DAILY CATHOLIC for November 1,2
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November 1-2, 1997
volume 8, no. 21

   With this issue we    begin going daily    Monday thru Friday
   The Solemnity of All Saints and the Feast of All Souls marks a new chapter in the CATHOLIC-INTERNET NETWORK's efforts to evangelize not only to more but more often...much more often. For more on the changes, click on the editorial in Catholic Pewpoint. The transition from 25 issues a year to 250 represents a massive 1000% increase and promises to deliver timely news and comprehensive, innovative, and inspiring features, articles, columns, on-going series, vignettes, shorts, and much more that one can get immediately. This front page outlines what's inside the first issue of theDAILY CATHOLIC.
Church TriumphantChurch SufferingCommunion of Saints Liturgy brings this weekend alive!

The Liturgical readings for the Solemnity of All Saints and the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed can be found by Clicking on
LITURGY with background and history of the feasts along with links to the complete readings and commentaries for the weekend in addition to another feature: Click onPrayer & Devotionsection to find special prayers this weekend that can be said throughout the year for the souls in Purgatory and here on earth.

Sister Mary Lucy Astuto tells how Purgatory can be pretty scary and it's not something dreamed up!Sister Lucy
In her first column for the DAILY CATHOLIC, Sister Mary Lucy Astuto, a regular for many years to A Call To Peace, reveals how dreams of Heaven can turn into nightmares if we are not ready when the time comes. Read her story in her weekly column Getting to the Heart of the Matter. Click on "My Nightmares and Purgatory".

Vatican WebAll Roads lead to Rome!
We kick off our Site of the Day with the top Catholic site worldwide: the Vatican Web Site. For a review of this site click on Site of the Day to see all the Holy See offers in many different languages.

Cyndi CainShhhhh! If you listen very carefully you'll hear God's voice now
Cyndi Cain reflects on the Psalm "Today if you hear His voice, harden not your hearts." and reminds us that if we truly listen we can always hear God, thus establishing an unlimited two-way connection with the Almighty that can do wonders for the caller on earth. Cyndi's reflection is contained in the feature "COME UNTO ME" Click on to read her fifth reflection entitled "Are you listening to God's voice? He's speaking to you right now."

New FeatureCatechism Capsules on a Daily Basis

Catechism Capsules is a new feature that will highlight a paragraph from the relatively new Catechism of the Catholic Church as well as the old Baltimore Catechism which is still relevant today. While the Catechism continues to be the best seller, too often once it's brought home, it only collects dust. We're going to shake off the dust and give readers a very small dose to digest each day of the week. Click on
Catechism Capsules to help usher in this new feature Monday through Friday. It's vital for all Catholics to better understand our faith and the importance of living our lives to the fullest as good Catholics. The timely first topic: Purgatory.

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with a Catholic slant

    A Fatal Fetus and a Feted Fetus
       On opposite sides of the coast of America two rulings were handed down yesterday that served as a paradox to the right of the fetus. Click on Fetus to read more.

    Woman elected as Irish President...but it's not Dana
       The Irish singer Dana, long featured on EWTN and a staunch Roman Catholic lost out to Mary McAleese yesterday in the election for the presidency of Ireland. For more on the first woman from Northern Ireland to win election, click on Ireland to read more.

    Chinese Premier backed into a red corner
       Vatican news agency Fides reported Thursday that Communist leaders in Beijing finally released Roman Catholic Bishop Shu Zhimin from prison. His release coincided with the visit to America of Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, a hardliner whose religious rights violations are being held under a magnifying glass for all the world to see. To read more on Bishop Zhimin's release and the events leading to his arrest, click on China.

    Nothing for Nothing SacredFather Ray
       The controversial television drama carried by ABC (Always Bashing Catholics) about a modern Catholic priest in parish life entitled Nothing Sacred has been stuck at the very bottom of the ratings, wallowing as one of the lowest network shows airing this fall. This week, however, it will not be rated near the bottom for the first time. To find out the reason click on Nothing Sacred.

"The plans of the just are legitimate; the designs of the wicked are deceitful."
Proverbs 12: 5

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November 1-2, 1997       volume 8, no. 21
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