September 2002
vol 13, no. 105

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Traditional Priest Needed

    We are sending out notice that The DAILY CATHOLIC is looking for a Traditional priest who would be willing to relocate to the Branson Lakes area so more Catholics can rediscover their roots and share it with others, including their Protestant brethren. If there is a priest who is interested in being in on the ground floor of a Traditional renewal in the heart of America - a magnificent area with mild 4 seasons and the purity of God's natural wonders teeming with magnificent vistas, clean lakes, fresh air, mountain breezes, friendly neighbors and a place where family traditional values are valued - then please contact us at Editor or give us a call at 800-I-DO-PRAY.

   It is the ideal situation and vocation for a retired priest who longs to return to what he was weaned on - the Tridentine Mass. He will have the opportunity to not ony preach the Holy Catholic Faith as it was always meant to be taught, but administer the Sacraments as is his right as a priest forever according to the Order of Melchisedech. He will have the opportunity to be a pioneer in building a Traditional Chapel that will draw faithful Catholics from all over the area.

   There is also plenty of opportunity for fishing in one of the best bass fishing areas in the country on Table Rock Lake, which boasts of over 750 miles of shoreline and serpentines through the Mark Twain National Forest from the Dam in Branson connecting Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake in Southwest Missouri and part of Northwest Arkansas. It is a haven for holiness and happiness. Again, if this sounds like a great place to make peace with God and bring more souls back to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, then pray on it and contact us. For questions, please call 800-I-DO-PRAY or write:

      46 Hummingbird Lane
      Kimberling City, MO 65686.

   May the Good Lord and His Blessed Mother guide you to making the right decision and may the Holy Ghost inspire you to do what God is calling you to do whether it is with us or another Traditional community. There is a great need for the Latin Mass and the faithful are starving, so deprived from the Sacraments as administered for 1500 years until 1969.

September 2002
volume 13, no. 105
Traditional Priest Needed
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