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          Because of the urgency of the internet in this high-tech society we want to be fresh with the most recent news on the Church today. Plus, we want to give our readers everything they need, but not all at once. With nearly ten million visits from around the world since we went on line on All Saints Day in 1997, we have discovered through extensive research, that by going daily we are indeed able to fulfill our readers needs while striving to provide even more in bringing souls closer to Jesus and His Blessed Mother Mary. We have shortened the contents in each issue to accommodate the busy schedule of browsers.

    Each day of the week during the Jubilee Year 2000 we feature:

  • NEWS & VIEWS of the Day - taken from the most well-respected and accurate international Catholic news sources and today's headlines. We will report events of the day from a Catholic perspective

  • LITURGY OF THE DAY - including links to the readings and commentaries of the day, vignettes on the saint or feast for that day and preparations for Daily Mass the following day

  • The MONTHLY MEDJUGORJE MESSAGE plus the essence of the messages Our Lady has been imparting for over 17 years at Medjugorje.

  • The DAILY WORD - words to live by and "fast food" for thought

  • PRAYERS & DEVOTION for the Day - it might just be a simple prayer or a novena but all prayers are vital

  • MILLENNIUM MILESTONE TIME CAPSULES Providing time capsule events that happened today which were pertinent in Church History.

  • SIMPLY SHEEN Brilliant daily quotes to ponder from one of the wisest Catholic communicators that ever lived, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

    In addition, we are alternating features and columns each day to give the reader a well-rounded Catholic publication that keeps them up-to-date as well as informed on important issues that affect their Catholic faith. Thus, we put a week's worth of issues on-line every Thursday night to cover from Friday through the following Thursday. This way one can access an issue ahead of time, or if you miss one or two issues, easily backtrack to catch up. The following days of the week will carry these features, articles and columns:

  • CATHOLIC PewPOINT - Every Friday in the main issue for the week you'll find an editorial commentary on something pertaining to the Church or world events from a Catholic perspective from the editor of the DAILY CATHOLIC.

  • Pat Ludwa's VIEW FROM THE PEW Solid, orthodox common sense and simple apologetics from an informed layman's point of view on the Church today and her teachings.

  • SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING Soul-searching words from Cyndi Cain pertinent to better understanding how to carry our own individual crosses. This column will normally run in every Tuesday providing the Holy Spirit so inspires her.

  • Exspectans exspectavibus "Ecclesia Dei" - Articles on the Tradition of the Latin Mass in accordance with the Holy Father's motu proprio "Ecclesia Dei"

  • Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! - Pro-life physician writes on the pro-life venue politically and morally each Wednesday.

  • FAITH IN THE FAMILY A Weekly column by Joe and Jane Dalton, a dedicated, staunch Catholic family from the heartland who also are in charge of Pro Life Communications.

  • APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH A Weekly feature uncovering the precious treasures of the Church's great Deposit of Faith in simple, solid doctrine.

  • CHRIST OR CHAOS - Every Friday you'll find another excellent column from nationally renowned author Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D..

  • GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER - Practical advice on Catholicity from Sister Mary Lucy Astuto in her very popular column.

  • AT ONE WITH GOD: Charism of Conjugal Love - Every Saturday we will bring you another lesson for spouses and parents by Michael and Cyndi Cain. This series is based on Church documents, teachings and Sacred Scripture and holds the keys to reestablishing the Sanctity of Life through the Family. This series began on the weekend of the Jubilee of Families.

  • THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS - Installments on recent audiences, homilies, addresses, Encyclicals, Apostolic Letters, Exhortations, Papal Bulls, Ad limina talks or decrees by his Holiness Pope John Paul II.

    IN ADDITION, We will be providing these other periodic features:

    • MITERS THAT MATTER Articles or documents from a bevy of the loyal bishops of the Church on matters of the Church that are pertinent to all.

    • "FATHER, FORGIVE THEM..." The full title is based on Luke 23: 34 in which we provide articles alerting readers to abuses that are not in accordance with the will of Holy Mother Church.

    • ECCLESIAL ECHOES Important articles that are informational as well as thought-provoking and practical from the Catholic Dispatch.

    • THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH - acclaimed account of the struggles and triumphs of the Roman Catholic Church over the centuries that gives one a better perspective of Christ's promise. (Note: This series is in hiatus because until the editor can find additional web help to afford time to write this in-depth series. Presently there are 106 installments available in archives covering from the Last Supper to the Reformation.]

    • 2000 YEAR VOYAGE ON THE BARQUE OF PETER - on-going abridged series on the history of the Roman Catholic Church over two millenniums.

    • WHERE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH IS HEADING IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM? - on-going megaseries that touches on vital issues in the Church today (Note: This series is in hiatus for the same reasons given for THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH]

       We think you'll be excited about the DAILY CATHOLIC and ask you to tell others (who have access to the internet) to check us out.

    See why so many Catholics count on The DAILY CATHOLIC for inspiration and information.

       The task and the costs are not easy and we humbly ask those who believe in what we are doing here to consider the possibility of helping us and BE AN ANGEL by contributing what you can to help us continue this ministry. It is the only source of income for this apostolate and no one affiliated with The DAILY CATHOLIC receives a salary of any kind. All work, all articles are contributed as labors of love.

       The DAILY CATHOLIC serves as the flagship periodical of MIR-A-CALL CENTER the DAILY CATHOLIC will continue to live up to the plaudits of A Call To Peace which was published in print for seven years from 1990 to 1997.

        On the Solemnity of All Saints in 1997 we introduced the first daily publication for Catholics anywhere in existence in print or on the net and, after three years it continues to be regarded as an acclaimed orthodox Roman Catholic publication that balances the perspective of the world today with Scripture, Dogma, Doctrine, Traditions and Teachings of Holy Mother Church. Day in and day out you will find dynamic, inspiring on-going series, articles and columns on issues today, events in Church history, catechesis, apologetics, devotions, liturgy, Marian apparitions, Pope John Paul II, and more by respected writers and religious. Everything Catholics need to know is in the DAILY CATHOLIC . Since going on line well over 18 million from over 140 countries have visited DAILY CATHOLIC and returned often, many on a daily basis after that because they like what they see and have come to trust The DAILY CATHOLIC. Hopefully you will, too.

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