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June 16, 1999
Eleventh Wednesday in Ordinary Time


Continue to Pray for Peace in Kosovo
DAY 7 of the Peace Plan
As the Serb troops withdraw from Kosovo and peacekeeping troops move into place, please continue your prayers that charity, mercy and prudence will prevail and this peace can be lasting. Only through prayer can the peace process be proven.
WEDNESDAY     vol. 10, no. 116      June 16, 1999
   Flu derails Holy Father's schedule
Pope in PolandPolish flag     In our continuing coverage of the Holy Father's historic eighth return to his native homeland and the longest singular trip in his twenty-year pontificate, we present a special section providing the latest in-depth stories on the Pope's papal pilgrimage from the major Catholic news services covering the Vicar of Christ. Today the Pope continues to recuperate as the influenza could cut short his pilgrimage since all appointments and appearances have been canceled. For more, click on THE POPE IN POLAND

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This Day in Church History

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Medjugorje Monthly Message

Countdown to the Millennium

    Today is the Eleventh Wednesday in Ordinary Time whiel tomorrow is the Eleventh Thursday in Ordinary Time. For the readings, liturgies and meditations, click on DAILY LITURGY.

Events in Church History
Saint Joan of Arc
    On this date in 1456 Pope Callixtus III lifted the heresy charges that had been levied on Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans twenty five years ago by the French and British bishops for political reasons. The 209th successor of Peter had appointed a special court to investigate the charges and found them ill-founded, thus freeing Joan of the stigma. Yet her canonization process would be delayed for centuries until 1920 when Pope Benedict XV elevated her to sanctity. w For other pertinent events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history today, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

Year of God the Father
198 and counting,
hoping and praying...

"But when you pray, go into your room, and closing the door, pray to your Father in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you."
Matthew 6: 6

Medjugorje Monthly Message for MAY 25th
The Gospa's message for May     Dear children! Also today I call you to convert and to more firmly believe in God. Children, you seek peace and pray in different ways, but you have not yet given your hearts to God for Him to fill them with His love. So, I am with you to teach you and to bring you closer to the love of God. If you love God above all else, it will be easy for you to pray and to open your hearts to Him. Thank you for having responded to my call. For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE AND MORE


  • The one hundred fifth installment of our on-going feature series on the Church today with WHERE IS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HEADING AS WE NEAR THE MILLENNIUM?

  • A layman's perspective on the Church today in Pat Ludwa's column VIEW FROM THE PEW

  • Daily Coverage of the Holy Father's pilgrimage to Poland in the POPE IN POLAND

  • Time Capsules in Church History with MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES focusing on June 17th.

  • Messages 559 and 560 in "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

  • DAILY LITURGY for the Eleventh Thursday and Friday in Ordinary Time.

  • Words of wisdom from Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in SIMPLY SHEEN

  • ...and much more in our 117th issue for 1999!

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  • Cardinal Pio Laghi - photo from Inside the VaticanFormer Apostolic Delegate to the United States Cardinal Pio Laghi continues to head up the Congregation for Catholic Education
       Today we feature our sixty-third red hat in alphabetical order. He is the 75 year-old Slovakian prelate Cardinal Jan Chryzostom Korec, S.J. who spent nearly half of his life under Communist suppression. Arrested twice for his faith, he was a bishop in secret for 39 years. When Communism fell in Eastern Europe it opened the door for his bishopric to become public knowledge and the many years of hardship in hardlabor paid off with him being chosen for the cardinalate in the Consistory of June 28, 1991. For more on this Prince of the Church from Slovakia, click on COLLEGE OF CARDINALS COLLECTION

  • Serbian Orthodox Church calls for Milosevic to step aside now

  • Hong Kong Cardinal risks life and limb by calling Chinese government on the carpet for wrongs as leader of Tiananmen Square uprising lashes out against communists as well

  • Tiny, impoverished Bangladesh leads the way globally in vocations proving the beatitude "Blessed are the Poor"

  • With Poland trip winding down, under-the-weather Pontiff sets sights on Eastern Churches

    These stories and more: featured in today's NEWS & VIEWS below.

  • The Gregorian Era gives new life to the Church
    60. Pope Pelagius 61. Pope John III62. Pope Benedict I63. Pope St. Pelagius III 64. Pope St. Gregory the Great
    The keys of the kingdom     We continue with the abridged History of the Mass and Holy Mother Church over a 2000 year span called 2000 YEAR VOYAGE ON THE BARQUE OF PETER. Today we bring you the second half of the sixth century covering the time leading up to Pope Saint Gregory the Great as the Church and Italy bond to fend off the Byzantine threat, the Lombard invasion and the plague. For Installment fifteen, click on BARQUE OF PETER

        Food for Thought Appeteasers    
    Swinging for a Hole in One can be a diamond in the rough
        With summer upon us it's a golfers paradise and so we bring some good natured fun about golfing and the aficionado weekend golfers known as duffers. If you like playing the links, you'll love these for you should relate. Both clearly show that often some weekend hackers (and we don't mean the computer types) haven't got a clue when they're on the links. Surely you've met some of these types while waiting patiently to play through. Enjoy and go for the birdies! Fore! For these golf vignettes entitled Murphy's Law of Golf and The Duffer's IQ, click on JUNE GEMS: FOOD FOR THOUGHT APPETEASERS

    Famous quotes of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen God can turn failure into success
        They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

    "A successful life can be a spoiled life if it is summed up in 'I made millions.' A spoiled life, on the contrary, need not be a hopeless life. Failures if properly accepted can lead to true success. Abraham Lincoln was defeated for every public office until he was elected President. Einstein was expelled from a school in Munich because he showed no interest in his studies and later failed to pass his test for a polytechnic school. A cross seen as the Will of God leads to an Easter Sunday."

    Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary Sacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus "O, how I long to draw you into the Refuge of My Sacred Heart! How I long to pour out My Divine Mercy upon the world, that you may be given True Light to guide you on the path of salvation."
        Those words come from Our Lord on October 30, 1994 in which Jesus imparted to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart in Message #558 the necessity for all His children to take refuge in His Most Sacred Heart for the Mercy is almost at an end and then the Justice will pour forth. Jesus reminds all that He wants to pour out His Mercy to all but so few are willing to accept it. He warns that the tribulations will touch everyone and that the only safe place will be in the Refuge of His Heart which will help ignite the fire to allow His Blessed Mother's Heart to triumph when it is least expected. Mary prefaces her Divine Son's Message two days prior on the Feast of Saints Simon and Jude paraphrasing everything Christ says and reinforcing to her little ones the signs of the End Times and for all to take note of them and return to her Son. For Messages #557 and #558, click on "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

    Worldwide Catholic NewsWORLDWIDE
    with a Catholic slant provided by
    Catholic World News Service
    and Noticias Eclesiales Church News
    and ZENIT International News Agency
      Serbian Orthodox Church to Milosevic: "Resign immediately!"
          We said yesterday in our editorial that the only way to get rid of Slobodan Milosevic is not by NATO but by his own people and a Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church has begun the process for just that scenario by openly and unanimously calling for the Serbian strongman's immediate resignation as a way to renew peace and bring back dignity to the region and the Serbian people. For more, click on Demand for Milosevic to step down.

      Hong Kong's Cardinal and Tiananmen Square Leader raise wrath of Chinese officials with criticism of government suppression
      Republic of China flagCardinal John the Baptist Wu - photo from Inside the Vatican     Regardless of the repercussion, China's Cardinal John the Baptist Wu felt it was necessary to speak out strongly against the Chinese government regarding residency laws in Hong Kong because recent expulsions threaten even more Chinese who have the right to residency in China's largest city that was turned over last year by the British. Cardinal Wu's comments in his Pastoral Letter were mild compared to one of the leaders of the Tianenmen Square uprising ten years ago. He claims there was more freedom then than there is now. For more, click on China persecution.

      Blessed are the Poor, especially in Bangladesh where the fruits are manifesting themselves in vocations
          "By their fruits you shall know them." That is the scriptural passage that comes to mind when one thinks of vocations in one of the poorest nations of the world - Bangladesh. Here in this poverty-stricken country more vocations have come from one seminary percentage-wise than any other seminary in the world. The plethora of vocations in this country is another sign of how the Church is prospering in this southeast Asian country. For more, click on Bangladesh vocations .

      Pope still planning on visiting sick Patriarch in Armenia if his own health holds up; also extends invite to Romanian Patriarch.
          Pending the Holy Father's physical condition, he will fly into Erevan, Armenia Friday morning marking the closest a Roman Pontiff has ever come to Moscow and the vast empire of Russia. He will be there on a mercy mission to see his friend Catholicos I Karekin who has throat cancer but the Pope is also interested in bringing reconciliation with the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Orthodox Church, which is another reason he has invited the Romanian Patariarch to visit the Vatican. For more, see Eastern Churches

    For more headlines and articles, we suggest you go to the Catholic World News site at the CWN home page and Church News at Noticias Eclesiales and the Dossiers, features and Daily Dispatches from ZENIT International News Agency CWN, NE and ZENIT are not affiliated with the Daily CATHOLIC, but provide this service via e-mail to the Daily CATHOLIC Monday through Friday.

        Today, in place of our SITE OF THE DAY, we feature in our palette of information the office which Cardinal Pio Laghi heads up for he is featured in our COLLEGE OF CARDINALS COLLECTION today. He is currently President of the Congregation for Catholic Education which oversees Seminaries and Institutes of Study. 1988. This Congregation's work had previously been carried on by two other congregations formed by Pope Sixtus V in 1588 and Pope Leo XII in 1824. On November 4, 1915 the title of Congregation for Seminaries and Universities and functions were defined by Pope Benedict XV and upgraded by succeeding pontiffs Pope Pius XI in 1931 and 1932, and Pope Pius XII in 1941 and again in 1949 when Pius extended the Congregation's functions. In 1967 Pope Paul VI changed its title to its current status and Pope John Paul II set up its present responsibilities on June 28, This Curial Office supervises competence over institutions and works of Catholic education for seminaries and Catholic institutions both religious and secular. Taken from 1999 Catholic Almanac, Our Sunday Visitor. For more we recommend going to the Vatican page on this Curial Congregation at Congregation for Catholic Education.

    June 16, 1999       volume 10, no. 116
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