DAILY CATHOLIC    WEDNESDAY     June 2, 1999     vol. 10, no. 106


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     Today we present two vignettes to introduce our June Gems. One is a humorous one that presents more of our popular oxymorons as we brought you last year. The second is more of a medatative nature. With graduation and prom nights here, this is a short poem reminding us not to rush through life but stop and smell the roses and enjoy the slow dance in life's prom. The first "More Moronic Oxymorons" was submitted by via e-mail by BF and the second, "Don't rush the Slow Dance at Life's Prom" was e-mailed by LG. .

More moronic oxymorons

  • Act naturally
  • Found missing
  • Resident alien
  • Advanced BASIC
  • Genuine imitation
  • Airline food
  • Good grief
  • Same difference
  • Almost exactly
  • Government organization
  • Sanitary landfill
  • Alone together
  • Legally drunk
  • Silent scream
  • British fashion
  • Living dead
  • Small crowd
  • Business ethics
  • Soft rock
  • Butt head
  • Military intelligence
  • Software documentation
  • New York culture
  • Extinct life
  • Sweet sorrow
  • Childproof
  • "Now, then..."
  • Synthetic natural gas
  • Mature teenager
  • Passive aggression
  • Taped live
  • Clearly misunderstood
  • Peace force
  • New classic
  • Temporary tax increase
  • French bravery
  • Plastic glasses
  • Terribly pleased
  • Computer security
  • Political science
  • Tight slacks
  • Definite maybe
  • Pretty ugly
  • Twelve-ounce pound cake
  • Diet ice cream
  • Rap music
  • Working vacation
  • Exact estimate
  • Christian Science

    And the NUMBER ONE Top Oxymoron...

    Microsoft Works!

Don't rush the Slow Dance at Life's Prom

      Have you ever watched kids
      on a merry-go-round
      or listened to the rain
      slapping on the ground?

      Ever followed a butterfly's
      erratic flight
      or gazed at the sun into the
      fading night?

      You better slow down
      Don't dance so fast
      Time is short
      The music won't last

      Do you run through each day
      on the fly?
      When you ask "How are you?"
      do you hear the reply?

      When the day is done,
      do you lie in your bed
      With the next hundred chores
      running through your head?

      You better slow down
      Don't dance so fast
      Time is short
      The music won't last

      Ever told your child,
      We'll do it tomorrow
      And in your haste,
      not see his sorrow?

      Ever lost touch,
      Let a good friendship die
      'Cause you never had time
      to call and say "Hi"?

      You'd better slow down
      Don't dance so fast
      Time is short
      The music won't last

      When you run so fast to get
      You miss half the fun of getting

      When you worry and hurry through
      your day,
      it is like an unopened gift...
      Thrown away...

      Life is not a race.
      Do take it slower
      Hear the music
      Before the song is over.

June 2, 1999       volume 10, no. 106


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