FRIDAY: Double of the First Class Solemn Feast of All Saints HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION and FIRST FRIDAY

SATURDAY: Double Feast of All Souls Day - FIRST SATURDAY
SUNDAY: Semi-Double Feast of the 24th Sunday After Pentecost

November 1-3, 2002
Volume 13, no. 127
All Saints DayAll Soul's Day

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November is the Month of the Communion of Saints. The first day is dedicated to the Church Triumphant (All Saints), the second to the Church Suffering (All Souls); the rest of the month and year is up to us - the Church Militant - to do our part.

       Friday marks the fifth anniversary of The DAILY CATHOLIC being on-line, with over 40 million hits since the Solemnity of All Saints on November 1, 1997. Even over this past summer, with our four summer hiatus issues, we averaged 750,000 hits a month and now it's increasing daily. As an example, in October 1998 we had a total of 200,996 hits; that more than doubled in 1999 to 551,542, and escalated to 836,350 in 2000. In 2001, it dropped to 756,648 total hits for October. Keep in mind we had already announced our rejection of the "spirit of Vatican II" and totally embraced the Traditional stance. We were told neo-Catholics would abandon us in droves. Yes, we drove a few away for the number dropped by 79,702 last October. But we have a hunch the Holy Ghost is bringing many back because this October we had over one million hits. Now it's on to November and we want to be ready for our friends who are returning in droves. Thank you, God. While the numbers are impressive, the real bottom line is one soul at a time. If one out of a thousand is moved and his soul saved, then we have done all that God asks of us. Conversion can be contagious. Catch it and pass it on.
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        Thus, with our fifth anniversary we will celebrate by providing the reader with five sections in each issue. We are continuing to fine-tune so please be patient while we upgrade and streamline while still keeping the unique DAILY CATHOLIC look. We hope you find this revised format easier to follow and we are always open to any reasonable suggestions that will help others better KNOW THE FAITH IN ORDER TO KEEP THE FAITH in these times of great confusion and crisis. Our help is in the name of the Lord. Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini.
    Michael Cain, editor, The DAILY CATHOLIC

"Qui legit, intelligat"
In honor of this glorious Holy Day of Obligation when we honor the Church Triumphant, Father Louis Campbell presents a timely sermon on a variety of saints past, present and future. There is no one alive who cannot will to be a saint. There are countless examples of men and women from every walk of life who strove to become holier. He points out that we will never know how many are saints today until the final day when we see the wonders of Heaven illuminated by the countless stars of the saints. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our star was included in that magnificent gallery of lights? Father shows how that is not only plausible, but very, very possible. He also points out that in these times when humanism usurps godliness, and when the worth of a human life, created by the Almighty, becomes important only in the fallible expectations of man's mindset, that one of the ways to sainthood begins by doing all we can to protect the innocent unborn. Within those wombs could be countless future saints - still not bodily formed human beings - who will grow and nurture into responsible members of Christ's Mystical Body to carry on the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. This Father points out in his homily Called to be Saints.
Christ or chaos
This weekend Dr. Thomas Droleskey focuses on the day after All Saints Day, a day dedicated to the Church Suffering - the Poor Souls in Purgatory. Tom identifies the Four Last Things that everyone of us must face. Are we prepared to die? Tom briefly eulogizes several from this past year - most whom touched his heart through friendship and one - Walter Matt, who touched him of late with the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. The Church has always, up until Vatican II, emphasized the Four Last Thing. Everyone of us can better prepare by meditating on the Four Last Things and encouraging others to do so as well. For every single one of us, sooner or later, will have to deal with the Four Last Things. Isn't it better to do it while we are still on this earth? Tom emphasizes this in his column for All Souls Day Remember the Poor Souls Every Day.

This Tuesday you'll have the opportunity to uphold the Sanctity of Life. See our special Pro-Life Articles below:

Election Reflections
With the issue of abortion as the primary, major and only issue as far as Catholics are concerned, Mario Derksen lays out exactly what every Catholic - regardless of their affiliation to a political party - MUST do! When it comes to any candidate, there is only one issue!!! You MUST vote for the one who is the most pro-life. If neither are, DON'T VOTE for either one! To vote for a known pro-abort candidate, whether you think so or not, is truly being an accomplice to murder. That is a mortal sin. If you don't believe so, read his article and see the obvious, graphic "Holocaust of the Womb" and ask yourself if you won't be held accountable to God for enabling such horror by your vote?!! Mario explains quite clearly and graphically honest in his feature "Election Reflections" which we invite you to read at his Catholic Insights site in his column Election Reflections
Pro Life Prescriptions
Wednesday, Dr. Frank Joseph addressed an open letter to the bishops of the United States. Whether they read it or not, the truths and consequences inherent in his column illustrate only too well how far our shepherds have fallen and why Roe v. Wade still rules the roost in America. In the spirit of St. Teresa of Avila, Dr. Frank gets down to basics and respectfully warns the bishops that if they don't alert their flocks to the imminent dangers of condoning terrorism in the womb by voting for pro-abort candidates, the everlasting terror of hell may await not only those who refuse to obey God's laws, but those who administer them as well. What good are the Canons and tenets of the Faith if those entrusted to uphold the unchangeable teachings of the Church are more fearful of offending the enemies of God rather than upholding God's holy laws? He lovingly, but firmly emphasizes to them that if they do not do something, "let the blood of the innocents be on your hands and heads." Strong words that are needed to roust these lackards off their duffs as he entreats the bishops to truly be the successors of the apostles in his column A Final Warning Plea to the Bishops
To see WHICH PRO-LIFE CANDIDATES TO VOTE FOR, we strongly urge you to go to WE VOTE PRO LIFE!!!

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