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November 4, 2002
Volume 13, no. 128
Within the Octave
Semi-Double of Feast of Saint Charles Borrromeo, Archbishop of Milan and staunch promoter of Trent
and the Traditional Feast ofthe holy martyrs Saints Vitalis and Agricola

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November is the Month of the Communion of Saints. The first day is dedicated to the Church Triumphant (All Saints), the second to the Church Suffering (All Souls); the rest of the month and year is up to us - the Church Militant - to do our part.
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In his sermon for the 24th Sunday After Pentecost, taken from the Fourth Sunday After Epiphany, Father Louis Campbell speaks of the divinity of Christ. It was Peter, the first Pope, who first acknowledged Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God. For only One such as this could calm the seas and the winds. The winds of heresy and the seas of novelty need to be calmed today for sadly the successor of Peter in these times - John Paul II - is afraid to rock the boat by acknowledging to Jew, Muslim, Hindu and the rest that Christ is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity - Three Persons - Father, Son and Holy Ghost - in One God. In shying away from the truths in favor of a pan-religious Pelagianism, it would seem the pope is afraid to offend the mind of man. Sadly the leaders of the post-conciliar Church shy away from their ultimate responsibity to uphold what St. Paul affirms in Hebrews 11: 6, "Without faith it is impossible to please God." That faith is contained only in the faith handed down by the Son of God; the only faith with the four indelible marks - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. No where in there is the word "Ecumenical" as Father emphasizes in his homily "What manner of man is this?".

Tomorrow you'll have the opportunity to uphold the Sanctity of Life.
Please, please VOTE FOR LIFE!!!
       Tomorrow Americans will elect 34 members of the U.S. Senate, all 435 members of the House of Representatives, some 36 governors and more than 6,000 state legislators! Loyal Catholics can make the difference!
        Remember, less than 530 votes in Florida decided the presidential race. Many key races are running TOO CLOSE TO CALL. Every vote counts because politicians and the media look at national trends to "spin" where our country is heading - either further away from God or returning to Him and His infrangible Law.
        Tell your friends and parishioners to VOTE FOR LIFE! Your encouragement could mean the difference in a friend voting -- and that vote could help decide a race in your state and ultimately even the outcome of a Congressional race! Remember, one Congressional district was one won by less than 90 votes - the turnout of an average church congregation.
        Please remember to lift up our nation in prayer as millions go to the polls. Follow the example of our nation's first President, who was visited by Our Lady and given a vision of what this nation would become. That is why George Washington urged Americans to...
        "...unite in most humbly offering our prayers
        and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler
        of Nations, and beseech render our
        national government a blessing to all the People."
        That great Lord and Ruler of Nations is Jesus Christ, our Sovereign King. Your vote will go a long way to helping reestablish the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ in the hearts of all Americans. Don't forget the most powerful weapon you have: the Most Holy Rosary. Pray it, and pray it often!
        Below are articles and the link to our special VOTE FOR LIFE page where you can find out the record of those candidates running in your area of the country. We also encourage you to go to Judie Brown's AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE site to understand a Catholic's responsibility before God in the voting booth. For these next two days we provide a special PRO LIFE SECTION for the Sanctity of Life where you can link directly to your state to find the pro-life candidates to vote for in your district before you go to the polls:
        If you vote pro-life, God bless you. If you do not study the candidate's voting record and stubbornly vote by Party and for a pro-abort candidate, then may God have mercy on your soul. There is no beating around the bush. Your life and the life of countless innocent unborns are on the line.
    Michael Cain, editor, The DAILY CATHOLIC

Christ or chaos
This article is scheduled to run in tomorrow's issue, but because of its importance with the election tomorrow, we are running it both days. In taking Father Frank Pavone and Priests For Life to task, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey asks how can this supposed beacon for pro-life - a priest who so many of the common Catholics rely on for how to vote - compromise his principles of Faith by encouraging voters to vote for the 'lesser of two evils'? Could he be a misguided puppet for the National Right to Life Committee which has already compromised so much? If one is grounded in Catholic Truth one can never compromise; if one is influenced by Modernism and the will to please man, well then one has already sold out! Tom holds nothing back in his uncompromising column Misrepresenting the Truth and Misleading the Faithful .

Tomorrow: The 'Catholic' vote is key to stopping the Holocaust in the Womb!

Pro Life Prescriptions
Exhausted and his heart bleeding over the senseless slaughter of the innocent unborn for nearly 30 years, Dr. Frank Joseph makes one, final impassioned plea to all Catholics to vote wisely tomorrow. Their own eternal salvation can depend on it. He shows, without a shadow of doubt, that the Democratic Party is in communion with the prince of darkness, has embraced the very evil that Saint Paul warn against in Ephesians 6: 12, "the Principalities and the Powers, against the world-rulers of darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness on high." Dr. Frank urges all to put on the armor of God at the ballot box tomorrow by considering one issue paramount to all other issues - the Sanctity of Life. Right now, other than heartfelt prayer, penance and sacrifice, it is the only human way we can do anything about the evil that pervades society today. We have the God-given ability and responsibility to change the climate of moral values. If we don't, we could find ourselves in a much, much hotter climate for eternity as he illustrates in his column Our Last Shot at Saving the Babies!

Election Reflections
With the issue of abortion as the primary, major and only issue as far as Catholics are concerned, Mario Derksen lays out exactly what every Catholic - regardless of their affiliation to a political party - MUST do! When it comes to any candidate, there is only one issue!!! You MUST vote for the one who is the most pro-life. If neither are, DON'T VOTE for either one! To vote for a known pro-abort candidate, whether you think so or not, is truly being an accomplice to murder. That is a mortal sin. If you don't believe so, read his article and see the obvious, graphic "Holocaust of the Womb" and ask yourself if you won't be held accountable to God for enabling such horror by your vote?!! Mario explains quite clearly and graphically honest in his feature "Election Reflections" which we invite you to read at his Catholic Insights site in his column Election Reflections
Pro Life Prescriptions
With the vote tomorrow, we urge you to read what Dr. Frank Joseph wrote several weeks ago in addressing an open, respectful, but uncompromising letter to the bishops of the United States. Whether they read it or not, the truths and consequences inherent in his column illustrate only too well how far our shepherds have fallen and why Roe v. Wade still rules the roost in America. In the spirit of St. Teresa of Avila, Dr. Frank gets down to basics and respectfully warns the bishops that if they don't alert their flocks to the imminent dangers of condoning terrorism in the womb by voting for pro-abort candidates, the everlasting terror of hell may await not only those who refuse to obey God's laws, but those who administer them as well. What good are the Canons and tenets of the Faith if those entrusted to uphold the unchangeable teachings of the Church are more fearful of offending the enemies of God rather than upholding God's holy laws? He lovingly, but firmly emphasizes to them that if they do not do something, "let the blood of the innocents be on your hands and heads." Strong words that are needed to roust these lackards off their duffs as he entreats the bishops to truly be the successors of the apostles in his column A Final Warning Plea to the Bishops

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