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Listed alphabetically


"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Eighth Sunday After Pentecost, he illustrates clearly how the conciliar church shackled itself and its followers to the world, the flesh and the devil by subscribing to the Masonic doctrine promoted by the satanic United Nations which abhors the Social Kingship of Christ. Regardless of this fact, thanks to the liberties of Vatican II, the conciliar popes have plodded on to ransack the True Church of so much and jeopardize countless souls. Father shows the heresy of such actions that contradict not only Holy Writ, but the wisdom of previous reliable Roman Pontiffs such as Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII just to name a few. True to today's Gospel from St. Luke, these conciliarists have proven themselves unjust stewards for today's children of the evil one are wiser than those who should know better. Because of it, the Masonic-Protestant-Communist and Pagan manifestos have crept in and corrupted what was once holy. Therefore, in accord with last week's Gospel, these unfruitful branches and trees must be cut down and cast into the infernal fire. Father warns of the traps of mammon for they will entice and lure until you are trapped, then they will discard you for they are not of truth, but of lies, for they come from the father of lies - lucifer himself. True freedom is only possible with, for and of Christ, the Son of God, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Only united to Him can we be heirs with Him. That means we must bear up persecution and avoid the pitfalls so that when the day of our particular judgment arrives we can be judged as faithful stewards as Father explains in his sermon. Freedom, and Where It Leads
The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby takes a break from his series The Way Back to the Mainstream to remind all not to lose heart. Griff points out that sooner or later there will be a mellowing within the Traditional Movement both because of the time factor and the continued exodus of those finally fed up with the abominations emanating from the conciliar church. In time and graces received, the ranks will swell and soon those "Johnny's-come-lately-to-Tradition" will be the "old-timers" of the movement. We can learn from our elders in the Movement and take encouragement from the enthusiasm of the youthful. The picture isn't as bleak as some may think even if - through eyes of our fallen human nature - the future might look hazy and dark thanks to the distortion wrought by the conciliar church, but, when we put our spiritual binoculars to the horizon, we know that the Restoration - the Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church - is not only possible, viable and plausible, but a veritable fact. Few can judge the distance in linear time, but we can see clearly that Christ will put things well in focus and we just need to keep our eye on the Prize for all that is not of Him will fade away and the Holy Sacrifice will be restored universally when the abomination of desolation is discarded once and for all. Until then, as Griff advises, be patient. If we remain in the state of grace we can afford to wait and work toward conversion one at a time for as Griff says, "conversion is gradual, repentance is abrupt." Let's pray for the conciliarists' abruptness to come sooner rather than later. He explains in his column View to the Long Term.

We continue our individual Tributes to this year's inductees into the prestigious TOWER OF TRENT HALL OF HONOR. This week's honoree is the much beleaguered, persecuted and now exonerated Archbishop of Hue in Vietnam, a man who bridged the chasm between the Catholic patrimony of Popes Pius XI and Pius XII and the conciliar disintegration from John XXIII to John Paul II. As one reads Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngo-dinh-Thuc's story one can see he was truly a Soldier of Christ, as his Coat of Arms bears out - Miles Christi, and a Prisoner of War, both the War against Communism in Vietnam and the Church from the Pact of Metz on through his abduction, betrayed by his own people in a bone-chilling kidnapping that is the stuff of spies and foreign intrigue, all in collusion with the conciliarists in the curia and chanceries of New York, Boston and Springfield-Cape Girardeau. This editor feels an affinity not only to the Archbishop in his persevering for Christ and being persecuted for Christ as our Lord affirmed we would be in St. Matthew 5: 10-16 and St. John 15: 19-20, "If you had been of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember My word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept My words, they will keep yours also.", but also in the fact that where Archbishop Thuc died and is buried today is the very same grounds this editor called home for six years from September 1957 through May 1963. As you shall see here is the rest of the story with factual documentation to verify that what most have heard up until now is the revisionists' spin that paints the Archbishop as unstable. Oh, but we beg to differ and prove just this point as we salute posthumously and pay tribute this week to Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngo-dinh-Thuc

"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Seventh Sunday After Pentecost, he focuses on all the hubbub and spin circulating in light of the attacks on Lebanon by Israel. Liberals and neo-cons are clamoring for America to back Israel no matter what and the false protestant prophets are pushing this agenda in their narrow-minded view that Israel is where Christ will return and build a new temple, a fallacy of the greatest distortion for Christ did come and the Jews rejected Him. Father points out St. Paul's words that all are one in Christ Jesus, there is no more Jew or Gentile. Yet those, who subscribe to the wages of sin, which Paul asserts in today's Epistle "are death", do not realize the Temple is in Heaven for Christ has conquered death and sin. Because the Jews and so many others, including many unsuspecting Novus Ordinarians, reject Him and all His Truths as well as the only Church He established until the end of time, they are rotten trees that will wither and will be thrown into the everlasting fire as Jesus affirms in today's Gospel from St. Matthew on the ravening wolves in sheep's clothing and how we will know them: "By their fruits." Since there are no good and everlasting fruits over the past 50 years, all the things those who work for humanistic goals -including all the conciliar popes who, in syncretic fashion, encourage false and pagan religions to pray for world peace to their gods on man's terms - are in vain for how can they attain the Kingdom of Heaven if they will not acknowledge Christ as King here on earth? Father pulls no punches in his hard-hitting sermon this week. "And I saw no temple therein"

We begin our individual Tributes to this year's inductees into the prestigious TOWER OF TRENT HALL OF HONOR. We begin with one who was the last chosen but he was the first born - early in the 19th century no less, two centuries after his fellow Frenchman whose feast we celebrate today - Saint Vincent de Paul. The man we honor today with the Tower of Trent Trophy was a link to all that preceded him and those today who strive to preserve the traditions from the Traditional Latin Mass and the Propers of the Mass for the One-year Cycle which Holy Mother Church in her wisdom assigned for the welfare of the faithful. He is the venerable Benedictine Abbot of the Solesmes Abbey in France, whose inspiration and work practically single-handedly restored Gregorian Chant and provided the inspirational work that is considered the Summa of the Roman Liturgy - the fifteen-volume 7400 page The Liturgical Year. He was counselor to Popes Gregory XVI and Pius IX, and his work Mémoire sur L'Immaculée Conception served as the blueprint for Pius' Papal Bull Ineffabilis Deus declaring the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. From the ashes of the French Revolution, this Heaven-sent Abbot resurrected the Benedictine Order where today the Congregation of Solesmes stands as the international center of Gregorian Chant. His work, eschewed by the conciliar church which has embraced the three-year cycle and watered down or altered the doctrines, has been embraced in recent years by Traditional Catholics everywhere for he has provided a treasure of the Canticles of Eternity. We salute posthumously and pay tribute this week to Abbe Dom Prosper Louis Pascal Gueranger

The Straight Stuff
Griff Ruby provides the third installment of his series The Way Back to the Mainstream as he concentrates on why Catholicism has something false religions cannot provide because, when push comes to shove, most people are looking for stability and sensibility to what life really means. There is only one Church which provides the answers and once Traditional Catholics stop sniping at each other, the path will be cleared to welcome many into Christ's True Church for everyday Modernist Rome is proving it is no longer Catholic. When our friends in the Novus Ordo finally are given the grace to realize this, when Protestants can no longer justify the errors of their origins, will we be ready to accommodate them? To answer their questions? To save their souls? Or will we Traditional Catholics still be bickering over petty things that don't amount to a hill of beans when salvation is at stake? It's the Mass. the sacred Priesthood, and the infrangible doctrines taught for nearly 2000 years. Griff explains how the stability of Doctrine and the Traditional Latin Mass are the unifying points. If we pray, we can be ready for the rush, but only if we are united in purpose as he points out in his column The Appeal of Catholicism and Hindrance Number 1.
Gabriel's Clarion
Gabriel Garnica returns with a theme based on the second-hand smoke theory. While that may or may not remain a theory, another second-hand smoke is no theory and that is the second-hand smoke of satan that manifests itself in something called "Second-hand Catholicism" which takes away the absolute substance and replaces the infrangible truths of Catholicism with a saccharine semblance of 'Catholicism' that is totally foreign to all that was taught up to 1958. Especially over the last 40 years this devastating second-hand smoke has been wafting up, choking and infecting countless millions, not so much affecting lungs, but souls. The smoke of satan has slithered in and penetrated every aspect of the Church where the only way to not be contaminated is by donning the anti-contamination 'suits' of Traditional Catholicism and remaining in the state of Sanctifying Grace. Only in this way can one avoid the terrible, harmful and devastating effects of this sinister smoke unleashed at Vatican II. "Second-hand Catholicism" Is Dangerous to Your Eternal Salvation.
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Sixth Sunday After Pentecost, he focuses on today's Epistle from St. Paul to the Romans in which the Apostle to the Gentiles reminds us of what is necessary to have eternal life. We must be crucified with Christ for there can be no victory without the Cross, no resurrection of the body unless we die to sin and shroud our souls in the white linen of sanctifying grace. Those who persist in altering the Commandments to meet their instant gratifications or wayward thinking that man can reach Heaven outside of Holy Mother Church are in for a big surprise come Judgment time when our Lord will say, 'depart from me, you workers of iniquity, for I know ye not.' Father reminds us of what St. Peter admonished in his very first sermon 'save yourselves from this perverse generation' and perverse man has become because he has not paid heed to Peter's other words about the wiles of the devil who goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour. Those not wanting to be the next meal for this mangy beast would do well to heed the words of Sacred Scripture and learn; something the conciliar church has refused to do in continuing down the course of no return in promoting universal salvation. Woe be to them as Father points out in his sermon in which he echoes St. Peter's words recorded by St. Luke to "save yourselves from" "This Perverse Generation"
Doctors of the Church
Today is the Traditional Double Feast of The Seraphic Doctor Saint Bonaventure, and, as part of our "gems from the past" for our Summer Mode Issues we bring you our profiles on this holy twenty-third Doctor in our completed chronological series on the Doctors of the Church. Bonaventure was a man full of "good fortune" from his earliest years. Humility was his virtue; his role model was St. Francis of Asissi, the holy founder who named him. He followed this man, continuing the ideals of the Franciscans, guiding them during turbulent times when growing pains created problems in the ranks and with various ecclesial authorities opposed to the Friars Minor. This Universal Doctor was one of the first saintly Cardinals of the Church. He was close friends with "The Angelic Doctor" St. Thomas Aquinas and the saintly king of France King Louis IX. He was the architect of the 2nd Council of Lyons and, fittingly, was called home by God immediately following completion of the Council. His work done on earth but continued through his writings and example; so much so that Saint Bonaventure is known as The Seraphic Doctor.
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Fifth Sunday After Pentecost, he focuses on today's Gospel in which our Lord reminds His disciples how important it is to heed the Lord thy God and not be as the Scribes and Pharisees. In the Gospel for the Fifth Sunday Jesus also speaks of being reconciled with thy brother. But at what cost, Father asks, to deny what Christ has taught? Never! But that is exactly what the current occupant of the Chair of Peter indicates in his constant heresy that the Jewish religion that rejected the Messias can still be saved by waiting for another to come and not only that, but there is no need now for them to convert as Christ commanded in Mark 16: 15-16 and Matthew 28: 19-20. Thus we have the conciliar compromise that carries so many Catholics further into apostasy. Benedict, who should be a Scripture scholar considering his background, seems to forget the curses in Leviticus which Father reminds and the correlation to the Book of the Apocalypse. Pray for those who have been deceived, pray the Offertory prayer today that says "I will bless the Lord, Who hath given me understanding." In these times we see history repeating itself for the God of Justice and Mercy has withdrawn His graces because a withered branch has no life, the salt has lost its savor, and thanks to the global apostasy of those who were once Catholic, as Father explains in his sermon, the conciliar church, the Newchurch of Vatican II is, like the Jews, A Branch Cut Off
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, which this year is superseded by the Feast of the Visitation, he focuses on this joyful mystery when Elizabeth immediately recognized Mary as Theotokos - the Greek word for Bearer of God. Thus she is the Mother of God. Even the child in Elizabeth's womb recognized this truth - having been granted the grace to identify God even before both were physically born. More proof of the fact that life begins at conception and that abortion during any part of the pregnancy cycle is murder. What greater attribute to motherhood than these two holy women with child embracing in all Christian love and fidelity? Father shares the truth of Sacred Scripture passages and the teachings of several saints who confirm the importance of the Visitation in affirming Mary as Theotokos and our heavenly Mother as well. Father refutes through these holy saints those who do not follow what Christ wills, those who dismiss Mary as a Catholic fable or think Mary is not necessary for salvation. She is very necessary as Father points out in his sermon. Theotokos, the God-Bearer
Faithful to Tradition
John Gregory continues his series on the Joyful Mysteries leading up to Christmastide. Today he delves into the Visitation and the magnificence of not only the Babe in Mary's womb, but the one in Elizabeth's womb - the one who leapt with joy: St. John the Baptist. John points out the purity of this moment and how the devil mocks it by enslaving man to abortion and rape. John then relates how scripturally Mary's visitation corresponds with David the Prophet, from whose House of lineage Jesus would come. John lays out the correlating verses of scripture from 2 Kings 6 and Luke 1, then, in the fashion of wrapping a package for the Christ Child for His Birthday, John ties it all in a beautiful bow as God intended by showing the correlation of the first book of the Old Testament (Genesis 3) with the last book of the New Testament (Apocalypse 12). He illustrates the role of the man, the woman, the serpent and the angel in salvation history with the man child Jesus Christ - the New Adam, the woman as the Blessed Virgin Mary - the New Eve, the serpent as the dragon which is the devil and the angel which is both Gabriel and Michael. For John's fascinating meditation, see The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation.

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