July 21, '99

ADVOCATE DECK:    PORTS O' CALL LINKS on the Seas of Evangelization  
Just scroll to the right and, as you do, you'll see the following categories for easy navigation. Once you find the category you want, just scroll down. Links are all alphabetical. Remember, once you leave the good ship S.S. DAILY CATHOLIC and cruise towards other ports we're relatively sure you'll find safe harbor, but we can't always be responsible for what ports you may find yourself in or their content, or the obstacles you might encounter on the rough seas ahead while navigating to your destination...especially as we enlarge our Ports o' Call section. However, to aid you in your quest, we provide the compass to the left to guide you safely back to www.DailyCatholic.org. God speed and good sailing.

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Catholic Resources, Links & Megasites
A thru C

  • Ala Padre Catholic Corner

  • Baltimore Catechism

  • Bethlehem/Palestine Progress Site

  • Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • Catechism of Trent


  • Catholic Encyclopedia

  • Catholic Files

  • Catholic Goldmine

  • Catholic Information Center on Internet

  • Catholic Information Network

  • Catholicism in Poland

  • Catholic Internet Directory

  • Catholic Kiosk

  • Catholic Life

  • Catholic Links

  • The Catholic Liturgical Library

  • Catholic Online

  • Catholic Resource Directory

  • Catholic and Christian Resources on the Internet

  • Catholic Suite 101.com

  • Catholinks by Moxo

  • Christian Art and Scholasticism by Maritain

  • Christus Rex

  • City of God Site

  • Clearlight Catholic Home Page

  • Crisis on line

  • Catholic Resources, Links & Megasites
    D thru Z

  • Dmoz Search

  • End Times

  • Eye Doctor's Site

  • Find Your Faith

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fr. Gant's Jubilee 2000 SOLT site

  • Gospel Truth

  • Hail, Mary! Titles of Our Lady

  • Hermanoleon Catholic ClipArt

  • Immaculate Mediatrix On-line

  • Marianland Library

  • NET Mininstries


  • Our Lady's Warriors Site

  • Passionist Research Center

  • PetersNet

  • Pope John Paul II

  • Profeta Catholic Search Engine

  • Psalm40 Home Page

  • Saints' Stories and 10,000 names

  • St. Boniface Center for Internet Evangelization

  • St. John Fisher Forum

  • Suite 101

  • The Catholic American

  • Tribulation and Warnings

  • Catholic Resources, Links & Megasites

    Lay & Non-Profit Organizations
    A thru H

  • Alpha for Catholics

  • Aquinas Fellowship

  • Art for the Catholic Restoration

  • Brothers and Sisters of Penance

  • Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

  • Catholics United for Life

  • Catholic Youth Online

  • Christian Life Movement

  • Christophers

  • Coming Home Network

  • Couple to Couple League

  • Divine Mercy Foundation

  • Gospel Truth Catholic Ministries

  • Holy Land Foundation

  • Lay & Non-Profit Organizations
    K thru Z


  • K of C Council 1393 (Westminster, MD)

  • K of C Council 5011 (Fairbanks, AK)

  • K of C Council 9022 (La Costa, CA)

  • Kolbenet

  • Interlupe

  • 101 Foundation

  • Legion of Mary

  • Lifeteen

  • Mariannhill Missionaries in South Africa

  • Mary's Disciples for Jesus

  • Old Catholic Church

  • Resurrection House of Prayer

  • Romani International, Inc.

  • Roman Mass Page

  • Society of St. Yves

  • St. Michael Cyberspace Monastery

  • St. Peter's Catholic Youth of Northern Calif

  • Watersedge Healing Ministry

  • Youth 2000 in New York

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    July 21, '99