April 10, 2002
volume 13, no. 68

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Wolves in Shepherds' Clothing!

What really goes on in the Ivory Towers of the American Dioceses? Would you believe burying the truth with NO concern for souls!?! A mole has penetrated the AD of LA and released incriminating e-mails that show where the post-conciliar church's attention is. Hint: it's not for the welfare of the flocks but for their own hides!

'Deep Throat' in the LA Archdiocese

by Michael Cain, editor, The DAILY CATHOLIC

    "I'm not sure you grasp the gravity of the situation and where this is heading--not only with the media, but with the law enforcement and legal folks... If we don't take immediate, aggressive action here--the consequences for the AD are going to be incredible: charges of cover-up, concealing criminals, etc., etc." Cardinal Roger Mahony to Sister Judy Murphy in an AD e-mail of panic last week.

    For those who bought into the tripe that the bishops are sensitive to the victims and are being forthright with everyone, we have some swampland in Lost Angeles we would love to sell you. It could be adjacent to the terrible multi-million dollar abomination going up on Temple Street, foisted on the people of LA from their own pockets as a taj mahal to the apostate archbishop of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony. Some prince of the church he is! The new cathedral, which looks more like a Mausoleum, is supposed to be called "Our Lady of the Angels" but in truth OLA could stand for "Obstinence, Lies, and Angles." If there is one prelate that neo-Catholics and Traditionalists are in agreement with who must go, it is Mahony. Both the longest-running traditional publication in the United States in print - The Remnant, and the neo-Catholic The Wanderer are in agreement with that. Both papers are bitter rivals in ideologies, both are published in Minnesota and both by a fellow called Matt. Though there are very few things the Matt relatives Michael and Al, Jr. would agree on, they are definitely in the same camp on the fact Mahony has to go. While Michael has been way ahead of the curve on seeing the auto-demolition, 'Uncle Al' still hasn't got a clue that the origins of this whole mess is Vatican II, but he should know a bad fruit when he sees it and Mahony and what he has produced are bad fruits!

    Even though this Hollywood-born prelate was weaned in the Tridentine Mass, no one was faster to throw the baby out with the bathwater than Mahony. This man, who gives a whole new definition to 'Left Coast' since he has never worked outside of California, has Vatican II running through his veins so thick you can cut it with an ecumenical fork. He was ordained a bishop by Paul VI in 1975 and a cardinal by John Paul II in 1991. So who do you blame for that grave faux pas? And where is the Pope focusing his energies? To ecumenical peace concerns with the problems of the Jews and Arabs, while the church he is supposed to be guiding is imploding right before his eyes. What has happened to our beloved Catholic Church? For one thing, what has been perpetrated on the faithful over the last 40 years is far from Catholic!

    Yet, Mahony is the one who has long railed about anyone using the word 'Catholic' without his permission even though his controversial and error-filled edict "Gather Faithfully Together" is the farthest thing from Catholic truth any cleric has published since a man named Martin Luther. Mahony is the one who threatened to take Mother Angelica off the air, not only because she dared to criticize his heresies, but more specifically because she dared to challenge a cardinal. He tried to pull rank on her with more threats but nothing came of that. Mahony is the one who is constantly making threats and denials whether they be to members in his archdiocese, politicians, or the media.

    It is the latter who have smelled blood and, because of his obstinance, they're not going to let up. Believe me they will go in for the kill and this time we doubt there will be much mercy. Last Thursday we were alerted by Allyson Smith, a devoted watchdog for the abuses so apparent in LA, Orange County and here in San Diego, to tune in to KFI Radio, 640 on the A.M. dial in smogsville late that afternoon. KFI talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Champou with the cooperation of a 'mole' within the chancery office had acquired some confidential e-mails between Mahony and various persons including Sister Judith Murphy, C.S.J., on the payroll for the General Counsel for the Archdiocese who serves as the liason between the AD and the LAPD and Sheriff's Department of Los Angeles. Other participants in the cover-up are Monsignor Craig Cox, Monsignor Richard A. Loomis, attorneys John McNicholas, Charles Goldberg and L. Martin Nussbaum, the latter two from the Law firm of Rothgerber, Johnson and Lyons in Denver and a few others included in the majority of numerous e-mails including a Father Dick.

    In these correspondences everything is being constructed to make the Archdiocese and the cardinal into naive victims who didn't know; it points to the problems with the media, including "right wing papers like the Catholic Mission" - published by Jim Holman who long has called Mahony to task for his lack of Catholicity and terrible shepherding. Holman, by the way has a similar Catholic publication in the San Diego Diocese called San Diego NewsNotes in which he has also been a watchdog on Bishop Robert Brom. We have long said the whole 'Left coast' is way out on the progressivist left and, true to what has happened to every progressivist, leftist movement in history, so also this damaging movement in the Church will come tumbling down. The problem is that the longer it stands, the more souls are being harmed.

    And speaking of souls, you would think the shepherd of one of the largest Catholic Sees in the United States would be greatly concerned with the welfare of his flocks, but the sad, tragic facts are that he cares first and foremost for his own hide and his image with the public and media. Sorry, but that is not the actions or fruits of a man who is a ballot away from being the next pope. God forbid!

    With the dike that broke wide open in the Boston Archdiocese a few weeks ago every dam is beginning to break and Mahony has his clammy , consecrated-no less fingers trying desperately to stave off the inevitable scandal he has created, trying desperately to fudge numbers, trying desperately to save his own derriere. Such is the quest of man when he places so much trust in humanism.

    Naturally the Archdiocese is in denial. They protest that they have nothing to hide. If that is the case why did they issue a cease and desist order to KFI from reading the e-mails on the air? That only infuriated John and Ken more and you don't make them mad. They have turned this into a crusade that will only end with Mahony's long-overdue demise. It was Shakespeare who penned, "Me thinks thou dost protest too much." Yet that is what Mahony is doing. Why did Archdiocesan attorneys furiously wheel and deal in court into the wee hours of the morning on Thursday evening, April 4th to prevent KFI from reading the e-mails? And why did the judge refuse to grant the request? Because the Supreme Court had previously overruled the same type of situation regarding public domain. That has only resulted in KFI widely distributing these e-mails. The question here is if the e-mails are not damaging, if everything is kosher, then what are Mahony and his cohorts afraid of? You better believe they're trying to hide something or they wouldn't be protesting so vehemently or in such a state of denial. We've seen it with politicians, we saw it with Enron. This is LAADron! The only difference is people were left holding the bag with money invested. While that is also the case with LAADron if you've seen the monstrosity rising into the skies in downtown LA - much of it 'dirty money' - the major factor here is how countless souls everywhere - especially Catholics - have been greatly, greatly betrayed. Countless souls lost! Mahony must be held accountable and so must those who placed him in the position of power he occupies!

    And what are these e-mails they didn't want made public? Here are a few samples of the many e-mails, with titles like "Our Big Mistake" and "Storm on the Horizon" that prove the Cardinal and the LA Archdiocese are battening down the hatches knowing exactly what is coming down because they have covered up and not been forthright with the faithful, the law or the media. It is the latter who will make it widely known, the law who will make it stand and the faithful who need to know so that they discontinue any financial support to these charlatans who pose as bishops and cardinals. Just more proof of the bad fruits of Vatican II (cf. Matthew 7: 15-23).

    Keep in mind we are including the e-mails below if you want to convey your disgust for Mahony's actions. Also know that Sister Judy Ann Murphy, a nun and attorney, is the go-between as the liaison between the Archdiocese and the Los Angeles Police Department and it is to her the Cardinal vents his anger in the following e-mail provided by KFI Radio:

    Privileged Client--Attorney Communication
    (Note: California law supercedes this and therefore, we dutifully publish the confidential e-mail below).
    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: 3/27/2002 7:00 AM
    Subject: Re: Our Big Mistake

    Privileged Client--Attorney Communication

    Sister Judy,

    As the drum beats continue from every side for us to release the "names," I must still point to what I consider our greatest tactical mistake of the past few weeks.

       If I recall, of the 8 priests involved, 5 had already been reported to local law enforcement agencies. That leaves 3.

       Recall also that I pressed for you to meet with Det Barraclough and "consult" him about the other 3 so that we could state without hesitation that all priests no longer in service had been reported to various law enforcement agencies.

       You resisted quite strongly that suggestion.

       I hope you have changed your mind by now! By doing it back then, we would not appear to be crumbling under public pressure. [his main concern, forget souls] It was a huge mistake on our part.

       If we don't, today, "consult" with the Det. about those 3 names, I can guarantee you that I will get hauled into a Grand Jury proceeding and I will be forced to give all the names, etc.

       I must now insist that this matter is no longer open for discussion. You must consult with the Det. about those 3 cases.

       In my response to Parks, I want to state that every single case of the few priests was reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency over the years.

       I must be able to state that--even publicly. And soon.

       I'm not sure you grasp the gravity of the situation and where this is heading--not only with the media, but with the law enforcement and legal folks.

       The best place to state it would be in my letter to Parks, and then in a follow-up letter to Cooley.

       If we don't take immediate, aggressive action here--the consequences for the AD are going to be incredible: charges of cover-up, concealing criminals, etc., etc.

       PLEASE make this task your highest priority this morning! I have reached the point where if I cannot guarantee that all 8 have been appropriately reported, then I will have to call the Det. and do it myself--today.

       There is no middle ground on this one; we are losing the battle because we are somehow "hiding" those 3. The best way is to "consult" with the Det. about them, and let them decide what needs to be done next.

       Thanks for listening. This public media pressure will never stop until we can announce that those few priests have all been reported to the appropriate authorities over the years. [PANIC]


      [Two and a half hours later at 9:33 A.M. Mahony sent Murphy the following:]

       Thanks so very much! I truly appreciate your getting this task done.

       John: when drafting the letter to Parks, we need to state very clearly something along these lines:

       "In those few old cases involving allegations of the sexual abuse of a minor, each case has been referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for their review and investigation. We have no cases, old or new, that have not been referred appropriately."

       I think we also need to refresh Parks' memory about other aspects of the statute, including the fact that the responsibility for mandated reporting is an individual mandate, that the statute states clearly that confidentiality must be maintained [11167.5 (a) and (b)].

       Since we have only 2 cases of the 8 that fall within the LAPD, I think our best approach is to tell him that and give him the LAPD case numbers for those two cases. We need to inform him that since they investigated the cases, they would have all the information, even more, than we would have. We need to review a draft of that letter today, if at all possible.

       Many thanks to all! What a Holy Week--filled with Good Fridays, no Easter Sundays!!


    On Easter Monday at 7:08, the Cardinal sent the following under the title "Giving Numbers" to all, this time adding the attorneys to the mix along with the head of the AD Media:

       Good arguments all around re numbers!! I'm still considering how to approach it.

       Maybe the best thing to do is "to state that in working closely with the LAPD and other law enforcement agencies they prefer that no further public information about the identity of the priests under investigation be given at this time. That may change in the future, and if it does, I would be open to re-visiting the question of numbers." And since that is weeks and months down the road, I hope interest by then would have waned. We definitely have to get ourselves to July 1st!!

       Thanks for the input!


    Interesting that he puts such an emphasis on July 1st. Why? Could it be because that is the beginning of the fiscal year? Folks, it's all about the money! The Catholic Church in America - let me rephrase that, the post-conciliar church in America has collectively doled out in the neighborhood of two billion dollars in hush money and pay-outs to victims to date. Where did that money come from? From you - the paying parishioners who continue to put money in the collection plates and give to diocesan programs which are intent on eroding the True Catholic Faith. Look at the programs in your diocese and see for yourself.

    We're called on to boycott various companies when they promote or support something that is not in accord with our thinking. Well, it's time to boycott every diocese, every parish in standing up and saying, "No Doctrine, No Dollars!" Nothing else will work. The only thing they understand is the almighty dollar and that is what has corrupted so many. Bishops have been promoted to Archbishops and Cardinals not because of their holiness, but because of their administrative and salesmanship abilities to raise money. That is not what Our Lord had in mind when He said in John 21: 15-17, "Feed My lambs...Feed My sheep". Christ clearly exhibited what He thought of those who raised money in the temples. It was the only time in Sacred Scriptures when He expressed righteous anger. Even with the devil on the mount before His public ministry, even in speaking with the Scribes and Pharisees He did not get angry. Stern, yes, but He didn't go on a tear. He did with the moneychangers in the temple. Do you think He won't do the same with men like Mahony who is building a lasting legacy to himself with the obnoxious Tower of Babel on Temple Street in downtown LA? That is his main concern. And who knows the depths of depravity that have gone into funding this abomination. Countless pro-abort organizations from Disney on down have padded the coffers of his building fund. The Hollywood filth industry is a great supporter of Mahony. Why not, they're both deceivers!

    No wonder Mahony is such a milquetoast when it comes to calling pro-abort Catholic politicians to task. Yet instilling Catholic truth in his flock is not evidently important to him. Consider that even with all the storms swirling around him, he still made a point in an e-mail to Sr. Judy on Easter Tuesday to say that he was going to Dallas:

    "I was wondering if you have heard anything from Fresno yet. For your info, I depart in the morning for Dallas, back on Thursday morning. A quick overnight to Dallas--hope to bring back a good Cathedral gift!

    Interesting, Dallas. The very same diocese that a few years ago was forced to pay out $133 million for cover-ups regarding Rudy Kos, a known sodomite who was protected by corrupted officials in the chancery under Bishop Charles Grahmann. Do you think Mahony was going to Dallas to get some tips on how to deal with the mess he's in now, or tips on how to cover it up more, or was he asking for a handout from the Dallas Diocese? Who knows, but we do know he was expecting to bring back a "good Cathedral gift!" I know there are some rich patrons in the Metroplex area of Big D, but you would think they learned. After all they had to pay the freight in Dallas, a sorry see where the chancelor is a woman no less. Ah, the Protestantization of the post-conciliar church. In fact, in most dioceses women are in charge as the bishops hide in their ivory towers and remain unacceptable to their flocks or the media. Oh, and that part about Fresno in Mahony's post? That would be a woman by the name of Flora Mae Hickman who is charging that Mahony himself abused her when he was stationed at a Catholic high school in Fresno there in the mid-seventies. Stay tuned for that one. The woman isn't too credible, but there are always skeletons buried and this is just stirring the bones of other paid-off victims. I can guarantee you'll hear nothing but denial after denial until eventually, just like Bill Clinton and Gary Conditt, he'll get caught up in his own lies.

    In the same mold of those scoundrels, Mahony gives the impression that he is more than willing to cooperate just as Clinton, Conditt and countless other politicians have echoed. But on April 5th at a Rotary Meeting in Los Angeles where he appeared, he refused to answer any questions, refused to cooperate with the media except to deny everything. To top that off the official website of the Archdiocese at has been shut down for at least four days now. Why? Doesn't sound like he's being too cooperative to those who know his modus operandi.

    And how many know that Mahony just agreed to a big payout of $1.2 million to a woman - Ms. Haigh - which is more than any one victim in Boston received? The lawyer asks why so much, why 80% of it was coming from the LA Archdiocese and why 20% from the Orange County Diocese. He also wrote on the Ides of March before the above all broke:

    Finally, I continue to fear that the next wave of this press feeding frenzy may well focus on clerics who have had romantic or sexual liaisons with other adults. I think it prudent to begin reviewing personnel disciplinary files to assess the scope of any such problem.

    It appears that we will soon (Friday is the target) accept the outstanding offer to settle the Haigh matter for $1.2 million dollars in exchange for a complete, comprehensive release of all claims. As of this moment, there is no reason to believe that this settlement will be confidential. The settlement sum will be paid 80% by the Diocese of Orange and 20% by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Subject to our self insured retention obligation, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles' portion of the settlement will be paid by our insurers who insured the Archdiocese in 1978-1979. The same carrier insured us post 1979 until The Ordinary Mutual was formed. Here are the public relations challenges:

    1. At the moment we have not asked that this settlement remain confidential. Unless there is a strong contrary view, we do not anticipate asking for confidentiality.

    2. Regarding the 80/20 split, the question arises whether we inform Ms. Freberg at the time of acceptance of her offer (which will likely occur on Friday, March 15th) of the precise split? Do we hold that information and release it to her later when the releases are prepared and executed? Do we keep the 80/20 confidential. We are leaning toward disclosing the split in the acceptance letter to Ms. Freberg subject, of course, to your advice from a p.r. perspective.

    3. Here are some the questions that come to mind that the press will likely raise: Why is the Archdiocese of Los Angeles ("ADLA") contributing at all to this settlement? Who is the ADLA priest who is accused of sexually molesting Ms. Haigh? Where is he now? If he is not in ministry, why not? When was he removed from ministry? What were the reasons for his removal? Tod, we think we know who he is but, at this moment, are not absolutely certain who it is. Further, we have never indicated to Ms. Freberg that we know who he is although she has asked repeatedly? Why is Ms. Haigh receiving $1.2 MM when the victims in Boston may receive less than $300,000 per victim? Did you report Ms. Haigh's allegations to the police under the Child Abuse Reporting Statute? Why are you paying so much money when her claim appears to be so old? Where is Fr. Lenihan now? When was he removed? Is he going to be laicized by Rome? Is this settlement being paid by insurance?

    4. Note that Ms. Freberg could go public upon receipt of our letter and prior to any releases being executed.

    Folks, it's all about pr, all out how they will be perceived by man - NEVER about how God perceives them and He is the only One Who counts. Isn't this definitive proof of the humanistic agenda being forced on every diocese and parish today? Ah, yes, more fruits of Vatican II! Aren't you just waiting with baited breath in eager anticipation of the convoluted, fabricated "New Springtime"? Ah, yes, the "New Evangelization" where Catholic truths are compromised and twisted to suit man. And as for compassion for souls? Well, read the short note from the Cardinal below:

    Someone needs to check the back files on [name withheld in deference to the priest] at Nazareth House. He is surely dying now. Since I will be gone next week, that may be a blessing. It may be best if someone else were to handle his Funeral anyway given his past difficulties.

       Please keep an eye on all of this.



    Now that sounds like a caring shepherd doesn't it. Here's one of his priest dying and it will be a 'blessing' if he doesn't have to handle his funeral? That should show very clearly where Mahony's priorities lie and every Catholic should be righteously incensed and begin a letter-writing campaign for his ouster. We have seen in Lost Angeles what one of Mahony's predecesors, his Eminence Cardinal James Francis McIntyre warned of. He was Archbishop of Los Angeles from 1948 to 1970 and a good shepherd to his flock. He could see the great damage Paul VI was doing with the novelty Novus Ordo Mass. He warned of this day: "Grave changes in the liturgy introduce grave changes in dogma." We can see that is exactly what Mahony has done - enforce drastic changes in the liturgy which has introduced and promulgated grave changes in dogma. Enough! It is high time for him to go!!! He is not worthy of the sacred office he holds. Anathema sit! He is a very dangerous wolf in shepherd's clothing! Los Angeles Catholics deserve far, far better.

    Throughout these many e-mails, just a few of which we have shared and the remainder you may view for yourself (at KFI's website for the John and Ken Show at there is a blatant lack of concern for the spiritual welfare of the souls entrusted to Cardinal Mahony. If this isn't proof that John Paul II needs to remove Mahony immediately, along with a vast majority of bad shepherds from sea to shining sea, then I don't know what is. But then, when you think of it, how could there ever be any good fruit from the bad tree of Vatican II? We are seeing what Christ promised would happen, for truly, "by their fruits you shall know them."

[Editor's Note: Bolded words added for emphasis]

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