January 14, 2002
volume 13, no. 6

Grab your Rosaries and Roman Missals and let's get St. Michael involved again!

If we don't take action soon, our rich traditions of Catholic culture and the True Faith will be engulfed by the growing tide of the bloody crimson moon which threatens to eclipse Roman Catholicism in favor of a One World Pan Religion

    Throughout the annals of history, the art of war has been to weaken the enemy at their most vulnerable point. That usually means separating and weakening the flanks, divide and conquer. Satan is a master at this strategy and, sadly, I must say he has succeeded beyond anyone's expectations over the past 40 years...or since the security to keep him out was lifted.

    I'm speaking of the powerful "Prayer to Saint Michael" which Pope Leo XIII composed after a vision he was given of how powerful the evil one was and what threatened the gates of Rome and the Keepers of the Keys. He realized the necessity for tightening security, going so far as to mandate that this prayer be said after every Mass as part of the Leonine Prayers for the preservation of the Church. They are still said today after every Tridentine Mass. Unfortunately, the 'fruits' of the reforms of Vatican II have squelched this 'most beautiful thing this side of Heaven' and the entire earth is scorched with the innovative, humanistic New World Order Mass that seeks to be tolerant of everyone and please man, while practically ignoring the sacrificial Lamb of God.

    While I could go on, my commentary today is not about the Mass of Paul VI per se, it is the tolerance and ecumenism spawned by said service that has led to the grave crisis in the Church and now in the world as the mask of the New World Order is coming off more and more.

    Ever since the First Protestant Reformation there has been a steady dose of anti-Catholicism. Such is the price for the Faith which refused to compromise to world standards. But then came another revolution, a necessary one in the minds of those hell-bent on destroying the Church. The French Revolution. But they couldn't accomplish all they had set out to do. If the 'enemy' were to have their way, they had to eliminate the one obstacle that stood in their way: the Holy Catholic Church of Rome. Try as they might, they could not penetrate the Vatican under Pope Pius IX, or Leo XIII, and especially during the glorious reign of one of the holiest Pontiffs ever - Pope Saint Pius X who did all in his power, even with World War I on the immediate horizon, of protecting Holy Mother Church from the demons of modernism. His landmark encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis was the strongest defense against laxity within the Church. To assure this he mandated that every ordained man must take the Oath Against Modernism, something that was sworn by every priest up through Pope Pius XII, whose encyclical Mediator Dei sought to firm up security against overtures of changing the Mass and relaxing disciplines.

    Enter the 'merchant of Venice' - erh, the Patriarch of Venice who did not return to St. Mark's Square after the Conclave of October, 1958. You see he stayed behind in Rome to be coronated Pope John XXIII. The enemy made its move when John, either naively or intentionally, ordered all those men -dangerous ones at that who Pius XII had censored and even exiled because of their modernistic, marxist and progressivist leanings and theology - to be released from such tight control and given free reign to wreak their havoc. It was John who appointed many as periti - influential 'experts' of the schematas for the Second Vatican Council. History reflects that he realized this grave error and sought to correct it, calling for the council to be stopped, but alas, it was too late for already the ecclesial freemasons had infiltrated the Curia. Within a few short years they would be in control and still are, helped by a man who championed the cry of the French Revolution - "liberty, equality and fraternity" as you will see documented in upcoming installments of Atila Guimar„es' enlightening series on the Universal Republic that begins in today's issue at The Universal Republic, an old Revolutionary Dream. That man was the 262nd successor of Peter - none other than Paul VI.

    As we have commented about so often, it was Paul VI who pointed out that 'satan had penetrated the sanctuary.' We have also commented that when you realize the tremendous damage Paul did, it is very possible that was a boast rather than a warning. The more one studies the machinations of this Pope the more one realizes that possibility. We know he was the architect of the Pact of Metz, which sold out to communism. We know he was the man who shut down all security by doing away with the Oath Against Modernism and the Prayer to St. Michael. We know Paul was the one who foisted his own Mass on the faithful - one, by its nature that would spawn a new religion, one quite adverse from the Roman Catholic Church of the first nineteen hundred plus years. For any devoted Catholic, those kind of credentials do not look good on a resume that includes being the universal shepherd - the Vicar of Christ.

    Though John planted the seeds of ecumenism, it was Paul who took it further and our present Pontiff John Paul II who is taking it to extremes. That may sound harsh. But when you consider how he has been a party to acceptance of the false religion of Islam - such as kissing the Koran and entering a mosque to pray - one has to challenge such scandalous behavior. It was an act which goes against the First Commandment for Allah is not the true God, but rather one of 300 pagan gods which gained superiority through a false prophet - Mohammed. The crescent moon which symbolizes the Muslim religion is taken from the pagan goddess al-ilah and Mohammed, the man who brainwashed Arabia and promulgated that women should be abused if they did not comply with man's every whim, was a polygamous cad who practiced pedophilia. Holy prophet? Think again. Yet, just recently our Holy Father stated plainly that followers of Islam and Christians have the same God. Come again? You and I know that is false, every Catholic knows that - or should. Yet here is the Vicar of Christ saying such aberrations all for the sake of ecumenism and tolerance. No time like the present to compromise. Please read in this coming Wednesday's issue what His Excellency Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen said about tolerance. That should help you better understand that the tolerance the Vatican is spouting today is in direct conflict with what the Church has always taught. Please read past conciliar documents from Nicaea through Vatican I to understand the anathemas being prescribed today. Please read Saint Paul's uncompromising words in Galatians 1: 8 and you'll better come to the same understanding to which we have arrived: something is wrong, seriously wrong!

    And folks, if you think things are bad now, check out your local school system. Here in California - once the seat of Catholicism in the west - Christianity has been sold out for the sake of tolerance. It's insane. It reminds us of G.K. Chesterton's prophetic words, "These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own." Did you realize that separation of Church and State only applies to those who are faithful to Jesus Christ? All others are free to practice openly, even flaunt their false religions and force others to accept them. They're already teaching the acceptance and tolerance of abortion, condoms, and sodomy in the school systems at the grade and high school levels. Another generation and not only will sodomy be...wait, if sodomy is that widespread, and condom sales go through the chart - you do the math: there might not be another generation. Either God will do an encore of Sodom and Gomorrah, or civilization will die out from AIDS because heterosexuality and the sacred institution of marriage will become passe, if not outlawed. Hey, it's a sin to smoke in California, but those championing that while promoting every moral abomination are in for a big surprise if they continue their amoral course: There are no 'no-smoking' signs in hell!

    Now that may seem ridiculous to many. But I ask you how ridiculous is the following? Did you know that teaching the tenets of Islam is now a mandatory course in the public school system in California? That's right. And guess what day the curriculum was launched. If you said September 11th, go to the head of the class, but be careful they don't indoctrinate you with the warm fuzzies about how great a man Mohammed was and how the religion of the infidel is the only true one. Oh, you won't hear about the negatives and drawbacks of the Islam creed - like the countless verses that foster worship to a god of war and preach intolerance for Christians as well as temporal treasures in paradise for acts that violate the Commandments given to Moses. You see, the One World Order is so on track that the manipulators have been able to infiltrate the school system with a text book that is the epitome of revisionist history.

    In a release from ASSIST News Service by Reverend Austin Miles, we discover that Houghton-Mifflin has published a text-book called Across the Centuries in which, under the cover of history and social studies, Christianity has been cleverly dismissed in favor of promoting the Koran and the Muslim way of life - right here in America, right after those of the Islam belief bragged about their evil deeds and took credit for annihilating over 3,000 innocents on a mid-September afternoon in New York, Washington D.C. and the terrain south of Pittsburgh. The textbook exalts Islam and dismisses Christianity as a myth or as misguided, such as the grave errors of the Crusades, Inquisition, the negatives of the Catholic Church as an institution that caused the 'intolerance' and stood in the way of Islam taking over the world. The Holy Father didn't help matters any by apologizing for these Church-launched campaigns which were formed solely to recover the sacred sites of the Holy Land and to preserve the Faith from heresies so rampant after the Reformation - heresies that today are even spouted by post-conciliarists as perfectly acceptable. Is satan having a field day or what!?

    The Reverend Miles challenges the textbook's abrasive fabrication of history.

    "What needs to be explained by the Houghton-Mifflin historians, is why Gabriel (which translates 'Man of God'), the archangel of both Christians and Jews, who was a part of all God's plan, who interpreted for Daniel the vision of the ram and the he-goat, and comforted him after his prayer with the prophecy of the 'seventy weeks' and who heralded the good tidings by declaring the coming of the predicted Messiah, would at that point in time and history, call on Mohammed, one who did not believe in Jehovah God or Jesus as the Son of God, and 'reveal' to him the words of the pagan god Allah to lead his people with. How's that again? It would be most interesting to have the Houghton-Mifflin experts explain what possessed Gabriel to turn on the God of Abraham and Jesus Christ to lend assistance to what would become a murderous cult with no regard for life, the very antithesis of Christianity. There is a deplorable lack of information here.

        "And too, the Book of Revelation [Apocalypse] clearly states that no words should be added or taken away from that book. So this in itself poses a major contradiction and problem. [Note the good reverend doesn't equate that five books from the approved Latin Vulgate translated by Saint Jerome, and commissioned at the Council of Trent as official, have been conveniently taken away from the book. That aside, this Protestant minister has a very good point about the grave dangers the infidel is promoting to American children --the vast majority Christian, right before parents and clerics' eyes.]

        "The faulty textbook, Across the Centuries, has more than its share of deceit. It is stated as fact that Islam, Judaism and Christianity share in common the belief in one god. This is a half-truth, which is the worst kind of lie. Christianity and Judaism worship one God, the God of Abraham. [Here the good reverend failed to mention the Blessed Trinity - Three Persons - Father, Son and Holy Ghost - in One.] Islam worships one god named Allah. This hook is misleading on the part of Houghton-Mifflin. The publisher apparently is attempting to legitimize Islam."

    But so, it would seem is His Holiness attempting to legitimize Islam by his pandering to the same half-truths all for the sake of ecumenism. The Pope, the legitimate successor of Peter, should be outraged at what the Muslims are doing in America and many other places. Was he not outraged as a Catholic to learn of their savagery during the Crusades when countless Christians were slaughtered - the same carnage that continues today in the Sudan, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Balkans, etc? Have we learned nothing from the wisdom of past Popes and saints like Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and Saint Thomas Aquinas, and recently the man who graced our family livingrooms throughout the fifties and early sixties - Bishop Sheen? Catholic historian and philosopher Hilaire Belloc was more a prophet than people gave him credit for when he predicted that Christianity would go into decline and that the greatest threat would come from Islamism. Oh, how right Chesterton - the 'Apostle of Common Sense' was when he stated, "There are those who hate Christianity and call their hatred an all-embracing love for all religions." Sound familiar? Can you say 'ecumenism'?

    And where are the Catholic bishops in California? Cowering out of fear, afraid to speak out for fear of being politically incorrect, afraid to offend anyone of the Islamic persuasion, anyone of the Protestant persuasion, Jewish persuasion, Hindu persuasion, Buddhist persuasion, Wiccan persuasion...any persuasion but their own flocks who they have abandoned by their failure to stand up for the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Again, Chesterton put it so aptly, "If someone doesn't stand for something, they'll fall for anything." He also said, "The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost." How many Catholics, how many priests, how many bishops realize our true Faith might be lost? Does the Pope realize this? If he does, then why is he pandering to the false religions? It doesn't compute does it? Something is wrong, seriously wrong.

    Yet few realize that, as the Pope plans his trip to Assisi to gather with leaders of false religions, Christian children - many, many of them Catholic - in middle public schools throughout the state of California are being taught to memorize 25 Islamic terms, six Arabic phrases, 20 Islamic Proverbs from the Koran along with the Five Pillars of 'Faith'; in addition to studying ten key Islamic prophets and disciples plus wage their own 'virtual' Jihad, make 'prayer rugs' and wear Muslim clothing to school as a class project, even taking a Muslim name to identify themselves. So now "John" or "Mary" - good Christian names - will be replaced by "Ali" or "Mustafa" or whatever. Oh, and they must chant, are you ready for this? - "Praise to Allah, Lord of Creation."

    Adolph Hitler was very successful in brainwashing the German youth into accepting the evils of genocide as good. Today's leaders nationally and internationally - from civic to religious - are no better by standing by silently as this atrocity takes place. One teacher who is appalled at this, stated "Can you imagine the barrage of lawsuits and problems we would have from the ACLU if Christianity were taught in public schools, and if we tried to teach about the contributions of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the Apostle Paul? But when it comes to furthering the Islamic religion in the public schools, there is not one word from the ACLU, People For the American Way, or anybody else. This is hypocrisy! This is not just a class of history of examining culture, this course is entirely too specific. It is more about indoctrination."

    So, who is going to stand up and say "Enough is enough!"? Not the ACLU, not Governor 'Gay-promoting Gray-out' Davis, not President Bush, not the Congress, not corporate America, surely not the masonic Illuminati. And sadly, neither the bishops or even the Pope will take a strong stand against these acts and actions that are clearly anathema. You see it wouldn't be politically correct. And so countless more souls are put in peril as each and every day evil is looked upon as something to be tolerated and accepted as 'good for society,' while virtue and good are only given lip service - even by the bishops and the Pope in their efforts to not offend non-Catholics.

    Sadly, in the process Catholics are no longer Catholic - either having compromised the principles of their faith in favor of pleasing their fellow man or totally lost their Faith to follow temporal goals that only lead to ruin, or these lost souls have latched onto the popular creed of the moment - which, as we can see, happens to be Islam. In the sixties and seventies it was Buddhism, now the crescent moon is replacing the 'fat guy.' They're all false gods - all to be shunned, not embraced. Yet the Keeper of the Keys is dangerously close to giving away the store with his ecumenical agenda that has, more than once by past councils and holy Pontiffs, been declared clearly as anathema! The attrition rate is alarming as Belloc's prophecy plays out right before our very eyes. Over 40 million innocents have been slaughtered in the womb and yet the genocide of the unborn continues unabated. Sodomy has multiplied to shocking numbers where it too is being taught to the youngsters as an 'alternative lifestyle' that is perfectly okay. Has the whole world gone mad? Yes, I fear so, and the post-conciliar church has played right into satan's hands by weakening the flanks and becoming very, very, very vulnerable by its fear of offending others.

    Could it be that the real fear the bishops don't express outwardly is that they would lose the temporal perks and treasures if they stood up as true successors of the Apostles? Could it be that they are in cahoots with the oil barons of both the Democratic and Republican parties - both influenced by the masonic agenda towards the One World Order? Or could it be that they really don't know what the Roman Catholic Church truly teaches? As shocking as that may sound, that would be the only justification before man for their action. If not, then they are purposely leading souls astray by having false gods before the Lord thy God. If that is the case, and their actions speak louder than words, then the post-conciliar church has joined the other factions who have broken away from the true Church of Rome and, consequently, become a new religion. I challenge anyone to provide proof otherwise. Be perfectly clear on this. We are not saying the chair is empty, we are not espousing sedevacantism, only that those who have occupied this hallowed 'chair of Peter' for the past 40 years have terribly and tragically mismanaged it. Again, if you don't agree, show us proof that we are wrong in our assessment. Realize too, Our Lord's emphatic words in Matthew 8: 15-23, and remember verses 18-20, "A good tree cannot yield bad fruit, neither can a bad tree yield good fruit. Every tree that yieldeth not good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them."

    Just as numerous NFL teams have done in firing their coaches because they didn't perform up to standards, so also the Church with their league of dioceses and dicasteries need to be weeded. The Pope could be equated to the commissioner. The buck stops with him. Like it or not, popular or not, the Pope needs to sack the sorry lot of prelates he has appointed and replace them with holy men the caliber and moral character of men emulating the virtues and ideals of the likes of Saint John Marie Vianney and Bishop Sheen - humble men whose only goal in life is to save souls. That means shocking them into reality. The reality being that hell is just around the corner for those who condone the aberrations that compromise the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. Padre Pio made that abundantly clear, as did the venerated Doctor of the Church Saint Athanasius. As the shepherds go, so go the flocks.

    Past Pontiffs like St. Pius V, Pio Nono, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Pope Pius XI, and Pius XII were not out to be popular or please the faithful. No they were out to ensure that, as humble servants of the servants of God they did not lead one soul astray. In war you have to do things you don't like. In war you can't please the troops. In war you have to be able to depend on not only the troops, but the field marshals and generals. That is why we are losing the war, folks. We have the ammo. The Blessed Virgin Mary has assured us that the Rosary is the most powerful weapon we have at our disposal. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as practiced for nearly 2000 years, is our strength. Yet, we have been weakened from its lack of use. Instead of the tried and true, we are given a facsimile that in no way measures up to the real thing. The manuals we have been given have diluted so many of the integral, necessary instructions of how to use these vital weapons to our best advantage for Christ. Yes, folks, we have the 'weapons' but we are not using them because our ecclesial officers are too timid to fire. The cause of the Crusades is as vital now as it was early in the second millennium, if not moreso. The enemy has lulled us to sleep because we have let down our guard, called off the security.

    Folks, like it or not, it's war - a great spiritual war we are engaged in and the enemy is within. Security of the Sacred Deposit of Faith must be at its highest alert. Chesterton stated clearly that "the only defensible war is a war of defense." He also said, "War is not the best way of settling differences; it is the only way of preventing their being settled for you." This war is not to the swift, but to the humble as Chesterton pointed out, "There is a corollary to the conception of being too proud to fight. It is that the humble have to do most of the fighting." Let's face it the bishops are too proud to fight. It is left to the humble few who treasure what we have lost. It is time to defend our Faith and go on high alert. That begins with reinstituting the safeguards that kept Holy Mother Church protected for centuries. Reverence and devotion for all things sacred and holy were at the vanguard. If you want to be on the winning side, then grab your Rosaries and Roman Missals and let's get St. Michael involved again!

Michael Cain, editor

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January 14, 2002
volume 13, no. 6
CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary