April 24, 2002
volume 13, no. 78

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'Not a crisis of Faith?' You've got to be kidding!

While few expect a miracle from Rome, we can always pray for a miracle from God!

by Michael Cain , editor, The DAILY CATHOLIC
    "While many posture that getting rid of the cardinals who have covered-up is not the answer, I ask what is? Do you expect them to be true to their word that they have reformed? Their track record shows this is a lie. It won't happen. Old habits die hard and these die hards are not going to yield their cush positions of power for doctrine. That would be showing a tendency towards holiness and we can see that is foreign to so many in power today. Yes, yes, they'll talk about it, they'll make platitudes that we all must strive for holiness, but they do not show it, and, more importantly, they do not show the faithful the way to it!!!"

    They say 'no news is good news,' but in the dire circumstances Modern Rome and the American Catholic establishment find themselves with klieglights and cameras buzzing, every word recorded, every step shadowed by the international mainstream media during these last few days in Rome where the sexual abuse scandals vie for the headlines with the critical Mid East powderkeg and the superfluous Robert Blake murder fiasco, not to mention good ol' bad guy Osama bin Laden.

    And speaking of evil men, what is the difference between one who would mastermind the destruction of 3,000 innocent people or one who would be party to the destruction of that many souls ten-fold and more? Both are terrorists and both must be identified and removed. The cells of terrorism must be rooted out whether they are in the caves of Afghanistan or the dorm rooms of seminaries. Either way its terrorism and the terrorism of sin is ravaging the faithful today.

    Therefore, in a dry run for an inevitable coming Conclave, the media has set up shot in and around St. Peter's, focusing the world's attention on Rome this week. Yesterday was the first day of two-day talks. One day down, one day to go and no progress in the talks between Rome's heavyweights from the Pope to Cardinal Angelo Sodano to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to Cardinal Darios Castrillon Hoyos and Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re. John Paul II's statement released yesterday and provided by Inside The Vatican Magazine, shows a mollification of the problem and a slight slap on the collective wrists of the limp-wrist hierarchy that has allowed homosodomy to spread its deadly cancer of the soul beneath the surface.

    Something will come out of these meetings, but will it be strong enough? Not on your life. As I've said often, they've created their own monster and the Pope does not have the courage to quell the appetites of these misguided prelates who have so ravaged the faithful by their inattention and cover-ups. No quid pro quo will exonerate these men in scarlet and purple and black. They have placed more attention on diversity and inclusiveness rather than on the welfare of souls. The Pope, were he truly the shepherd everyone expects him to be, would send a solid message by removing every last one of these men who failed miserably in their appointed roles as shepherds - men who betrayed the trust of their flocks. Words mean nothing. Action must be taken. Yet the cardinals jockey for the best position to spin their ambiguity further. Anyone tuning in to the news for interview snippets from any of the principals of these meetings on the sexual abuse problem, will see these men who are supposed to 'get it' don't. Every time they open their mouths, that's evident. And everytime they do, they lose more respect.

    No one can tally the number of Catholics who have lost their faith because of this crisis of trust. No one can gauge the numbers except through the collection plate. Sad isn't it? Do you think the Cure d'Ars kept track that way? No, he knew every soul and they were countless who waited in line for hours for the blessing of confessing their sins to this holy French Saint. Any you can think of today who would do that? Heavens, it might conflict with their golf schedule or aennegram study or lodge meeting with the local Shriners, all in the spirit of ecumenism. Don't they know that's anathema?!?

    The truth is they really don't know their faith that well and have deceived so many through this spiritual 'Peter Principle' club of pompous men who are afraid to speak the truth, afraid to stand up and be counted, afraid to offend their 'good ol' boys' clan of cardinals and bishops. And these are men we are to listen to for spiritual guidance? Believe me, folks, we are in the greatest crisis the Church has ever faced and leadership is the reason. Or should I say lack of leadership?! I return to what I emphasized in past editorials. As in any organization, the buck stops at the top. So also in the Church. Despite the hierarchical nature, the man who sits on the throne in Rome must be held accountable. It's insanity not to. But his response is a weak reply to these prelates who have so betrayed Christ and His Church.

    Platitudes ooze from the Vatican this week as, on cue, the cardinals put on their 'humble' hats when the cameras start rolling. In the meantime, what are they saying? The same ol', same ol'! Going back to medieval times the Church has had disciplinary measures in place for such abuses, definitely not of the perverse nature that visits us today in our deplorable society, but nevertheless, it wasn't something that 'caught the church by surprise.' That 'we didn't realize' line is a lot of bunk. As late as 1961 specific directives were released by the Vatican on how exactly to deal with those who preyed on the innocent. But to enforce those directives would have curtailed the progressivists' agenda for 'modernizing the Church' - for ransacking holy Mother Church - the spotless Bride. The Bride is still spotless, yet hidden. As we noted in our editorial Monday, she is exiled, unable to show her boundless beauty to the world for she has been stowed away. In her stead, the charlatan courtesan has usurped her place. That, and that alone, is the chief cause that has produced the disastrous effects we face today both in society and the church of Modern Rome.

    Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall this week at the Vatican? Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall anytime inside those hallowed halls? If you were you'd probably be shocked and dismayed, disillusioned enough to even lose your faith. If not totally anchored in the True Faith, that would be easy and it sadly is happening today. The answer, then, is to make the Faith more widely known - its simplistic, beautiful tenets. Do not coat them with relativism, ambiguity and complications. That only makes one's understanding murkier and bogged down in the mud of Modernism - a heresy that is widely spread today from Modern Rome to the local pulpits and back.

    The problem is that Catholics, for the most part, are no longer truly Catholic. Oh, in name, yes, but in their practice and beliefs they more closely resemble a Protestant or Agnostic than a Roman Catholic. Probably even sadder is that they don't have a clue how far they have veered from Catholicism. That's how thorough the indoctrination of aggiorniamento, a "New Springtime" and "Civilization of Love" and "Globalization of the People of God" have permeated and given so many amnesia when it comes to Catholic Truth. This can be seen in the teachings that have been emitted and omitted from Rome since John XXIII to today, from the deliberate dumbing down of the faithful to the outright embrace of the world, the flesh and the devil. How then, can these bad trees and its branches that most of the prelates and clergy have sprouted from, possibly produce good fruit? Impossible if you subscribe to all Jesus taught, especially His words in Chapter Seven from Saint Matthew.

    Therefore, a radical about face can be the only course in order to return to the good tree if these leaders have any hope of yielding good fruits. While many posture that getting rid of the cardinals who have covered-up is not the answer, I ask what is? Do you expect them to be true to their word that they have reformed? Their track record shows this is a lie. It won't happen. Old habits die hard and these die hards are not going to yield their cush positions of power for doctrine. That would be showing a tendency towards holiness and we can see that is foreign to so many in power today. Yes, yes, they'll talk about it, they'll make platitudes that we all must strive for holiness, but they do not show it, and, more importantly, they do not show the faithful the way to it!!!

    In a story that broke as we're writing this, the New York Archdiocese is now in damage control, trying to apologize for the honest remarks from the pulpit by Monsignor Eugene Clark, acting rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral during Cardinal Edward Egan's absence this week in Rome. Msgr. Clark told it like it is when he identified the problem as homosodomy in the clergy. Pedophilia is the myth. It is priests who have practiced sodomy in seminaries as liberally as a spring break college student on a binge, and who have hidden this unforgivable sin beneath the cover of the priesthood.

    These are not good men gone bad, these are bad men trying to lure others into sin. Cardinal Francis George, OMI turned heads yesterday when he called men like that, priests, no less - "moral monsters." Why do you think he waited until now to admit that? Because now it is politically correct to fess up, to be righteously indignant. Why? Because the media has latched on like leeches and won't let go until they taste blood. It's the way of the world today. And what happens when they trip on their tongues? Or don't trip on their tongues, but trip on their denials? Msgr. Clark is an example of this. Evidently afraid of the power-brokers, he now is trying to retract what he boldly said, claiming he was "misconstrued and misinterpreted." Why did you say it, Msgr. if you didn't mean it? I, for one, am tired of priests and bishops afraid to stand up for the truths, more afraid they will offend man than God. The Bride of Christ has no room for these tainted, compromising would-be grooms who couldn't even be considered for the role of Best Man. No, they need to be put out into the alley ways as Christ said about the Wedding Feast. In their place? As Our Lord said, go out into the hiways and biways and invite those in who would follow Him uncompromisingly.

    Where then to begin? First, Cardinal Bernard Law must go. No excuses despite the Cardinal Law Fan Club led by a contingent of one in Ray Flynn, former ambassador to the Vatican and mayor of Boston. He chooses to protect the man who allowed the scandal and boldly, flatly has the gall to say, "there is no crisis of Faith." What does he think the Faith is? And don't give me this rationalization which he constantly offers on the talking heads programs on cable news that the Catholic Church is no worse than other religions. There is only one true religion and to compare yourself to false standards is to sell out. For 40 years we've been sold out. No more. No more protecting the guilty. Therefore Cardinal Roger Mahony must go as well. If you wonder why, just read Wolves in Shepherd's Clothing. Want more? If we're talking zero tolerance then Egan and Keeler can say sayonarra. So who to replace them?

    Not a lot out there to choose from is there, folks? The best potential shepherds are already shepherding, striving to be orthodox and weed out abuses, trying to protect the faithful and instruct them in the true tenets of the Faith. But you most likely haven't heard of them because the current crop of 'sheep herders' have banished these good priests to obsolete areas hoping they will fade away into the oblivion of the hinterlands of each diocese. It happens in practically every see from sea to shining sea. It's the modus operandi of the 'Peter Principaled' who are impaled on the shards of political correctness, flailing about in their own ineptitude. Therefore, those who are the bishops of today are, for the most part, the movers and shakers of Modernism. There are a few who strive for orthodoxy, but even they have compromised somewhat in their waffling on certain issues. That would be Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M Cap. of Denver and Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska. Bruskewitz would fit nicely in Bean Town for who better to lay the law (no pun intended) down on progressive 'Catholics' and their idols Ted Kennedy and John Kerry than this fiery prelate who took on Call To Action and We Are Church and never blinked? Yes, it would be interesting who would convert who when it came to the stubborn, liberal-minded Massachusetts 'Catholic' Democrats. I'd be willing to bet on Bruskewitz!

    Then you have New York. Yes, Egan is less than two years in that position, but face it, has he made a difference? Is not the stench of the cover-ups he left in Bridgeport, Connecticut making New York smell even worse? An ideal replacement would be Bishop John J. Myers, recently of Newark; before that Peoria, Illinois. They've often said if it'll play in Peoria, it could play on Broadway. He could definitely navigate that jump. Newark has softened the shock for the big Apple. He's ready.

    That leaves, for now, one of the largest Archdioceses in the land - the vast Los Angeles See. Talk about walking into a hornet's nest. And speaking of nests, what do you do with that gigantic, hideous mausoleum Mahony is building for himself on Temple in downtown LA? I'm sure it is not something that would thrill Archbishop Chaput - soon to be Cardinal Chaput - if the Pope has an ounce of common sense left. But Chaput's appointment as the new shepherd would truly put him and his flock to the test. Can't you just see him trashing the heretical Gather Faithfully Together? Can't you just see Hollywood Dems scrambling to explain their pro-abort stance and tripping all over their collective lying tongues? Can you say "Latae Sententiae"? and say it loudly and publicly! St. John's Seminary in Camarillo would get a whole new makeover. Gone would be the pink, in place would be orthodoxy. What a concept!

    Those are a few measures that would help in stemming the abuses and curbing the runaway Modernism that even Rome has embraced. Now they are feeling the effects of being used by the charlatan courtesan. Like so many johnny's - use 'em and lose 'em. But that is the fate of those who give credence to the world, the flesh and the devil. The garlic of resistance can only be found in the virtues, only in the unadulterated Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, not in the adulterous anathemas of ecumenism, humanism and Modernism. Until Modern Rome realizes that and gives way to Eternal Rome, the church of today will continue to be considered the brothel of the sodomites. Sad. Tragic. But, then, don't worry, according to Ray Flynn and several cardinals, this is not a crisis of Faith. I wonder what kind of crisis it is. 'Not a crisis of Faith?' You've got to be kidding!

April 24, 2002
volume 13, no. 78
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