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"Qui legit, intelligat"
For the Last Sunday After Pentecost, we decided to bring you Father Louis Campbell's sermon from four years ago to show you how his words hold just as true, if not truer today in 2006 than they did in 2002. Father focused on the Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 24: 24 and Christ's words "so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect". Indeed, the elect of the Church over the past 40 years have been greatly led astray and the great catastrophe is that so many followed their 'elect' into error. Father points out that many will not take stock of the situation out of pure pride, afraid to admit they have made a grave mistake by following the heresies that have erupted from the molting, molten magna of Vatican II. The most recent backtracking on pro multis is manifest evidence of this. Pride is the sin that fells many and no one is safe from this most destructive capital sin unless they seek "from the depths" - "De profundis" the meaning of their Faith and emulate the Blessed Mother's virtues, most specifically humility. Those who do not or who have not will realize all too soon that "He has scattered the proud"
"Qui legit, intelligat"
For Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost we have chosen his sermon for this Proper from two years ago when John Paul II was still the head honcho of the conciliar church. Father compares what Christ commanded to what is being peddled by the Vatican II church - the conciliar church, a direct contradiction to Our Lord's charge as well as Pope Pius IX's assertive words that we must do all in our power to "rescue them from the darkness of the errors into which they have unhappily fallen and strive to bring them back to Catholic truth." He identifies the cavalier attitude of the conciliarists in placating pagan religions while selling out the true Faith. The Faith of the hierarchy of the modern church cannot seem to comprehend the parables Christ spoke which are "hidden from the foundation of the world," and consequently, the faith of the modern church is so weak that it has caved to the world, the flesh and the devil by approving the non-Catholics in their error, a grave heresy that has and will continue to deny countless souls from attaining everlasting life. And, we might add, has continued unabated under Benedict XVI's watch. Should we be surprised considering the conciliar popes are not Catholic? The graphic above is from and used with permission. Father points out the bad fruits of the false religion of Vatican II and how fruitless are their works in contrast to St. Paul's words in Colossians 1: 10, "Fruitful in every good work"
Reality Check
Gary L. Morella weighs in with some excellent thoughts in analyzing the most recent semi-annual conference of the conciliar bishops held last week in Baltimore in which, once again they showed their true colors: Pink and Lavender in lacing their document with the very same tone as the militant homosexual collective agenda. After the latest confab of the USCCB it would be an insult to consider the second "C" in USCCB as "Catholic," but rather "condescending" or "contemptuous" or "contradictory", but definitely NOT Catholic since these lavender lackeys pride themselves in their lukewarmness as they seek to impugn homophobia as the problem. Au contraire. The sooner the clueless souls in the Novus Ordo lodges realize this, the faster will they get rid of these spineless men posing as bishops. It's apparent they've never met or heeded a true Pope such as Pius XI in Casti Connubii and Ubi Arcano which Gary pinpoints in popping the pink balloon of the mindless miters in his article The USSCB Has Proven It is Definitely Not Catholic!
"Qui legit, intelligat"
For Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost we have chosen last year's sermon in which he reminded us of the simplicity of faith of those whom Our Lord heals in today's Gospel of St. Matthew, for Christ is the Calm before the storm and the storm is the wrath of God generated because of man's refusal to heed God's Word. From Sacred Scripture, specifically the Psalms, we know only too well that those who do not strive to love God and do all they are asked by God and the Church Christ founded, have little or no chance of being happy with Him in eternity. That is why storms come: to remind man of his sins so he will repent and amend his life. The natural is employed to remind man of the supernatural. Today's society best represents those the Apostle Paul speaks of in his Epistle to the Ephesians for today's Mass. They are enemies of the Cross of Christ, their god is embodied in the world, the flesh and the devil. These, sadly are today's 'heroes' who lead so many astray and cause scandal. If we choose to follow them, we will stray further from our ultimate goal which is to strive after Christ and His everlasting kingdom. Those who do so are the heroes we must follow; such heroes as the saints who eschewed the wide path of the world and chose the narrow, tough, demanding path filled with thorns. They made it through unscathed grace-wise. If they have made it, so also can we - if we have but the faith of a mustard seed and reach out in all humility to touch His cloak, seeking repentance and a refuge from the storms that ravage and pillage not merely the body, but the soul as well. Father explains in his sermon. The Calm After the Storm
Sense of Sensus Catholicus
In this column feature where we previously carried many of Father Wathen's articles, we are carrying a personal tribute to him penned by a friend from Boston Denise M. Trias, a Traditional Catholic mother of five, who has written a few articles for The Daily Catholic this past year. Her words show the heart and dedication of a true pioneer of the Traditional Catholic Movement whose thorough work, The Great Sacrilege is a benchmark of proof that the Novus Ordo Missae was truly the "abomination of desolation" our dear Lord warned of in the Gospel of St. Matthew. The Good Lord, so pleased with the dedication and loyalty of Father James Francis Wathen, bequeathed him a belated birthday present: He took him home, alleviating him of his earthly suffering five hours after his 74th birthday had passed. We pray God did so in order for Father to celebrate his reward for being a good and faithful servant, who kept the Faith, and now, will be worthy, through the merits of Jesus Christ, to experience the august presence of the Beatific Vision forever when he has completed, as we all must, our responsibility to atone for all our temporal sins. Denise shares her words of Tribute to Father James Francis Wathen
"Qui legit, intelligat"
We take you back to Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost from last year when he equated all the harmful additives that have been added to our foods today with the dangerous synthetic, syncretic sap that is draining souls, dripping with all the errors and, yes, heresies that permeate every aspect of life today thanks to that entity spawned from Vatican II - the conciliar church - which relinquished the exclusive right to truth by recognizing and enabling the "doctrine of devils." Yet there are those who sit on the fence, deceiving themselves that there are no heresies where, in truth, they know in their hearts that they abound but to recognize these heresies would be to admit they have been wrong. Father points out St. Augustine's stinging words from his famous work Confessions, "since they hate to be deceived, they hate being convinced that they are deceived." Yet Our Lord foretold of this in Matthew 24: 24. This then identifies why so many have bought into the harmful additives and poisons of Vatican Two over the last 40 plus years, because they don't want to admit they were wrong, that they have been duped big time and so they continue to ingest the synthetic junk food of the conciliar church, which most admit tastes terrible and foul the appetite, but, as if addicted to apostasy, won't admit that the more they sup with the syncretists and dine with devils, the more this poison takes its effect in the soul. Father explained in his sermon High Fructose Corn Syrup
Catholic PewPOINT
Editor Michael Cain lays out the facts that can no longer be denied because Traditional Catholics are in a perpetual pother over the question of whether or not the conciliar popes are Catholic. Yet, in arguing amongst ourselves, are we not akin to the crew on "Gilligan's Island" who, only by working together, would eventually get off the island? It is time for the Traditional movement to work together and, instead of drifting off with the conciliar currents of "could be's" and being little buddies doing the limbo by avoiding the credibility bar that keeps getting lowered with every utterance of the conciliarist leaders, we need to identify the problem and it begins at the top. Only when we recognize Christ as the Head of His Church and not give credence to a manifest, pertinacious and formal heretic, whom Bishop Williamson has identified as one who heads "a diabolically skillful counterfeit of the true religion," will we be able to help save others from their islands of confusion and wandering, and work together as a cohesive unit in fastening a life raft, fashioned from the true mast of the Barque of Peter in order to save souls. Cain holds nothing back in helping several traditional publications and men of authority within the Traditional movement realize by their fence-sitting they are Leaving Traditional Catholics in Limbo
Christ or chaos
Many have been waiting for a comprehensive summary of the Debate held on the validity and credibility of Sedevacantism held in Spokane, Washington last month and no one can put it clearer than Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey who highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each of the two participants. He points out that for a debate to have a defined effect, the format has to be such that points are addressed without evading the issue or else it becomes separate entities that do not warrant debate but more replicate the incessant political commercials so prevalent this time of year. Dr. Droleskey, who graciously agreed to moderate the debate between John Lane and Robert Sungenis on whether the conciliar popes can possibly be Catholic, remained firm in his integrity to stay neutral until well after the debate. Thanks to the dauntless efforts of Jennifer Migala, we hope to soon be able to bring you the full transcript of the debate. For now you can listen to it on John Lane's St. Robert site. The statute of limitations for being neutral has passed and the time has now arrived for Tom to speak out and he has graciously allowed us to format his cogent comments from Christ or Chaos for this column. Debating Past Each Other
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby backs off a bit from his more hardhitting pieces to address a more philosophical question. Namely, what is it about cowardice that makes it not merely pathetic, contemptible, or pitiable, but in fact evil, and indeed malicious? Would not a coward be a most timid and harmless individual? And yet Sacred Scripture consigns the coward to the eternal Lake of Fire. Yes, as Griff shows, cowardice truly is evil and even malicious, and for that matter even one of the cornerstones of why the conciliar church has become the unprincipled mess that it is today. This has continued because of the the very essence of cowardice in those darkened souls who are afraid to study their Faith, afraid to offend man with little concern for what God thinks, and who are comfortable in their comfort zones. So who will stand up to the nonsense? Who will have the strength to stand up to those who threaten to "leave" if any steps are taken to oppose the nonsense, by simply pointing to such ones the door? Those who realize that if their soul is right with God, nothing can hurt them. Those who hold and teach the Faith whole and entire. There is a saying that holds more true today than ever before: Tell the Truth and You're Fireproof! Stay in the State of Grace: There's Nothing You Can't Face! If you are in a state of Grace and determined to remain therein, then there is nothing that the Devil can "make" you do. Griff points out that only a sincere love for God will erase the inherent fear of man as he explains in his column On Cowardice
Faithful to Tradition
As a follow-up to an earlier article entitled "Journey to Truth", John Gregory candidly shares his journey, warts and all, in an effort to encourage others that it definitely is all worth it. He entreats all to stay the course, assuring those caught in the haunted conciliar house that there is a way out, a definite light at the end of the tunnel and you'll discover it as well when you take the journey including the highs and lows, all necessary to reach the undeniable understanding of where you can find the true Roman Catholic Church. Strap on and hang on. It's the ride of your lifetime for the sake of your eternal life! We also would like to congratulate John and his new bride Lorraine on their happy Nuptials a few months ago which he shares in his column The Journey Continues
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica takes us down the conciliar brick road where the potholes on the left are transforming into fault lines that threaten to engulf countless souls into the abyss because they cannot decipher between false Catholicism and true Catholicism. It shouldn't be that difficult, but when you place the liberals in charge what do you expect? As conciliar rumblings continue with revisionist spin that a martyr of the True Faith, St. Thomas More was really a "saint for dialogue", or that Muslims were not violent, the fault widens and hell surges forth as the chasm becomes more evident that conciliar "Catholics" haven't a clue who the faithful English barrister of the sixteenth century was, or his circumstances and what he sacrificed, nor do they have any inkling what is truly Catholic today, thanks to being so dumbed down by conciliar contraband that there are few hearts, brains and courage left to recognize this fact. As Gabriel illustrates more and more are beginning to click their heels and try to wake up, saying with alarm, "Toto, We're Not in Salvation Any More!"
Traditional Thoughts
Do we realize when we die we could very well be in the same predicament of the souls in Purgatory today? Do we feel comfortable with that? Father Paul O'Sullivan, O.P. helps us better understand what we must do. Do we realize how few pray for the souls in Purgatory today? Who knows, the way the conciliar church is going, they may soon attempt to do away with the Church Suffering. Don't put it past them. First Limbo, then Purgatory. After all, they've tacitly done away with hell, giving the impression to many that everyone goes to Heaven and there is no need to convert. If that's true, then the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the centerpiece of our Faith and the only true worship pleasing to God, is useless. True Catholics see the error in such logic for they know the truth of the fruits of the Holy Mass and prayers for the souls in Purgatory. They also know that the conciliar church has borne no good fruits and cannot per our Lord's words in St. Matthew 7: 15-20. It's another reason to read Fr. Paul O'Sullivan's poignant words Read Me or Rue It!
Living in Tradition
Because of the emphasis on the Church Suffering during November we bring you another excellent work from the noted pre-conciliar Irish priest Father Paul O'Sullivan, author of "The Wonders of the Mass" and several magnificent traditional booklets that have increased in popularity as the years go on and as the souls in Purgatory increase and sit, and wait, and wait, and wait because we here on earth are not doing our part as the Church Militant to relieve those poor souls of their suffering. Only by helping them can we avoid Purgatory, only by remaining in the State of Sanctifying Grace, assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the centerpiece of our Faith and the only true worship pleasing to the Holy Trinity. Through the propitiatory sacrifice, our Rosaries, and making reparation for our own sins and those of others can we help the holy souls in Purgatory and hope to either cut down our time there or, by the grace of God and our total commitment as members of the Church Militant, to discover How to Avoid Purgatory
The Sanity of Sanctity
We continue the tradition of bringing you the Litany of Saints for the Saints and Feasts of November, the last month of the Time After Pentecost. Need some impetus to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory? What we provide is a litany to all of the saints whose feast days are celebrated in the month of November. Many of these saints are little-known and often are not, for that reason, invoked in our prayers. Just as almost all in Purgatory are forsaken today by the conciliar church, we must realize our duty to the Communion of Saints as members of the Church Militant, to pray for the poor souls. If you add this short litany to your daily Rosary, you will have the benefit of invoking the prayers of some of these lesser-known saints for November. Litany of the November Saints
Doctors of the Church
The twenty-second Doctor in this chronological series on the Doctors of the Church was a man who the devil definitely did not want to become a priest, let alone a Dominican. He was a learned man whose wisdom and holiness rubbed off on another who would go on to be even greater. He was the only saint of the Church called "Great" who was not a Sovereign Pontiff. He was part and parcel of the fruits of the century of saints and took an integral part in the 14th Ecumenical Council. He defended his pupil once called "the dumb ox" against all kinds of calumny and subterfuge, and always in charity. He preached throughout Western Europe, bringing the Gospel to countless souls. This Universal Doctor continued right up to his death with teaching the Faith even though he suffered in his later years from Alzheimer's well before it was even called that. He was Saint Albert the Great, also known as Albertus Magnus: Tutor to the Angelic Doctor.
Doctors of the Church
The twenty-ninth Doctor in this chronological series on the Doctors of the Church was born in Spain and throughout his life had obstacle after obstacle placed in his path. Despite the roadblocks, from the earliest possible drowning accident he was protected - under the mantle of the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph. He longed for perfection, desiring to please only Our Lord, so much so that he accepted pain and suffering willfully, even to being demeaned and ridiculed, called an apostate and worse. Through all of this he still kept the Faith when all about him wanted to take it away. He was encouraged by a saintly pupil whom he aided greatly in reform of the Carmelites. God confirmed to all his persecutors that this holy priest was right and deserved the aura of sanctity at his death which this saint had foretold the exact year, month, day and hour. He wrote a book that boosts the confidence of so many who have those times of doubt about their Faith. He showed where faith is not about feelings, but about perseverance during those dark nights of the soul. He was the dauntless Saint John of the Cross, the Apostle of Perseverance.
"Qui legit, intelligat"
For Father Louis Campbell's sermon for All Saints Day, we reach back to 2003 where he pointed out that our whole purpose on this earth is to join the saints in Heaven. When someone asks 'how many saints are in Heaven?' the answer is: 'ALL of them', for only the purest gain admittance to the presence of the Beatific Vision. But if you did not know Catholic teaching, you could easily get swept up in the heresy that very few don't go to Heaven thanks to the conciliarist concept of universal salvation and other widespread heresies that are not even perceived as such. The reason for this dumbing down of the flock is because of the lie that is being spread by modern society today, thanks to the intrusion of the wolves, ravenous ones at that, into the structure of the Church. It is one reason there are so few saints today. Those who strive to be saints will not condemn these people, but pray they will wake up just as a hardened criminal did because of the persevering prayers of the Little Flower as Father illustrated in his sermon. The Hope laid up for us in Heaven
"Qui legit, intelligat"
For the Solemnity of Christ the King we go back four years to Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the last Sunday in October celebrating - Vivat Christus Rex - the Feast of the Sovereignty of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Supreme King. The feast was set as the last Sunday in October by Pope Pius XI's encyclical Quas Primas In the following sermon, Father reminds us what Pius said that there can be no peace until we have sought with our whole mind, our whole body, our whole soul the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ in all nations. There is no peace because there are no more Catholic States. The modern state has taken over as Atila Sinke Guimar„es confirmed in his article in how Catholic Doctrine undeniably opposes the Modern State. There must be a Catholic State, but, as Father Louis pointed out, since the death of Pope Pius XII this "Glory of God" has been ignored in favor of the glory of man. He explained in his sermon Christ the King! Now and Forever!
Hot Issues
While we await a transcript of the Debate between John Lane arguing for the fact that the Chair of Peter is vacant due to the heresies of the conciliar popes and Dr. Robert Sungenis, the Novus Ordo afficianado who argued that the conciliar popes were still valid, we wanted to bring you a few observations of what occurred on Monday, October 16 in Spokane, Washington. The hot and heavy debate, moderated by Tom Droleskey as ringkeeper, if you will, begged for a rematch and Round 4. For now we provide some observations from Round 3 by Myrna Migala, whose daughter Jennifer Migala has graciously offered to transcribe the debate and which will soon be available to readers and to all conference attendees as well as the principals involved in the debate. The editor's own preliminary comments follow as well after Myrna's cogent observations in Observations on the Debate on Sedevacantism

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