at the presence of the Babe in Mary's womb - the fetus of the God-Man. In this time when man's uncharity towards his fellow man is legend, we need to refocus on the intention for the Second Joyful Mystery - charity towards our neighbor out of our love for God. This charity is not reserved only for a select few, but all we meet. This charity is not about doing only humane things for others, but going well beyond that in doing all we can to do all in our power to see that our neighbor will save his eternal soul. This means charitably rebuking, correcting and admonishing if our neighbor has veered from the path God intended, and that means knowing our Faith so others will know it and convert. That's the greatest charity we can do for others because we do not want to see them condemned. That's what can happen as Jesus so clearly told us in St. Matthew 28: 20 and St. Mark 16: 16. John shares the meditation of The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation.

You can't have it both ways. Either you turn and cling to Eternal Rome or forever foresake the true Church Christ founded and follow the false man-made church of Modern Rome ruled by the conciliar false prophet Ratzinger and his pack of ravenous wolves.

With all the rumors running rampant of whether, indeed, the Superior General of the beleaguered Society of St. Pius X Bishop Bernard Fellay is about to cave to the wiles of the wily wolf BeneRatz and sell out the SSPX in the same manner the Campos Priests were undermined, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey files a poignant piece that entreats His Excellency to take stock of what is at stake. If he does indeed do what many fear, than the Society will be wrent asunder for there will be nearly half who will refuse to make concessions to the conciliar heretics. Conversely, if Fellay realizes that and comprehends that any compromise is akin to imbibing the poison Pope Leo XIII warned of in Satis cognitum, he must then connect the dots and realize there can be only one position to take; one founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre publicly feared and expressed: that to deviate from the Faith would render Benedict XVI not Catholic and since he has deviated from the Sacred Deposit of the Faith for well over 50 years, as have his predecessors from Angelo Roncalli through Karol Wojtyla in contradicting the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church, then he could not possibly be a pope and no allegiance or recognition can be afforded him. Tom lays it out in black and white: You can't recognize Ratzinger as a true pope if you are in agreement with all the Church taught before Vatican II. It is a simple question Dr. Droleskey asks that Fellay, who has a grave duty to be honest with his flocks and has no choice but to answer: Is He or Isn't He?

Satan has had a field day, thanks to dumbed down VulgArian websites, in diminishing the "loftier theological arguments" that prove the uncatholity of conciliar claims.

  In addition, Tom has immediately followed up the above with an expose of the deceit being carried on by the harbingers of the heresies, several Novus Ordo sites who strive with every fiber of their being to fib to the faithful that two plus two equals five; never four despite the obvious. Tom takes them to task to tell the truth or shut up for they will be held responsible before God for aiding and abetting Christ's enemies: heretics. He explains in What Does the Faith Really Teach? (WDTFRT)

Peter is the rock, the foundation stone for Christ's Church and we see today how our foundation is firm and solid if we cling to that Rock and not stray onto the unstable soil of the counterfeit church of conciliarism and all its protestant predecessors.

    To enhance each Sunday's Epistle and Gospel we present this special feature provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. We publish it here in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass, with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock. This week the Double of the First Class Feast of the Holy Apostles Saints Peter and Paul supersedes the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost this year. The Gospel for today's Holy Mass is one of the most powerful for Christians in asserting the four marks of the Church and the supremacy of the Primacy of Peter and that the gates of hell shall never prevail against Christ's Church. It is a reassurance that in this time of the Great Apostasy foretold by St. Paul in the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians and reiterated in the Epistle of 2 Timothy 4: 3 that Christ's Church remains the spotless Bride of Christ and proof that the conciliar church formed from the bowels of Vatican II is a false church which has tried to ape the true Church, but true to our Lord's words in St. Matthew 7: 15-20, we know by their fruits that they are ravenous wolves and what true successors of Peter have bound and loosed still hold true as Jesus so ordered as we see in the First Class Feast of the Holy Apostles Saints Peter and Paul Haydock Commentary

Click the graphic above for the Prayers and Meaning of the magnificent icon of the Madonna and Christ Child

We want to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt congratulations to three professed traditional religious women of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen who took their solemn vows on the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. They are Sister Alice Marie, CMRI, who made her solemn profession of final vows before His Excellency Bishop Mark Pivarunas, CMRI at a special 4:30 p.m. Mass along with Sister Giovanna Marie, CMRI who made her triennial profession. In addition Sister Mary Veronica, CMRI and Sister Michael Marie, CMRI, having completed their novitiate, took their first profession of vows. We ask your prayers for these dedicated Brides of Christ.

Nearly a year later we can see that those who bought into the Motu Mess are the poorer for it today as each day the fact becomes all the more obvious: It's a hoax, a fraud. There is only one way to be faithful to what Christ established and promised to be with until the consummation of the world.

We present today Cyndi Cain's final Symphony of Suffering column that ran on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart last year. Three months later she returned with her University of Virtue series. In her final piece, she urged readers not be stained by caving to the pressures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism and their Motu madness that causes our Lady to weep and to ask why have we forgotten what her divine Son died for, why He instituted His Church upon the Rock of Peter? Why have we allowed yourselves to be deceived by the glitter of convenience and the lure of peace on man's terms? It can only be accomplished when her Immaculate Heart triumphs, and that can only be accomplished through our fiat to follow her beloved Son on the narrow path in the catacombs of His true Church. Accept no substitutes but the authentic Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Accept no less than your promise to participate and to pray the holy Rosary, do penance and offer it as a glorious bouquet in reparation for the offenses against her Immaculate Heart. That is how we can stand firm and hold the traditions passed down. We must daily surrender our hearts to God, but never can we surrender our faith! Cyndi sends out her heartfelt plea to stand firm to the Faith and stand behind those apostolates which seek to preserve the True, unadulterated Faith in her column "Stand firm; and hold the traditions..." Surrender Not!


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We can't recommend this enough and know that the more senses one uses such as sight and sound, the more of an impact his words should have on the faithful, especially those who have had such a difficult time connecting the dots.

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  • The Soul of Frances McGilloway
    She was the mother of Father James McGilloway, CMRI. She passed away on the west coast Friday July 18.
  • The Soul of Bishop Jose de Jesus Roberto Martinez y Guitierrez
    This Traditional Catholic prelate from the Trento group, who was consecrated by Bishop Carmona, assisted by Bishop Zamora. He was a force for the Faith south of the border and will be sorely missed. He passed away on May 10 this year.
  • Vincent Boedefeld
    Traditional Catholic who died on April 30 just a few days before he would have celebrated with his wife Patricia their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
  • Father Celsus Griese, O.F.M. Traditional Franciscan priest who passed away recently
  • The Soul of Mrs Blanche Womochil
    A longtime Traditional Catholic in her 90's from Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Spokane. Fr. Kevin Vaillancourt said the Requiem Funeral Mass and she was interred in City of Mary Cemetery this past week.
  • The Soul of Erven E. Park
    This magnificent Traditional Catholic writer, known for his "Fruit Chronicles" and having contributed articles to The Daily Catholic over the years, passed away from cancer on the Feast of St. Pius V (May 5).
  • The Soul of Asuncion Barret Hall
    who passed away at the age of 57 after a long struggle with cancer. This traditional Catholic's Requiem Mass was celebrated by Fr. Ephrem Cordova, CMRI at El Camino Mortuary on Friday, April 18. Asuncion, from the Philippines, was born on the Feast of the Assumption and had a deep devotion to our Lady. Requiescat in pace
  • The Soul of Brian LaJoie
    who passed away in late March and his funeral was held at Mt. St. Michael over the first weekend of April. Brian, who long was handicapped with MS, was a parishioner of the City of Mary in Rathdrum, Idaho, but, because the roads to the cemetary were not accessible due to so much snow this spring in the mountains of northern Idaho, Brian's funeral was held in Spokane with Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI officiating at the Requiem Mass attended by loved ones, friends and parishioners. Requiescat in pace
  • The Soul of Mrs. Kathy South
    who passed away on March 7. She and her husband were longtime members of Mary Immaculate Queen parish in Rathdrum, Idaho. Requiescat in pace
  • The Soul of Mrs. Rita Brueggermann
    who passed away on February 27. She, with her husband Bernie were long time influential traditional Catholics at Bishop Daniel Dolan's St. Gertrude the Great parish. Requiescat in pace
  • The Soul of Mr. Robert Culpon
    who passed away on February 27. Bob, in his early 70's, was a devout traditional Catholic who died in his home in Helena, Montana. Requiescat in pace
  • The Soul of Mrs. Jean Chilton
    who passed away recently. She was the sister of traditional pioneer Patrick Henry Omlor. Requiescat in pace

   Mark Michael Zima's poignant work on Vatican II's poster child Mother Teresa should open eyes as to why the Corporal Works of Mercy mean nothing without applying the Spiritual Works of Mercy, woefully lacking in the founder of the Missionaries of Mercy. Dr. Marian Therese Horvat provides an excellent review with Is Mother Teresa of Calcutta a Saint?