Countdown to
Jubilee 2000

154 - 153 - 152 days
and counting, hoping and praying...

Year of the Father

Year Three:

The Year of God the Father

The Author of Jubilee 2000 is the Creator of the earth Countdown to Official Vatican logo for Jubilee

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Special Prayer to the Father as taught by the Son
      Our Father, Who art in Heaven
      Hallowed be Thy name;
      Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done
      on earth as it is in Heaven.
      Give us this day our daily bread
      and forgive us our trespasses
      as we forgive those who trespass against us.
      And lead us not into temptation
      but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Below is the Prayer for Year Three for 1999 authorized by the Holy Father
Special Prayer to God the Father
      Blessed are You, Lord, Father in Heaven,
      Who, in Your infinite mercy, stooped down to us in our distress
      and gave us Jesus, Your Son, born of a woman,
      to be our Savior and friend, our brother and redeemer.

      We thank You, good Father, for the gift of the Jubilee Year;
      make it a time of favor for us, the year of a great return to the Father's house,
      where, full of love, You await Your straying children to embrace them
      in Your forgiveness and welcome them to Your table, in their festive garments.

      We praise You, Father, forever! Father, most merciful,
      during this Holy Year may our love for You and for our neighbor grow ever stronger:
      may Christ's disciples promote justice and peace;
      may they proclaim the Good News to the poor;
      and may the Church our Mother direct her love especially to the little ones and the neglected.

      We praise You, Father, forever! Father of Justice,
      may the Great Jubilee be the fitting time for all Catholics
      to rediscover the joy of living by Your word and obeying Your will;
      may they know the goodness of fraternal communion,
      as they break bread together and praise You in hymns and inspired songs.

      We praise You, Father, forever! Father, rich in mercy,
      may the holy Jubilee be a time of openness, of dialogue and encounter,
      among all who believe in Christ and with the followers of other religions:
      in Your immense love, be bountiful in mercy to all.

      We praise You, Father, forever! O God, Almighty Father,
      as we make our way to You, our ultimate destiny,
      may all Your children experience the gentle company of Mary most holy,
      image of purest love, whom You chose to be Mother of Christ and Mother of the Church.

      We praise You, Father, forever! To You, Father of life,
      eternal source of all that is, highest good and everlasting light,
      be honor and glory, praise and thanksgiving,
      with the Son and with the Spirit, for ages unending. Amen.

      Special Prayer to the
      Holy Spirit authorized by the Holy Father for 1998
          Holy Spirit, most welcome guest of our hearts,
          reveal to us the profound meaning of the Great Jubilee
          and prepare our hearts to celebrate it with faith,
          in the hope which does not disappoint,
          in the love which seeks nothing in return.

          Spirit of truth, you who search the depths of God,
          memory and prophecy in the Church,
          lead mankind to recognize in Jesus of Nazareth
          the Lord of glory, the Saviour of the world,
          the supreme fulfilment of history.

          Come, Spirit of love and peace!

          Creator Spirit, hidden builder of the Kingdom,
          by the power of your saints guide the Church
          to cross with courage the threshold of the new millennium
          and to carry to the coming generations
          the light of the Word who brings salvation.

          Spirit of holiness, divine breath which moves the universe,
          come and renew the face of the earth.
          Awaken in Christians a desire for full unity,
          that they may be for the world an effective sign and instrument
          of intimate union with God and of the unity of the whole human race.

          Come, Spirit of love and peace!

          Spirit of communion, soul and strength of the Church,
          grant that wealth of charisms and ministries
          may contribute to the unity of the Body of Christ;
          grant that laity, consecrated persons and ordained ministers
          may work together in harmony to build the one Kingdom of God.

          Spirit of consolation, unfailing source of joy and peace,
          inspire solidarity with the poor,
          grant the sick the strength they need,
          pour our trust and hope upon those experiencing trials,
          awaken in all hearts a commitment to a better future.

          Come, Spirit of love and peace!

          Spirit of wisdom, inspiration of minds and hearts,
          direct science and technology
          to the service of life, justice and peace.
          Render fruitful our dialogue with the followers of other religions,
          lead the different cultures to appreciate the values of the Gospel.

          Spirit of life, by whose power the Word was made flesh
          in the womb of the Virgin Mary, the woman of attentive silence,
          make us docile to the promptings of your love
          and ever ready to accept the signs of the times
          which you place along the paths of history.

          Come, Spirit of love and peace!

          To you, Spirit of love,
          with the Almighty Father and the Only-Begotten Son,
          be praise, honour and glory
          for ever and ever. Amen

      Countdown to JUBILEE 2000

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