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  • Tuesday            October 8, 2002            volume 13, no. 111
    Double Feast of Saint Bridget of Sweden
    October is Respect Life Month and the Month of Mary and the Holy Rosary
    Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith!
    St. Bridget of Sweden

    O Lord our God, Who through Thine only-begotten Son didst reveal Heavenly secrets to blessed Bridget: grant through her loving intercession, that we, Thy servants, may rejoice with gladness at the revelation of Thine everlasting glory. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

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    The Germs of G.I.R.M.
    Today we bring you part fifty-two of Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's well-received, thought-provoking series on G.I.R.M. warfare as he continues analyzing and commenting on the ambiguity and errors in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal and the ICEL operatives who have contributed to promulgating this atrocity. He provides rock-solid reasons why everything is so relativistic and why novelty reigns supreme among a gullible "people of God" who, because they themselves are tepid in their knowledge of the Faith, cannot recognize a Lukewarm Liturgy.

    White Smoke, Black Fire!
    Today we resume our on-line novel series that we've had on hiatus during the summer. Gleaned from the daily headlines and Sacred Scripture, "White Smoke, Black Fire!" deals with how the followers of the Anti-Christ, through political cunning, compromise and media manipulation, try to wrest control from within the Vatican after the world witnesses on global TV the assassination of John Paul II's successor and other religious leaders during a One Eucharist One World Religion event staged at the birthplace of Abraham in the Tigris-Euphrates valley in Iraq. We are now at the fourth day after that tragic event as the world mourns and trembles at what will be next. Hundreds of thousands file into St. Peter's to pay their respect to the papal bier lying in state. Yet the real pope, unbeknownst to all but Swiss Guard Riage Benziger, struggles for life as he lays in a coma in a dank secret corridor of old Castel Sant'Angelo, while across town American journalist Pat Gallagher is dealing with his own monsters in a nightmare right out of hell as you'll see in Chapter Eight, Episode Four

    Liturgy of the Saints
    Today is the Double Feast of Saint Bridget of Sweden, born in 1303 and who, after being widowed, became a religious and, as an Abbess, founded an order of nuns in Sweden. She was blessed throughout her life to receive Heavenly visits from Jesus and His Blessed Mother. Her greatest joy was meditating upon the Passion of Christ for which she was given the Fifteen Promises from Our Lord. Prayer sustained her until her happy death at the age of 70, surrounded by her sisters of the cloth, when she was able to share in the glory of the Cross: the Resurrection. For more, see Saint Bridget of Sweden.

    The Rosary of Mary: our most powerful weapon. October is Our Lady's month, the month of the Holy Rosary. It is also the month we remember her victory for all of Christendom at Lepanto and the 85th Anniversary of the final apparition at Fatima, the day the sun danced. Truly October is Our Lady's time, the month of the Holy Rosary. Pray for the unborn and that abortion will not be compromised by the political expediency of the times where misguided prelates mistakenly join the Death Penalty with the Abortion issue. The Catholic Church condemns abortion, not capital punishment. Pray that the flocks will not be further deceived. Click on the Rosary button to recite the full Rosary in either English or Latin.

    For the 15 Promises to those who recite Mary's Holy Rosary, see PROMISES OF THE ROSARY

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    Traditional Priest Needed for Latin Mass in beautiful, scenic SW Missouri Branson Lakes area.

    During this Respect Life Month, we urge you to pray and campaign for true Pro-Life candidates who place the abortion issue as paramount. For incumbants who lack the qualities of moral conviction to uphold Christ's teachings and Laws, we provide HEROD'S HEROES

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    October 8, 2002
    volume 13, no. 111
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