DAILY CATHOLIC for November 1,2

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vol, 8
no. 21

Nothing for Nothing Sacred

   The bold and outright outrageous move by the American Broadcasting Company and its parent firm the Walt Disney Corporation to attempt to foist on the American public a totally negative and modern Catholic Church is meeting with not only opposition from the Catholic League, a growing number of sponsors. and outraged viewers, but also apathy. Languishing at the bottom of the all-important Nielsen ratings ever since it debuted this fall, it has never ranked higher than 82nd overall.

   For five weeks this abominable excuse for drama has wallowed in the basement. But that string will be broken this week; not because it will rise in its rankings but because it was pre-empted. And what pre-empted this program? Why the movie "Village of the Damned." That's appropriate for Disney and ABC seem to be stuck in their own village of the damned with their blatant attacks on morals and religion with their promotion of the blasphemous and vulgar movies Priests and Kids, as well as promoting homosexuality by canonizing the program Ellen which came out of the closet and into the dumper last spring with the outward promotion of the gay theme. ABC has been under such pressure recently from religious groups and outraged viewers that they have had to backtrack somewhat and make sure viewers know the material is offensive, much to the consternation of their new goddess Ellen Degenres - often called Degenerate for outwardly promoting an immoral and unnatural lifestyle. She makes no bones about her crusade to convert every child she can to the thinking that homosexuality is perfectly natural. Ah, how close we are to Sodom and Gomorrah...in fact even worse than those pitiful cities!

   ABC and Disney have contributed greatly to this decline, but they're not alone. The rest of the networks are not much better, nor the media as a whole, nor the advertisers who promote immorality and ammorality in many, many products reeking with greed and lust. Priests and bishops must share some of the blame as well because they have remained silent when their position as leaders of the flock cried out for justice and to speak out for all that Jesus and His beloved Church teach. These parties have all contributed to the confusion and decline of morality. Is it any wonder why so many Catholics and even priests and bishops think Father Ray's role personifies what a priest should be - one who doubts his faith, has little respect for the Hierarchy, Teachings, Doctrines, Dogmas and Traditions of the Church and hasn't got a clue to the true meaning of the Sacraments!?! Pressure is on from the radical liberal modernists within the Church to keep this show on the air, but ABC is also under pressure to produce high-rated programs and Nothing Sacred is not filling the bill in their coffers. Look for it to be dropped soon, as pre-empting a show is the first sign there's trouble in river city. After all, when it comes to the question of ABC's own twisted principals and principles and the object of making more money...greed will win out everytime. Their worldly objectives are nothing in the eyes of God, and they have proven it with Nothing Sacred.

November 1-2, 1997       volume 8, no. 21

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