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Traditional Catholic Sermons
This is an excellent audio site where you have the benefit of listening to recent sermons by the most dynamic and sincere consecrated orators of the traditional movement including Bishop Daniel Dolan, Bishop Donald Sanborn, Bishop Mark Pivarunas CMRI, Father Anthony Cekada, Fr. Kevin Vaillancourt, Fr. Casimir Puskorius CMRI, Fr. Benedict Hughes CMRI, Father Martin Stepanich OFM, STD, and those of the late Father Roy Randolph. Hear the unadulterated Catholic truth at this site dedicated to Our Lady of Good Success.
This is the official site of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen, featuring the dedicated priests, brothers and nuns who are committed to upholding the same zeal and devotion their shepherd Bishop Mark Pivarunas' exhibits in his motto "My life for my sheep." Featured here are not only pastoral letters from His Excellency, but links to CMRI parishes and missions as well as a library of the excellent quarterly The Reign of Mary.
This site features recent articles on a myriad of topics by Bishop Daniel Dolan, Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada all committed to the Traditional Latin Mass, the traditional Roman Catholic Faith, and resistance to the grave errors of Vatican II in not only educating and waking up fence-sitting Catholics, but fostering vocations to the traditional Catholic priesthood for without dedicated, holy priests the faithful will not have the sacraments. In their articles they show clearly that those ordained or made bishop after 1969 are not consecrated and therefore null and void.
Catholic Restoration
Related to the above, this site further reflects on Catholic documentation as to the inherent heresies that developed during and after the Second Vatican Council with pertinent articles by the many notable Catholics today. In addition, Bishop Donald Sanborn features an excellent comprehensive Traditional Catholic Homeschooling Program for grades Kindergarten through 12th grade at a very, very reasonable tuition cost in order to impart and solidify true Catholic values and the faith in homes to offset the world, the flesh and the devil.
The Aquinas Site
Australia's John Lane's The Aquinas site has long been considered one of the most prominent sedevacantist sites as far as resources are concerned, and he provides a thesaurus of articles including the most comprehensive compendium of Papal Decrees from Pope Honorius III in 1227 through His Holiness Pope Pius XII. John provides a comprehensive section on Catholic Doctrine, and the complete Codex Iuris Canonici of 1918 in its original Latin. A Latin scholar, John has translated many of the Papal Documents into English for the benefit of readers.
The Catholic Voice
This is the official site of the Society of Traditional Roman Catholics and the source for PDF copies of the excellent publication The Catholic Voice edited by Father Kevin Vaillancourt. There are over 40 past issues available on-line as well as how to subscribe to current and future issues of this cutting edge quarterly, a must for Traditional Catholics, and information on how one can acquire the coveted Pro Multis pin to wear proudly as a loyal Catholic and what it entails.
Griff Ruby, regular contributing writer for The Daily Catholic with his "Straight Stuff" and author of the magnificent work The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church, provides not only chapters of his book on his pages at, but provides an excellent compendium of Catholic resources in his on-line library as well as pertinent responses in a section titled Questions, Objections and Myths Regarding the Traditional Catholic Movement. In addition he provides various other pages that better clarify what is meant by "Where the Church is, there is Peter."
The Catholic Mom
This is a practical site organized by Denise Trias for Traditional Catholic mothers striving to impart the Faith in their children. She offers a myriad of topics and links to things that are both important and helpful to today's mom in raising truly Catholic children in these times when they are so ravaged by the world, the flesh and the devil. Our Catholic moms are the hope for the restoration of the Church through their offspring, our leaders of tomorrow.
Traditional Catholic Apologetics
Traditional Catholic Apologetics has over 7000 ready replies for many of the most common questions on Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Paganism and Communism. Keeping in perspective infrangible Catholic Truth, this site provides a plethora of treasures including an invaluable and most helpful Apologetics Concordance for the Douay-Rheims Bible and claims it is the largest Catholic resource on the internet for information about the errors and changes found in the Protestant Bibles, such as the King James Version and the New International Version.
Society of St. Pius V Site
This is the official site for the Society of Saint Pius V with articles by Bishop Clarence Kelly on Feeneyism, the errors of Vatican II and the new "mass" as well as a statement of purpose in a time of crisis. What is unique about this site is the link to its radio station WFTS - "Workshop For The Soul" which broadcasts at and can be heard on the web live from 7 am to 9 pm daily including daily Mass as well as the Rosary and topics discussed by various SSPV priests.
Catholic Insight
"Catholic Insight" keeps its pulse on the heartbeat of the Traditional movement, illustrating how youthful scholars like Mario Derksen can contribute so greatly to the cause. His compact site offers essays and apologetics, introspective and perspective in upholding the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church with links to other excellent articles in providing true Catholic Insight.
No Crisis in the Church?
This is the title of the new book by Simon Galloway which can be previewed at from New Olive Press. It contains a side-by-side indictment of the Modernists with factual quotes by previous reliable Popes and Councils vs. the Modernist "popes" and "hierarchy" of the conciliar church.
MAETA Publishers
Traditional Catholic publishing company producing books, videos, CDs, and audio tapes on a variety of topics of interest to Traditional Catholics and Catholics who are confused by the inconsistencies in the post-conciliar Church. They specialize in works by by Father Paul Trinchard, a disciple of the late great Fr. Vincent Miceli.
Christ or Chaos Site
Outstanding, poignant columns by Dr. Thomas Droleskey at his site. Tom is the most prolific Catholic writer in the world today. Period! We strongly recommend his writings for no one applies Catholic truth and the decrees of the true Popes to today's situation better than Dr. Droleskey who has compiled a huge archive of past articles.
One of the best sources for Traditional Catholics, Father Moderator keeps the faithful abreast daily with feedback and comments of all that is happening in the Church - good and bad. Here also is a list of Latin Masses throughout the country.
Biblical Foundations International
This site organized by the outstanding orator and apologist Gerry Matatics is dedicated to "uncompromisingly defending the traditional Catholic Faith in an age of apostasy." This tireless crusader for the Catholic cause who will debate all comers anywhere publishes his exhaustive itinerary of his "Mega Tour" here as well as a catalog of his poignant talks available, talks and arguments that have been effective in converting many to the cause in his "Hard Truth" Editorials.

The Four Marks
This site is the source for subscribing to the new print publication "The Four Marks" which features noted writers on Catholic truth and is dedicated to identifying the four indelible marks of the Roman Catholic Church - attributes definitely missing in the conciliar church of Vatican II - in striving for unity in the truth, throughout history and in all places that may best mark our path to the protective arms of Holy Mother Church."
Writings of Dr. Coomaraswamy
This site is dedicated to the excellent, landmark works of the late Dr. Rama Coomaraswamy who passed away in 2006. Many of the writings of this esteemed author of "The Problems With The New Mass" and other notable books, are posted here including his long correspondence with Mother Teresa of Calcutta which are proof positive of her confusion and the fact she wasn't even Catholic, let alone a candidate for canonization by the True Church of Rome.
Tradition In Action
"Tradition In Action" depicts the magnificent statue of Charlemagne conquering the enemies of Holy Mother Church in recalling the majesty of the times when Christ was recognized as the Supreme King above all others. This website anchors all of the magnificent works of Atila Sinke Guimar„es and Dr. Marian Therese Horvat, as well as the source for their many excellent books and tapes available.
Traditional Single Catholics
Here you have the opportunity to find the right soul mate to help keep your own soul on the right path. Traditional Catholic singles can post a free profile, and begin meeting other Traditional Catholic singles from around the country. With a full membership, one is able to privately email and chat with other members and post on clean Message Boards. Traditional Catholic Singles is a community of Traditional Catholics who continue to pray that the Traditional Latin Mass and Catholic Faith will be made available to all for the salvation of souls.
The Seraph
This site operated by the Traditional Order of the Friars Minor under the auspices of Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM indicates how you can subscribe to their monthly publication The Seraph which also features on-line previous monthly issues from November 2000 dating back to January 1996. Also available are sermons for every Sunday of the liturgical year in addition to a special Children's Page which features the Traditional Catechism and Prayers to help parents in educating their children. This site is also formatted in Spanish as well as English.
Catholic Document Library
The Society of St. Pius X provides a thorough library of Catholic documents at the site including the SiSiNoNo series, sermons and articles by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and pertinent articles on Catholic Morality, and much more at this most comprehensive of all SSPX sites available.
Roman Catholic Faithful
Long a thorn in the side of wayward, deceitful bishops, Stephen Brady provides verification of the wolves in shepherds' clothing so the faithful will be aware of the subterfuge, scandal and cover-ups and demand the rascals be chased out.
Guild of the Sacred Heart

Child abuse, and especially satanic ritual abuse is everywhere in every city and affects families and communities. Despite all the medical and mental facilities available, there really is only place to go and that is the Refuge of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Those who are hurting need only knock and He will open His Heart to those with sincere and repentant hearts. The Guild of the Sacred Heart provides prayers, encouragement and guidance links for dealing with these trials and tribulations afflicting so many in these times.
Novus Ordo Watch
In any revolution it's vital to know what the enemy is doing, and "Novus Ordo Watch" serves as the spy, providing intelligence information to the Traditional troops on the front line to know what the enemy of Holy Mother Church is plotting in hopes those trying to defend the post-Conciliar Church will wake up in time to realize they're fighting on the wrong side.
The monthly publication Catholic Family News, under the supervision of editor John Vennari, should be at the top of every Catholic family's list. However, due to the compromising association with Fr. Gruner and his fence-sitting position as to how a heretic can consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart, it loses some credibility and yet offers many wonderful devotional articles that we recommend. Catholic Family News balances the use of the Faith while exposing the abuses of the Faith so all Catholics will recognize the revolution for what it is and tread carefully, including, hopefully the editorial staff.
The Remnant
The first of Traditional publications, The Remnant was the first to recognize that there were no fruits from Vatican II. While in the past we strongly recommended Michael Matt's biweekly publication as a barometer of what is happening in the Remnant Church - the True Church, the fence-sitting attitude is becoming a routine at The Remnant and, because of contradicting itself in several articles in the same issue, has lost the lustre it enjoyed for so many years. Yet there are still are still some good articles available.

    Tower of Trent Hall of Honor

    We respectfully ask, if you can find it in your heart, to please

    Deciphering the Difference between the True Church and the conciliar church

        If you want to read a book that traces the history of the Church and effectively puts the lie to the blasphemies in not only The Da Vinci Code but in the bigger scandal known as the conciLIAR church of Vatican II, then we cannot recommend strongly enough the excellent book by Fathers Dominic and Francisco Radecki, CMRI entitled Tumultuous Times. Reading this clear, uncompromising masterpiece will easily enable you to refute whatever Da Vinci Code enthusiasts will twist, as well as debunk all the novelties and innovations and heresies that have evolved from Vatican II. The Da Vinci Code is bad, but the false, One World Order conciliar church is worst. Far worse! These two traditional Catholic priests lay out the history of the Church through all the Councils and devote the second part of the book to showing the vast difference between the True Catholic Church and the conciliar church of Vatican II. A Must Read for every Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Next to Bishop Lavoire Morrow's My Catholic Faith this is the most thorough, yet simply put work on the Catholic Faith for all ages. Tumultuous Times

    Tracing the Traditional Movement

    In the thirteenth century, Christ asked a simple Friar from Assisi to 'Rebuild My Church;' today Our Lord has used many other vehicles for conveying the same thing. Griff L. Ruby's magnificent "The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church" is an excellent practical instrument to begin the process of rebuilding so that the tree will once again grow stronger, taller and fuller, bearing abundant fruits for the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of countless souls. We encourage you also to read our review of his book BOOK REVIEW of The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church A Guide to the Traditional Catholic Movement.

    A Must Read!

    to order this book click here Few scholars have the thorough acumen to trace and document the why, what, when, where, how and who as Atila has done in his marvelous Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? collection which, book by book, exposes the the massive, murky mess that has been created as a result of the Vatican II agenda. His latest book above Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia is key to understanding the purpose and rationale of those who would twist the Sacred Deposit of the Faith to accommodate sin and who must be exposed and eradicated for the welfare of Holy Mother Church. It is a must read in order to alert all to how deep the rot goes and why the scandal in America was really only the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you also to read Gary Morella's review of Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia.

    The Apocalyptic Answer for our times!
    Find out these questions: What really is happening to the Catholic Church? Who is behind it? As Father Paul Kramer confirms, we are truly living in the most sinful era in history, worse than the days of Noah? No one on this earth is exempt from the chastisement about to befall us if the Catholic Church does not obey the Fatima Message very soon. This does affect YOU, your life, your family, your freedom and your salvation NOW! The esteemed Dr. David Allen White says, "Every Catholic who loves Holy Mother Church and who has suffered with Her in recent decades must read this book which offers a clear but alarming vision of where we are, how we got there, and where we are going." This is a book you can't afford not to read! You can order at The Devil's Final Battle

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