DAILY CATHOLIC for November 17
volume 8, no. 32   
November 17, 1997

Rome Responds!
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Following up the last issue on the announcement of the document released by the Vatican last week regarding Instructions on the Laity's Role in regarding assisting the Priests, we begin you today, and each day until its completion, the entire document which should greatly effect each parish in the United States as far as curtailing abuses that have grown to epic proportions during Holy Mass on Sundays in respect to lay ministers taking over the altar and taking away from the importance and sacred character of the celebrant. We thus begin: INSTRUCTION on Certain Questions regarding the Collaboration of the Non-ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of Priest, unanimously approved by the Holy Father and all eight Curial congregations. Vatican Web Since this is regarding lay persons, we are suspending our analysis by Dr. Joseph Bagiackas for the time being in order to bring you the entire 37-page document in short installments daily. Click on THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS For the entire document, you can go to the Vatican City site

A Virtual Village of Variety!
CatholiCity web site

In our Significant Site of the Week we feature probably one of the most clever sites in all web-Catholicdom: CatholiCity which offers a variety of features that not only enhances one's Catholicity, but encourages exploring other Catholic sites. There is a definite sense of unity and the true purpose of evangelizing on the net at this site. Click on Venturing into a Virtual City for Catholics: CatholiCity

Jesus provides the answer in and for our hearts!
In Father Stephen Valenta, OFM Conv.'s column HEARTS TO HEART TALK this week, he focuses on the main reason we are able to pray with the heart and get out of the head: Jesus Christ Who, by the Word becoming Flesh enabled us to better understand how to journey from the head to the heart. Click on The Journey from the Head to the Heart part eight.
Baptism is the Beginning!
Since this wonderful Sacrament, which officially ushers us into the life of the Church as Christians - Catholics - entitled to the gift of grace and eternal life promised by God, usually begins shortly after birth, we begin our capsules on the Sacraments with Baptism, taking a few capsule paragraphs each day from the new Catechism of the Catholic Church and the old, but still very applicable Baltimore Catechism so all can better digest what Holy Mother Church teaches concerning the great graces inherent in the Sacraments, a true mark of our faith. Click on Catechism Capsules for the first installment on Baptism.
Hungry for a female role model?
How about St. Elizabeth of Hungary?
Today is the feast of a courageous woman Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, a thirteenth century wife, mother and religious who is an ideal role model for all married women and religious as well for she embodied all the qualities of Mother Teresa while possessing the youth and vibrance of Princess Diana. The story of Saint Elizabeth and the readings for the Mass today as well as the readings and vignettes to prepare all for tomorrow's Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the trio celebration of Ordinary Time, the Dedication of Sts. Peter and Paul Basilicas, and the feast of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne can all be found when you click on today's LITURGY OF THE DAY
The prayer today is taken from the Opening Prayer of the Mass today:
Father, you helped Elizabeth of Hungary to recognize and honor Christ in the poor of this world. Let her prayers help us to serve our brothers and sisters in time of trouble and need.

Medjugorje Monthly Message
October 25th Message
The Gospa Dear children: Also, today I am with you and I call all of you to renew yourselves by living my messages. Little children, may prayer be life for you and may you be an example to others. Little children, I desire for you to become carriers of Peace and of God's Joy to today's world without peace. That is why, little children, pray, pray, pray! I am with you and I bless you with my motherly peace. Thank you for having responded to my call!
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Synod Journal For synod delegate Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk's weekly comments on the Synod of America presently underway in Rome, click on the icon here.

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with a Catholic slant
    Bishops' Synod of America Opens with Special Mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II
        The much-anticipated meeting of North and South American Bishops got underway yesterday at St. Peter's Basilica with a pontifical Mass welcoming the nearly 300 participating Bishops. Many items are on the agenda for the synod meetings that will conclude on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - December 12. The most important crisis will be to assess ways to persuade Catholics to practice their faith more and dissuade them from defecting to other faiths. click on Synod to read more.
    Tentative Schedule released for Pope's Pilgrimage to Cuba as Vatican Reps meet with Castro in Cuba
        Paving the way for the Papal Trip to Cuba in January, Vatican officials met with Fidel Castro in Havana late last week to finalize plans for the Holy Father's itinerary before releasing a tentative schedule during the two days the supreme pontiff will be on this tiny Catholic, yet communist island for the first time ever. Click on Cuba to read more.
    When at St. Peter's, Pop in! It's the real thing!
       It may not be a consecrated structure, but it is concentrated and "the real thing!" The sizzling news around Rome is the fizz about a huge replica of St. Peter's Basilica, complete with dome, made entirely out of aluminum soda pop cans. 40 charitable volunteers are going for the Guiness record with their creation. They are hoping their cola-sal efforts will not only draw the attention of countless on-lookers, but the Pope as well when they publicly display the unique structure on Saturday, December 6 in Rome. Click on Soda Pop to read more.

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"When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband, entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize. She brings him good and not evil, all the days of her life."

Proverbs 31: 10-12

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